Seventh-day Adventists
Believe in Christ

As the Son of God . . . in God the Father, and in the Holy Spirit.
As the Word of God . . . and the Bible as the inspired, authoritative rule of Christian faith and conduct.
As Man's Only Savior and Redeemer . . . from sin through faith in His atoning vicarious death upon the Cross.
As Lord . . . of the Christian's life and in His power to enable the Christian to live obediently to His holy unchangeable law of love, the Ten Commandments.
As Creator . . . of heaven and earth and of the holy Sabbath day commemorating His wondrous creative power to make a sinner into a saint.
As Man's Priest . . . In the courts of heaven, ministering the effects of His perfect atonement to all who believe and accept Him as their Savior.
As Coming King . . . who will physically return to the earth a second time accompanied by all the holy angels, to resurrect all who believe in Him.

We the members of McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church recognize that Jesus Christ is the head of our body and thus pledge ourselves to His service. It is our intent to share the good news of His salvation with each other, our community and ultimately the world. To those who come into our lives, we wish to share an atmosphere of love and caring.
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