Second Coming of Christ

by Gertrude Battle (Used by permission)

l. Definite Promise of Christ's Return

A. Is there a definite promise that Christ will return to this earth? John 14:1-3

If I go... I will come again.

B. How did Christ ascend to heaven? Acts 1:9 ; Psa. 104:3

A cloud of angels escorted Him back to heaven.

II. This Same Jesus Shall Return in the Same Manner

A. Will Jesus return in the same manner as He went up into heaven? Acts 1:10,11

This same Jesus will return in the same manner in which He ascended.

B. What does `this same Jesus' mean? Luke 24:36-43

He will still have the nail prints in His hands and feet. He will have a real, physical,body. He ate with His disciples and remained with them forty days before returning to heaven.

C. What does `in like manner' mean? Matt. 24:30 ; Matt. 25:31 ; Rev. 5:11

All the holy angels will accompany Him. It will look like a great white cloud.

D. How else will His coming be manifested? Matt. 24:30

With power and great glory.

E. What will the angels do? Matt. 24:31

They will gather His people from all over the earth.

F. Will His coming be visible to all? Rev.1:7 ; Matt.24:27

Yes. `Every eye' shall see Him.

III. Righteous Resurrected

A. What will take place when Jesus comes? I Thess. 4:16,17

The righteous dead will be resurrected first and the righteous living will be caught up with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.

IV. Two Classes of People

A. How many classes of people will there be on the earth at that time? Rev.6:15-17; Isa.25:9

Two--the unprepared and the faithful ones. The first class will not be looking for Him. In contrast to the wicked, God's people will be looking for Him and will be prepared, even though they, too, will not know the day nor the hour. The coming of Christ might be likened to a mother looking for her baby. She does not know the day nor the hour it might be born, but she is prepared for it and welcomes that time.

V. The Blessed Hope

A. Why have all these things (entire Bible) been written? Rom.15:4

To give His people hope.

B. What is this hope? Titus 2:11-l3

It is the `blessed hope' in the soon return of our Lord and Saviour. This has been the hope of God's people down through the ages, for even Enoch, the seventh after Adam, prophecied of this hope in Jude 1:14.

VI. Preparation for His Return

A. If we have this hope, what will we naturally do? I John 3:3

We will want to be clean and prepared to meet Him. When we are expecting special company, we want everything nice and clean.

B. How can we be sure that we are ready to meet Him? I John 2:28

By abiding in Him; then we will not be ashamed to meet Him.

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