Healthful Living
Christian Standards

by Gertrude Battle (Used by permission)

l. God's Desire for His People

A.What is God's desire for His people? 3 John 2

There is no virtue in being either poor or ill in health,. God wants His people to prosper in their business and labor and to stay well and healthy.

II.The Human Body-The Temple of the Holy Spirit

A.What is the human body called? 1 Cor. 6:19-20

It is called the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are not to defile or destroy it.

See Ps. 139:14-18 ; Eccl. 7:16, 17 ; 1 Cor. 9:24-27

B.What makes the body a sacred temple? John 14:16, 17 , 23

When one accepts the Lord Jesus as his Savior, the godhead dwells within him--the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

III. God's People-A Very Special People

A. What does God want His people to be? Deut: 7:6, 7 ; 1 Peter 2:9 margin --a purchased people

A peculiar people in that they are obedient to Him. They may not be more in number, but they must be separate from the world.

B.What was God's original diet for man? Gen. 1:29

Fruit, grains, and nuts. After man sinned, the green herbs were added, or vegetables. Since man is made of the dust of the ground and all the elements in the human body are in the soil, the only way the body can be replenished is through the soil. No matter what you feed an animal, the only nourishment you can get from eating it is from what it has eaten. The original diet has always and will always be the best food for man.

After the flood God gave man permission to eat flesh for two reasons. There was no vegetation on the earth at the time, and as God looked down through the centuries and saw how wicked man would become, in mercy He cut short his life span by allowing him to eat flesh food.

Nothing in the New Earth will ever be killed for food. Compare the ages of man before the flood and after: Gen. 5:5 , 8 , 11 , 14 , 17 , 20 , 27 , 31 ; 9:29 ; 11:31,32 ; 23:1 ; 25:7, 8 ; 2 Sam. 19:32 ; Gen. 35:28 ; 47:28 ; 50:26 ; Ex. 6:16 ; 18 , 20 ; Num. 33:39 ; Joshua 24:29

IV. Clean and Unclean Animals Distinguished Before the Flood

A. Were clean and unclean animals distinguished before the flood? Gen. 7:2

Yes. The clean animals went into the ark by seven pairs, and the unclean by two pairs.

B.How did God classify the clean and unclean animals? Lev. 11:2-7 , 9, 10 , 13 , 27 , 41, 42 , 47

God made them different when He created them.

V. Blessings to Those Who Obeyed God

A. What promise was given the Israelites if they would be obedient? Exodus 15:26

They would have been free from the diseases of the nations around them.

B. What did He call those who persisted in eating these abominable things? Isa. 65:2-4

A rebellious people.

C. Does this law apply today? Isa. 66:15-17

Those found eating these things when Jesus comes will be destroyed.

VI. Modern Signs In the Religious World

A. What are some of the sins among church people in the last days? Eze. 22:24 , 26

As it was in ancient Israel, so it is today. This is speaking of the 'day of indignation.' Many ministers no longer make any difference between clean and unclean food animals and they have truly hidden their eyes from God's holy Sabbath.

B. What else did God warn His people against? Deut. 29:16-20

Worldliness. One of the great sins of the ancient Israelites was their desire to be like the nations around them. Egypt was a type of the world in the days of ancient Israel. They were familiar with their idols. they may have not been like the idols we have today. However, God is still warning His people to avoid the idols of modern Egypt, which is a type of our world today.

C. Against what else did He warn them? Deut. 29:18-20

Any poisonous herb, such as tobacco, etc. A person who uses tobacco or any poisonous drug may say in his heart that God is not going to keep him out of heaven because of his smoking, but God says He will destroy that man. Tea and coffee both have caffeine in them and no food value at all. It is a powerful drug and should not be used except by a doctor's prescription. There are many things that people eat and drink today that are not fit for human consumption, and this should be a study in itself--proper nutrition.

D. How does God feel about alcoholic drinks? Isa. 5:11, 12 , 22 ; Prov. 20:1 ; 23:29-35

Fermented wine should never be used. It is distinguished from sweet wine. Wine is used in many ways in the Bible. Sometimes it was the pure juice of the grape squeezed into a cup. Gen. 40:11 Sometimes it was new wine and sometimes it was old sweet wine, even called strong drink in some places. But the Israelites were never to drink fermented wine.

E. Why should rulers abstain from alcoholic drinks? Prov. 31:4, 5

Fermented drinks were forbidden to the Israelites. It might pervert their judgment in dealing with the people. Without the knowledge of narcotics possessed by medical men of today, the ancients had often various mixtures of intoxicating drinks and preparations of narcotic herbs with which to dull the pains of fatal illnesses. Those who were crucified in the time of Christ were offered a mixture of vinegar and gall. Our Lord refused to drink the mixture. He desired a clear mind to resist the temptation of Satan and to keep strong His faith in God. See Matt. 27:34.

'Paul advised Timothy to take a little wine for his stomach's sake and oft infirmities, but he meant the unfermented juice of the grape. He did not advise Timothy to take what the Lord had prohibited.' 1 Tim. 5:23

F. Should a minister or priest ever use it? Isa. 28:7

No. They also err in judgment and lose their way.

G. Should one ever offer a drink to anyone? Hab. 2:15

We should never influence another person to take a drink.

Spiritual Blessings Bring Physical Blessings

A. What other blessings has God promised to those who are obedient to His Word? Prov. 4:20-22

A good Christian experience reflects on the physical body and is medicine.

B. If one is a good Christian and a good neighbor to his fellowman, how does this reflect upon him physically? Isa. 58:8

Just being a good neighbor brings blessings. Thine health shall spring forth speedily.' A cheerful, happy Christian is usually a healthy one, especially if he observes all the health laws that have been given us, such as pure air, sunlight, abstemiousness, rest, exercise, proper diet, the use of water, and trust in Divine power. These are the true remedies.

C. If we have all these promises, what should we endeavor to do? 2 Cor. 7:1

Cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and the spirit.

D. Is this a reasonable command? Rom. 12:1

Yes. When one thinks of Christ living within him, it is only natural also to want to keep his body clean.

E. How much of man does God want? 1 Thess. 5:23

The whole man is to be consecrated to Him.

F. What should always be our aim in everything we do? 1 Cor. 10:31

What positive guidelines has God given His people for all aspects of living which may pertain to our physical bodies? We glorify our bodies by living as healthfully as we can, and by abstaining from the use of any substance, such as tobacco, narcotics, tea and coffee, which would harm our well-being.

It is today a recognized fact that tobacco is harmful to the human body. With our knowledge no one can smoke, chew, dip, drink, use drugs for kicks, etc. to the glory of God. Hence the Christian abstains from taking anything harmful into his body and uses only the good in moderation. See Prov. 24:13 ; 25:16 first part ; verse 27 first part. This principle of not overeating applies to all good food.

Christian Standards

1. Custom of Decorating the Human Body Originated Among the Heathen

A. Where did the custom of decorating the human body originate?

Judges 8:24

Among the heathen.

B. Who was one outstanding heathen mentioned in the Bible? 2 Kings 9:30

Jezebel. She was surely no example for a Christian lady.

C. Do we actually change ourselves when we put all this on?

Jer. 4:30

In vain we make ourselves fair. We are the same underneath.

D. What else does it do to us? Hosea 2:13

It sometimes makes us forget God.

II. Not Practiced Among God's Faithful People

A. What reformation did Jacob bring about after he left Laban? Gen. 35:2 , 4

They removed all their jewelry and idols and hid them in the ground. God's people had been associating with the heathen for so long that they had taken up some of their customs.

III. Jewelry Received from the Egyptian Women used for the Sanctuary

A. What command was given the Israelites when they left Egypt? Ex. 3:21, 22

The word 'borrow' here does not mean what it means today. This was back wages due them for their services.

B. What did they do with this later on? Ex. 12:35, 36 ; 35:22 ; 36:5-7

When they built the sanctuary, all this gold and silver was used in the furnishings of the Sanctuary.

IV. Outward Adorning can never take the Place of a Beautiful Inward Character

A. How should we want to attract people? 1 Peter 3:1-4

By being a genuine Christian inside. There is nothing any sweeter than a quiet, meek, modest lady. (See description of a Christian woman in Prov. 31:10-31)

B. What is God's ideal for His women? 1 Tim. 2:9, 10

The inward adornment is the most important thing. One good rule to follow is never to be conspicuous one way or another; to dress neatly and modestly, as in the sight of a Holy God. The outside reflects what is in the heart.

C. What same standard applies to our way of dressing? 1 Cor. 10:31

Whatever we do, whether in dress or appearance, we should glorify God as we do in our eating and drinking.

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