Walking in the Light

by Gertrude Battle (Used by permission)

l. This Dark World in Need of Light

A. In what spiritual condition is the world today? Isa. 60:2

'Darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people.'

B. Where only can we find light? Ps. 119:105

God's Word is a Lamp unto our feet and a Light unto our pathway.

II. Jesus - The Only Light

A. What is Jesus called? John 1:1 What did He call Himself? John 8:12

He is called the `Word.' He called Himself the `Light of the world.'

B. How can we find our way through the darkness of this world? John 14:6

Jesus said, `I am the way.'

III. Where Else Can We Go for Light

A.What did He call the words that He spoke? John 6:63

`The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life.'

B. Where else can we turn to find light and life? Verse 68

There is no other Source. `Thou has the words of eternal life.'

C. What did Jesus tell us to do? John 5:39

To search the scriptures. How often are we to search them? Acts 17:11 Daily.

IV. Whole Bible Inspired - Both Old and New Testaments

A. How much of the Bible is inspired? 2 Tim. 3:16, 17

All scripture is inspired. It is profitable in that it teaches us true doctrines; it reproves us when we are wrong; it corrects us when we are mistaken; and it instructs us in righteousness, without which we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

B. Does this mean both Old and New Testaments? 2 Peter 3:2

The words which were spoken before by `the holy prophets' were the Old Testament. By our `Lord and Saviour through your apostles,' were the New Testament.

V. How to Study the Bible

A. In the study of the Bible, what is the most important thing? Heb. 11:6

First to believe that God really exists, and second, that He rewards those who seek for Him.

B. How should we search for Him? Jer. 29:12, 13

With all our hearts. It is a life and death matter.

C. How earnest should we be? Prov. 2:3-5

Silver and gold and precious stones are not found on the surface of the earth. You have to dig for them. So it is in the study of the Scriptures. Then we shall understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.

VI. Only Understood Through the Holy Spirit

A. To whom is the Word of God revealed? Luke 10:21 ; Isa. 5:21

To babes in Christ'; or to the humble seeker after God. God does not reveal Himself to the wise (in their own eyes) and the prudent (in their own sight).

B. How do the truths of the Bible appear to the unconverted person? 1 Cor. 2:14

To many they seem foolish, because the scriptures must be spiritually discerned.

C. What help do we need in searching the Scriptures? 1 Cor. 2:10

We need the Holy Spirit to guide in our study. The Bible should always be studied prayerfully.

VII. Sound Doctrine

A. What three methods of Bible study are mentioned in Isa. 28:9, 10

If you wish a baby to grow to maturity, you do not keep him on a milk diet all his life. Precept upon precept'--could apply to the first five books of Moses where all the principles of God's government are found. Line upon line'--could refer to the stories of the Bible, such as the book of Ruth, the story of Esther, the parables of Jesus, and also in reading the Bible through from Genesis to Revelation. Here a little, there a little.' When it comes to the doctrines of the Bible you have to compare spiritual things with spiritual.' 1 Cor. 2:13 About 40 different people wrote the Bible, and each may have had a little something to say on a given subject, but none completed the subject. See 2 Peter 1:20 in the Lamsa version Knowing this first, that not every prophetic writing is made clear in its own book.'

It is very much like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. You find your texts here and there, and when put together properly they form a picture. The Bible is full of these pictures.

VIII. Winds of Doctrine Vs. Sounds of Doctrine

A. What two different kinds of doctrines are mentioned in the Bible? Eph. 4:14 ; Jer. 5:13

A wind of doctrine is a doctrine that is not founded on the Word of God. Two balls may be same size and the same color, but one might be a solid rubber ball, and the other a balloon. A little pricking does not phase the rubber ball, but it quickly explodes the balloon. Titus 1:9 Sound doctrine is based on God's Word, and is truth.

IX. Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

A. Why is it so important to study the scriptures? 2 Tim. 2:15

Where do we find an example of rightly dividing the Word of truth?' Isa. 61:1, 2 and Luke 4:16-21

Jesus Himself gave us an example when He was in the synagogue reading the prophecy in Isaiah concerning Himself. He only read the first half of Isaiah 61:2. See Luke 4:19, 20 If He had quoted the last half of the verse, He could not have truthfully said what He did in the twenty-first verse; This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.' The acceptable year of the Lord' was then present but the day of vengeance of our God' was still in the future.

B. What are we warned against? Titus 1:14 ; Mark 7:7 , 13

The commandments are theories of men. They turn us away from the Bible. 2 Tim. 4:3, 4

X. Hearing and Doing

A. Will it do any good to study the Bible if we do not obey its teachings? Luke 6:46-49

No. You are building on a poor foundation.

XI. Warning Against Rejecting Light

A. How important is it to walk in the light as it shines upon our pathway? John 12:35, 36

If we do not follow the light as it comes to us, it will gout out and leave us in darkness.

B. What is the final result of rejecting light? 2 Thess. 2:8-12

If we are convinced of the truth and reject I, then strong delusions will come upon us and we will believe lies. It is a dangerous thing to either reject light as it comes to us, or to put off obeying it.

XII. Faith and Obedience

A. What are the only conditions for entering the Kingdom of Heaven? Jer. 7:23

Obedience. Faith and obedience are like two golden threads that run all through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. They go hand in hand and cannot be separated.

B. There, what should we all do?

Ps. 90:9-12

We should realize how short man's life is and apply our hearts unto wisdom--the wisdom of God--to know how to apply the principles laid down in the Word of God to our own lives. Considering how short man's life is, comparatively speaking, doesn't it seem foolish to spend it all for the things of this world and not be preparing for the future? We have a whole eternity ahead of us. Where will we spend it?

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