The Millennium

by Gertrude Battle (Used by permission)

The word "millennium" is not in the Bible. It comes from two Latin words-- "mille" meaning 1,000, and "annus" meaning years, or one thousand years.

l. Two Resurrections

A. How many resurrections will there be? John 5:28,29

Two--the wicked and the righteous.

B. When will the righteous come forth? 1 Thess. 4:16 ; Rev. 20:5 last part: Rev. 20:6

At the second coming of Christ.

This is one place in the Bible where you have to "rightly divide the Word of truth" 2 Tim. 2:15. The last sentence of the 5th verse belongs with the 6th verse. Read this first, and then go back and read the first part of the 5th verse. Who are the "rest of the dead"? They must be the wicked, as the righteous are taken to heaven. If they "live not" they must be dead, and thus remain for 1,000 years.

II. The Wicked Living

A. What happens to the wicked who will be living when Christ comes? 2 Thess. 2:8; Jer. 25:30-33; Rev. 19:17,18; Jer. 16:4

Shall be slain. This is not a very nice picture, but sin is in itself a hideous picture.

III. Conditions of the Earth

A. In what condition will the earth be? Jer. 4:23-27

Dark and desolate.

IV. Satan Bound

A. What will happen to Satan? Rev. 20:1-3

He will be bound. We often hear a person say, "I am all tied up, and cannot do such and such a thing." With all the righteous in heaven and all the wicked dead, Satan will have nothing to do. This is what binds him.

B. Will he be alone on the earth? 2 Peter 2:4

No. His wicked angels will be with him.

C. Where is another description of the desolate earth? Isa. 24:19-22

The words "bottomless pit" refer to the dark earth. Prophets often described things as they saw them. They called the angels "a cloud." As the prophet looked at this round dark earth it looked to him like a bottomless pit. The wicked are shut up in this pit, but after many days, or 1,000 years, they will be visited with their punishment.

V. A Temporary Period of Time

A. Where will the righteous be? In heaven with Christ. But according to Matt. 5:5 they will eventually inherit this earth, which will be their permanent home.

B. Where will the wicked be? Isa. 24:22; Rev. 20:5 first part

Dead, but according to Isaiah 24:22 and Revelation 20:5 they will live again. They will have only died once. Their punishment is called "the second death." Rev. 20:14

C. Where will Satan be? Rev. 20:3

Bound on this earth, but he is to be loosed for a season at the end of the 1,000 years.

D. What will be the condition of the earth? Jer. 4:27

Dark and desolate, but not fully destroyed.

Compare 2 Chron. 36:21 and Lev. 26:33-35. After 6,000 years of sin there will be a great Sabbath rest period of 1,000 years. The righteous will rest in heaven with Christ; the wicked will rest in their graves; Satan will be forced to rest as he will have nothing to do; and the earth will be dark and silent.

VI. At the End of the Thousand Years

A. At the end of the 1,000 years what did John see? Rev. 21:2

The New City, the Holy Jerusalem coming down from heaven to this earth.

B. Where will the New City settle? Zech. 14:4, 5

The Mount of Olives splits in two and there is a great valley. Then half of the mountain will go to the north and the other half to the south and form a great plain on which the city will descend. The wicked see this great sight and flee from it in terror. Who will come with Jesus when He comes? The saints who have been with him in heaven for a thousand years.

C. What change takes place in Satan? Rev. 20:7

He is loosed. what looses him? The resurrection of the wicked verse 5, first part

D. What does he do? Rev. 20:8, 9

He immediately marshals the wicked together and deceives them into thinking they can capture the city, whose inhabitants are so much smaller in number than those outside the city. Fire comes down from God and devours them. This is where they meet their final fate.

VII. A New Home to be Created for His People

A. After this is over what will God do? 2 Peter 3:10-14

He will create for His people new heavens and a new earth. This will then be their permanent home.

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