Sabbath Resource Center

Welcome to our resource dedicated to the Sabbath! Please check back with us periodically as we add new material. We are planning to build a resource that will include items for Sabbath activities, for children and adults, as well as study material to assist us in a better understanding of the Sabbath, and why God created it for us.

Sabbath Activities

* McDonald Road Children's Stories - Stories you can listen to and more!
* Adventist Sermons at McDonald Road - Sermons you can read and listen to
* Burney's Critter Corner - Learn about God's creatures from Uncle Burney!
* Fun For Kids - Kid's page by Sandi
* Family Page - assorted... includes Zoo links and more!

Bible Studies about the Sabbath

Be sure to check out our online book by George Stevens, titled: An Examination of the Seventh Day Sabbath - it is a very thorough work concerning the Seventh Day!

Creation of the World

* Did God Make the World? - Does it matter?
* Adam's Beautiful Creation - sermon about Creation
* Creation and the Nature of Man - what we believe
* We Can Believe in God
* How Evolution Flunked the Science Test
* The Creation - from the Book Patriarchs and Prophets.
* Creation
* World Wide Creation

The Sabbath Day

* The Sabbath - Bible study with linked texts.
* Repairing the Breach in God's Wall
* A Very Special Day With Christ - extensive Bible research.
* An Examination of the Seventh Day Sabbath - In-depth Online Book.
* Sabbath: A Day of Blessing - sermon about the Sabbath.
* Loving God's Day - sermon about the Fourth Commandment.
* A Day for Healing - another Sabbath sermon.
* The Sabbath - a brief summary.
* Some Interesting Facts - Concerning the Sabbath.
* The Sabbath - from the Book Desire of Ages.
* Why God Said Remember
* The Truth About the Sabbath
* God's Sabbath
* The History of the Sabbath
* Is Sunday Really Sacred?

More Bible Study Resources

* Bible Study Collection - lots of links on Bible topics!
* Free Bible Study Course by E-mail
* Bible Questions and Answers in mp3 Audio - By Rome, Georgia SDA Church *NEW*

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