Bible Studies and Topics:

War of the Universe (Lessons providing an overview of the Bible's major themes)

Did God Make the World?
Not merely an academic issue between scientists and theologians, the subject of "Creation" deeply affects how the Bible is to be understood in its entirety.
What is Truth?
Is there a source of Truth?
Lucifer's Rebellion
Is evil merely an abstract "force", or is there intelligence and purpose behind it? Did God create it? Is He unable to control it? An introduction to the problem of evil and suffering in the universe.
Who Jesus Really IS
Jesus Christ is the central theme of the New Testament? What about the Old Testament? There is no more important concept in the Bible than who Jesus really is.
The War of the Universe
Our universe is at war! What is the scope of this war and how does it affect us?
Why Sin is Really a Four-Letter Word
What is the nature of SIN?
God's Law - Eye of the Storm
When many people think of the Bible, the Ten Commndments is the first thing that comes to mind. What role does God's law really play in the drama of the ages?

Lessons on God's Sanctuary - Central theme of the Bible

Why All The Blood?
What is the reason for and the meaning behind the Old Testament blood sacrifices?
Our High Priest
Symbolism of the Old Testament sanctuary service, focusing on the garments and work of the High Priest.
Jesus in the Outer Court
A closer look at what took place in the "Outer Court" in the light of the War of the Universe.
In Heavenly Places
The meaning of the "Holy Place" of the sanctuary is explored, and its meaning for the future of God's people.

Eternal Destiny Series (7 Lessons)

Two-Way Traffic
How many choices does the Bible offer regarding our eternal destiny, and what are they?
Resurrection: Gateway to Eternity
According to the Bible, how do we arrive at our eternal destiny?
Crowns of Victory and a Home for the Redeemed
What does God have planned for those who receive His gift of eternal life?
Waiting for the Resurrection
God's timetable for the resurrection of the dead
What is the Second Death?
What is the eternal destiny of those who utimately reject God?
Do Human Beings Have Immortal Souls?
What does the Bible really say about the "Soul?"
Lazarus, Come Forth!
Jesus greatest miracle during his life on earth is a graphic illustration of the issues regarding our eternal destiny.

Lessons on Bible Prophecy

An Ancient King's Dream
Compelling evidence of the EXISTENCE of God! While it is true that "spiritual things are discerned spiritually", God has included powerful testimony in His Word, for even the unbeliever.
Jesus & Judaism
Jesus' clash with the leadership of Israel. What it meant then and now.
Israel Divided
What divided the New Testament church from the nation of Israel and what does it mean to us today?
Abraham's True Children
Who are the TRUE covenant people of God.? What importance does it have for Bible prophecy and the meaning of end-time events?

These Studies - originally put online by Dave Sydnor.

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