Picture yourself calmly walking up to the one next to you and pouring a bucket of water on
top of their head. They gasp, turn toward you armed with a bucket of water of their own
and the chase is on, ending only when you have been thoroughly drenched. Picture this
going on for hours. Then picture a fire truck pulling up and dropping 750 gallons of
water on you and all your friends. It drives away only to return and do it again.
If you picture yourself totally and completely wet along with everyone else then you've
got a pretty good idea of what took place at the junior division water party Sunday, June
29, 2008. Now throw in a dunk tank, car wash and lots and lots of food and your memory
would be complete.

Now ask yourself: "What spiritual application can I get from a water party?" The answer
comes in two sections. First the kids in the junior division earned their water party.
Each week every junior could earn up to four pieces belonging to a beautiful 1000 piece
puzzle. One piece for knowing their memory verse, one for bringing their bible, one for
bringing their lesson quarterly and one for having read it during the week. When the
puzzle was completely put together they were promised a water party. Scripture is clear
there are rewards for hard work, and working together toward a goal. Daily study habits
are learned from the readings each day.

The second spiritual application comes from being totally wet only to get wet again and
again. Even being creative in how I got wet. I poured water over my own head, I let others
splash we with water, I dropped into a tank full of water, and stood in the stream of a
high pressure high volume fire hose. This reminds me of how much of Jesus I want. I want
to be totally saturated with Him then I want another dose.

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