January Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 13 No. 1           January, 2000

New prayer meeting series begins January 5

Beginning at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, January 5, there will be a new prayer meeting series entitled "New Horizons for a New Millennium."

Sponsored by the McDonald Road Churchís health ministries department, its focus will be on how to develop a total positive lifestyle that will draw us closer to our heavenly Father.

The series will be presented by Elder John Davis, the Parish Nurse Ministry, and various health professionals.

"Letís Get Acquainted"

During churchwide supper on January 29

Tie a string around your finger! Mark it on your calendar! January 29 is the date for our next "Letís Get Acquainted" vespers program and haystack supper.

Vespers featuring Jill and Allen Kennedy will begin at 5 p.m. in the church. Our haystack supper will follow at 6 p.m. in the Family Center. Please, everyone come. Meet new friends and visit with old friends.


What happened?

What happened with Y2K? I donít know, because I am writing this article for the January Manna while it is still December. I assume that since you are reading this, the world didnít end and the Post Office is still in operation.

With the coming of the year 2000, many are asking, "What does the future hold?" Some are saying that we will experience a time of peace and prosperity. Others are saying that the future will be a time of total chaos. Many have a "wait and see" attitude.

What does the future hold? I donít know anything other that what the Bible says, which is plenty. Even though God tells us through His prophets a great deal about what the future will hold, much more is said about Who holds the future! If you know Jesus as a personal and intimate friend and Savior, you will not need to worry about what the future holds. You will not need to worry about what your past has held, either. You simply need to keep your relationship with Him in the present!

What happened with Y2K? As I said before, I donít know. But I do know that with Jesus by my side and in my heart, I donít have to worry about the year 2000, the year 2001, Y3K, or eternity. With Jesus, all things will work together for the good of His people. I hope that this year will be the best that you have ever lived because you will be closer to Jesus than you ever have been before. Happy New Year!

óPastor Kent Crutcher

Find out why money doesnít grow on trees

My dear friends,

In commissioning His disciples to go "into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature," Christ assigned to men the work of extending the knowledge of His grace. But while some go forth to preach, He calls upon others to answer His claims upon them for offerings, with which to support His cause in the earth. He has placed means in the hands of men, that His divine gifts may flow through human channels in doing the work appointed us in saving our fellow men. This is one of Godís ways of exalting man. It is just the work that man needs; for it will stir the deepest sympathies of his heart, and call into exercise the highest capabilities of the mind.

Every good thing of earth was placed here by the bountiful hand of God as an expression of His love to man. The poor are His, and the cause of religion is His. The gold and the silver are the Lordís; and He could rain them from heaven if He chose. But instead of this He has made man His steward, entrusting him with means, not to be hoarded, but to be used in benefiting others. He thus makes man the medium through which to distribute His blessings on earth. God planned the system of beneficence, in order that man might become like his Creator, benevolent and unselfish in character, and finally be a partaker with Christ of the eternal, glorious reward.

Your Sister in Christ,


This letter to our church was written by Ellen G. White. The excerpt is taken from page 15 of her book Counsels on Stewardship.

Godís Gift of Days


The waning moon and morning star

Forecast the coming day,

As in the East the flush of dawn

Expunges night away.


The strident strains of chanticleer,

The warblersí waking trill

Resounded throughout the countryside

And on the neighboring hill.


The earth with sleepy tolerance

Concedes itís time to rise,

And thus begins its daily rounds

Of commerce and assize.


And when I awake, I thank the Lord

As every morn I pray

That He will keep me in His care

Throughout another day.


For I consider every day

A blessing from on high,

A foretaste of eternal life

In Godís sweet by and by.


As stewards of Godís gift of days,

May everyone employ

Each mode of time with industry,

Thanksgiving, pride and joy.

óAdrian V. Boyer

Each story is unique

Donna waited in the lobby, thankful for five minutes of not having to worry about the girls spilling juice or hitting one another. She clutched her purse, swallowed hard, and dabbed the moisture from her upper lip. She had never had to ask anyone outside her family for help.

The receptionist called Donnaís name and led her to the interview room, where the case worker smiled, invited Donna to sit down, and asked how she could help. Donna took a deep breath. "Well," she said, "my husband and I just moved up here from Alabama three months ago. Steve hasnít worked for several weeks. He got sick while working construction in the rain and canít seem to get well. I stay home to take care of our two girls. Paying for child care would cost as much as I can earn. We just need some food until Steve can work again." The story had spilled out faster than Donna intended. Her face felt so hot.

The case worker assured Donna that food was no problem and asked if she needed anything else. Donna sighed with relief and did not clutch her purse as tight. "No," she replied, "just food, thank you. We will manage."

Several weeks later, Donna and Steve were at the Samaritan Center again. Steveís job had not been waiting for him when he went back. The couple left with a box of food, personal care items (such as shampoo, soap, and toothpaste), plus sheets for their girlsí twin bed. And through the Centerís JobNet service, Steve set up appointments for interviews with several possible employers.

* * *

It took two visits to the Samaritan Centerófor help today and hope for a better tomorrowóbut Donna and Steve were finally able to get on their feet. Many think this is a typical story of the people who seek and receive assistance from the Samaritan Center, but in reality, no story is typical. Every client has a story to tell, and we listen. We listen as if each clientís story is the only story to be heard. There are no typical situationsóonly thousands of stories, each with a unique plot.

óTanya Cochran


Hugged your health today?

You make sure your pet gets good food and its yearly shots. You put a lot of care into your financial portfolio. But what about your health? Are you fine tuning your body with exercise? Are you giving it quality fuel to burn, and maybe some supplements to boost any low areas?

You can replace your possessions, but you canít replace you! If you donít have a good health, the rest doesnít mean much.

It is time for a new beginning. You can do a lot today to gain the health you should have and to keep it into old age.

This is what your Father wants for you. He has given you a plan for your health that really works! He wants us to gain physical health as well as spiritual health (3 John 2).

Letís take a birdís eye view of our Fatherís Eight Steps to Wellness:

1. Nutrition: Our bodies are built by what we put in them. Foods high in cholesterol, fat, and sugar decrease our health and strength, while quality unrefined foods increase strength, vitality, and the length of life. This gives us clear minds so that we can build our spiritual health.

2. Exercise: As the old saying goes, "use it or lose it!" Exercise is fundamental in order to keep our bodies moving easily through life, to maintain a clear mind, and to be in tip-top health.

3. Water: Our bodies are made of a high percentage of water. We require about 10 to 12 glasses a day to maintain good health. Water flushes out our bodies and keeps our brains clear. Of course, others will be thankful when we use water to clean the outside of our bodies, as well. The Holy Spirit is like water to our souls, and we need to allow this cleansing also.

4. Sunshine: This is necessary for physical and emotional health. It takes only 15 to 30 minutes a day.

5. Temperance: Self control in every area of our lives is needed for good health. Our Father will give this to all who seek it.

6. Fresh Air: It is essential for us to breathe deeply several times during the 30 minutes we spend outside.

7. Rest: This is very important for physical and emotional health. People can survive on various amounts of sleep. However, for good health, it is important to get about eight hours of sleep per day to keep stress at bay.

8. Trust in God: Science has shown that our mental attitudes affect our physical health. The immune system is increased by positive feelings, while negative feelings produce less vitality and well-being. A joyful spirit promotes spiritual health. This is an attitude of faithótrusting God no matter what happens.

Our Father gives you a higher calling for physical, emotional, and mental health. He gives you the strength to do it, if you ask. He has given you His unbeatable plan. What are you going to do with it in the new millennium?

óCharlene Anderson,

Health & Temperance leader

Internet Ministry News

God is really blessing our Internet outreach as we approach the 5,000 mark for the number of Bible studies completed by our e-mail Bible School students. We also launched a new method for students to do the Bible studies, using "forms" and the capabilities of the churchís server to overcome challenges faced when giving Bible studies to individuals using Web TV or Yahoo, etc. By using a variety of methods to get the message out, we are able to reach even more people who are searching for messages of hope or for answers to perplexing questions.

We are thankful for the nearly 1.5 million hits to the churchís server during 1999. Also, of the 50,000 e-mail messages delivered by our McDonald Road server, more than 30,000 of those were delivered during 1999. As a matter of fact, many of our Bible instructors are using e-mail accounts based on other servers, so the actual number of biblical messages sent to our readers and students is far greater than we are able to account for.

More than 60,000 sermons have been read by people around the world; and according to our server logs, we have reached into at least 129 countries during 1999 with nearly 89,000 hosts served during the year.

The year 2000 will bring us many more challenges as we plan ahead. We are revamping the sermons index page and upgrading the look of the Marked Word Bible Studies. Many improvements are being made, and plenty of work is available. If you would like to join the team, just contact me or send an e-mail message to web@mcdonaldroad.org

óDean Saunders,

Internet Ministry coordinator

McDonald Road Melody Ringers

spread Christmas cheer far and near

The McDonald Road Melody Ringers were very busy last month, sharing the Christmas spirit with many people. They opened the season playing for the Cleveland Eye Clinicís Christmas party on December 9. Then on Sunday, December 12, the choir played for customers and staff at the Samaritan Center. From there they traveled to LifeCare of Cleveland, where many of the patients smiled and sang along with the bells. Later that evening the bell choir played at an open house in Windstone for the benefit of Room at the Inn, a local charity.

After performances for the church services and vespers on December 18, the McDonald Road Melody Ringers went to LifeCare of East Ridge on December 19 and played for a group of the residents. On Monday, December 20, Hamilton Place Mall rang with the sounds of Christmas as the bells played two performances in front of JC Penney. Many patrons of the mall stopped to listen and applauded the bells. A member of the Chattanooga Metropolitan Handbell Choir observed one entire performance and had some very positive comments about the quality of performance and the amount and variety of music played by our choir.

Northgate Mall was the next place to benefit from the music of the McDonald Road Melody Ringers. On Wednesday, December 22, the choir played a concert in front of JC Penney, and the year was closed by a performance at the New Yearís Eve celebration at the church.

Linda Brooks, director, estimates that 360 combined hours have been volunteered by the dedicated members of the bell choir. She expressed her great appreciation for everyoneís willingness to use their talents to bring blessings to many during the Christmas season and all year long.

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