March Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 13 No. 3           March, 2000

Mark Finley’s ACTS 2000 series begins March 3

On March 3, a major satellite evangelistic program will begin at our church. The ACTS 2000 meetings start at 7:15 p.m. every evening except Mondays and Thursdays and will continue through the entire month of March.

With downlink sites at more than 600 Adventist churches across North America, the ACTS 2000 "Revelation of Hope" series is a high-tech presentation of a "timeless message."

After 27 presentations spread over six weeks, ACTS 2000 speaker Mark Finley will culminate the satellite meetings with a four-night Easter weekend celebration in the Shrine Auditorium, site of Hollywood’s annual Oscar Awards ceremonies.

Look for a new organ in church this month!

Music committee chairperson Kathy Oliver is happy to announce that our new church organ is due to arrive any day!

As soon as we pay the balance needed, the church would like to hold a dedication concert.

Thanks to all of our "organ donors."

Church is seeking a newsletter editor

The church would like to extend a special thank you to Debra Hicks for volunteering to serve as our Manna editor for the past 15 months. She’s done a great job with our church newsletter, hasn’t she?

A new ministry opportunity has made it impossible for Debra to continue as our editor. She begins full-time work as publications editor for Amazing Facts this month. Thankfully, though, she won’t have to move back to the ministry’s headquarters in California but can work from home in Collegedale.

If you or a church member you know would be willing to edit and/or design the Manna, please contact one of the church pastors. Your talents are needed at this time!

Pastor Don Gettys

What is your mission statement?

I often hear about mission statements. This term usually applies to the purpose for which an institution exists.

An institution that has a well-thought-out mission statement is usually more efficient in its operation because its goals are clearly defined. Every activity of that institution is judged by how it relates to the mission statement. If no mission statement exists, an institution may flounder because it has no real direction. Such institutions often become self-serving and introspective.

This is also true for the institution called Family. Does your family have a mission statement? What is your purpose for being a family? Is it something that just happened, or did you make plans? Why does your family exist? Do you have clearly laid out goals? Are your family activities in accordance with your mission statement? These questions are not easily answered, but they must be answered if your family is to be strong.

As I recall families I have seen in crisis over the years, a common thread seems to be emerging. These families often have no real sense of mission. I seldom counsel with a family that has decided on a purpose for themselves. It seems that families with no mission are more self-serving and introspective. More time is spent on self and less time on service for others. The mind that is thinking of service has less time to find fault with his or her own family and, consequently, gets more satisfaction from life.

These are my own conclusions. I decided to do a little research to find out how far off base I am. As I leafed through the pages of Adventist Home by Ellen White, I became amazed at how much she has to say about the mission of the family.

Maybe my conclusions are not so far off. Does your family have a purpose for existence? Do you have a mission statement to guide your lives?

I hope that you will give this concept serious prayer and consideration. Come together as a family and decide how you would like to serve God.     - by Kent Crutcher

This One’s "for the Birds"

Melt peanut butter and lard together, then add all other ingredients. Put in a 9x13 dish and let harden in the refrigerator. Cut in squares and put in suet feeder. The birds will love you!

Marilyn Vallieres

Internet Ministry News

The key word in this month’s report is "overwhelming." The growth of this worldwide ministry is so far above anything we had ever imagined that we really do need your prayers to help us keep up with the pace. The continuous stream of requests to us keeps every member on our staff of about 60 people as busy as a bee.

For example, Gloria Lacey has sent out more than 1,000 copies of Steps to Christ by postal mail to people in over 27 countries. The flow of e-mail is also continuous. I have a policy of leaving my e-mail in the inbox until each item is resolved, and now I see that there are over 500 messages in my inbox! Those 60,000 e-mail messages delivered by our server really do add up!

The results are very well worth the time and effort, however. We have had a number of graduates recently from our 30-lesson Bible Course. Our Bible instructors are very dedicated, and most continue to work with students long after they have graduated. There is no time for any of our staff to get bored, because the amount of time required to care for those God has entrusted to us is tremendous. It is such a challenge that even working way into the night puts only a dent into the total amount of work available.

This world is in its last hours. How can we do any less?
If you would like to learn more, write to:

An online survey is also available at:

God will bless as we work for Him!

Dean Saunders,

Internet Ministry coordinator

The Race Is On for Your Heart

The relationship between cholesterol and heart disease is very strong. So the lower the cholesterol, the lower the heart disease! If a person’s cholesterol levels are elevated, the first step to take is to improve fitness through diet and exercise. This is the simplest, cheapest, and safest way.

Antonio Gotto, M.D., is president of the American Heart Association. He says, "Heart disease could probably be wiped out if everyone lowered their cholesterol to the ideal of 150."

William Castille, M.D., says, "Diet could reverse heart disease, in most patients, if people lowered their cholesterol below 150 by eating less meats, eggs, fats and oils, and dairy products."

"There are supplements, which are not magic pills," says David Heber, M.D., Ph.D., director of UCLA’s Center for Human Nutrition. They won’t cancel out a good diet and exercise, but they may play a role with high cholesterol after the lifestyle has been changed."

Garlic helps attack cholesterol by keeping the arteries clean, but this precaution may not be enough if a person’s arteries are quite coated. A low-fat diet combined with 45 minutes to one hour of energetic exercise is best. Did I hear a gasp? Well, it’s better than a triple bypass surgery!

Niacin is recommended by niacin researcher Stephanie Gardner, Pharm.D., of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Arkansas. It reduces LDL cholesterol triglycerides, but it raises HDL cholesterol. Another down side for some people is that it can raise glucose levels.

Insoluble fiber, grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes don’t dissolve in water. This is good for regularity because it gets cholesterol going in the right direction. Soluble fiber dissolves in water and binds with bile, which contains lots of cholesterol. Some good fibers are oat bran, ground flax seed (4T), carob, beans (1½ cups), rice bean, and apple pectin.

Charcoal is a safe, cheap, and effective treatment of high cholesterol. Its only drawback is that it can interfere with the assimilation of oral drugs such as aspirin, Tylenol, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs. In a test at the National Public Health Institute of Finland, a group was given 8 grams of activated charcoal with water three times a day with good success.

"Anger arousal in anlogonistically hostile person is accompanied by the release of certain stress hormones," says Edward Suarez, Ph.D., assistant professor at Duke Medical Center. "These hormones raise cholesterol levels by freeing fatty acids started in the body and keeping more LDL in circulation," Dr Suarez explains.

The high fiber, low fat, plant-food-centered diet offers disease prevention and disease reversal for many diseases. These include hypertension, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and other degenerative diseases as well as heart disease.

Sometimes a person’s cholesterol level remains high despite dietary changes and improved exercise. If everything mentioned above does not work, then a person may need medication. But all of these ideas, especially exercise and diet changes, should be tried before going to medication—unless it’s a matter of life and death. And in that case, diet and exercise changes will still be needed.

Here’s to a happy heart!

Charlene Anderson,

Health & Temperance leader

Thank you from newlyweds Russ & Debbie Peters

On March 14, 2000, Russell and I will be married a year.

You helped make our first year so very wonderful. Thank you to everyone who helped make our wedding special by: making the food, decorating the church, decorating the Family Center, helping with the wedding dress, retrieving lost/missing items from the rental tux and shoes, taking fantastic pictures and a video filled with great memories, plus making the delicious wedding cake and groom’s cake. Also, we want to mention that the Keeper of the Keys did a great job on the Honda. We don’t remember the car ever looking so beautiful—clean, waxed, and all decorated.

You were there to make our wedding day special. We truly wish to mention everyone who contributed in our wedding, but we realize that if we did, there would not be room for any other news in the Manna.

Our church family, friends, and relatives have really made our first year great. Thanks for everything.

Deborah and Russell Peters

The Anteroom of Time


Life is just a whimpering Whisper
in the Anteroom of Time

Searching for a valid Answer
to some Future more Sublime.

Brief the Moment we may tarry—
looking, listing thru the Haze,

For a brighter, new Tomorrow
that will complement our Days.


Hope within our Hearts may flicker
in the Winds or dark Despair,

Yet a Glimmer lights the Darkness
that surrounds us Everywhere.

Thus we grope our Way with Caution
thru the dim labyrinthine Gloom,

Lest we lose our Way and falter
in Time’s cryptic Anteroom.


As we linger in the Shadows
of Today’s uncertain Hour,

Looking forward to Deliverance
from Time’s Hallway Dim and Dour:

Let us not lose Faith to Doubting,
for erelong there will appear

The day of our Salvation
in the Morning of the Year.

Adrian V. Boyer

Call now to reserve your campsite

at Fall Creek Falls

Start planning now to spend the weekend of June 2-4 with your church family at the upcoming Fall Creek Falls campout. Call 1-800-250-8611 to reserve your campsite.

Events will include Sabbath School at 10 a.m. taught by Margaret Halverson and a worship service at 11 a.m. with the sermon by Pastor Don Gettys.

Watch for more details in the weekly church bulletin.

Children’s offering soars after India project announced

It has been exciting to see the church’s response to the concept of building a church in India. After hearing that the children’s offering would be earmarked for this project, members doubled their giving! A total of $1,440.72 was collected during the month of January alone.


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