March Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 13 No. 4           April, 2000

Building Committee Proposes Church Expansion Plan

"But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself," John 12:32. Uplifting Christ is the theme of McDonald Road Church and the Lord appears to be blessing our efforts and intent to uplift Him because our church is growing very rapidly. As the membership has grown, the facilities have become increasingly inadequate.

In the informational meeting held February 19, the members approved a study to be done by Willard Clapp, Ray Lacey and Bob Beckett. It was then voted to elect a Building Committee and they were given authorization to pursue a proposal for an addition which would serve to relieve the overcrowding in several areas of the church.

The proposed plan will include seven children's Sabbath School classrooms with large storage areas. This will allow the adult Sabbath School classes now sharing the Sanctuary to meet in the present children's classrooms. A new office suite is also proposed. This will include an office for each of the pastors, the treasurer and the secretary, a conference room and a workroom. The proposal also includes new restrooms with changing facilities, a large storage area and a glass front lobby with high ceilings for a friendly, open feeling.

God Created This Land!

By Don Gettys

6000 years ago, in the beginning, God created the spot our church now sits on. Then several hundred years later, God re-landscaped it by using water power. There it sat, used by Indians and animals for several thousand more years. Then we acquired this land. We have erected on this spot a temple which is dedicated to honor our Creator God. Every Sabbath more and more of God's saints come on this land to worship Him. So many are now coming that parking is premium.

So...we acquired five more acres of God's creation. We are again re-landscaping it using diesel power. On this spot we are in the process of providing space for the saints to park their vehicles so they can worship. Several weeks ago one of our saintly folk came and looked for some time for a parking spot. Not even one could be found. They went back home. Shame on us. But the shame is about to end.

When God created this land it didn't cost Him a thin dime. But it has cost us an arm and a leg. God did His work in seven literal days. We are taking much, much longer. We intend to place 6" of gravel on the parking lot and use it until we finish our proposed building project. Then at that time we will pave the new parking lot and re-pave our current parking lot which is now 21 years old.

I wonder in the new earth what this land will be used for. Let's be faithful and find out.

"There's one thing for which you should be abundantly thankful -- only you and God have all the fact about yourself." John Stuart Mills

Stewards of His Grace

My Dear Friends,

In the Lord's plan there is a diversity in the distribution of talents. To one man is given one talent, to another five, to another ten. These talents are not bestowed capriciously, but according to the ability of the recipient.

According to the talents bestowed will be the returns called for. The heaviest obligation rests upon him who has been made steward of the greatest abilities. A man who has ten pounds is held responsible for all that ten pounds would do it used aright. He who has only ten pence is accountable for only that amount. . .

It is the faithfulness with which the endowment has been used that wins the Lord's commendation. If we desire to be acknowledged as good and faithful servants, we must do thorough, consecrated work for the Master. He will reward diligent, honest service. If men will put their trust in Him, if they will recognize His compassion and benevolence, and will walk humbly before Him, He will cooperate with them. He will increase their talents.

Your sister in Christ,


(Counsels on Stewardship, p. 116)

A Merry Heart

by Adrian Boyer

A merry heart doeth good like.

a medicine. Proverbs 17:22


There's a magical Prescription

That no Pharmacy can fill,

And it's guaranteed to cure

Every Ailment, ache or Ill.


It will cost you not a Penny,

And it isn't hard to take,

For its Taste is that of Honey,

And will rout that nagging Ace.


It's not found in any Drug Store

For it can't be bought or sold.

It's a perfect Panacea

For all People, Young or Old.


Now it doesn't come in Bottles,

Nor in Flasks of amber hues,

For no Vessel made contains it,

Yet it's ready to be used.


There's no Danger overdosing,

Or how oft it is applied, -

No one yet has found it harmful

Or its Benefits denied.


This Medicine has proved to be

A Balm since Time began,

And brought relief and Happiness

In every Age to Man.


If there were a Label on it,

It would simply read in Part, -

Take in liberal Doses daily

For it's called A MERRY HEART.

February 16, 2000

Pastor's Challenge

by Don Gettys

How to Spend One Hour in Prayer

"The greatest victories to the individual Christian are not gained by talent or education ... They are gained in the audience chamber with God, when earnest agonizing faith lays hold upon the mighty arm of prayer." PP203

Here is a practical guide on spending one hour in prayer. If you take just six minutes in each of these things you will have spent one precious hour with God.

1. Praise Him. Psalm 67:5-7

2. Abide in Silence. Stop and listen. I Samuel 15:16

3. Enrich your prayer with the word. Hebrews 4:12

4. Confess your sins to Him. I John 1:9

5. Sing or hum a favorite song to God. Psalm 100:2

6. Entreat Him for the needs of others. Isaiah 53:12

7. Share your personal need with God. I John 5:14-15

8. Wrestle for a stronger spiritual connection. Ephesians 6:12

9. Reflect on the Bible or Spirit of Prophecy. Psalm 119:148

10. Thank Him for all His blessings. I Timothy 2:1

Check this out! I believe you will gain victory, get answers, be encouraged and come away refreshed in your spiritual life. Manna will fall into your thirsty soul. You will be changed.

Positive Lifestyle:   Dying For Want

by Charlene Anderson

"More people die for want of exercise than through over-fatigue; very many more rust out than wear out." Counsels on Health, p. 173. You were created for movement. Your 600 skeletal muscles made up of more than 6 billion muscle fibers are there to be used. These tiny muscle fibers, which are about the size of a human hair, contract and relax, supporting 1000 times their own weight. They get their energy from the food you eat and retain their strength through exercise.

God has many laws and the law for our beings is ACTION! Inaction often causes diseases.The saying "Use it or lose it" is very true when it's applied to our muscles.

Exercise is required for development and strength. The body does not wear out from exercise. It's inactivity and poor nutrition which do this. \Exercise promotes that abundant life God has promised. We have a choice -- find time to exercise or find time to be sick. One of the most important health practices you can afford to do for yourself is developing and maintaining a regular exercise program.

Regular exercise is very effective in combating degenerative disease, but it must be done in proper amounts for each person. Before you begin, you should be examined by a doctor, especially if there is a history of heart disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, bone or joint disorders or any serious health problem.

You should always have a ten minutes stretching period including each set of muscles. Then take ten minutes to warm up. Start out slowly, then pick up speed. In ten minutes you can walk at your training heart rate. Exercise just a few minutes for a beginner then increase the time by a few minutes every two days until you can do 30-60 minutes of exercise daily. Check your pulse often to maintain your training rate. Slow down if your pulse is over your training heart rate. To end you exercise period, slow down gradually until your heart rate is under 199 or you could have problems. Don't stop exercising suddenly or just stand still without your cool down period for blood can pool in your legs and you could become dizzy or faint.

Finally, do 5-10 minutes of stretches to prevent muscle soreness.

Never increase your heart rate beyond your training rate. If your exercise appears too easy, just increase your time by 5-10 minutes. (If using weights, you might want to increase the weight.)

Make sure you have the appropriate equipment for each kind of exercise to prevent injury. Pay attention, especially to your shoes.

There are so many benefits to be gotten from exercise. You'll be able to control your weight more easily, besides re-shaping your body. Your immune system will be protected and will be stronger. You'll notice a happier attitude and an improved physical well-being while exercising.

God gave us exercise to strengthen us, to give us healthy, fit bodies and clear minds so we will be open to His biddings.


by Dean Saunders

The 1,844 requests for Bible studies keeps our 50 Bible instructors quite busy with over 5,000 lessons completed!

We are thankful for the continuous efforts from our staff of well over 70 volunteers. Their time and efforts have enabled us to enter about 130 countries at the rate of over 5,000 hits per day from the McDonald Road website.


Over 144 students have gotten their Bible studies started with the easy-going personal approach by Nels.

Two of our instructors that also have a lot of graduates and students under their belt are Harold and Theron, both of whom live in Texas.

We have two instructors named Phyllis, one who lives in Georgia and one who lives in Pennsylvania. Both of them are spending a lot of time each day giving that personal contact with each of their many students and graduates. Mary, Janice, Dwight, Barry, Joan, Ruth, Carol and Louise are just a few of our instructors.


Every bible instructor is dedicated to the task of sharing God's love with others through our e-mail Bible Study Program. When Jesus comes in the clouds, I know it will be exciting for our instructors to meet some of their students in person for the very first time!

Women's Retreat

Most are settling back into the daily routine of responsibilities, the chores at

home like getting children off to school. Some are back to the workplace, the classroom, the office and other work known as daily duties.

As I reflect on the activities of the Retreat, I am constrained to say, "Thank you, Father, for filling so many of our needs. And thank You for bringing so many of our daughters together in one place. And for pouring your Your Spirit in such a mighty way.

There were 35 women present from the McDonald Road Church, a goodly number, to receive the blessings in store for us there. Those 35 have covenanted to bring a new one with them next year. Wow! That would be seventy from McDonald Road.

Our main presenter, Hazel Curtis, from Southern California, is serving as Lay Minister for Pastoral care, gave us the challenge of Titus 2:3-5. As we heed this counsel, our homes will be blessed and our Church will be enriched. Hazel not only warmed our hearts with encouragement, she inspired us with a rich challenge.

The women of this church are committed to prayer. In pairs they are spending time praying for others, experiencing wonderful blessings as they watch God at work in the lives of those for whom they are praying. As their prayers are ascending, God's hand is at work in hearts and lives are changing.

Sabbaths, June 3 and 10, our pastors have planned inspiring messages on prayer. Keep June 10, Sabbath afternoon open so you are free to attend a special spiritual event for each member of women's ministry.

In the meantime pray, PRAY, PRAY! This is our part. God will do the rest!

by Margaret Halverson

New Spalding Principal

by Kent Crutcher

David Mathi has accepted the position as the new principal at A. W. Spalding Elementary School for the 2000-01 school year.

David is a native of India who has lived in the U.S. for over thirty years. He brings at least twenty-five years of successful administrative experience to thisprincipalship.

Currently he is principal of Orlando Junior Academy, a K-8

elementary school in Orlando, FL.

David's wife, Diane, is a teacherat Forrest Lake Elementary Center.

They have two daughters Karina and Anisha.

David will officially assume his responsibilities at Spalding on July 1.

New heat & air systems

By Dean Saunders

Gone are the days of smothering in the summertime heat or shivering in the winter while in the church foyer. We've just installed two Trane five ton gas furnaces with matching air conditioners which will provide a total capacity of ten tons.

The new digital thermostat control will create a much better comfort zone for the following areas:

One five ton system will control temperature in the parents' room, nursing mothers' room, and ladies' restroom with additional capacity available for the foyer as well as the Junior Room upstairs.

A separate five ton system will provide central heat and air for the four Sabbath School classrooms adjacent to the north hallway as well.

This new system has been needed for a long time, but was made necessary when the old, broken-down Fedders unit finally quit working altogether. Since the old wall units in the north hall classrooms were degrading rapidly, the Church Board saw wisdom in installing this new, more energy efficient system for the classrooms at the same time as updating the foyer system. The $13,500 required for the combined project is being taken from last year's surplus combined budget funds, etc. as deemed advisable by the Finance Committee.

The picture here shows workers installing one of the new air conditioning units behind the church.

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