May Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 13 No. 5           May, 2000

Photo by Jerry Harrison

Stained glass Window Lights the church!

By Carol Harrison

Early in 1997, a couple from our church talked with the pastor about the beauty that could be brought to our church by a stained glass window. They offered to pay half of the cost if others in the church would pay the other half.

On May 13, 1997, an estimate was received from the Statesville Stained Glass Company of Statesville, North Carolina and fund raising was completed by late 1998.

The theme chosen for the window is the second coming of Christ. At the top center is a depiction of our coming Saviour. Below are the three angels flying above the world, preparing the way for the Lord. The portion of the world that is visible above the clouds is the Southern Union. The church chose color combinations to highlight the color of the carpet in the Sanctuary.

The window is made of 1" thick, faceted glass set in an aluminum frame.

It measures 212" high and 67" wide. The window is set in the opening to the baptistry, so the bottom five foot section is divided into two doors which may be opened out during baptisms. The total weight of the window is 2000 pounds. The actual construction time was six weeks with installation being completed on April 11.

The window is indeed a blessing to the church. It adds light and beauty and keeps our attention focused on the soon and much hoped-for return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor's Challenge

by Kent Crutcher

The Need to Belong

Often, I have heard people say, "I don't need my name on the church books. It's just ink on paper. It has no bearing on my spiritual life." I have heard others say, "I don't need to attend church. I worship God in my own way at home." I have wondered if these views are true. Is my membership in a particular church important for my own relationship with God? Is my fellowship there on Sabbath and at other times necessary for my worship experience?

I was faced with these questions early in my ministry. My first church had several people that felt this way and told me so. As I have watched these folks over the years, I have some answers. Those who told me that they could worship just as well at home no longer worship at all. It was not even a long process. Within a couple of years, some even a few months, worship was not even considered. Belief in God was even questioned. We need constant contact with people who believe the way that we do. It brings encouragement and support that we may not even be aware of. This type of support is needed when everything else that the world has to offer attempts to pull us away from worship.

Those who don't take their membershp seriously are also in danger of losing their connection with God. Many times, when a person or family moves to a new community, the temptation to not get involved with a new church is strong. They may feel the need for a break. The danger is that the habit of attendance is broken and one can even unintentionally fall away from the church and their relationship with Jesus. That is why we encourage people who are moving to send for their letter of membership as soon as they choose a new church family. It is vitally important to stay connected to the body of Christ!

The Heavenly Guide

(Let not your heart be troubled...John 14:1)

Are you weary of Life's Journey?

Has the Way been long and rough?

Has Discouragement o'erwhelmed you,

And the Going Sometimes tough?

Are you overwhelmed by Sorrow?

Has Misfortune dogged your Fare?

Are there Times you've felt abandoned,

And Life's Burdens hard to bear?

Are you lonely and dejected?

Have you lost your dearest Friend?

Have you searched in vain for Someone

On whose Help you can depend?

Do the Tears oft flow unbidden?

Are you given to Despair?

Are you tempted to surrender

To your Troubles and your Care?

If such worries oft beset you,

Throw away those Doubts and Fears,

For there's Someone Who will comfort,

And can wipe away your Tears.

He's the Master, meek and lowly,

And acquainted with your Grief,

And He's waiting with Compassion

To bring Comfort and relief.

So take Heart and be encouraged,

Grasp the loving Saviour's Hand.

And He'll guide you safely Homeward

All the Way to Promised Land!

adrian v. boyer july 1, 1999

Positive Lifestyle:  Your Transport System

by Charlene Anderson

"In health and in sickness, pure water is one of Heaven's choicest blessings. It's proper use promotes health." D & F, p. 419

All body functions are dependent on water and 50-70% of your weight is water. Water transports all the nutrients, etc. in and out of your 100 trillion body cells. This process is vital to life. Imagine the amount of water that passes through a cell in one second! It's about 100 times the volume of the cell. Water forms 91% of the plasma and 95% of the digestive juices. Every minute 24% of the total amount of your blood goes to your kidneys where it's cleaned from wastes. You could die in 5-6 days without water. 1-2 quarts of water is lost through the skin and lungs. On a hot day, while doing strenuous exercise, you could lose up to 5 quarts of water through the skin per day. Water in the blood vessels helps in cooling your body through perspiration. Your 10 billion brain cells are 70% water. If the body's water level drops 6%, there are changes in your behavior and if the level drops 20%, it can be fatal.

If your body could not conserve fluids through the kidneys, it would require 2500 galls of water a day for your organs to function properly. The kidneys filter out poisons and use the rest for the body. We need to replace only 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep the urine clear. This formula helps you to know the amount each person needs: divide your weight by 2, then divide this number by 8. The total equals the number of cups you need daily.

If you become thirsty, you have gone way beyond what your body is requiring. Harvard University School of Health studies showed in an experiment that when athletes exercised without water, body temperatures rose to 102F in just 3 hours. While drinking water at intervals, the athletes were able to last 6 hours before exhaustion set in and temperatures rose. When they were forced to drink more water beyond their desire, their temperature never reached 101F. After 7 hours, the athletes felt they could go on indefinitely.

You should be urinating at least 1 quart daily and it should be clear. The bladder should be emptied completely each time - this keeps infection down.

We should not be drinking with our meals because the liquids make the food leave the stomach too rapidly. This produces a very soupy mixture of good enzymes and water which overflow into the intestine before the gastric juices have completed their job.

Stomach enzymes can carry on their job of digestion only in an acid base. If the meal is pushed into the intestine too soon, where there's an alkaline condition, the enzymes can't finish their job and we have undigested food and possibly an upset stomach.

Enzymes involved in the digestive process function optimally at body temperature. If the temperature is above or below this, it will produce a reduced rate of digestion.

We should drink pure, fresh water free from contaminates. Habitual drinking of commercially softened water is not a good source of water for it has a high sodium content.

So, here's to a happy stomach and abundant health!


People ask many questions through our website and Don Lechler answers them in his role as Internet Counselor. Here are some of the questions that came in this month:

"Do Adventists celebrate Easter?"
"Do you celebrate Christmas?"
"Why do you not accept tradition?"
"Why do you celebrate Saturday as the Sabbath?"
"Why did God allow Satan to deceive Eve?"

We can see by these questions that many people do not know much about us. Are you doing your part to spread the word to everyone you can?

Don Crook answered some pastoral questions this month concerning marriage and how we treat unfaithfulness. We have also been asked if we believe that the Jews are no longer God's chosen people. Would you have an answer if it were asked of you? Our 50 Bible Instructors are discovering that helping people study the Bible is an excellent way to learn more about the Bible yourself!

Many people are busy every day with our Internet Ministry and more people volunteered at our last Sabbath School presentation. Paul Irwin is doing a good job with the online Church Calendar and Bob Beckett is always working hard to put the sermons online. The sermons are used every day by many people all over the world! Check out the various pages on our church website and see for yourself.

  by Dean Saunders      

Business Meeting Votes to Build!

McDonald Road members met on April 2 in business session. A detailed discussion ensued about the possibility of building a new addition to our church. Willard Clapp, Building Committee Chairman, explained the drawing which showed seven larger children's classrooms, new restrooms, storage rooms, expanded lobby and office area. The plans call for the old children's Sabbath School rooms to be used as adult Sabbath School classrooms. With this plan we would have nine adult Sabbath School areas which would totally restore the nine rooms we once had when our church was originally designed.

We desperately need this new educational wing. Our poor children are so cramped in their crowded rooms. There are so many adult classes in the Sanctuary that it is difficult to hear the teacher unless you are sitting very close, which everyone can't do. We are not expanding our Sanctuary, but building support facilities to meet the needs of our present congregation. We can do this needy project. If each of us does our part, we can see this happen soon. We ask you to pray and ask God what part He would like for you to do.

Stewards of His Grace

There are at least 61 prophecies in the Old Testament that were perfectly fulfilled in the life of God's only Son, Jesus. Prophecies such as those found in Micah 5:2, Zechariah 11:12 and Psalm 22:16. From his journal Science Speaks, Peter Stoner offered the following calculated figures: if you take only eight prophecies out 61, the probability of all 8 being fulfilled is 1 in 10 to the 17th power. He illustrated it this way: take 1017(100,000,000,000,000,000) silver dollars and lay them on the face of the state of Texas. They will cover the state two feet deep. Now mark one of those silver dollars and stir it up in the coins. Blindfold a man and send him our to pick up the marked silver dollar. The chance that he will pick up the marked coin is 1 in 10 to the 17th power.

If we add 40 fulfilled prophecies to the 8, the chance would be 1 in10 to the 157th power! Just imagine 157 zeroes!

Yet all 61 were perfectly fulfilled just as God said they would be. That's a God who is believable. And His Son is the witness who testifies that God can be trusted. He will deliver on His promises. God is faithful to us in all things. Can we do any less for Him? He deserves our best and highest service in all things.

Carol Harrison

Dedicated Samaritans Make a difference

By John Lamb

McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church members gave 2,364 hours of volunteer service to the Samaritan Center last year, according to Susan Monk, the center's volunteer coordinator.

The volunteers from McDonald Road who gave of their time and talents to the center were:

Ed Allen, Carolyn Babbitt, Janie Beall, June and Robert Beckett, Adrian Boyer, Hugo and Muriel Christiansen, Lauretta Clark, Cathy Lee Corwin, Marguerite and Scotty Farwell, Lydia Fore, Alma Froman, Laura Homes, Ray Lacey, Don, Linda, Melissa and Andy Lechler, Janice Parker, Ruthene Rivers, Ethel Tolhurst, Violet Von Endt, David Walters and Homeschoolers.

Volunteers across the nation are recognized during National Volunteer Week each April. Last year the Samaritan Center's 259 volunteers gave a total of 9,285 hours of service.

Twenty-five% of those hours came from McDonald Road members.

Volunteers contribute to all aspects of the Samaritan Center's operations. Experience and special skills are always sought, but willing hearts and caring hands are especially needed.

Call 238-7777 to learn how you can get involved in helping offer Help for Today and Hope for Tomorrow.

Health Ministries Meet

Approximately 200 people from Georgia-Cumberland Conference plus several other conferences convened at the Collegedale Seventh-day Adventist Church, march 30-April 2 for a Level 2 seminar, "How to Run an Effective Health Ministry at you Church."

This seminar was conducted by the North American division and Georgia-Cumberland Conference. Dr. Donald R. Hall,, CHES, was the presenter. Dr. Hall is the president of the LifeLong Health Foundation, a non-profit organization providing health ministry tools to churches.

The conference has developed it's own health ministries certification program in conjunction with the NAD. There are three levels of certification.

Level 1: Lifestyle Consultant - Sharing health principles.

Level 2: Lifestyle Specialist - Knowledge gained to prevention and health to the public. This level consists of several categories.

Level 3: Lifestyle Trainer - Trained as an instructor to hold classes in healthy lifestyles for churches and the community.

There are certificates given on completion of each bevel as well as each separate seminar in Level 2. Charlene Anderson and John Davis have taken the Level 1 seminar. Anderson has received a certificate for "The Vegetarian Cuisine Instructors Course" and "How to Run an Effective Health Ministry at Your Church."

There will be a time when the only ministry that will be able to be done will be health ministries. What are we doing to prepare ourselves for this time?

Many times it's impossible to reach a person except through a health avenue.

There will be a Level 1 course offered at Campmeeting. For more information, please call 1-800-567-1844


The church camp out is scheduled for June 2-4 at Fall Creek Falls State Park. If you have not made reservations, you may call 1-800-250-8611. Cabins are also available. Reservations for these may be made by calling 1-800-250-8610.

Pastor Gettys will have a sermonette, Margaret Halverson is teaching the Sabbath School lesson and Clarence Merritt is planning a vespers. If you are planning to come and can play a guitar, please contact Debbie Peters. She needs some help with the song services.

Church will be held next to Debbie's campsite

Freelands Celebrate 60th

Gordon and Mary Freeland were married on March 21st, 1940 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

For forty-six years they were active members of the Kalamazoo, Michigan church. Their early retirement years were spent in Florida. In 1987 they moved to the Collegedale area.

They were honored at a reception and Dr. Doug Bennett led them through a renewal of their vows. They have a son, Dennis and a grandson, Jeremy, both in Florida.

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