June Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 13 No. 6           June, 2000

New Organ Enriches Services

by Cathy Oliver

The organ installation is nearing completion. The installation began on Thursday, May 11th when the cables and some of the speakers were put in place.

Friday, the installers brought the Rodgers 835 organ. We were able to hear the organ (with digitally recorded pipe organ sound) on Sabbath, May 13th. Our service was greatly enhanced as the organ takes the digital recording and makes it sound just like a pipe organ in the building.

The Music Committee hopes that you, too, will feel the wonderful new capacity to worshipfully praise God.

The new Rodgers 835 is a two manual classic organ that incorporates an eclectic specification and authentic pipe organ sounds achieved through Rodgers' Parallel Digital Imaging. This allows each stop to be individually tuned, leveled and voiced.

Parking Lot Completed

Construction on our new parking lot is now complete. The lot, which is 122' x 302' includes two driveways and parking for 110 additional cars. The parking lot is constructed of six inches of compacted pug mix topped by two inches of asphalt. It is surrounded with concrete curbing which prevents cars from pulling too close to the edge and breaking the asphalt and also directs the flow of rainwater for proper drainage.

Three light poles have been ordered and will be placed to light both the new and part of the old parking lot. Grass seed will be sown as soon as weather permits.

Our members are encouraged to park in the new lot to leave the spaces closer to the church for visitors and those who may have some difficulty in walking distances.

Pastor's Challenge

by Don Gettys

The Impossibility of Tithing!

Believe me, I've tried it and it doesn't work! In Malachi 3:8-10, God asks us to return the tithe to Him. He says we rob Him if we do not "pay" tithe into His storehouse. But have you ever thought that God is asking us to do the impossible? Not because we might not have any money...no! The truth is that if a loving Christian gives God any money, it will all be returned! You get it all back again! Giving to God is paradoxical. It all comes back into your hands again. Tithing and giving offerings is like the Australian boomerang. You send off your tithe or offerings and behold, they come right back as rich blessings. Your money will be returned to you! Believe me, I've tried it!

I hear a question: But pastor, I have not been receiving returned blessings, so what about me? May I suggest a possible reason for your situation? Listen:

I gave them to Him,
All the things I'd valued so,
Until I stood there empty-handed.
Every glittering toy did go.

I walked earth's lonely highways
In my rags and poverty:
Till I heard His voice entreating,
Lift your empty hands to Me.

Empty hands I lifted to Him,
And He filled them with a store
Of His own divine riches,
Till my hands could hold no more.

And at last I comprehended,
With my mind so slow and dull,
That God could not pour His riches
Into hands already full!

God has given each person two hands. One to give with and the other to receive with. Therefore, we are not storage tanks for accumulation but channels for distributing God's rich returns. All this being the case, at our local church offering time we are not taking up the collection. We are worshiping our Divine Giver.

And You Visited Me

by Douglas Bennett

It seems so small and insignificant: however, Jesus indicates it is high priority. Our Lord places it along with feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, providing for the sick. Then He adds,


This list of selfless acts indicates the importance of some outreach ministry to others in fulfilling the gospel commission. Among the services listed is visitation as one of the means of meeting needs and bringing encouragement to mankind.

Your elders, sensing the importance of making contact with the members, have undertaken this significant assignment in our church.

In various ways the elders are seeking to respond to the needs or our members through some form of contact. While visiting our members in their homes is our primary method of becoming acquainted with our members, in some instances the elders may contact you by telephone, e-mail, card ministry, or a visit at church. Also, some of the elders will be visiting the New Members, providing them with helpful information.

If you receive a call, we hope you will open your hearts and doors to those who are willing to visit and pray with you. There are no hidden agendas. We only wish to get acquainted with you, to read a Bible passage and to pray for you and your family. The visit will be brief and will not consume a lot of your time.

If someone contacts you requesting to make an appointment to visit you, please open your home for a visit.

Homesick for Heaven


I'm homesick for the heavenly Home
My Lord has promised me,
Beyond the stellar Galaxies,
Beside the Crystal Sea
Where I'll be Neighbor to the Saints,
And meet my Angel Guide
Who Day and Night while on the Earth
Was constant by my side.


I long to taste the luscious Fruit
The Tree of Life will yield,
Or wander with a Seraph thru
Some green celestial Field.
I'll also walk the Streets of Gold,
And marvel at the Site,
Of cosmic Mansions stately built,
Where there will be no Night.


And as I contemplate the Thought
Of that supernal State
When I shall join the raptured Throng
Within the Pearly Gate:
I'll sing Redemption's joyous Song,
And grasp my Saviour's Hand
Outstretched to welcome me at last
To Heaven's Holy Land!

adrian v. boyer October 11, 1998

Sunlight will reach us in less than eight minutes. It is composed of many different energy levels. This energy comes in the form of electromagnetic waves. The portion of the rays that are able to reach us are called the electromagnetic spectrum. One percent of the spectrum is visible to the eye. There's a portion of the rays that have infrared waves which provides the majority of positive and negative effects to our health.

Sunlight provides nourishment and energy to us. It helps to release oxygen and carbon dioxide by its action on plants and animals. It regulates temperature and humidity and initiates rain and snow to keep our world balanced for us.

Our food needs sunlight to grow by a process called photosynthesis and it's needed to produce chlorophyl. This green substance in plants takes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and combines it with water which produces sugar atoms. Then it combines them with minerals from the soil. This is what makes starch, protein, oil and vitamins- all foods for animals and plants.

Formation of Vitamin D takes place from the ultra-violet waves. As the sunlight filters through the skin, it changes the cholesterol just under the skin into Vitamin D. This helps to increase the absorption of calcium to prevent bone diseases. As the process happens the cholesterol in the blood moves out of the blood into the skin, producing lower blood cholesterol.

Sunlight decreases blood sugar. It facilitates the absorption of glucose into the body's cells. It helps to convert blood sugar into stored sugar. If you expose your skin to the sun, you get free Vitamin D. It only takes a few minutes to get a daily dose. The sun has the ability to kill bacteria viruses and molds. Airing your home and allowing the sun to shine in will help to keep diseases down.

Sunlight is needed to carry oxygen to the tissues. Exercising helps this to happen more readily. We can get the amount of sunlight, fresh air and exercise that we need, all at the same time, just go out for a 30 minute walk.

We need to be careful. Severe sunburns occur on cloudy days. Clouds allow 80 % of the ultraviolet radiation to filter through to you skin. It's best to be out in the sunlight before 10:00 a.m. and after 3:00 p.m. Even dark skinned people are not entirely exempt from harmful consequences of sun exposure. The closer you are to the sun, the easier it is to burn.

Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eye to behold the sun. Ecclesiastes 11:7


Our Bible Instructors and Internet Ministry staff were able to share experiences and fellowship with each other at our recent camp meeting potluck. Thirty people came, which included Phyllis Blosser from Rome, Georgia. But with a staff of 70 people from many states it would have been difficult for many of them to come the distance.

Our Internet Bible Study Program has grown so that we have now had 2000 requests for studies and our students have completed well over 6000 lessons to date.

A lot of interests have been generated worldwide and God has blessed this ministry with baptisms as well!

Your continual prayers for this important ministry will be always appreciated and we are always looking for new dedicated workers.

Phyllis Blosser is interveiwed by her husband, Ron. Phyllis works long hours each day on the Internet Ministry and has many Bible studies going and many who have graduated from the course.

Congratulations to our Graduates!

McDonald Road Church is blessed with some exceptionally fine students and quite a few of them have graduated this May.

We have eight members graduating from the eighth grade:

Spalding Elementary:   Zachary, Heather, Matthew, and Oriona.

Apison Elementary:   Justin.

Ooltewah Elementary:   Amber.

Home School:   Jason and Joshua.

On the academy level there are also eight graduates.

Collegedale Academy:

(Pictured are Kate Lechler, Lindsey Ford, Jeff Starr, and Jesse Walters with Pastor Crutcher)

Lindsey Ford with High Honors.


Katie Lechler with High Honors. Katie is a National Honor Society member and the only National Merit Scholar finalist at the academy this year. She received a full four year scholarship to Union College. (See article:"Young Members are Published Authors").

Katie was also voted "Outstanding Female Student" for her overall contributions to Collegedale Academy.

Sarah Roll received an Honors Diploma with High Honors.

Jeff Starr is a National Honor Society member and received the "Caring Heart Award" for his many hours of community service.

Jesse Walters is a National Honor Society member and graduated with High Honors.

Mount Pisgah Academy:

Kristie Moore was Valedictorian of her class, received an English award and was chosen "Best Dorm Worker" of the year.

Home School:   Megan Murray

On the college level we have four graduates:


Kate Baker received a B.S. Cum Laude in Sociology. She belonged to a number of honor societies and was given the "Outstanding Student of Sociology and Anthropology" award.

Kim Stubbert received a B.S. degree in Interior Design.


Henry Pardo graduated with a two year nursing degree. He and his family are moving back to California.

Laurel Newlon also graduated, but was not available for information about her accomplishments.

Praise to the Lord for the talents and blessings He has given these young people.

Stewards of His Grace

"Pointing to the widow placing two copper coins into the offering box, Jesus taught a poignant lesson--that discipleship is dynamic stewardship. He said, I tell you the truth, this poor widow has . . . put in everything she had to live on (Mk 12:34,44). This short narrative is integrated into the larger story of who Jesus is and what it means to be His disciple. For centuries this widow's act has served as a powerful paradigm for Christ'' disciples. By giving all she had to live on, this unnamed widow responded to Christ's call to take up one's cross daily and follow Him (Lk 9:23). Only a man . . . totally committed in discipleship can experience the meaning of the cross--Bonhoffer. Discipleship demands total commitment of all we have (our resources) and all we are (our total self). . .

As true disciples of Jesus, we express our trusting relationship with Jesus by being good stewards of our time, talent, and all that is in our domain--our total lifestyle. Stewardship and discipleship are inextricably tied together. . .

Stewardship summons the disciple to a deeper experience of godliness and godlikeness. In the Tamil language, the word for Christian literally means he/she is a Christ. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interest of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus (Phil. 2:4,5). Yes, a disciple of Christ must be concerned about others and the world around him. Yes, stewardship is inclusive and demanding--but that is discipleship."

From "All we have, all we are" by Melchizedek M. Ponniah, Vice President, Adventist World Aviation.

Young Members are Published Authors!

Two of our young people have had stories published in recent issues of church magazines.

Melissa Lechler, a twelve-year-old just completing fifth grade at Spalding Elementary School, has a story in the May 13th issue of "Primary Treasure." In her story, two cousins who have a big fight find a way to make peace.

Katie Lechler, who just graduated from Collegedale Academy, (see Graduates article) has an article in the May 20th issue of "Insight" magazine. She shares the way the Lord changed her life as the result of a trip to Canada with the Madrigals. She also made the front cover of the magazine.

Congratulations to both of these talented young people. A copy of each article is posted on the church bulletin board.

Parish Nurse Ministries

"Then the king will say to those on His right, 'Come, you who are blessed by my father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat; I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger and you invited me in; I needed clothes and you clothed me; I was sick and you looked after me; I was in prison and you came to visit me.'

Then the righteous will answer Him, "Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in or needing clothes and clothed you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?'

Then the King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' " - Matthew 25:34-40

This ministry strives to foster the health and wellness of our church members and the people in the surrounding community by:

visiting the sick, visiting those being treated, in the hospital, visiting the homebound, serving as personal health counselors.

The Parish Nurse Ministry was begun on September 20, 1999 under the leadership of Audrey Henson. As of May, 2000, the volunteers include 6 nurses: Ruth Matey, Rita McMichael, Margaret Merritt, Helen Moyers, Iris Westbrook and Audrey Henson; one retired physician: Dr. John Leland; two staff members; Lauretta Clark and Alfred Mitchell.

Over the last six months there have been a total of 236 contacts including 98 home visits, 35 hospital visits and 85 telephone contacts. Educational activities include bulletin notices, pamphlet display, health related meetings, blood pressure screenings, and pastoral and staff meetings. A total of 132 hours have been devoted to program planning. Several items of medical equipment including a walker, cane, and crutches have been donated by Ed Allen and are available on a loan basis. We need a wheel chair if anyone has one they could donate.

If you know of anyone in our church community who is sick or home bound and could benefit from a visit, please let us know. If you would like to volunteer to help with this ministry, please contact Audrey Henson at 892-3567.

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