July Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 13 No. 7           July, 2000

Maranatha Trip Planned

by Don Crook

"Every individual can make a difference and contribute to a successful project," stated Hugo Christiansen, one of six volunteers from McDonald Road who helped with a Maranatha church building project on the island of Barbados earlier this year.   (Pictured at right)

In December of 1999, the McDonald Road church board voted to select a committee to begin planning for the possibility of a group project in cooperation with Maranatha Volunteers International for the construction of a church in an area where churches are greatly needed and where resources are limited. The committee members selected are selected are Sheryl Baker, Hugo Christiansen, Don Crook, Kent Lopez and Janice Parker. A Maranatha representative is working closely with the group as plans develop.

A new church in an area of Costa Rica is a suggested possible construction project for our McDonald Road members. There is a great need for more churches in Costa Rica as many individuals are eagerly accepting Biblical truths as presented by the Adventist church.

A concrete slab and steel framing will be in place to facilitate completion of the construction. The suggested time for our project is two weeks, including travel time, in late January or early February of 2001. The projected cost, including travel, lodging food, insurance and a prorated monetary contribution to the project in most Latin American countries is approximately $1000.00 per person. Anyone interested in being involved in a most thrilling, rewarding, working vacation or in contributing financially to the expense of the project may complete the form on page or contact any committee member for additional information.

Church in India

By Janice Parker

We are well over halfway towards our $10,000.00 goal of sponsoring a church in India. Praise God!

Dr. Jan Paulson, President of the world-Wide Seventh-day Adventist church dedicated several Maranatha churches in India. During a week-long tour, Dr. Paulson witnessed the explosive growth that has taken place recently in India and surveyed the enormous potential that awaits. Two years ago, the total number of baptisms in India was 14,000. During 1999, the total increased to more than 64,000 people. This year, the Central India Union alone has set a goal to baptize 250,000 people.

Maranatha has completed 220 churches in India. Designed to accommodate 250 people, these churches have been constructed in areas that had little or no Christian present. In the short time since construction, most of these churches are completely full and Marantha is facing the reality of having to construct larger churches. Wtih the tremendous growth that is taking place in India, there is a great need for trained people to nurture the new members.

Maranatha has already completed two training centers that will train workers over a two year period to be lay pastors. Additional training centers are planned.

We can help. Not only do we want to sponsor a church, but by brining in you Kellogg Cereal American Airline Certificates, we can also send some one from our church to build this church. Put them in the can The two types of on the credenza in the church construction used for lobby that says, "MILES FOR churches in India. MARANTHA." We need at least two certificates from each family to reach our goal of 500 certificates. Please pray for India. God is working in a mighty way in this country.

Pastor's Challenge

by Kent Crutcher

What Is Your Mission Statement?

I often hear about mission statements. This term usually applies to what an institution is in existence for. An institution that has a well thought out mission statement is usually more efficient in it's operation because it's goals are clearly laid out. Every activity of that institution is judged by how it relates to the mission statement. If no mission statement exists, an institution may flounder because it has no real direction. Such institutions often become self-serving and introspective.

This is also true for the institution called Family. Does your family have a mission statement? What is your purpose for being a family? Is it something that just happened or did you make plans? Why does your family exist? Do you have clearly laid out goals? Are your family activities in accordance with your mission statement? These questions are not easily answered, but they must be answered if your family is to be strong.

As I look back over the years at families that I have seen in crisis, a common thread seems to be emerging. These families often have no real sense of mission. I seldom council with a family that has decided on a purpose for themselves. It seems that families that have no mission are more self-serving and introspective. More time is spent on self and less on service for others. The mind that is thinking of service has less time to find fault with one's own family. Thus, more satisfaction with one's life.

These are my own conclusions. I decided to do a little research to find out how far off base I am. As I looked through Adventist Home by Ellen White, I became amazed at how much she has to say about the mission of the family. Maybe my conclusions are not so far off. Does your family have a purpose for existence? Do you have a mission statement to guide your lives? I hope that you will give this concept serious prayer and consideration. Come together as a family and decide how you would like to serve God.

J.W. Jones Celebrates 95th Birthday!

July 13 will mark an important milestone for J. W. Jones. He will be celebrating 95 years of life and blessings from the Lord.

In 1942 he and his wife, Ruby Fogg Jones, moved to Collegedale from North Alabama to put their two children in church school. With the exception of a 12 year period when they lived in Nashville, he has been a Collegedale resident ever since.

He had a long, successful career at Collegedale Cabinets retiring when he was in his early eighties.

His son, Jerry attributes his long life to his faith in God, moderation in all things and being untouched by stress.

We wish him a happy birthday and many years of continued blessings.


("...for I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." Phil. 4:11)


In every Circumstance of Life,

Whatever the Event,

We need to put our Trust in God

And therewith be Content.


For Godliness with Contentment brings

Great Gain and Peace of Mind,

And satisfies all Urgencies.

Of every Sort and Kind.


Now there will come frustrating Days,

When that which we have planned,

Just will not quite materialize

And Things get out of Hand.


But if we wait upon the Lord,

And patiently endure,

Our Saviour will resolve our Plight,

Of this we can be sure.


If we have Life's Requirements,

And all our Needs supplied,--

Like Raiment, Food and Livelihood,

We should be Satisfied.


Take Heart therefore and trust in God

In each Predicament,

For in the End we can depend

Our Soul will be Content.

- - - - - - -

adrian v. boyer April 30, 2000

Positive Lifestyle: A Blessing or a Curse?

by Charlene Anderson, Health/Temperance Leader

A blessing of abundance can easily become a curse! If daily we cultivate habits of excess, we can expect ill health to come soon. We need to daily develop a temperate lifestyle in all things. Our society portrays excess as a way of life.

Temperance takes in all avenues of our lives. Too much of even a good thing can be harmful (too much sun or good food). "True temperance teaches us to abstain from that which is injurious and to use judiciously only healthful and nutritious articles of food. " Temperance, the title page.

Dr. Mervyn G. Hardinge, M.D. says, 'Temperance is self-control in the life--the permitting of those activities which are to the best physical, mental and spiritual interests. It is to maintain the body, mind and soul at utmost capacity. It is the promotion and maintenance at all times, of maximum physical function, so that the intellectual and religious faculties may be of the highest quality."

In A Call to Personal Ministry,

pp 156, 157, it says, "True temperance is systematic guidance of all thought and action by a strong will. It's object is the attainment of the highest degree of efficiency in every expression of life".

There are many dangerous things we can do to ruin our lives and health. We know of many of them - caffeine, smoking, alcohol, drugs, even our diets.

There is a typical American plague which many fall into - low nutrition diets. A study by scientists under the direction of U. D. Register, PhD, chairman of the Department of Nutrition, School of Health, Loma Linda University, indicated that a typical teenage diet causes rats to take to the bottle. Could this be why more and more teens are into drinking? This diet contains a lot of sugar, caffeine, spices and is low in nutrients. The rats eating a balanced diet, containing no caffeine, low sugar, and no spices, drank only a minimal amount of alcoholic drinks. Water was popular. Such a poor diet is detrimental to our health.

Self-control is one of the rungs on the ladder of life and one of the highest functions of the human mind. It helps us to chose between the true and the false - the good and the bad. We can postpone our funeral because we choose moderation in all things.

Self-control is a skill that can be learned. Steps in achieving self-control:

1. Awareness - Keep in touch with what your body is telling you. It knows what's good for it and can be sick or uneasy when you ingest substances that aren't good.

2. Will power - Using the mental faculty of choice that enables you to act on the basis of judgement and reason. This helps us to have the benefits of self-control.

3. Goals - Unrealistic goals lead to feelings of failure and guilt which help to weaken us. We are not able by ourselves to bring our desires and inclinations into harmony with God's laws.

4. Motivation - We can either be a slave or master of the factors that influence our behavior. Negative motivators, guilt anger, peer pressure, low self-esteem, tend to decrease self-control. If we are willing, God will work in us so we will want to follow His ways and then He will give us the mental power to do the right thing. (See Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings, pg. 142.)


by Dean Saunders

Did you know that we now have over 215 sermons online that were preached at McDonald Road dating as far back as 1995!? One of our members, Bob Beckett, spends hours each week working on them, and putting them in HTML so people from anywhere in the world can read them from their own homes!

People have commented that it seems like a lot of work for someone who isn't in perfect health, but I can report that in sickness and in health, Bob's love for his Lord encourages him on. It IS a lot of work, but there are many, many people who read these sermons each week due to Bob's efforts. You will notice that the sermons now have added color to the text, so that all of the new sermons have the Bible texts printed in red! Please pray for Bob so that he can continue doing this very important work for the Lord. Many people write in to us expressing their appreciation for this work, and here is part of a sample letter we have received:

"Thank you for compiling and posting your sermons on the Internet. I have enjoyed them so much. Keep it up and may God bless you abundantly. I am a Kenyan citizen, currently on short study in Denmark. Life in a foreign country would have been boring without reading such sermons as from McDonald Church."

We have many more things to do as well concerning our church website - just contact Dean at: dean@mcdonaldroad.org

Congratulations to Rod Lewis

Rod is going back to school to get a degree in Organizational Management. This is a great step for Rod, but because of the added responsibilities, he and Pam feel they must give up the Social Committee Chairmanship. They have produced many fantastic church socials and we want to express our deep appreciation to them for their dedication, talent and creativity. God's blessing on you both as you enter this new phase of your journey to heaven.

But that means the opportunity has opened for someone else to serve in this capacity. If you are interested in serving the church through the Social Committee, please contact one of the pastors or the church office. Your church needs you!

Did You Know?

Your church is what you make it.

If it is a growing church, it is because you come regularly with your family to learn from God's Word.

If it is a scriptural church, it is because you will settle for nothing less.

If it is a friendly church, it is because you are friendly and make it so.

If it is a giving church, it is because you give with a heart of love.

If it is a praying church, it is because you regularly and consistently pray for your church and its ministries.

If it is a spiritual church, it is because you daily walk in the Spirit and abide in Christ.

If it is a Bible-believing church, it is because you study to show yourself "approved unto God. ..rightly dividing the word of truth."

Please remember that our church will be exactly what you make it!

Church Camp out Location Is Changed

Because of extremely crowded conditions in the Smokies the weekend of October 20th, the location of our fall camp out has been changed back to Fall Creek Falls. All who attended the spring camp out there had a very enjoyable weekend so we expect another great camp out.

If you haven't yet been to Fall Creek Falls, plan now to come even if you only come up for the day. There are beautiful waterfalls, mountain scenery, hiking trails, paved bicycle trails through the woods and the food and company are the best.

The number to call for reservations is 1-800-250-8611. Reservations are made on an individual basis, not as a group. Ask for Section B, sites 91-127 for electric and water hookups.

Stewards of His Grace

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

God desires His workers to look to Him as the Giver of all they possess, to remember that all that they have and are comes from Him who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in working. The delicate touch of the physician's hand, his power over nerve and muscle, his knowledge of the delicate organism of the body, are the wisdom of divine power, to be used in behalf of suffering humanity.

The skill with which the carpenter uses the hammer, the strength with which the blacksmith makes the anvil ring, come from God. He has entrusted

men with talents, and He desires them to look to Him for counsel. Thus they may use His gifts with unerring aptitude, testifying that they are workers together with God.

Your Sister in Christ, Ellen

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