August Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 13 No. 8           August, 2000

Marvin Moore Presents Seminar

Editor of Signs of the Times speaks on "Hope for the End Time"

Marvin Moore, editor of "Signs of the Times" will be speaking at McDonald Road Church on Friday and Sabbath, August 18 and 19. His topic is "Hope for the End Time" and will include judgements of God that will come upon the world just before the second coming, contemporary signs of Christ's coming, the assurance of salvation that we have and how we can be "good enough".

Elder Moore was born in Lima, Peru, the son of Seventh-day Adventist missionary parents. He spent 14 years in Peru, Argentina and Cuba, returning to the United States at age 16 to complete his education. He has a Master of Arts in church history and a Master of Divinity from Andrews University and a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Dallas in Texas.

He entered pastoral ministry in the Southern California Conference in 1961. He has spent 15 years in pastoral ministry in California and Texas. While in Texas he also spent 6 years as a free lance writer.

In December, 1985, he joined Pacific Press in Boise, Idaho as an associate book editor, and in June, 1994, he was appointed editor of Signs of the Times magazine. He is the author of 26 books, including The Crisis of the End Time, Conquering the Dragon Within, and The Coming Great Calamity. His most recent book, How to Prepare for the Coming Global Crisis, is the sharing book of the year for 2001.

He has made a special study of eschatology-the doctrine of end-time events. Since January, 1991, he has conducted seminars on the end-time in churches and at camp meetings all over the United states and Canada.

Seminar Schedule

Friday night - August 18 7:30 p.m: The Coming Great Calamity

The alarming judgements of God before the close of probation and continue to the second coming of Jesus. These judgements of God will initiate the final crisis that results in the persecution of God's people.

Sabbath morning - August 19 9:00 and 11:30 a.m: Is Jesus Really Coming Soon?

Contemporary evidence that Jesus' return may be sooner than you had thought.

Sabbath afternoon

2:00 p.m. Does Jesus Really Save Sinners?

What happens when you sin after you've been saved? Can we have assurance of salvation during the process of overcoming sins?

3:30 p.m. Does Jesus Really Give Victory?

How perfect must I be to live without a Mediator after the close of probation?

Pastor's Challenge

by Kent Crutcher

The Ultimate Vacation

For many of us, it is vacation time. I've watched as a number of our members have disappeared for a week or two in order to do the vacation thing. Typically, the returned vacationer looks tired but happy. The body may be exhausted from a long drive or jet lag, but the spirit seems to be recharged.

As I write this, a vacation is looming for my family. I often dread vacations and become irritable when I know that one is approaching. Not that I don't love a good break with my family, but because of the vast amount of preparation needed for the trip on top of all that already needs to be done. I dread making reservations, packing, working on the old car trying to insure a few more miles out of the old beast, and figuring out how to pay for it all. I also look ahead at all of the work that will need to be done in order to catch up when I return. My family tries to be patient with me because they know that when the last car door shuts and the engine starts, the grouch begins to relax.

That is one reason why I am looking forward to the trip to Heaven. The reservation has already been made! John 14 tells us that Jesus has already prepared places for us to stay. The packing has not only already been done, the luggage has been delivered! Luke 12 states that our treasures have already been stored in Heaven if that is where our heart is. The transportation is also being provided! Matthew 24 explains how the angels will be picking us up. And the price? This is a trip that none of us can afford! They don't accept Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, American Express, or even cash. Only the blood of the Lamb will pay for this trip! Ephesians 1 shares how we were chosen for this trip and bought with the blood of Jesus.

Yes, while on this earth, we need to take vacations. We need a chance to relax with our families and our God. But in Heaven, the vacation will never end! We will continually be with our families and our God! May we each be as excited about the prospect of Heaven as my kids are about our family vacation.

The City of God

("For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God." Heb. 11:10)


We are looking for a City

With foundations lad Foursquare.

Where the Ransomed of all Ages

Will one Day find Dwellings there.


And whose Architect and Builder

Is the Lord Himself who planned,

That His poor beleaguered Children

Would possess the Promised Land.


Weary Wanderers and strangers,

They pursued their heavenly Quest,

Ever hopeful some Tomorrow

They will find that City blest.


Long Millennia God's People,

Have been Aliens in a Land

E'er beset by evil forces,

Under Satan's cruel Command.


Yet a little While we tarry, -

Yet a little While we wait,.

Knowing one Day we will enter

Through the city's Eastern Gate.


When our Pilgrimage is ended,

And our Sojourn here complete,

We will all at last assemble

On the City's golden Streets.


What rejoicing then will echo

Through the Halls of Heaven's Fane,

When we've reached God's promised City

Where we'll evermore remain.

- - - - - - -

adrian v. boyer April 30, 2000

Positive Lifestyle:   Health and Life

by Charlene Anderson

"Life in the open air, away from congested cities, is health restoring. The pure air has in it health and life. As it is breathed in, it has an invigorating effect on the whole system." Medical Ministry p.232

Everything we do uses energy. Our bodies produce this energy by burning the fuel (food we eat) in living cells. Oxygen makes this possible. You need enough oxygen so energy in the cells can be released. Not enough oxygen - poor life. No oxygen - no life.

We have about two quarts of oxygen in our blood, lungs and body tissues at any given time - enough to last four minutes. Then we need a fresh supply - or else!

5,000 gallons of air are taken in daily. The plant life is our ally. It absorbs and uses carbon dioxide which mammals breathe out and it gives off oxygen. Algae provide about 90% of the oxygen around us and the rest comes from land plants.

The exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen in our bodies takes place in the lungs where over 600 million air sacs (alveoli) are found. Theses are covered in groups of capillaries where the air meets the blood through the thin walls. Then the oxygen filled blood is carried by red blood cells to nourish the body's organs. This process makes a complete round in the body in one minute.

"In order to have good blood, we must breathe well. Full deep inspirations of pure air which fill the lungs with oxygen, purify the blood. Good respiration soothes the nerves, stimulates the appetite and renders digestion more perfect; and it induces sound refreshing sleep."

Ministry of Healing, p. 272

The lack of oxygen affects the brain cells - the areas that deal with reason, willpower, judgement and emotions are attacked and we can experience confusion, clumsiness, irritability and irrational behavior.

We can obtain more oxygen by sitting and standing with good posture all day, exercising 30-60 minutes daily outdoors to get clean fresh air - the best we can!

We should decrease indoor pollutants by removing chemicals from our homes (even some soaps, etc.) Vent gas ovens to outdoors, paint over materials containing formaldehyde or radon sealants, check your plywood, particle board, foam, rugs, etc. and air the house daily. Negatively charged air is the most healthful and is found in rooms with lots of plants, after an electrical storm, by moving water, in the mountains and the forests.

We can help get oxygen into our bodies by -

1. Stand up. Stretch your arms straight up over your head.

2. Breathe in slowly with mouth closed. Ribs should expand.

3. Expand your chest as far as possible while breathing in. When you feel you have taken in all you can take in, try to take in just one more whiff of air. Hold it a few seconds.

4. Push all the air out with force through your mouth while slowly bending over. Cough to get the last bit of air out, pulling your stomach in tight.

This should be done outdoors, ten or more times each day. You should start with just a few times, then add a couple more each day.

Here's to clear minds and rosy cheeks!


by Dean Saunders

Five Year Anniversary!

Five years ago this past spring the internet was just becoming hot and people everywhere were beginning to install modems in their homes. Their kids were beginning to get addicted to all the new wonders of the world available to them right off the internet.

Our church had not yet tapped in to this new medium of reaching this new multitude, but signs of its potential was evident by the many web sites presented by the Catholic church, and the many hits they received.

Thus in May and June of 1995, McDonald Road caught the vision, and our church board authorized the birth of our Internet Ministry department in June of 1995. Southern Adventist University gave us some web space, and we were ready to proceed.

In July, 1995 McDonald Road Website was launched online; and our McDonald Road Bible School had its humble beginnings. We started with a staff of three people, and in those early months we were happy with 900 hits in a month. This internet outreach has now grown so that today we have our own dedicated server, which receives about 6,000 hits per day, and we have a staff of over 70 people.

Anniversaries tell us where we came from, but if we all work together to take advantage of all the capabilities God has given us, perhaps Jesus will be here before another anniversary comes around!


Following are comments sent by e-mail from readers of our website. Among many other things, the site includes highlights from each month's issue of the Manna.

"It is very delightful to read about all the interesting things your church is working on. The hard work that is involving so many is unbelievable. I enjoyed being able to see that beautiful organ from a distance. It made me want to visit your church to hear it. Your members are doing exactly what God bids them do. They are working for Him. God bless your church home."

J. L.

"Wow! Your website is very impressive. I think this is a fantastic ministry. Keep up the good work."

D. B.

"We our family enjoy reading the sermon's. They are real help for to us in our need. Thank you so much for the good service."

S. P.

An Interview with the Pastor. . .

Editor: Pastor, do you feel that the new organ has enhanced our services?

Pastor: I honestly felt that I would not be able to hear a measurable difference in the new organ, but now that we have had it for several weeks, there is a definite difference. It is richer and deeper and the sound no longer overwhelms the people on the platform.

Editor: What response have you gotten from the congregation?

Pastor: I have heard nothing but

positive comments. Several people were afraid the new organ would be too loud, but no one has commented on the organ's loudness.

Editor: What happened to the old organ?

Pastor: It was bought by the Ringgold Church.

Editor: Has the new organ been completely paid for now?

Pastor: No, we still owe some money on the organ, which is due by August 31, so it is still important for our members to make contributions to this beautiful instrument.

Investment Project Feeds Souls and Bodies!

Edison and Frieda Blanchard have found an investment project that will benefit both body and soul. Edison has planted a huge garden - more than he and Frieda can use. In looking for a way to put the food to use, Frieda decided to set up a table in the front yard and put their extra produce on it with a jar marked for investment.

So far, they have approximately $130.00 for investment for souls and the satisfaction of providing good food for bodies. Do you have extra produce from your garden? Could this be an investment project for you also? The Lord always blesses our partnership with Him.

Kid's Stuff

By Nancy Beard

I wasn't very excited when I found out there was someone in our neighborhood peddling their hamsters to our children, but the begging, pleading eyes of little children are hard for me not to give in to, even though the responsibility usually falls back on me.

Amy and her friends were very excited about their "free" hamsters. I've never had a hamster that didn't bite me, but these were very tame and nice. I consented. We went out and bought $50.00 worth of stuff for our two "free" hamsters.

Within a few days, Cuddles, the female, was left on a bed in Amy and Angela's room and forgotten for just a moment. She immediately disappeared. Amy's eyes welled up with tears when Cuddles was no where to be found. "Everything is going to be alright. We'll find her, you'll see," I consoled her.

By evening, I discovered that I hadn't been the only one secretly praying for Cuddles. Amy, Angela and some of their friends were all praying for her. I really wanted this experience to help build their faith in Jesus. I knew that He knew where Cuddles was.

Finally, Amy heard scratching sounds under her bed. There was a box underneath that no one had bothered to look under. Pretty soon she saw two little teddy bear ears peeking out from under the box. We were all very relieved and happy. I silently praised God that she was found.

As we put Cuddles in her cage, Amy asked me, "Mom, how did you KNOW everything was going to be alright?"

We can always know "it's going to be alright" as long as we put it in God's hands. Peace is God's gift to the world and there are people out there who need to hear about it.

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