October Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 13 No. 10           October, 2000

Maranatha Mission Project in Costa Rica

By Don Crook

Plans for our McDonald Road Maranatha mission trip are taking shape.
What? A church building project.
Where? In Costa Rica, near San Jose, the capital city.
When? January 14-28, 2001.
Expense? We are presently working with the Maranatha office, airlines and the conference office in Costa Rica for budgeting purposes. It is suggested to plan for no more than $1000.00 per person, but we are hopeful that the final cost will be somewhat less.

Elder Robert Folkenberg will be conducting an evangelist series in the area during the church construction.

Costa Rica is known as "The Little Switzerland" of the Americas. There will be time for some sight-seeing.

Watch the church bulletin for additional information as it becomes available. If you are interested in this short mission experience contact one of the mission committee members: Don Crook, Hugo Christiansen, Sheryl Baker, Kent Lopez or Janice Parker.


Space Needed

by Kent Crutcher

Wow! Have you noticed how many cars are parking in our new parking lot? I no longer notice cars being driven in circles in search of a place to park. I no longer see families leaving because their search for a spot was in vain! What a great blessing it has been to have the extra space.

Speaking of space, additional parking only solves part of the need. I often hear discussions between individuals about where they can store things that belong at the church. (Some even consider hiding their items in places all ready spoken for by another department.) These discussions even involve time at our church board. Many store things in their own homes. I know of one family that resorted to renting a storage unit for Sabbath School props. Another concern is a need for more and larger Sabbath School class rooms for both children and adults. I know of a number of willing Sabbath School teachers with no place to use their talents.

Have you noticed what it is like to come to a meeting at the church during the week? It is rare that only one meeting is taking place. During the night of our last board meeting you could become confused as to where your particular meeting was being held! We had Membership Committee, Finance Committee, and Church Board meeting in the Fireside Room. Our McDonald Road Melody Ringers were practicing in the sanctuary.

Financial Peace University was meeting in the Junior Room.

And the Pathfinder Club was meeting in every room of the Family Center! Groups often shuffle around trying to find enough space to meet.

Our worship service even has space problems. One recent Sabbath, forty chairs were set up in the foyer to hold worshipers for the second service. Our many young families have very little space to go to in our worship training room when Junior decides that he can be louder than our P.A. system. The sanctuary can not be expanded by the removal of the offices and Sabbath School class room until those facilities find a new home.

We have a plan to solve the above mentioned space concerns. Most of you have seen the church approved plans for the additional space. We are looking forward to beginning this project very soon. But we have wisely voted not to begin this new endeavor until we have come together and paid off the project that has already greatly benefitted our church, the new land and parking lot. Thank you for remembering this project when you plan your giving to your church. Your generosity will hasten the day when we can have a little more room for the many activities that we enjoy and need as a church family. I'm looking forward to Heaven where space in not a problem! In the mean time, I wonder if I can hide this stuff that is stored in my office behind the sofa in the Fireside room, hmm....

Our McDonald Road Students

The McDonald Road Church has many young people who are diligently applying themselves to their studies this Fall. We appreciate our youth as they develop their talents for the Lord. The following are names of our students attending area schools:


Jessica, Loraine, Michelle


Nikki, Donnie, Troy, Christine, Austin,Stefan, Corinne, Emily, Nathan, Joshua, Alexis, Ashley, Jessica


Heather, Joseph, Matthew, Erik, Larisa, Joshua, Eva Nicole, Meghan, Derek, Stephanie, Megan, Andrew, Melissa, Amanda, Daniel, Girean, Robby, Gabrielle, Rebecca, Jonathan, Adam, Lindsey, Amanda, Amanda, Jonathan, Joshua, Melinda,, Jacqueline, Nicole, Michelle, Bryan, Diana

Standifer Gap:

Ryan, Emily, Kayla, Brandon, Kailee, Michael, Roman, Michael, Molly, Phillip.

Collegedale Academy:

Andrew Bauer, Brian Benoit, Justin Benoit, Nicole Benoit, Justin Brooks, Katherine Brown, Lynsi Cash, Cheryl Conibear, Rachel Cowing, Scott Davis, Heather Elmendorf, Lauren Elmendorf, Brent Ford, Oriona Garza, Jeremy Harrison, Matthew Huggins, Erin Hunter, Dolly Leesburg, Stefani Linna, Holly McComas, Kelly McFarland, Kelly McMichael, Chad Mix, Marcy Moore, Kaitlyn Murray, Benjamin Padgett, Sarah Pizar, James Richards, Amanda Roll, Melissa Turner, Chris Walkowiak, Rebekah Walkowiak, Jennifer Wiley


Elizabeth, Abby, Jason, Darin, Joshua, Bradley, Wesley, Joshua, Natalya, Jimmy, Lahja, Laura, Alina, Jeff, Nathan, Katie, Corey, Alanna, Ryan, Christy, Philip, Adam, Anastasia

Congratulations to Stephanie Bailey, daughter of Walter and Cynthia Cannon.
She was elected this year as Vice President of the Golden Key Honor Society at UTC.
Stephanie is a senior at UTC taking a double major in accounting and finance.

Our Burden Bearer

(Cast thy burden upon the Lord and

He will sustain thee. Ps. 55:22)

Our heavenly Father knows our Needs

Before we even ask

And He will give us Strength to do

That hard and weary task.


And should we faint beneath the Load

we're sometimes called to bear,

Our Lord is ever at our Side,

And will our Burden share.


When Trials and Troubles try us sore,

And Hope begins to dim,

He'll guide us through the darkest Night

If we but trust in Him.


Whatever ill may us befall,

How comforting to know

That He'll sustain us Day by Day

Wherever we may go.


Why bear Life's Hardships all alone

When all we need to do,

Is cast our Burdens on the Lord,

And He will see us through.


Let us with Confidence press on

Along Life's upward Way,

Until at last we all shall reach

That Land of Perfect Day !

Adrian V. Boyer

Internet Ministry News

Gloria has gone to the Post Office again, making her deliveries of the book "Steps to Christ" to people worldwide who have requested a copy. This time the destination of the "Steps" included Australia, as well as many other places, for you see, God's people are searching from everywhere on this planet. 1,450 "Steps" have now been placed in the hands of people in the four corners of the earth by McDonald Road Internet Ministries; and each delivery has been individually and lovingly wrapped for that one person who requested it because they wanted to know more about Jesus!

How does all this outreach happen? It starts out with a visit to the McDonald Road website at: http://mcdonaldroad.org/ where we have placed an abundance of truth in a variety of ways that has been going to the whole earth like the leaves of autumn! Then, once on our website, they can select from sermons, online or email Bible Studies, online "Steps to Christ" including audio and large print, and we offer the book to all who desire it for their own personal study. Many other features are also on the website for all of those people who really desire to learn more about Jesus.

Our Steps to Christ ministry, led by Gloria, is a very valuable part of our outreach to people all over the world. We welcome your prayers, support, and participation in this giant undertaking. We are just one church, but thanks be to God, we are reaching the world! If you would like to learn more, write to: volunteer@mcdonaldroad.org

An online survey is also available at: http://mcdonaldroad.org/members/

God will bless as we work for Him!

Dean Saunders,

Internet Ministry coordinator

Positive Lifestyle: A Quiet Place-part I

"Give yourself proper time to sleep. They who sleep give nature time to build up and repair the weary waste of the organism." Medical Ministry, p. 80

In one day your heart beats 100,000 times; your blood runs through 17 million miles of arteries, veins, and capillaries; we speak about 4,000 words and breath 20,000 times; our major muscles move 750 times, and our bodies maintain 14 billion brain cells.

Rest restores your body, rebuilding the parts we use. Your body's functions are recharged during sleep. Rest includes more than sleep. It includes relaxation and learning how to pace your day. Try adding activities that make you better equipped to deal with your life and delete those that don't (like going to bed late).

Our activities need to balance out each other. If your job is inactive, make sure you exercise in the evening and on weekends. Active jobs require passive activities, like reading, etc...

Jesus recognized the need for rest. "Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." Mark 6:31 NIV.

Many people complain about sleep difficulties. Americans gobble down more than 500 tons of sleeping pills annually. We have various body rhythms . Rest, activity, hormonal, digestive and temperature rhythms are some of the so called "Circadian rhythms" that we experience. Dr. Halburg documented that man also has a seven-day rhythm. He tested a man's heart under controlled conditions and it showed a seven-day rhythm. During the French Revolution, a ten-day week was attempted, but it ended in complete chaos.

The tension, worry and lack of quality rest are the results of the chaos we make of our daily and weekly cycles. We need regular meals, and consistent rising and retiring times. A good night's sleep helps our brain function well. Complicated matters are best dealt with in the morning.

Growth hormones produce deep, peaceful "pre-midnight" sleep and are important in improving the size, quality and efficiency of the brain. It enables the nerve cells to make learning permanent and useful.

Cortisol is at it's peak from midnight to early morning and helps with the stressors of each day reducing inflammation and fatigue. Going to bed late hurts you! The ability to repair the wear of the day, lessens energy and vitality for tomorrow.

Melatonin, a tranquilizing hormone, is improved by timed sleep in quiet darkness. Lights on during the night weakens one's stress-coping mechanisms.

Relaxation is a must! Relaxation should be scheduled daily as well as a weekly rest and relaxation day.

24 hours (without T.V., radio, shopping, or working, etc...) should be enjoyed in worship, enjoying nature and nurturing others. This renews energy, clears the mind and calms nerves. We need monthly outings and yearly vacations, also.

Different parts of our bodies have periods of rest. One third of our lives should be spent in bed, otherwise we'll wear out.

We need to go though the "stage sleep" and "dream sleep" for a good night's rest. "Stage sleep" relaxes and rests the muscles; causes temperature and blood pressure to drop; helps breathing become slow and regular; relaxes the body and helps brain waves become slower.

Stage II and III are deeper. At this point you're unaware of anything, but awaken easily. Usually it takes 40 minutes to get from stage one to four.

Stage IV is harder to awake from. It restores, relaxes and rests the body. In 90 minutes you go back to Stage I where you drift into dream sleep.

-- Charlene Anderson,  Health Ministries Leader

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