March Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 14 No. 3           March, 2001

3ABN Rally comes to McDonald Road

Danny and Linda Shelton

March 30
7 p.m. Evening Program

March 31
9 a.m. Worship
10 a.m. Sabbath School
11:30 a.m. Worship
3:00 p.m. Afternoon Program

Danny Shelton
Linda Shelton
Moses Primo
Theresa Boote
Leonard Westphal

Danny & Linda Shelton
Geri-Lynn Mendenhall
Roy Drusky
John Lomacang
E.T. & David Everett

All meetings (including
Sabbath School & Church)
will be held in both the
Family Center & Sanctuary

No Options

--Christian Education is not an Option

By Mary Anne Turner

"With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and sooncoming Saviour might be carried to the whole world!" Education, 271. And with that, the coming of our Saviour. It should be our goal, here at McDonald Road Church, to have each of our young people "rightly trained." This means Christian Education for each one, whether at one of our church schools or as some have chosen home school.

Recently I was talking with a young mother who home schools. One of her children would like to go to church school, but she didn't know how she would finance it. She said, "I'd be willing to clean houses and the kids can do yard and garden work or mow lawns. But how do we find people who want these things done?" I got to thinking: maybe there are other families out there that are needing the same thing. So, I talked to Pastor Gettys and he suggested we have two lists in the church office, one for families wanting to do yard work, cleaning, baby sitting, etc., and one for those folk that need some of these things done. Then the names can be matched and both will be blessed. So, if you would like to be on either of these lists just call or stop by the church office and sign up.


Cohutta Springs Project


  1. Motel rooms are showing age
  2. Maintenance is expensive


  1. Entrance and bathroom flooring-tile
  2. Bathroom furniture and fixtures
  3. New bed spreads and curtains
  4. Update pictures
  5. Internet access
  6. Upgrade climate control units
  7. New furniture - where needed
  8. Upgrade windows - where needed


  1. Individuals
  2. Churches / groups of churches
  3. Businesses


$5,000 per room

If interested in helping out,
contact Georgia-cumberland
Conference at 1-800-567-1844
Pastor's Challenge

Don Gettys

Garbage Collectors

Remember the Gulf War back in 1991 with Saddam Hussein? Remember TV pictures of masses of Kurdish people fleeing from Iraq?

They went as far as the mountains in Turkey. There a meager refugee camp was set up to help them. Many Christian groups came to help bringing food, water, tents and medical supplies. Do you know which group was appreciated the most? After things settled down, it was not the food truck drivers or folks delivering blankets or even medicine who made the most positive impact on the refugees. It was a group who came every day to pick up the garbage. Mountains of trash rapidly transformed the place into a smelly filthy environment. The ones who were willing to pick up rotten repulsive trash found a deep appreciation in that wretched place. They were among the most effective in witnessing for Jesus.

When you care enough to come during the garbage times of life people notice. Visit someone at a time of loss or a time of illness and watch how this works. When you care enough to come at the time when they are hurting they will always remember you. Paul says in Romans 12:15,"Mourn with those who mourn." Be there in the bad times of life and you will find double appreciation for your efforts. These are magic moments of special opportunity to show them Jesus love.

People never forget who came to the hospital or who attended the funeral. They are deeply impacted by one who shows up during their emergency. You will find a spiritual softness that trouble has created and the Holy Spirit will lead you to make the most of it for the cause of Christianity. Tell them how Jesus offers a relationship that survives their greatest trials.

Come during their storm and you will opens doors into their heart. When you show up, like Jesus to serve them, you will preach a powerful sermon on the Love of God. When you care enough to help someone pick up the garbage of their life, they may be saved and be with you in Heaven. I hope each of us at McDonald Road will be caring garbage collectors.

---Pastor Don Gettys

Young Adult S.S.   Growing Together

By Tom McDonald

In the Spring of `98, my wife and I lived in Woodstock, GA. We had just recently decided to move to the Collegedale area. One evening while sitting on the back porch enjoying some quiet time, we prayed that God would help us find a church where we could get involved and feel like we belong. We specifically prayed for a Sabbath school class that would provide us with new friends and a good lesson study group . We now know that our membership here at the McDonald Road Church and the Young Adult Sabbath School Class was an answer to prayer.

During the same time while teaching the Collegiate class at McDonald Road church, Heath Perez saw a need for a class specifically designed for the 20's to late 30's age group. And in 1999 the Young Adult Sabbath School Class was organized. Heath focused the class on cultivating a closer walk with God, fostering more fellowships with class members like a church family and encouraging members to take a more pro-active approach to Christianity.

It took a little while, but this pro-active approach took hold when several members began to volunteer to be class facilitators.

Heath says that one of the neat things about the class is that there are no teachers...well, at least they're not called teachers. "We put a high emphasis on discussion of the lesson," said Heath. "Our teachers are called facilitators because they are not there to teach or give a lesson, but to facilitate the discussion of the lesson."

Dallas Whitmill, the current Young Adult Sabbath School Leader, says that if anything has changed over the last two years, the group has grown closer. "We all have developed closer friends and have a `core' group of people that are consistent members. There has also been an increasing number of people volunteering to help out with teaching and other outside ministries."

On a weekly basis the class offers an interactive experience with plenty discussion. Fellowship is encouraged not only at church and Sabbath school, but also during organized class outings. Heath is proud of these benefits, but says his highest goal is for continued spiritual growth. "As with everyone's spiritual lives there is always room for improvement and we want to continue to focus on spiritual growth and become more of a presence within the church."

Dallas sends an invitation to all who want to grow spiritually. "If you are a person who wants to develop good Christian friends and a closer walk with Christ, we welcome you to attend. Before you know it you will be involved in some of our current or future outreach programs."

The Young Adult class currently meets every Sabbath in the gym. You never know, it just might be an answer to prayer for you too.

Spalding Elementary Needs:

By Pastor Don Gettys

Dr. Don Duff and Chris McKee made a special presentation to the McDonald Road Church Board at its February meeting. Our 47 year old building is unable to meet our needs. Parking and traffic are also unsatisfactory. Hamilton County Demographic forecast indicate great numbers of new households are being established in this corner of the county. In 1964 there were 3 SDA churches with a total membership of 2000. Today we have over 20 churches with a total of 8,500 Adventists. Families seeking an Adventist K12 education are growing.

Spalding is our school. The present enrollment is at 400 which makes extremely crowded conditions. We need a science lab, kitchen, cafeteria, choir room, band room, music lesson rooms, more storage and parking. A planning committee has assessed these needs and is seeking input from the constituent churches. We could patch up the present structure and add space a little here and a little there. We could build a primary school at another location nearby. We could build a new middle school nearby. We could build an entire new K8 school somewhere nearby.

After the presentation to our church board our board members were asked to express their views as to which direction should be taken. The majority felt that an entirely new school was the best plan. This would avoid having multiple administrators and multiple drop off points at the beginning of the day as well as many other glitches. No final decisions have been made yet. Pray that God will guide in what is done for His honor and for the betterment of our dear children as they obtain the best possible Christian Education.

Family Night to begin March 7

By Melissa Turner

"The purpose of family night is to draw and attract more people on Wednesday nights and to offer new programs that will meet their needs." says Pastor Don Gettys. For years, McDonald Road S. D. A. church has had a traditional Wednesday evening prayer meeting. But, after discussions amongst the pastors and attendees of the two consecutive visioning meetings (held earlier this year), it has been decided to update the Wednesday evening program in order to meet members' needs.

A meal will start off the evening with fellowship. The meal will be served between 6:00 and 6:40 p.m. with a small fee to cover the costs: ($3/person, children under 5 eat free, and no more than $8/family).

The prayer meeting session, as of March 7th, will start at 7:00 p.m., unlike its previous 7:30 p.m. starting time. During the prayer meeting session, attendees will have several choices of meetings to attend. There will be the traditional prayer meeting in the sanctuary, a "How to Give Bible Studies" seminar, "Learning to Live with Our Children's Choices" seminar, and a "Dynamic Living" seminar.

For those who wish to attend the traditional meeting, there will be a tenweek, downlink series on "The Truth About `Left Behind'." Those interested in the parenting seminar will find a program that is designed to "help parents of adolescent to adult age children overcome their disappointments and frustrations while learning how to love their children unconditionally without enabling them," said Cindy Cannon, class coordinator. The Bible study class, taught by John Davis, will teach how to witness as well as how to give Bible studies. Charlene Anderson will lead the "Dynamic Living" seminar on healthful principles.

A Prayer and a Song

Adrian V. Boyer

(Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. 1 Thes. 5:16, 17)


Keep a Prayer on you Lips,

And a Song in your Heart,

And the Cares of the Day

Will take Wings and depart.


Your Day will be brighter,

And gone your Despair

With a Song in your Heart,

And a Soul-burdened Prayer.


If you follow this Precept,

You'll find your Joy,

Your Troubles will vanish,

And no longer annoy.


No Problem or Worry

Has ever endured

A Prayer or a Song,- -

Of that be assured.


Now if you are doubtful,

Just try it and see

For you'll be enraptured,

Unburdened and Free.


I have proved it myself,- -

You cannot go wrong

If you'll keep in your Heart


- - - - - - - -


Now is the time to think about an investment project. It could be a garden, flowers, or collecting aluminum cans. The red Dodge truck to put your cans in, is in the parking lot during first service. If you have cans to turn in, make arrangements with Ken Oliver at 236-4266 or Don West at 396-3544. Remember your health food labels. You only need to turn in trade name and barcode portion.


McDonald Internet Ministry has been providing far more worldwide outreach than anyone would ever thought possible for almost six years now; and has been more continuous than anyone would ever have imagined. The last several weeks our daily accesses have reached well beyond 7,000 hits per day. Thousands of people are being blessed by God's message every week because of our outreach.

The outreach has been so continuous that when the server went off line for a few hours last week we received reports about it from all over the world. Actually, what had happened was that our hard drive had gotten so hot from several years of continuous use that it couldn't turn anymore. However, within a few hours, thanks to John Lucas, we were back online with a backup from our backup hard drive.

We installed a new hard drive and a new upgraded operating system at the same time. There will be some odds and ends to fix up over the next week, but overall, the new parts in the upgraded server are doing a magnificent job. People find our website from any major search engine; and since we were not offline very long, we did not lose any benefits the search engines provide. It is thrilling to see how God has been blessing!

Here is an email we received this week referring to the first Bible Studies that we put on line a few years ago, and for which many people continue to be blessed even today:

Grandma Battle was grandma to a lot of people but she was my real grandma and I know she would be pleased to see the response from her website. She was 98 when she passed away a few years ago. She always had a vision that the truth would be spread through out the world with her help. Thank you all for making her vision come true.
---First grandson, Jim McIntosh

If you would like to learn more, write to:

An online survey is also available at:

God will bless as we work for Him!

Dean Saunders,

Internet Ministry coordinator

Remember 13th Sabbath, March 24, 2001. Offering will go to Southern Africa Union Conference.


Positive Lifestyle:

Lifestyle Habits and Immune System

Why study it? For plain survival! Germs are getting stronger and drugs can't cope! Our immune system is our defense system. When it is strong, we are healthy and when it's not, we become sick or die. We have 120 trillion cells in our bodies and strong germs attack them. We need an army of defense troops, along with a quick attack force to cope.

Five major branches help to do the job. There's the B lymphocytes (bone marrow) producing antibodies to fight infections, T lymphocytes (T for thymus), the phagocytes (neutrophils, monocytes and macrophages), the killer cells and the natural killer cells (NK). These are directly attacking invaders like cancer, bacteria, viruses or fungi.

There are at least four subtypes of T lymphocytes: The helper lymphocytes, which help other cells; cytoloxic T lymphocytes which control foreign invaders; the suppressor T cells keep all the cell types within their limits; and there are T cells involved in different allergies also.

Each type of cell circulates many times each hour throughout the body. There are detector molecules on each cell to identify intruders like cancer cells. The immune cells secrete cylokines to keep intruders under control. Most of the time these cells work nicely together protecting the body. If the parts of the body are not strong, malnourished or stressed out, they are unable to carry out their jobs.

How we live influences our immune system positively or negatively. Of course, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and other drugs suppress the immune system. There are many things that can put our immune system in a nose dive. What we do to ourselves!

Caffeine has been shown to lower the immune response. Both B cell and NK cell activity is decreased by caffeine. Caffeine is present in coffee, soft drinks and some over-the-counter drugs.

Our diets are mostly poor shadows of what we should be eating. The American Cancer Society is recommending a reduction in fat intake and an increase of fruits, grains and vegetables. High fat makes these cells lazy. It also doesn't contain plant chemicals, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals which makes for healthy immune cells. Low fat diets cause immune cells to be alert, active and responsive to carry out their defensive function. Healthy cells survive better.

Sugar interferes with the function of neutrophils, a white blood cell which destroys bacteria. Sugar causes the T cells to act like they are drunk, then they can't find the invaders. Sweets lower your resistance to common infection. Children have fewer colds with lower sugar intake. With an upper respiratory infection, a culture should be taken. Antibtiotics should not be given unless the culture shows a pathogenic bacteria. Antibiotics DO NOT kill viruses, but will kill good bacteria, thus lowering their resistance.

Stress can affect the immune system, increasing corticosteroids. This causes depression of the immune cells. Psychological stress increases susceptibility to a cold. Loss of sleep is also a stressor that decreases lymphocyte function. How we cope with stress is what matters most.

Charlene Anderson,

Health & Temperance leader

Teen Scene

Bible Characters' Lives Show Us the Need for Jesus' Friendship

By Melissa Turner

For the first quarter of this year, we have been studying a different Bible Character each Sabbath. In the story of Abraham, we discussed how God leads us. In our study on Ruth, we discovered how God provides for us. The list could go on about how we have discovered God's love and the way He works in our lives. But, I would like to focus on one Bible Character in particular. She is a person whom we will not be studying over the course of this quarter, but I find her life story to be quite intriguing. She was one of Jesus' closest friends Mary Magdalene.

One day Jesus came to a town called Bethany. There lived two sisters in Bethany who invited Jesus to come stay with them. Martha busied herself in the kitchen with cooking a soon tobe scrumptious meal. Then, she noticed that the dishes from breakfast had not been washed. So she decided that with the Lord there she had better do some tidying up. She went to find Mary to ask her to sweep out the kitchen and dust the shelves. To her surprise, she found her sister at the feet of Jesus listening to his every word. "Don't you care, Jesus, that my sister has left all of the work for me to do?" Martha inquired with a frustrated tone. Jesus answered her soothingly: "Martha, Martha, you are worried about too much. Only one thing is important. Mary has chosen it and it will not be taken away from her."

What is that "one thing" that Jesus referred to? Could it possibly be Jesus himself? Is it the love and friendship that He wants to share with us? Jesus said that what Mary had chosen would not be taken away from her. All of the work that Martha was busy doing would eventually be taken away from her. The dust would settle on the shelves once more. The dishes would become grimy again. And, dust and dirt would blow in on the floor as it always has and always will.

So what did Martha need to do? Ellen White says "the `one thing' that Martha needed was a calm, devotional spirt, a deeper anxiety for knowledge concerning the future, immortal life, and the graces necessary for spiritual advancement. She needed less anxiety for the things which pass away, and more for those things which endure forever," (Desire of Ages, 525).

Mrs. White goes on to say that we should have a balance of Martha's diligent work and Mary's willingness to strengthen her friendship with Jesus. "There is a wide field for the Marthas, with their zeal in active religious work. But let them first sit with Mary at the feet of Jesus," (525).

Are you like Mary; sitting at Jesus' feet? Perhaps you are like Martha bustling around with this thing to do and that thing to accomplish. Today, kneel at Jesus' feet and bask in His warm love. Then, you will find a strength, a knowledge of His love, that will help you to put your skills and talents to active work in His field.

Costa Rica Mission Accomplished

by J. Don Crook--project coordinator

Sabbath, February 10, was a high day for the believers and guests attending the special dedication service for the newly constructed church in Turucares, Costa Rica.

The following Wednesday evening a parting devotional service was held for the project participants. The acting pastor of the new congregation and several young people who had helped with our Vacation Bible School also came to express appreciation for what had been accomplished. Teary eyes accompanied the goodbyes. Wonderful how such dear friendships can be formed so quickly with people you have known for only two weeks.

Our thanks to Janice Parker for directing the V.B.S.; to Hugo Christiansen for arranging our devotionals; to Charlene Anderson as chief cook; to Jack Parker as safety director on the job site; to Sylvia Crook for our music; to Marie Krall and Diane Myers as our medical team and to Lou Kratzer for recording the entire event on film.

Special thanks to Fred Krall for directing the project construction and to Sheryl Baker for all the detailed work in preparations for this mission experience.

Every participant in this project deserves an expression of gratitude for their cooperation and good spirit in accomplishing the task A NEW CHURCH IN COSTA RICA in answer to the gospel commission!

A pictorial program is being arranged so that all may share in the joy of the rich experience of this mission project and see the results of their generous contributions making this new church for the Lord a reality.

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