May Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 14 No. 5           May, 2001

New Pavilion Taking Shape

By Mary Anne Turner

It all started with a comment by Amy Cash, one of the Youth Sabbath School leaders, at a Youth S.S. leaders' meeting. The group was discussing ideas about how to reach the youth in different ways. Amy told the others about how much she had enjoyed her youth group's outdoor meeting area. The comment stuck in my head, and the more I thought about it, the more I liked it.

We have noticed that a number of area churches have picnic pavilions. So, David decided to do an estimate. We mentioned it to both the pastors, the building committee, and some Sabbath School leaders. Everyone liked the idea of having our own church picnic pavilion. David put some stakes out behind the new parking lot with the help of Nathan Lewis. The plans for a picnic pavilion were presented at the March Board Meeting and it was passed unanimously.

Work on the site was begun by Charlie and Greg Philips, who helped David get the footings in. Then, Bob Beckett, Walter Cannon, Willard Clapp, Elder Duane Miller, Scott Raney, and David Turner got together for a Sunday Work Bee to set the posts and put on the headers. Next, the slab was poured and soon the roof will go on.

When the slab was done there was a footing poured for a future fireplace. There is also a sidewalk going from the parking lot to the pavilion to make it handicapped accessible.

(photo by Tom McDonald)

If you would like to contribute, just put your offering to the pavilion in a tithe envelope and mark it "pavilion."

We plan to have a churchwide picnic a "Spring Fling" on May 6th at which time we will use the new pavilion. We hope to see you there!

Sabbath School classes and other church groups are encouraged to use the pavilion for Sabbath School, vespers, picnics, etc. Just be sure to reserve your time on the calendar in the Church Secretary's office. Please make sure to note the date and hours your group will be using the pavilion.

Re-Igniting the Flame
With Mark and Ernestine Finley

June 14-17, 2001

Collegedale, Tennessee
Southern Adventist University

Plan to attend a dynamic soulwinning and evangelism workshop especially for lay people and pastors.

To register, call (888) 664-5573, fax (805-955-7734), or register online at

Spring Fling On May 6th at the new Pavilion!

Pastor's Challenge

" 'Biger Primary Room' "

Don Gettys

Each week we pray over the requests in our prayer box. This past Monday Pastor Crutcher opened the prayer request box and found a request in the penciled printing of a child: "Biger primary room". It touched our hearts. Here a small child is askingtheir church for help. We have 25 regular 67 year old children trying to attend the Primary 1 room each week. Often visitors come and try to squeeze in. When we add the teachers, leaders, pianist, secretary and other helpers and parents who come, we have a whopping number of folks cramming in to an already packed room. Jesus said in Matthew 19:14 (NIV) "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Who should supply our little children with space to come and sit at the feet of Christian Teachers and study their Bibles? Who sacrificed to provide a place for you to come to Sabbath School when you were a child? We ask each of you whether you have children or not, to give regularly, and meaningfully to the building of our new Educational Wing. Matthew 25:40 says: "And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Will the prayer request of this little child be answered? Can our children count on you to help?

Wednesday evening 7:00 Prayer Meeting Series

May 16 - October 10, 2001

Based on the book "The Crisis Ahead"

Answers to Questions about the End-Time compiled by Robert W. Olson.

Aug. 1: The Latter Rain

Aug. 8: The Loud Cry

Aug. 15: The Times and the Seasons

Aug. 22: The Seal of God

Aug. 29: The Mark of the Beast

Sept. 5: The Close of Probation

Sept. 12 Perfection in Christ

Sept. 19 The Death Decree

Sept. 26 The Time of Jacob's Trouble

Oct. 3: The Great Time of Trouble

Oct. 10: Home at Last

May 16: The Crisis Ahead

May 23: The Union of the Churches

May 30: Campmeeting

June 6: The National Sunday Law

June 13: The Universal Sunday Law

June 20: The Little Time of Trouble

June 27: The Mighty Sifting

July 4: Before Rulers and Kings

July 11: Satan's Miracles

July 18: Satan's Personation of Christ

July 25: The Holy Spirit

Graduates !

McDonald Road Church gives a pat on the back to these graduates!

8th Grade Graduates

Christy (O.A.K.S.)
Nathan (Apison)
Amanda (Spalding)
Julie (Spalding)
Robbie (Spalding)
Amanda (Spalding)
Amanda (Spalding)
Jason (Ray Elementary)
Diana (Spalding)

Collegedale Academy Graduates

Brian Benoit

Lynsi Cash

Cheryl Conibear

Rachel Cowing

Lauren Elmendorf

Kelly McMichael

Marcy Moore

Melissa Turner

SAU Graduates

Elizabeth Brown, A.S. Nursing

Paul Finnell, 4yr. ARTC Graphic Design

Jason Foster, B.A.Theology

Jeremy Garlock, B.S. Education

Kimberly Myers, B.B.A. Accounting

Brenda Seifert, (December graduate), A.S. Business Administration

Christopher Will, B.S. Nursing

The Samaritan Center

Call 238-7777 to arrange pickup of larger items.

The Perfect Cure


Has Life become a dull Routine --

A Round of carping Care?

A Hum-drum Grind of taxing Chores

That fill you with Despair?

Does Time hang heavy on your Hands,

With never-ending toil

Until you're ready to give up,

And leave this mortal Coil?


And does it seem you're shackled to

Fell circumstance and Gloom,

With no Recourse to free yourself

From dreadful Drudge and Doom?

Or should the Doldrums get you down,

And Plans go all Askew,

Till you're Distressed and sore Depressed,

And don't know what to do?


If that's the Way you feel Today,

I pray you don't dismay,

For if you'll just endure a While,

There'll come a better Day.

Just sing a Song and say a Prayer

That God may give you Strength,

And you will find great Peace of Mind

To comfort you at Length.


For God is in His Heaven still,

Just waiting to assist,

And send the Sunshine of His Love,

To clear away the Mist.

And that's the Doldrums Remedy --

It's guaranteed and sure,

And recommended by the Lord

To be a perfect Cure!

Adrian V. Boyer

Internet Ministry News

Picture It!

Pictures spice up our life. Color pictures really help us present the Message in an attractive way; and so we have placed some key pictures and graphics throughout our church web pages.

Carefully selected color pictures can be found in the online Manna Highlights, our Costa Rica Trip Page, Burney's Critter Corner, and more!

We are able to present these pictures because we can scan them right off the photograph and use them in any computer. They are put into the Manna; and the same pictures can be used online; and with proper equipment they can also be shown at church. It is thrilling to see how God has provided us with a technology that can be used in so many ways to promote the Message!

God will continue to bless as we use our resources for Him!

If you would like to learn more on how you can help, write to:

An online survey is also available at:

God will bless as we work for Him!

Dean Saunders,

Internet Ministry coordinator

Data Projector Project

I awoke during the night thinking of how we could make our PA system better. After pulling wires, connecting video cables, soldering microphone wires, and testing our video presentations, my eyes began to focus, and I realized that I had been dreaming. But dreaming can be a good thing. It can allow us to focus on those things that are really important to us; and what can be more important than to improve our worship experience in the House of The Lord.

I invite you to dream with me as we think about the video presentations we see from week to week at our church. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the picture on the screen would be brighter? Wouldn't it be good if the projector didn't have to block our view of the screen? Wouldn't it be nice if we could come to an "onscreen" seminar and still be able to read our Bible texts while watching the presentation? ...and while we are dreaming, my thoughts go to all of those mission presentations that we are not able to see here at McDonald Road, simply because we do not have the equipment needed to make the presentation.

As our missionaries go out to their outposts around the world, they are able to capture much more brilliant pictures today than ever before, because a digital camera is all they need. They don't need film that might mildew or degrade with time; they don't need to pay extra for developing; and when they return home, the entire program can be put together using their home computer. For those many churches now with a Data Projector, a wonderful presentation can be made, giving the congregation a real blessing with brilliant colors and sharp images that is the next best thing to seeing what life is like as a missionary.

We now have the opportunity to make that dream become a reality here at our church with a new Data Projector System. The clear presentation of the message by way of our video screen will be so much better that our people will choose to see the message here rather than at home on their TV! Presentations produced by our Youth and our Missionaries will provide many more opportunities for worship than at present. Songs could even be projected on the screen.

Our church board has authorized us to proceed with raising funds so that this enhanced worship experience can become a reality. Here is a brief description of the new Data Projector System:

1. Plenty of Light: The high intensity output from the Sony data projector will produce 2,800 lumens of brightness on our screen. Our current video projector puts out only 140 lumens.

2. MultiPurpose: The data projector will project anything that can be produced with a computer, as well as any signal from a VCR or our Satellite Downlink Receiver. A good variety of inputs is available on the new system. Any photograph could be scanned into a computer and then reproduced on our screen. Power Point presentations can be made, and songs could even be projected on the same screen. Anything from our computer could be put on the screen for everyone to see. Our current video projector can only project video signals, and is not capable of using an input from an computer.

3. Adaptable: The new Data Projector system can be placed out of sight in the A/V booth, and will not be in anyone's way in the Sanctuary. The noise from the fan will also not be on the main floor, since the whole thing is out of sight. The system comes with a longthrow zoom lens that is very adaptable. The projected picture will fill our 10 foot screen from the A/V booth, and will also project a 12 foot picture in the gymnasium from the PA booth there. When used in smaller rooms, it is able to fill our portable 6 foot screen from 30 feet distance. For example, our Fireside room is 42 feet long, so you see how adaptable it can be.

4. Remote Control: An RF Remote control is included which will allow the presentation to be controlled from the platform without any equipment clutter at the pulpit. A large variety of functions can be available to the speaker by simply using the remote. A laser pointer also comes with the remote.

5. Computer System: The Data Presentation System includes a dual screen computer system that will be housed in the A/V booth. All controls are in one place, so that any problems that may arise during a presentation can be solved behind the scenes.

6. Optional Pulpit Connection: The complete system will also include the necessary distribution amplifier and data cable to enable a visiting speaker to use his own laptop at the pulpit if preferred.

7. Complete System: The complete system gives us greater versatility for using video or computer signals so that a wide range of programs can be projected on the screen. By using the high intensity projector with a dual screen computer it is possible to project a meaningful program to the church, and yet have other programming information available to the operator on the second screen. God created technology, and I am thrilled that it is available for His Church!


The complete system, including projector, longthrow zoom lens, computer, dual monitors, RF Remote, data cable, distribution amplifier, mouse, and software, and also including revamping of the console to house the system will be a substantial investment. It is well worth the cost, considering that it may be used in many ways in many places. Many smaller churches already have a data projector system, but our needs are special because of the many different activities our church is involved in. If you wish to contribute, I know the Lord will be pleased with your help. I will endeavor to keep the system working at peak efficiency.

Please mark your envelopes for Data Projector.

God will bless!

Dean Saunders

Positive Lifestyle:     The Way out !   I

If I'm feeling down, what does it mean? Do I just have the Monday blues? Am I feeling fatigued or unmotivated? Do I lose interest easily and have trouble concentrating? Is my appetite inconsistent and sleep pattern irregular? Am I preoccupied with a negative self-image causing feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, failure and dread?

Do you feel like you're trapped somewhere and no one is there? Someone is out there trying to rescue you, but then you hear another voice saying, "It's no use." That's depression -- a crippling feeling as though you are trapped and unreachable. It scrapes away your good intentions. Is there any help? Yes, there is! Here are eleven principles for a healthier, happier life.

1. Accept where you are. Accept the depression, but don't give into it. Don't waste time on wishing you were where you are not.

2. Try to figure out the causes of your depression. The body and mind are closely related, so what affects one will influence the other. Physical causes are: too little exercise, junk food, irregularity, illness, hormonal changes. It can have many causes. The harmony of the physical, mental, social and spiritual sides of you are needed for happiness. Fulfill your needs. Our situations can cause losses such as death, relationships, jobs, capabilities, health, and self-worth. Faulty thinking shows in unrealistic goals, unhealthy comparisons, and irrational generalizations. This can produce negative thoughts about yourself or what you can do. Self-pity and harsh feelings towards oneself is often expressed.

3. Stop excessive, unproductive self-evaluation. We need to figure out why we are depressed, but not tear ourselves apart. Recognize your feelings, but focus on your behavior. Behavior is easier to change than your emotions. Depressed people need to be positive. To gain hope and meaning we must express positive actions in different ways. The more ways you can find to express positive affirmations (I am a nice person, etc...), the more it will enlarge and multiply the brain's circuits for cheerfulness and happiness. Sing the children's song, "I'm happy today. I'm happy today..." This strengthens those brain circuits.

4. Set realistic goals. Can't set goals? Is your plan unrealistic? Plan a day ahead to develop coping skills. Be sure to have several short term goals and develop a long term goal that can be broken down into several, easy to achieve, smaller goals. Plan the events of your day -- your menu, exercise, rest, work and interaction with others. Stick to your plan. When extra things come up, add them to your list and cross them off when you're done. This will give you a feeling of accomplishment.

5. Live in the here and now. Create new memories right now. Value the present moment. Live one day at time, one moment at a time. Don't become stuck on one problem. Do what you can and then let it go. Usually letting go will bring an answer later.

6. Have a purpose. This can help push you in the right direction. You are special (God thinks so!), and there is a special purpose for your life. Your mission in life will be different than anyone else's because there is no one else like you. You are unique and irreplaceable.
Your purpose is unique. Find it now. Take any handicap you have and turn it into a blessing with God's help. Having a purpose gives you peace. Just make lemonade from your lemons.

Look for the final 5 principles for a healthier, happier life in next month's Manna. ---Charlene Anderson

Health and Temperance Leader

Teen Scene

Works Grow Out of Faith

By Melissa Turner

As the bus rolled along the country roads of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, I looked out the window at flowing fields, simple, white farmhouses, and little black, horsedrawn buggies. We were heading to New York City on our Senior Class Trip and I decided to breath in the freshness of the Amish community rather than catch some "Z's" like everyone else was doing.

From a glance, Amish living does seem to be a bit romantic; it's like a real Little House on the Prairie in modern times. Yet, in recently reading about the Amish, I have discovered that they are missing something that you and I both treasure very much.

"Oh," you might say, "they don't have T.V. and radio." Yes, they don't have those modern conveniences, but, there is something more important than technology that they don't have.

The Amish do not experience the Grace of God as we Christians do. The Amish follow what is known as the Ordung which is an unwritten set of rules by which the Amish people live explicitly. These manmade rules are of supreme authority. And, if an Amish person fails to follow the Ordung, they will be Shunned. In Shunning a fellow Amish person, the community refuses to do business with, eat with, or even talk to the Shunned person.

The Amish live by such rules as not singing, not playing music of any sort, wearing a certain sized brim on your hat, driving the same buggy as everyone else in your territory. These are all rules that emphasize simplicity and disregarding pride which are what every person
should strive towards. Yet, even in doing all these "good" things, the Amish still lack the most important key in having a relationship with Christ.

James says, "faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. But someone will say, `You have faith; I have deeds." Show me your faith without your deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do," (James 2:17, 18).

The Amish have the best of intentions. They stress living according to God's law. They want to honor God by the way they live. Yet, living a "good" life is not going to get us into heaven. We have to accept Christ as our Savior. After doing so, we will want to live a "good" life, doing good things in His name, in order to glorify Him. I will admit that before I read more about the Amish lifestyle, I thought that they really had it all. They work hard, they read instead of watching television, they grow gardens and can their own food, they emphasize family, and they hold simple things in high regard. But, once I started reading about their emphasis on living a perfect lifestyle, I was a bit disappointed and even felt sorry for them.

Friends, we as Christians have a privilege of having a Savior, Jesus Christ. Nothing we do will make us "saved." Only Jesus' powerful blood stamped over our black, sinful names will mark us as "redeemed." Won't you ask Jesus to cover you with His righteousness today? Then, ask God to help you to glorify Him in all you do, so that others might see Him working in you and want to come to know Him better themselves.

Webmaster's Note: This column is produced by our youth for other youth and gives us all a valuable perspective on life. - Dean

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