June Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 14 No. 6           June, 2001

Let the Picnics Begin !

By Pastor Don Gettys

Our new picnic pavilion stands ready to receive our church families as they spend time eating and fellowshipping together. Families that picnic together grow together. What a wonderful tool has been added to the family who wants to do something special together. We want to thank the Turner family who spearheaded this project and the many others who contributed to its completion. Many thanks to those who donated their time, money, and love to make this shelter possible.

How can you be involved?

    The new pavilion, ready for picnics

1. Have a picnic in our pavilion. Simply call the church secretary at (423) 396-3462 and reserve it in your name.

2. Help us complete paying for this project. Mark your envelope Picnic Pavilion.

3. We could use some picnic tables. Anyone wish to help? It is so much nicer to sit at a table than on the floor.

4. A fireplace would be nice. We have left an opening for a future stone fireplace. Would you like to help with materials or labor or costs?

5. Have your family reunion outdoors. Have sundown worship there and enjoy the grand view of Grindstone Mountain from the shelter of the pavilion. Come and use our parking lot for your walking track and then sit in the shelter and read your Bible before you go home. Bring the kids over to ride their tricycles. Bring your crank icecream freezer. . .the list can go on and on. May God bless us even more as a people and as families as we use this tool for getting to be more like Jesus.

Pastor's Challenge

by Pastor Crutcher Kent Crutcher

How to deal with Junk

I like cars. That is no secret. If you come into my home or into my office, you will soon discover this fact. Models and pictures of cars that I will never own are on the shelves and walls. I come by it honestly. It seems to be genetic. At least that is the only way that I can explain this hobby because I actually don't like cars! Are you confused? So am I.

I seem to have a love / hate relationship with the automobile. I love to look at a beautiful vintage Mustang (Actually, any nice car will do. The Mustang just has a special place in my heart.) But I hate to deal with the everyday problems of the cars that I have the privilege of owning. In today's society, the car is a necessity. So are insurance payments and paying the high gas prices. Want a ride?

Every time I turn around, something else seems to be wrong with my cars. I actually like working on them myself, but I can never find the time. Having a degree in Theology does not help with auto repair, so it takes me longer to figure out and fix the problem than others with greater knowledge and experience. So I'm stuck in this relationship of loving the automobile but hating the automobile.

This actually can fit with any other "thing" that is in our lives. Our homes, our yards, our computers, our _________ (Place your own junk in the blank). All of these things are seemingly necessary in our modern lives, yet they will at some time let us down. We may even have unwholesome thoughts as we deal with the problems that they cause (busted knuckles from a wrench that slipped, etc.). So what can we do?

One thing that I can do is dream. I dream of the New Earth where the things of today will grow strangely dim. I may not have a Mustang to burn rubber on the streets of gold but I won't have the problems either. I won't miss a thing by not having the things of today. Stay focused on Jesus and this dream will soon become a reality. Stay focused on Jesus and the things of this world will be placed in His hands to do with as He sees fit. I like handing over my things to God. Then it becomes more His concern than mine. If He wants me to have use of them, fine. If He wants me to care for them, fine. But the burden rests on Him. He will help me to do what needs to be done. There is one "thing" that will never let me down on this world that I can carry with me to the next, my relationship with Jesus! I am looking forward to leaving all this junk behind_aren't you?

---Pastor Kent Crutcher

McDonald Road Church

Wednesday evening 7:00

Prayer Meeting Series

May 16 - October 10, 2001

Based on the book "The Crisis Ahead"

Answers to Questions about the End-Time compiled by Robert W. Olson

June 6: The National Sunday Law

June 13: The Universal Sunday Law

June 20: The Little Time of Trouble

June 27: The Mighty Sifting

14 Graduate from Mission Radio Class

By Dean Saunders

Missionaries today use radios to communicate while in the jungle. A radio class especially designed for our missionaries was begun on April 8 and was completed successfully on May 20 with 14 Graduates. Two additional missionaries also took the Radio test, bringing the licenses received total to 16.

The Mission Radio Class was taught by Dean Saunders in the Junior room here at McDonald Road Church. The students come from various churches: including McDonald Road, Ooltewah, Collegedale, Apison, and others.

Some of our graduates are heading to Guyana and Nicaragua this summer, and now they will be more prepared to operate their equipment. Also, one of our members donated a Ham Radio station that will be sent to Nicaragua with one of our students. If you have some radio equipment that you would like to give, contact Dean Saunders or Dale Walters. Please pray for these fulltime and student missionaries as they go into the jungles to do God's work!

  Mission Radio Class at McDonald Road


Adrian V. Boyer


Have you ever wondered

How Evil began?

And pondered who opened the Gate
That let in the Torrents

Of Death and Despair,

Admitting the Legions of Hate?


Well, it wasn't the Apple

Eve plucked from the Tree,

So temptingly luscious and Round

That has caused all our Troubles,

And mortal Distress,--

`twas the pitiful "Pear" on the



Now the Good News is this,--

(so do not despond).

The `Day will soon dawn when our Lord

Will deliver His Saints

From this Morass of Sin,

And grant them eternal Reward!

Internet Ministry News

The message is getting out in a tremendous way, but we are finding it very difficult to keep up with the flow of interests that are brought to us each day. We currently have quite a few students that are about to graduate, but we also have many additional requests that keep on coming!

Here is a sample letter from one instructor: "Hi Dean, I know you are busy but this student has asked how to go about being baptized by immersion after having the lesson on baptism and from the answers given to thought questions, sounds like he/she believes in the Sabbathand is in Singapore." (We were able to find a pastor for this one.)

It is wonderful to see how our instructors keep stretching their limits on time. I know God will bless them for it. One instructor from Texas keeps taking on more, and he has been blessed as a result: Here is a letter he recently wrote: Hi Dean, "Please send me another 12 students. I'm ready for them. Theron"

There are more jobs to do as well, such as answering people's questions. Here is one that just came in: "I was wondering how similar or different Seventhday Adventists are from NonDenominational or Christian Baptists, and what are some of the major differences are."

People also appreciate what we have for kids, such as Burney's Critter Corner. Here is a comment we just received: "I really enjoyed this web site and so did my nieces. Thank You!"

Here is a comment we received concerning the online sermons: "I am visiting another when I came across your site. All the sermons are wonderful. Let me tell you that you're a blessed church. Thanks to God and to the Pastor." H.A. from Seychelles

God is really blessing, but it is a continual challenge to keep up. Please pray for this ministry!

If you would like to learn more on how you can help, write to: volunteer@mcdonaldroad.org

An online survey is also available at: http://mcdonaldroad.org/members

God will bless as we work for Him!

Dean Saunders, Internet Ministry Coordinator

Spring Fling

Spring Fling Parade

By Mary Anne Turner

May 6, 2001, dawned sunny and warm. It was a perfect day for a picnic - a church picnic, "The Spring Fling," sponsored by Sabbath School ministries.

We started off with opening prayer by Pastor Crutcher at the pavilion. The young people then lined up in the parking lot by the pavilion for a paradecomplete with march music thanks to Dean Saunders. They were a colorful group with their bikes, wagons, trikes and themselves all decorated up. After the parade they broke up into their respective Sabbath School groups with their teachers for some games and relay races.

By then everyone was ready for our picnic lunch. Pastor Gettys had our grace and we enjoyed our lunch served to us by Byrena Leeseburg and Terri Pizar. Next on the schedule was a toetapping concert by the "Melody Makers," a local musical group led by Myrtle Hulsey. Popcorn to munch on while listening to the music was popped by David Kratzer. When the concert was finished there was a "maze" to find your way through thanks to the Youth SS class. Also unlimited pony and horse rides were available, a baseball game led by the Teeters and David McPherson, and just visiting and watching the activities in the pavilion where a nice breeze cooled folks off. Speaking of cool, Marie McPherson manned the snocones booth where the prices were rightfree and unlimited amounts. There was a steady line!

A good time was had by all and we hope to do it again next spring.

Positive Lifestyle: The Way Out II

Continuing the 11 principles for a healthier, happier life:

7. Become involved with people. We need people. Brain chemistry has a lot to do with the condition of your mind. If you isolate gregarious animals their DNA ( a building contractor for brain structure) and brain acetylcholine (nerve hormone) is decreased. There is a risk involved in loving when we reaching out to others. This is a great tonic. We need to get out and help others.

8. Trials do bring benefits. Let's take Paul's assurance in 2 Cor. 12:7-9 for ourselves. Many times God tells us to do something and then things come in to hinder us. This helps to develop and

strengthen us. Problems constitute an essential therapy in recovery from depression. These trials (many of them we bring on ourselves by not following what God wants us to do.) cost us- pain, money etc..., but they can produce growth. We can gain wisdom, experience, determination, strength and become more secure and confident.

9. Recognize the hidden cause. Factors that can initiate and sustain depression are situational stressors, physical causes, faulty thinking and frustrated needs. Sometimes a person can become depressed due to medication. This can become very serious, even suicidal. This person needs professional help! A depressed person also needs to deal with the great controversy between Good and Evil which is fought over each person. These painful thoughts and situations may not be a result of our own choices. Remember Job! He suffered disease, severe losses, grief, true and false philosophies, even his wife failed him, but who was behind it? A plan of recovery needs to be implemented if this aspect of conflict to be successful.

10. Use the Divine help that's available to you. Our friends may not be a good source of help. A person needs to open up their heart to their Best Friend- their Forever Friend! He knows all about us! Talk to Him! Let Him talk to you through the Bible, Spirit of Prophecy books and impressions on our mind- if they are parallel with God's Word.

11. Deal with guilt. A sense of guilt poisons your life and happiness, while undermining your health and can be a factor in depression. If you have said or done anything that wasn't good, ask forgiveness and then accept it. God does forgive immediately and fully! If you just have a guilty feeling- keep replacing it with positive thoughts. Put on a smile, even if you don't feel like it. Sing a cheerful tune. Don't forget to ask forgiveness of the person you have wronged.

Other causes of depression can be too much leisure time, stimulating amusements, jealousy, lack of appreciation, lack of true religion, overwork or being down over future wants that didn't take place.

Combine these suggestions with the above. Have regular meal times, eliminate in between meals with no food before bedtime. Stop overeating and consuming stimulating and irritating foods. Eliminate sugar, but eat plenty greens, legumes and whole grains.

Take cool showers, using a stiff brush. Regular early bedtime, rising time, elimination, study times etc...is essential. Take a long walk, breathing deeply in the sunshine. Have a complete physical exam.

Control your speech with cheerful subjects. Never give into a gloomy thought.

Develop a DAILY program of Bible Study and prayer. Control your thoughts and dwell on heavenly themes. Keep looking up!

---Charlene Anderson

Health and Temperance Leader

Teen Scene

Looking Forward to That Final Graduation Day !

By Melissa Turner

As I marched down the aisle of the Collegedale Church, I looked at the smiling faces of my classmates and teachers. These faces belong to people that I have grown to love over the past four years. There are so many memories wrapped up in Collegedale Academy's Class of 2001.

We have traveled together. We have laughed together. We have celebrated together. We have worked together. We have cried together. We have learned together. We have grown together.

I have appreciated the fellowship that we, the members of the Class of 2001, have experienced together over the years. I see this same trait of fellowship in our church. We have shared many experiences together over the years. And, by the grace of God, we will continue to grow together as a church family until that special graduation day when we receive our diplomas with Jesus' signature of blood stamping the proof of his accomplishing our diploma requirement.

It is my prayer for the McDonald Road church that we will each be ready on that special graduation day. All we have to do is ask Jesus for his grace, his salvation to reign in our lives. Jesus has already taken the final exam for us. All we have to do is accept his results as our salvation.

I pray that our class aim and motto, "United as One, Focused on Christ,"

will not only be the aim and motto of each graduating senior this year, but that it would also be a goal for each Christian to claim in their walk with Christ. Let us be United as One, Focused on Christ! I look forward to seeing each one of you, my church family members, walking down the aisle with me to meet Jesus on our graduation day!

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Find out at a skin cancer screening from 14 p.m., Sunday, June 10, at the Samaritan Center. This free screening is courtesy of Memorial Hospital, Hamilton County Health Department, and the Samaritan Center. A donation of canned fruit would be appreciated.

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