August Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 14 No. 8           August, 2001

Church Spends a Day at Chester Frost Park

By Melissa Turner

On the cool and clear morning of Sunday, July 15th, families from the McDonald Road church gathered at Chester Frost State Park to enjoy a day on the lake.

Activities ranged from waterskiing and tubing to relaxing on the beach or swimming. Those who weren't as inclined to ski or swim had the opportunity to ride in the boat or enjoy some fellowship with others in the cool shade of the pavilion.

The morning started off with cool temperatures, but the sun warmed the water and air to a nice temperature by late morning. The water was perfect for skiing. Zenny Granada challenged the waters on a pair of skis and did a very good job for her first time out. The most popular activity, though, was tubing. Bonnie Wiley climbed back into the boat after enjoying a tube ride and said, with a big smile on her face, "That was awesome!" Some of the younger ones enjoyed piloting the boat as Dave Turner allowed them the privilege of being "Junior Captains" for a few enjoyable moments.

It was truly a blessing to spend some time out in God's second book with fellow church members. Thanks to our Social Committee and our church family for a lovely church picnic!

We Want To Publish Your Favorite Recipes!

By Janis M. Oliver

Our committee is collecting favorite recipes from people of our church to be published in a beautiful spiral bound cookbook. Each recipe that is selected will show the name of the contributor. Just print or type your favorite recipe on the back of the recipe form (please use the easy to follow format). We've included extra recipe forms so you can give us a number of your recipes. Be sure to put a title on your recipe. Use only one recipe per form. Please return your recipes to our cook book committee within 5 days so the book can be turned over to the publisher in time. These personalized cookbooks make great gifts! ... since they'll have your own recipes published in'll be a treasured keepsake for years to come. To ensure the highest quality, we have selected FUNDCRAFT, the largest and oldest cookbook publisher in the country, to produce our book. Thank you so much for your help..

Officers: President:(Janis M. Oliver) VicePresident(GinaM.Scola), Secretary(SarahM.Walker), Treasurer(Warren Oliver). Committee Members: Benita Brannon, Carol Harrison, Margaret Halverson, Cathy Oliver, Elaine Schultz, Marilyn Vallieres. Sincerely, Janis Oliver

Sample fast and healthy breakfast foods from 14 p.m., Sunday, August 12 at the Samaritan Center.

Free recipe cards will be available. This program is presented as a service to the community by Memorial Hospital and the Samaritan Center.

Pastor's Challenge

Kent Crutcher

Driving Fast, Turning Left

A good car race always gets my blood pumping. It doesn't matter much what kind of cars are racing, I like to watch. Not that I have the time needed to watch. The last time I watched a race from start to finish on T.V. was many years ago. I have to be content to watch the highlights on the evening news. Auto racing is a phenomenon that is really catching on in the United States in recent years. Especially NASCAR events. I lived only a few miles from a major NASCAR track in my last church but never had time to go to a race.

Members of my family would come from many miles away to visit us on Sabbath so they could go to the race on Sunday. It seems to be in the blood. Once it gets into your system, auto racing is there to stay. My brother says, "If it doesn't have a motor, its not a sport!"

People are very passionate about these races. Many secretly hoping for a spectacular crash to make the race more exciting. Praying, of course, that no one will get hurt. People are great fans of their favorite auto maker's entries into the race. Bumper stickers are everywhere promoting ones favorite brand of car while putting down the competition. Fans also promote their favorite driver, even if that driver has died in a crash at the track. Debates rage on the radio as to what type of oval track is best. Billions of dollars are made and spent in the auto racing industry. For what?

Like I said, I'm a fan. But when you look at it from another viewpoint, these guys are racing to where? To get back to where they started from! They are going around in circles (actually ovals)! In fact, one of the sayings among NASCAR fans is, "Drive fast, turn left." If you do that, you will end up back where you started. What's the point. The finish line is the same as the starting line. People have been going nowhere at a high rate of speed.

Are you beginning to see my point? Many people, Christians included, are running around in circles. Many are passionate about what they are doing but don't seem to realize that they have no goal. Have you noticed that the subjects that many are passionate about are often quite petty (no, not Richard Petty). Satan loves this because he knows that being passionate about minor things will keep us running in circles at a high rate of speed.

In Hebrews chapter 12, Paul gives us good council, "...let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus..." Now that is a race that should get the blood pumping! This is not a boring oval track. This is a course filled with adventure! Yet we need not crash if our eyes are kept on Jesus.

This is great council for every aspect of our lives. Couples that come to me for premarital counseling are given an unusual assignment. I ask them to write a mission statement for their new home. It needs to include their purpose and goals for their family. It needs to express how they can serve God better as a couple than they could if they remained single. If all marriages took this seriously, the petty issues that break apart so many homes would have no power. Keeping your eyes on Jesus will do a lot to help your partner look great.

Racing is great as long as we are racing for the eternal prize. Make Jesus your goal and strive in every aspect of life to do your best for him. I get more excited seeing people do this than I do watching my favorite driver get back to where he started!

    - Pastor Kent Crutcher

Building Fund

I wish to thank all of the church members that are financially supporting the building fund. We are in the process of repaving the old church parking lot. We will also be enlarging Sabbath school classes, pastors study, the foyer, the secretary's office, janitorial space and more seating room in the sanctuary,.

The new parking lot will be paid for soon. Keep watching the chart in the foyer, as we see the thermometer rise. The stories that have been shared with me each Sabbath are a blessing to us all. A Bible text I wish to share with you is found in Matthew: 6: 19,20,21. The text closes with: "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

God bless you.

Your brother in Christ, Warren Oliver.

    Media Clips:   What Did She Say?!

Have you ever gotten lost on the highway because the directions you received from somebody were not clear to you? Perhaps they had just plain given you bad directions; or perhaps they had spoken too fast or too quietly, and you missed a key word here and there...

Giving directions is a difficult task. It means that the person giving out the information must think carefully about what to say and how to say it. It also means that the instructions must be spoken with clarity and loud enough for the hearer to easily understand. If for some reason a word is missed here and there, the person receiving the directions will subconsciously try to piece it together, and the resulting information could be very misleading.

At McDonald Road Church our leaders are giving directions every week about how to stay on the Road to Heaven! In a large church like ours, it is necessary to use the microphone as a tool to make the message come out clear and strong for all to hear.

The next time you speak, or sing, or play an instrument at church, please make friends with our microphone, so that all of us that can't hear as well can receive a clear message too!

- Dean Saunders

If Our Father Kept A Record

Adrian V. Boyer

(If you, O Lord, kept a record of our sins, who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness. Ps. 130:3,4)


If our Father kept a Record
Of our Sins and vile Deceit,

We would all be lost Forever,

Barred from Heaven's golden Streets.


But if we confess each Trespass,

And with true Contrition plead,

God will grant us full forgiveness

For each dark and loathsome Deed.


He'll remove all our Transgressions

Far as East is from the West,

And He's promised us full Pardon,

When we've all our Sins confessed.


What a Saviour so forgiving!

So compassionate and kind!

Always willing, always ready

To ensure us Peace of Mind.


Why delay to come to Jesus

When we're burdened by Distress?

Let Him banish all our Heartaches,

And restore with Happiness.


For our Father keeps no Record

Of our Sins and vile Deceit,

When we ask of Him forgiveness,

He will pardon us complete.

- - - - - - - - -

Internet Ministry News

Into Our 7th Year!

McDonald Road Church pioneered Bible studies by Adventists over 6 years ago back in 1995. Our church board gave us the green light in June of that year, and McDonald Road Internet Ministry has been going full steam ever since. It has now grown to a point where we get 7,000 or more hits in a day and we are reaching over 130 countries!

Many thousands of people are continually being blessed worldwide, baptisms are being wrought, and people from tiny churches all over the globe keep testifying how McDonald Road Internet Outreach is making a real difference in their tiny congregations and groups. One person wrote from a tiny church in New Zealand: "We are printing off some of the sermons you have available, adapting them a little, and using them for our services! It is a great resource for a small church like ours - and we can get a wider variety of people doing sermons because they are no longer afraid that they have to think up the whole thing themselves." Another person commented: "They revive me and make me to be a better God loving person. Thanks for such a rich site."

Adventists that are isolated from other like believers because of their location or circumstances report that our online materials help fill that need to come closer to Christ. Thousands of others worldwide who are searching for the truths for these last days are also able to take advantage of our extensive Bible study materials and Bible Courses. I believe that many souls will be in the Kingdom as a result.

Our 7th year of outreach to the world has already begun this past June. Perhaps Jesus will return before the 7th year is completed...

God will bless as we work for Him!

Dean Saunders,

Internet Ministry coordinator

Positive Lifestyle

A Delicious Remedy

We will be looking at some of God's little surprises in nature. Many people living around the Mediterranean Sea enjoy the benefits of this food. So what looks good, tastes good and is good for you? Olives !

The people living in these areas enjoy healthy hearts and blood vessels. Their fat intake is high, but heart attacks and blood vessel disease is very low.

The "Diet and Nutrition Letter" from Tufts University reports, "olive oil helps lower the blood pressures of those at risk for cardiovascular disease." Olive oil, used in place of other fats, has lowered blood pressures because of the oleic acid. Dr. Blankenship of Loma Linda University has shown by measuring the amount of a relaxation inducing hormone in the blood vessel walls, after subjects were on various diets, that the olive oil diet produced two times more PGI2 to relax blood vessels, thus reducing the high blood pressure.

It was found that people using olive oil lowered their cholesterol the most when put on diets with the same amounts of total fat, protein and dietary cholesterol as the other groups. In another study using olive oil, their cholesterols came down 10 %. So it improves HDL status.

In Italy, they took away olive oil from 48 people and substituted animal fats. In 48 days their cholesterol rose to 245 mg %. The LDL increased 19 %. Those eating olives and olive oil get fewer heart attacks.

Olive trees can produce "natural antibiotics"- cafferic acid and ortho-coumaric acid which inhabits aspergillus mold from making aflatorin and coumarin inhibits fungal growth. Both catechin and cafferic acid killed staphylococcus aureus, etc... which causes serious infections.

Chemists have shown that olive oil can dislodge some germs so the immune system can get at them. Olive oil seemed to help the immune status of the B-lymphocytes and the lysozyme. Olives have antioxidants, also.

Olive oil appears to be less conducive in producing cancers in lab animals. The benefits of olive oil come when it is replacing other fat sources, not just added to the diet.

Olives digest easily. The oil inside isn't harmed by oxidation, and it emulsifies easily. It balances out other fat sources to have an excellent quality. Olives slow down the emptying of the stomach and possibly heal inflamation and ulcers. Olives help with regularity as well.

The virtues of olive oil don't cancel out the evils of frying food-- for this increases the cholesterol. This spells TROUBLE !

Olives should be covered in fresh water to soak out the salt. Pricking them with a fork helps. Olives soaked in sodium hydroxide (lye) destroys fat soluble vitamins. This is second best, but their oleic acid is intact, its still useful for this. There is a brand of olives stored in salt water. They have speckles on them, but it doesn't disrupt their goodness. They are called "fresh packed". Look on the labels.

Olives are a good addition to all the healthy food you eat- not a "fountain of youth" or a "cure- all," just a good source of nutrition. Yes kids, they are still fun to eat off the tips of your fingers. No matter what, they are good for you.

---Charlene Anderson

Health and Temperance Leader

Teen Scene

What Part Does Church Play in Our Lives? Part I

By Melissa Turner

Over the course of the next couple of months, I would like to tackle a topic that has been swimming around in my mind for a while: What Part Does Church Play in Our Lives? This month we will cover the basics--the importance of having a personal devotional relationship with Christ and realizing how this relates to the church and its ministry. Next month we will discuss the church's responsibility of reaching out to the world and preparing humankind for the soon coming of Christ. In the meanwhile, I would like to ask you, the reader, to send me your comments and ponderings on this topic. You can send them to me at the address following this article. I would appreciate your feedback! If we have enough letters I would like to include some of them in a following article.

"The Christian church is not a static institution. It is men and women who flesh out in daily life the meaning of faith, the reality of the risen Christ."

Myron S. Augsburger

"The holiest moment of the church service is the moment when God's peoplestrengthened by preachinggo out of the church door into the world to be the Church. We don't go to church; we are the Church."

Ernest Southcott

"A church exists for the double purpose of gathering in and sending out."


What is church? Church is not some holy filling station where members come to get filled up for the week and come back the following week on empty only to be filled up again. Church is not meant to be the source of our devotional relationship with Christ.

We as Christian individuals must find the time to spend with Christ on a daily basis. As Americans we really don't know what it means to be starving. Yet, I look at those poor, destitute thirdworld children in pictures from National Geographic, and I think, "We Christians are as scrawny and unhealthy as those poor, dear children." It is easy to stuff ourselves to our stomach's content. Yet, it is just as easy to subject ourselves to Christian anorexia.

Just as we would not eat one meal to hold our stomachs for an entire week. Nor should we only take one opportunity to delve into a personal relationship with Christ each week. Having a personal relationship with Christ is something that we should make our top priority for each and every day of the week. We should not depend on Church to fill us up enough for the coming week.

We must learn how to go to the Lord each and every day. We must make it a priority to study the Word, the Bread of Life, and to communicate with our Creator and Savior each living day. How can we go to church each week and say that we have a relationship with Christ if we don't spend any time with Him on a daily basis. That is like saying that you know Peter Jennings because you watch him on ABC World News Tonight every evening. But, do you talk with Peter Jennings on a regular basis? Have you spent time with him at his home? No. You do not know Peter Jennings.

Church is not the place for us to sit and be filled because we are empty. Church is a place where we should come ready to overflow because we are full and overflowing already. Church is not a place where we go to be entertained. We should go instead to worship God in song, praise Him in prayer, offering, and special music; and serve Him by gaining something from the sermon that we can take with us on our spiritual journey during the following week.

The Church is not a building. The Church is the people who are serving God to further the great proclamation of His Grace and to quicken His soon coming. Jesus did not tell us to go to church each week and then go on our merry way. Jesus told us, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age," Matthew 28:19, 20.

We will only be ready to carry out this great task when we have developed that sweet, personal relationship with Jesus. Won't you develop a daily, personal relationship with your Best Friend?

Mail your comments and thoughts on this subject to:
      Melissa Turner
P.O. Box 1346
Collegedale, TN 37315.

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