December Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 14 No. 12           December, 2001

500,000 Witnesses by One Man

By Dean Saunders

Bob Beckett at work on his computer
Photo by John Beckett

Bob Beckett is retired, but he still desires to do all he can to witness for the Lord; so when he moved to Collegedale a few years ago he offered himself to the Lord for whatever the Lord might have for him to do. Bob had been a missionary in the Far East, and had been a teacher and a maintenance worker for many years, so he knew that when he offered his services to the Lord, there would be plenty to do! The Lord always finds things for us if we are willing to be in His Service.

One of the things the Lord had for him was the possibility of putting sermons on the Internet. With the help of his son John, Bob began to transcribe Pastor Gettys' sermons every week. It took about four hours to do one, but before long people began to write in saying just how much of blessing the sermons were to them.

Local Elders of churches in places like India and Borneo and New Zealand found that the sermons were a tremendous help when their local pastor was away. But it didn't stop there! Pastors began to write in saying they were in places like Korea and Africa, and they reported that they were now using the sermons in their churches. The increase in popularity of these sermons has doubled since this time last year! God has multiplied these sermons just as he did the fish at the feeding of the 5,000. There are now 285 sermons online, thanks to Bob's efforts, but more than 500,000 of them have been retrieved from our website.

These sermons take a lot of time each week. Bob gives each one special attention with his computer and a tape recorder. God can and will bless us whenever we give ourselves to Him and say, "Lord, I am willing to do whatever you would have me to do."

We have many more things you can do for the Lord also on His church website. We will be happy to help you get started too!

Church Family Christmas Dinner and evening of music.

Dec. 9, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Family Center. Sign-up is required. Free tickets available in the Church lobby or by calling the church office.

Please specify if you want a vegan meal. Bring your favorite Christmas dessert to share and a family ornament to help decorate our family center tree.

Pastor's Challenge

A tool Box for Christmas

by Kent Crutcher

The wrapping paper was everywhere. The toys were put together. Everything that I had desired (and circled with a star in the catalog) was in my grasp. I felt content. My parents also seemed content as they looked upon what I had given to them (items they had payed for, of course). What a perfect Christmas!

Then something unexpected happened. My dad brought another gift from under the tree and handed it to me. I looked at it and wondered what it could be, thinking that I had everything. Unwrapping the heavy package and pulling open the heavy duty box revealed another box that was gray and made of steel. Opening this revealed my very own set of Craftsman tools! (This may explain my brand loyalty to this day.) Wow! I felt different somehow. To be trusted with real tools was like a turning point or maybe a mile marker in my life. Oh, I still liked the toys (and still do), but now I could go to work. I still have that tool box and tool set today. I use them frequently, trying to keep my old cars running. They are more useful to me now than they were nearly three decades ago.

We have all received a box of tools for Christmas. When Jesus comes into our lives, He brings spiritual gifts, tools, so that we can go to work for Him. Sometimes, those gifts are enhancements of talents that we already had been given. Sometimes, those gifts are totally unexpected. They all are given to be used.

As Christmas draws near and we consider giving, let's not forget our spiritual gift tool boxes. These were given to us to help us give away the greatest gift of all, the gospel. Are your tools a little rusty? Have you not figured out how to use them? Pull them out of the box and give them a chance. It is not enough to be content with what we have, we must be willing to give the best!

May God bless you as you enter a new year of service for Him.

- - -Pastor Kent Crutcher

The Lacey Family Bible, printed in 1816

185 Year Old Bible on Display

By Tom McDonald,

Last month Ray Lacey put his family Bible on display in the church lobby. This 185 year old Lacey family Bible was printed in 1816. It was owned by Ray's great, great grandfather, William Pinkney Lacey, who was born in 1794 and died in 1829.

The second cover of young deerskin with hair is still intact.

To give you an idea of the age of this Bible, here is a glimpse of what was going on the year it was printed: The well-known Christmas carol, "Silent Night" was written in 1816; James Madison was the President of the United States ; Indiana became the 19th State; The American Bible Society was founded in New York; and 11 years later, Ellen Harmon (E.G. White) was born in 1827.

Free Counseling Service

- -Provided By Southern Adventist University

By Christiane Leui, news reporter for The Southern Accent,

The School of Education and Psychology is offering free counseling sessions to Southern students and community residents. Masters students from the counseling program provide the service as part of their practicum.

"They do very good work and are very well appreciated by their clients," said Leona Gulley, professor of education and psychology.

Terry Hooper, graduate marriage and family counseling major, is one of the student counselors. He decided to major in psychology because he wanted to help individuals discover a happy life through God's plan for them.

"I came from a family situation that was not ideal and I learned patterns of behavior and poor logic that adversely affected my life," Hooper said. Hooper added that working through his own issues helped him notice people with similar problems and gave him an "inside edge" in helping them.

The psychology faculty have also helped Hooper understand his clients better. "Their acceptance of clients as unique individuals is a great model for us. They teach us to enhance client dignity," Hooper said.

Counseling sessions are "confidential, and no one has access to information," Gulley said. Only the counselor and a counseling faculty member sit in with the client.

However, feelings towards counseling can be apprehensive.

"Everybody is a bit nervous about taking that first step to get treatment," Hooper said.

Hooper said that people are nervous because they are scared by their seemingly outofcontrol life and because they are apprehensive about telling the counselor things that they might not even tell a best friend.

Once the first step is taken, counseling can provide a step up for those who need it.

"Everything happens for a reason," Hooper said. "How genuine is a person's life that has never been challenged."

According to Gulley, the School of Education and Psychology has been offering this service since the counseling program was established more than four years ago. The counseling previously took place at the Samaritan Center but was moved to Summerour Hall last August.

Anyone interested in counseling can contact Dora ClarkePine, associate professor in the School of Education and Psychology, at 2382647 or Leona Gulley at 2382960.

Counseling sessions are usually offered in the evening, but the times are flexible.

(article reprinted, with permission, from the Thursday, November 1 issue of The Southern Accent, Southern Adventist University's student newspaper.)

God-given Talents

Melissa Lechler, a McDonald Road Church earliteen and student at Spalding, at age 12, wrote and submitted a story for Guide Magazine. Her story, "Plugging It In" was published in the October 27, 2001, issue of Guide. (This is her second published article. Last year she had a story published in Primary Treasure.)

The Christmas Charade

Adrian V. Boyer

(He came unto His own, and His own received Him not. John 1:11)


Our Lord and Saviour walked alone,

A Trail of Trials and Tears

From Bethlehem to Calvary,

Forsaken by His Peers.


Rejected and despised by Men,

He loved them nonetheless,

And daily taught the Multitudes,

And solaced the Depressed.


Althought He came to save Mankind,

His blessings were ignored,

And on a Hill called Calvary

They crucified our Lord.


How oft when Christmastide comes `round

And Carols fill the Air, -

And Shoppers bent on buying Gifts

Are hast'ning Here and There:


That we forget what Chistmas means,

And Who it's all about,

Or so engrossed in earthly Things

We leave the Saviour out.


Oh may our Hearts be not obsessed

With festal Cares and Mirth,

That we forget Who brought Good Will

And Peace to Men on Earth.

Internet Ministry News

We receive many letters from people every day. Here are just a few entries from our Guest book that we would like to share with you this month. It is thrilling to see people from 130 countries blessed because of the work we are doing here at McDonald Road!

Letters from our Guest book.:

Hello Brothers and sisters! I am the Asst. Pastor of the S.D.A. Church, Bombay, India. It was nice visiting this site. Thanks for the wonderful information your site has. May God bless you in your ministry.

Nice sermons, better than what I have found in most places on the W.W.W. God bless all, Warmest Regards from Australia

Thank you for posting the pictures of the trip to Costa Rica. I'm downloading them for my Sabbath school teacher so, he can show them to others during this 13th Sabbath for interAmerican mission project.
- from California

Hi, I'm a college student and I'll be transferring to Southern next fall. I'm so excited about visiting your church!
- from Arizona

Thank you and thank Lord you exist. - from Romania

Greetings to you. I loved visiting this page. I shall continue to visit in future too. Your church has done a great job by putting up this site. - from India

Thank you for your job well done.
- from Philippines

I was thrilled to browse through the church`s web site and I must confess that it was my first time to access Internet and most thrilling an awesome web of information about my church.
- from Denmark

Be sure to attend Sabbath School on December 8 for a live tour of our Website!

If you would like to learn more, write to:

An online survey is also available at:

God will bless as we work for Him!

Dean Saunders,

Internet Ministry coordinator

Christmas tree lighting

December 4 at 7:00 p.m.

In front of Brock and Wood Hall

Performances by various SAU groups

Refreshments will be served

Positive Lifestyle:  That Fatty Substance

Cholesterol, a fatty substance is found in every human cell. It's essential. You manufacture all your body can use, so eating diet high in animal products tend to elevate these levels. This increases the risk of heart disease.

For adults, its healthy to have a cholesterol level below 200 mg/dl. Above this the heart attack risk rises. If it's above 200 mg/dl, you need to make some lifestyle changes. For every 10 % drop in the cholesterol level there is a 20 % decrease in the risk of heart disease.

I hear you groaning, "O.K., what kind of lifestyle change?" Regular exercise will help to lower total cholesterol and raise the HDL, plus lower blood pressure levels. Reducing your weight will give good changes in blood lipid (fat) levels. Of course, what you eat counts - foods rich in fiber and low in saturated fat. A total vegetarian diet does best here because animal products don't have fiber, but they do have a lot of saturated fat.

Mono-unsaturated fats in nuts, seeds, avocados and olives will lower total blood cholesterol, but will keep the HDL in tact. Soy protein will also help cholesterol and triglycerides to fall. Seeds, like sesame and pumpkin, have plant sterols (betasetosterols and campesterol) which inhibit cholesterol absorption and help reduce cholesterol levels.

There are some herbs which help to lower cholesterol levels. These can be used as aids to diet and exercise. Garlic, psyllium, fenugreek, flaxseed and lemon grass contain hypolipidemic (fat lowering) properties.

Flavonoids have many properties that promote good health and reduce heart disease. These act as antioxidants and keep the HDL from oxidation, inhibit platelet aggregation (clots) and have anti-inflammatory action.

A Dutch study found the higher the flavonoid intake, the fewer the deaths from heart disease.

Garlic (allicin) is used against heart disease. It contains cholesterol-lowering substances such as diallyl disulfide and allyl propyl disulfide. It lowers the total and LDL levels, but doesn't affect the HDL. One large clove a day drops blood pressure levels and decreases clotting (lowers fibrinogen levels) Kyolic garlic extract was found to be just as effective (give it eight months).

Psyllium is a rich source of mucilage, a soluble fiber, which helps to lower cholesterol. It works best in someone consuming a high-fat diet. Flaxseed can lower both blood cholesterol and LDL by its very low saturated fat, phytosterols and high mucilage content. Grind up four tablespoons of seeds daily. Add to foods. ( I understand that the golden seed is better in some ways)

Fenugreek seed powder reduces LDL and triglycerides without changing the HDL levels. In three months, after taking 140 mg of lemon grass (high in geraniol and citral) people had a drop in cholesterol levels.

Evening Primrose may lower your levels, but European black current seeds have been found to be a richer source of gamma-linolenic acid which does a better job. Charcoal has been known to lower cholesterol, as well as cleanse the body.

So along with a total vegetarian diet and exercise, which are safe and effective ways to lower elevated blood cholesterol the use of these aids maybe beneficial. You'll have a new "lease" on life!

---Charlene Anderson

Health and Temperance Leader

Gifts for Jesus

Just as the Wise Men brought their gifts to Jesus, people like you in churches in our community give Gifts for Jesus - - new toys, children's clothing and personal care items. The Samaritan Center shares them with hurting people all year long, showing them that someone cares about their needs, no matter how small.

Continue holiday joy throughout the year by donating toiletries, household cleaning supplies, toys and new baby care supplies as Gifts for Jesus. These items offer hope to people in need throughout the year.

Won't you consider giving a Gift for Jesus this year? Think of something you would miss if you couldn't buy it. That is the perfect gift to give! Please bring your gifts to the special worship service on Sabbath, December 8.

Teen Scene

Love Personified

By Melissa Turner

The Son knelt at the knee of the Father. It was time. The Father and Son shared a moment of affectionate glances. As they looked into each other's tearfilled eyes, each saw that look of deep love that would seal the victory of this mission. There was no other way. Love would have to be personified for all mankind's redemption. All of a sudden, the King of the Universe was transformed into a microscopic being.

Nine months later, on a crisp evening, a baby cried out from a damp, dark stable. After being cleaned up by his human parents, the King of the Universe, who once walked on streets of gold, slept in some dusty straw in a manger built for animals to eat at.

Thirty years later, the King and Savior of all began His ministry of serving others. He healed people who no one else would go near. He talked with people who were cast out by society. He came to the rescue of an adulteress. He changed the heart of a hardened tax collector.

Three years later, the Creator of the Universe was placed on a rough cross of timber. Splinters pierced His back as the soldiers rocked the cross into place. Streaks of pain ran up and down His arms and legs like strikes of lightening as each nail hit a delicate nerve. Later that day He died.

Three days later, a great earthquake awakened the tomb of the Savior. Angels rejoiced with hymns of glad adoration. Light of awesome power pierced the earthly darkness of day. The Savior came forth from His resting place victoriously.

The power in His blood made mankind free from the locks and chains each one struggles with.

The story is not over yet. Today, Christ walks through the mall with us as we shop `til we drop from the loads and loads of bags we carry. Christ stands with us as we pass out literature or clothes to people on the street. Christ sits with us as we eat our favorite dish at a restaurant while around the globe a pregnant woman eats dirt so she can get enough iron. Christ goes with us when we go to the local homeless shelter to help feed the hungry.

But, which of the two does Christ spend more time doing? Spending time with us as we indulge our many appetites? Or, spending time with us as we serve others like He did?

Christmas is about Someone who is richer than Bill Gates doubled dozens of times. Christmas is about Someone who created the billions of intricacies in this universe that scientists have just skimmed in their intellectual studies. Christmas is about that Someone leaving all of His glorious surroundings and comforts to save a world full of losers.

We are living in a time of selfishness. We are experiencing times of terrorism. I am convinced that we are living in the last days. Yet, how are we reacting to the times in which we live? Christ did His part in winning the Great Controversy. What are we doing to help complete the work He started here on earth?

Do we really want to go to heaven all that badly? Because if we do, we need to step out of our security zone and complete the mission that Christ left for us. It is our job description to hasten Christ's soon coming by spreading the gospel and baptizing and teaching in all nations.

Celebrating Christmas is just the beginning of the story. The end of the story will not come until we have done our part to serve othersteaching, clothing, feeding, preaching, gathering. It is time. There is no other way. We, like Christ, must personify love for all the world.

Native Indian Mission

By Ellen Crosby

In Alberta, Canada there is an SDA mission school for the Plains Cree Indian reservation that has 120 students K12. Bob and Jeanie McCoy are working with these people, conducting Sabbath School and church service almost singlehanded, even furnishing transportation to and from the reservation. Bob is a former principal of the school who works as a counselor. His wife is a nurse. Since retiring he spends at least two days a week on the reservation. He takes surplus bread from the food bank every week and drives people to court appearances or to visit family in the hospital or prison. He also transports others to Dr. appointments or intervenes with Social Services on behalf of needy families. They are doing a wonderful ministry there. They have requested Children's Bibles and subscriptions to the "Winner magazine". They need at least 20 subscriptions. Winner is like Listen magazine except that it is for younger children. There is a lot of substance abuse problem with Native Americans and Jeanie says they read this magazine. The subscription costs 16.00 each so the amount needed for that would be $320. The Bibles should be new or like new with no writing in them. They could also use subscriptions to Signs of the Times to hand out with the bread. (There is a Signs magazine for Native Americans.) We would like all Sabbath School Departments to participate in this giving for Christmas. Look for more information on how you can help during upcoming Sabbath Schools.

Media Ministry:   Can We ?

By Dean Saunders

Q. Can we show a Power Point presentation on our screen at church with the equipment we have?

A. Not Yet. We are collecting money so we can get the equipment we need in order to make a variety of presentations on our big screen.

Q. Can we not already present pictures on our screen?

A. We can present slides on our screen; We can present TV programs on our screen; and we can present pictures that can be played with a VCR. However, many of the current day presentations require newer technology that are computer based, and we do not have any capability to present these programs with the equipment we now have. These computer based presentations include Power Point, many digital photographs, and much more. In order to show these programs we need to upgrade to a data projector system.

Q. Can we get a Data Projector?

A. We are working on it -- but wait! The projector itself is only part of the project.

The Data Projector Project includes:

Computer System with dual monitors so we can control the High Power Data Projector from the A.V. booth at the rear of the Sanctuary.

High Power Zoom Lens that will allow us to project brilliant pictures from the rear of either the Sanctuary or the Gymnasium. It can also be used in smaller rooms such as the Fireside Room.

High Power RF Wireless Remote, enabling us to make presentations from the front.

In house computer wiring to the pulpit for those desiring personal Laptop options.

Video Amplifier for brilliant pictures on the screen.

Multiple Inputs for a variety of uses, which included computer presentations, TV/VCR inputs, DVD, or Satellite Downlinks. The system is backward compatible to handle the older style video presentations, as well as the newer computer technologies.

Q. Can We?

A. Yes we can! Let's get a brighter picture, Power Point capable, and lets get the projector out of the way of the pews right away by getting this new Data Projector System. And when we get that new Data Projector, and see how bright the picture is on our screen, we will know that it will have been well worth it. By the way, our current projector puts out 185 lumens of light; but the new one will put out 2,800 lumens of light!

If you can help with this worthy endeavor, I know God will bless you for it.

Spirit of Christmas Parade

Spirit of Christmas Parade, Sunday, December 9. Starting at 2 p.m. near the railroad overpass on Little Debbie Parkway in Ooltewah and ending at the Winn Dixie at four corners.

The parade is sponsored by the OoltewahCollegedale branch of the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce.

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