February Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 15 No. 2           February, 2002

New Beginnings

By Pastor Kent Crutcher

We live in an age of technology. A few years ago, a pastor who was nearing retirement told me that if I didn't get a computer that I would be left behind in ministry. This man hated computers but saw how important they would become. Fortunately, technology is becoming more user friendly! The Spirit of Prophecy tells us that new methods for evangelism should be tried depending upon the people and the times in which we live. The message remains the same but the methods may change.

The newest evangelistic tool has been designed with the newest technology. The DVD players which have become so popular this past year can be a real asset to evangelism. "New Beginnings" by His Word Seminar is a DVD based evangelistic tool that is designed to be used either in a large evangelistic meeting or in your own home. It gives the user the option of either using the disc to present the complete message or simply as the illustrations to go along with the message that the user gives orally from the included script. The illustrations include pictures, video clips, texts, and animated sequences.

If you would like to see this new evangelistic tool demonstrated, come to Prayer Meeting on Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m. All 26 lessons will be shown over the next few months as well as a training session for those interested in using this tool in their own homes or in the homes of their friends.

Pastor's Challenge

Thank You !

by Pastor Don Gettys

Wow! God's blessing during 2001 was phenomenal. Much has happened over the last 12 months. Our church ended the year with 850 members, a 5% increase over the year before. God keeps sending new folk to our fold. In 2001 through your generosity we raised money to build a brand new church in India.

Our new church is the Arkathal Seventh-day Adventist Church in the region of North Andhra, India. This new church seats 300 people and is equipped with study guides, musical instruments, a film strip projector with power supply, a gas lamp, a bicycle and salaries for TWO workers for one year. "Our church" will accommodate literacy training, family seminars, children's programs, Bible studies, agricultural training, health clinics, study groups and community gatherings. Pray for this continued outreach in this India city, initiated and paid for by your liberal gifts.

In 2001 you gave for outreach at the Samaritan Center in Ooltewah. Your magnanimousness is helping needy people every day. When you mark your tithe envelope for Church Budget a portion of your money is dedicated to this project. Thus giving to local Church Budget also includes community outreach.

A large portion of our Church Budget goes for children's evangelism in the form of education. Why do we send our children to a Christian school? So they will be introduced to Jesus! In 2002 a large sum will be given to local Christian schools. Why does our church do this? So our girls and boys will be better acquainted with Jesus. We want them to be in Heaven. This year we urge you to continue to be faithful in returning your tithe back to God. We also urge you to be faithful in giving to our Church Budget. A few of you do not give to the budget at all. I urge you to reconsider your giving habits.

No Task is Ordinary When it is Done for the Master. Colossians 3:23 says: "And Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily as to the Lord, and not unto men." God blesses those who share His blessing with others.

Pastor Don Gettys

Positive Lifestyle:   The American Dream

A new year - a new beginning ! The American dream - freedom to worship as we want, having a nice car, a new house, a good job, plenty of money, good family and relationships- wait, if we don't have good health, what good is the rest of it? There is no legislation to protect this dream, so it's on the endangered list.

How can we save our dream and have energy to put in doing some work for the Lord? By common sense. "Common sense," you ask? It's our lifestyle. "Oh mine is just fine, thank you!" (You say as you grab a doughnut and run to work)

We are bombarded with a lot of ads: "Feel better fast", "Do your own thing", "Enjoy the good life", "You've come a long way baby". Everyone is out to take a part of you and your wallet. Greedy corporations push for more profits. Tobacco companies stretch the rubber band of truth for those "green backs". Alcohol makers known for having a little regard for broken relationships, weak hearts, swollen livers and shrunken brains - want a piece of you, for they know one piece leads to another. Then there's the soft drink companies and many more, who really don't care about you, your health or your dream - just their pocket book!

Not getting enough sleep? Always having that "dragged out" feeling, so you reach for a cup of coffee or coke? Are you grabbing a bite on the run to that next appointment? Whoa! Pull up the reins. Let's get off this roller coaster! Let's stop to "smell the roses." There is a better "game plan". To win you have to play by the rules or accept the results - a hospital bed, early retirement due to illness or a nice satin-lined bed too early in life.

I know you have heard many times about God's Steps to Wellness. He did make the "machinery" and He did give the "Care Manual" for us. Wait a minute! What if - - what if this really does work? What kind of lifestyle would you have? Do you want a clear mind, healthy complexion, strong bones, and energy to "smell the roses"? What about keeping most germs at bay, freedom from seasonal depression, less upset tummies, etc... Sound good? Do you have loads of energy to do your daily work then enough to come home and do necessary chores and exercise?

Do you bounce out of bed in the morning, happy and ready for the new challenges? Your body needs 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Do your friends confuse you for a pillar because you can't seem to drag one foot in front of the other?

You look at your watch! "No time!" You run into a fast food cafeteria to fuel up. You grab some greasy french fries, coke (to pick you up), sandwich or over cooked veggies and casserole loaded with cheese to load down your body. You wonder why your energy (what you did muster up) got up and left as you drag through the door at night.

You feel you got plenty of water today, after all you did shower (osmosis, you know), drank some juice, coke, fruit drinks and four glasses of water.

You say "I'm doing just great. I do trust in God, you know." "I talk to Him every morning and night. When I dose off, I come to with a jerk, but I get right back to talking to Him again! I'm doing O.K. aren't I?" "Well, maybe I do need a change in lifestyle, after all Jesus is coming and I really do want to understand all that He has for me - to help me to help others get ready. Where do I start?"

Start slowly, one thing at a time, then it becomes part of your life. You might get a hint or two from this column or from the health programs coming up this year. They are here to help you to a happier, healthier life for Jesus. Start today. There's no better time.

---Charlene Anderson

Health and Temperance Leader

A Quiet Hour

Adrian V. Boyer

(Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matt. 11:28)


If you will spend a Quiet Hour

Alone with God each Day,

In faithful study of His Word

to meditate and pray:

You'll find it easier to cope

With Problems that molest

Our mortal Lives from Day to Day,

And put us to the Test.


There may be Times when Doubts assail,

And Fears our Hearts dismay,

And we neglect the Quiet Hour

To meditate and pray.

But hasn't Jesus promised us

That He would give us Rest

Whenever we will come to Him,

And by His Love be blest?


Though stressful Problems oft beset,

We never should despair:

The Lord Himself will share our Load,

And all our Burdens bear.

So as you spend a Quiet Hour

Alone with God each Day,

Of this you well may be assured,

He will hear you when you pray.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Internet Ministry News

Help is on the Way !

This month's report from our Internet Mission Field is a good one! We started out the month learning that another one of our graduates was being baptized. Then we learned that we have some very serious students who are really getting into the middle of things spiritually, including some ministers. Another development is that some old students have returned, asking questions. It is a good start for the year 2002.

New volunteers have increased also. We have a new Prayer Ministry leader, so I have every confidence that new prayer requests will soon be piling up. You know, it is an interesting thing, I have discovered, that when we show that we are interested, people really do beat a path to our door. How do they know what we do with the prayer requests? The people are from the far reaches of this planet, and yet when we really start responding in a real meaningful way, the requests seem to pile up. You know, I believe God allows these people to come to us when we are ready to help. Willingness has also seemed to increase recently, and we have several new workers on our staff. The new help is just in time, because without their help, the load has been getting difficult to manage. Please pray that we all can be there for each of these people who visit our website. Please pray that we will receive all the strength we need to do the large amount of work that is available to us!

If you would like to learn more, write to: volunteer@mcdonaldroad.org

An online survey is also available at: http://mcdonaldroad.org/members

God will bless as we work for Him!

Dean Saunders,

Internet Ministry coordinator

Media Ministry:   The Tools We Use

There are many various tools that are used in the presentation of our Church and Sabbath School programs. Each different need requires that we use a different tool, and when we use the proper tool, a richer blessing is received by more people. For example, if a person is known to speak softly, everyone will hear better if the pulpit microphone is used, because the pulpit microphone is the most sensitive microphone in the Church. If someone desires to move around a lot, the lapel microphone is nice. However, we must remember that each tool works differently, and needs us to do things differently. When we use the pulpit microphone, we need to stand behind it, and have the microphone set at chin level. When we use the lapel microphone, it requires that we speak up louder in order to get the best benefit.

There is a tool we do not yet have, that will greatly enhance our worship services, and that is our Data Projector Project. Here are just a few of the things that are included in this project:

Computer Presentations: Power Point program is included!

Brilliant onscreen presentations: The projected light will be 15 times brighter than our current old video projector!

Versatile: The included long throw Zoom lens will allow us to use the projector in the Church or the Gym (from the projection booth!)
Adaptable: An RF remote is included to use at the platform; but the included "hard wiring" will permit a speaker to use his own laptop from the pulpit!

Backward Compatible: All signals from our VCR, Satellite, or DVD will work in the new system as well, and will be 15 times brighter than at present!

Surely we should use the Tools that God has provided for His Glory. This project will cost a lot of money, but I know the Lord will find noteworthy every contribution made in behalf of His Work.

Dean Saunders

Teen Scene

Finding Kindred Spirits in Others

By Melissa Turner

February is a month of love. Valentines, flowers, candies, and other goodies are given to sweethearts across the nation, all in the name of love. This month I'd like to talk about a different type of love, though. In Mark 12:30, 31, Jesus says "And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heat, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. This is the first commandment. And the second, like it, is this: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these."

Let's talk about the second of these commandments. We have enjoyed watching the "Anne of Green Gables" movies recently. Anne, with her wild red hair and dramatic outlook on things, always tries to find a kindred spirit in others. For example, Diana and Anne had spent the evening at a glorious winter ball. Anne was invited by the Barrys to attend the ball with them in honor of her saving their youngest daughter.

Things were getting pretty silly as the girls got ready for bed. "We are to spend the night in the spare bedroom," Diana cried out in delight. The two went racing down the hall, threw open the spare bedroom door, and pounced on the bed, squealing with delight. But, as they landed on the bed a great commotion arose as an extremely irritated aunt came up out of a deep sleep.

"Diana Barry, you are a naughty little girl to wake an old woman from her sleep. To show you how naughty you have been I will be withdrawing my generosities toward your piano lessons," said Mrs. Barry.

Anne promised Diana that she would talk with the aunt first thing in the morning. There was nothing for her to worry about. "Mrs. Barry," Anne ventured speaking with the disgusted aunt the next morning, "I am terribly sorry that Diana and I disturbed your sleep last night." Eventually, Anne convinced the crotchety old Mrs. Barry that she and Diana were very sorry and that she should not withdraw her contributions to Diana's piano lessons. All this on one exception: the "grouchy" Mrs. Barry said with a smile that Anne and Diana must come to visit her at her home in Charlottetown. As Anne left the room she hugged Diana and said "I believe she is a Kindred Spirit, Diana."
In life on earth we will face people of many temperaments and personalities. Yet, how can we find the kindred spirit in others like Anne did? As Christians, we are to love all people. Is that really possible? I think, first of all, we need to decide in our hearts that we our going to look for the kindred spirit in others. If we are going to love others as Jesus did while He ministered here on earth, we must look for a reason to love others rather than only love the people who love us. It's easy to love people who like us and say and do nice things for us. But, we have to reach out beyond our comfort zone. We have to learn to love all people.

Is there a person who makes corny jokes in algebra? Is there a computer nerd in your English class who you think has a crush on you? Is there a girl who makes it a point to sit by herself at lunchtime? Is there a grouchy old woman who lives next door to you? Is there a mentallyhandicapped man who dresses in plaid suits with orange tennis shoes and sleeps in the park near your home? These people all need just as much if not more love than you give to your best friends, family members, and other people who love you dearly and whom you love dearly in return. Usually, their grouchiness or different approach to life is just a front that they put up, which in "code language" really means "Hey, I need you to pay attention to me and care about me."

"Love your neighbor as yourself." "How can I possibly do that?" you might be asking yourself. Jesus did it. Talk with Him about how you can put differences aside and learn how to love all people. Remember: Jesus loves all those other people in the world just as much as He loves you and me.

Growth and Fellowship

Service projects start off with a bang!

In December 2001, Jeff Teeter, Pam and Scott Raney, and Adam and Cathy Lockwitz joined about two dozen other brothers and sisters in Christ at the home of Forrest and Sue Wente to lend helping hands in their tree clearing project.

In January 2002, Jeff Teeter, Pam and Scott Raney, and Cathy Lockwitz worked on a small sheetrock project for one of our own Sabbath School Class members.

It is our desire to reach out in love and service to anyone in need; in our own church or community. Please take the time to encourage others to participate either by physically taking part or by providing service opportunities for the Growth and Fellowship Class the first Sunday of each month for approximately 4 hours.

In His Service, Cathy Lockwitz

Social Activities for 2002

Sweetheart Banquet

Tuesday, February 19 in the SAU Banquet Room from 6 to 9 p.m.

Hobby/Craft Fair & Auction

April 7 from 10a.m.2 p.m. in the Family Center

Show or sell your hobby or craft. If you want to sell items, begin preparing your stock now.

Boating at Chester Frost Park

June 3

Bring your boat, sunscreen, towel and picnic lunch.

Everybody's Birthday Party

September 29 at 4 p.m. in the Family Center

Talent Show

March 16, 7:30 p.m. Family Center

Share your talent in a noncompetitive program. Light refreshments will be served.

Signup by calling Linda Richards at 706-937-9134 or Mary Ann Turner at 236-4093.

Spring Camp-out Retreat

May 35 at the Cohutta Springs Center

Call the Center for RV/Tent site reservations.

RV Site $15/night Tent Site $3 per person per night.

Fall camp-out and Christmas Banquet dates to be announced next month.

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