March Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 15 No. 3           March, 2002

India Project Complete

It is nice to see the completion of church sponsored mission projects. In less than a year our church raised a enough to build the Arkathal chapel. The following is a thank you letter written to the McDonald Road S.D.A. Church family.

February 7, 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Quiet Hour appreciates your continuous prayers and support for the chapel program in India. We have completed 300 chapels and are now beginning construction of 50 more chapels in various parts of Southern India. Our goal is still on track to complete a total of 500 chapels by 2005. We thank you for your participation in making this goal come true.

I recently received a packet of pictures from Pastor William George who is coordinating this project for us in India. These pictures were taken on location at the chapel that you sponsored in Arkathal, village no. 195.

As I receive further reports and pictures I will forward them on to you. Again, thanks for caring about these people in India and helping them hear more about Jesus.

May God continue to bless you as your serve Him.

Sincerely yours,
Charlene West, Coordinator International Evangelism

Our current mission project is for the Maranatha group in Jamaica and our next endeavor will be raising money for Bibles to Cuba. Please keep our mission projects in your prayers.

Pastor's Challenge

The Love of the Game

by Kent Crutcher

Playing ball has never been one of my strong points. I love to play but I have very little talent. In college, I discovered the game of racquetball and fell in love. I had tried tennis but got more exercise chasing the ball, that continually soared great distances over the fence, than I did actually playing the game. But racquetball is different because the court is totally inclosed and I only have to chase the ball a few feet. Yet, here again, I don't have much talent but I love the game. The thrill of smacking that blue rubber ball as hard as I can and the sound as it hits the wall is wonderful. But it has its price. Racquetball can be a painful game. Besides being extremely exhausting, the ball can really hurt if it smacks you in the back of the head. And the walls are very unforgiving when you run into them while trying to make that perfect shot. I come home and receive no sympathy from my wife as I limp through the door worn out and bruised. "That's what you get for playing that foolish game." Then I usually reply, "It's worth every bruise. I love that game!"

I know a number of people in our church family that love children and teens but feel that they have little or no talent to minister to them in one of our Sabbath School divisions. Some are afraid of being in front of them. Others fear being able to organize the program. Some wonder about the amount of time such a commitment would involve. But the love of the "game" will overcome all fears. We make the time and find ways to do that which we truly care about. If you love young people, you will find a way to be with them and to lead them.

Don't worry about your abilities. If God is impressing you to do something, He will make it possible for you to do it! Yes, you might become exhausted and even bruised but your love for the young people will keep bringing you back for more. What better way to get some true spiritual exercise!

We have several openings and needs in our Sabbath School divisions. If you are feeling impressed to help out in any way, please contact our Children's Ministries Leader_Mary Anne Turner or Kent Crutcher as soon as you can.

Women's Ministry Prayer Breakfast

By Dee Elsner

Many of our McDonald Road church women met on January 27 at Souper Salad in Chattanooga for a delicious meal and enjoyable fellowship together, arranged by our Women's Ministries. Following is a list of those who attended: Margaret Halverson; Dee Elsner; Jan Oliver; Sarah Walker; Alice Brown; Gloria Lacey; Ruth Parnell; Deanna McDonald; Daphene Rieder; Carole McDonald; Ruth Lechler; Carol Barker; Tina Falkowski; Bonnie Ley; Cathy Lockwitz; Floreen Leland; Amy Ricks; Terri Pizar; Sharon Monks; Jamie Mertens; Linda Scoggins; Barbara Granada; Joan Severance; Sandra Olsen; Missy Ammerall; Michele Olsen and Arlene Lewis.

A Prayer Breakfast is planned for March 10 at 9:00 a.m. in the Fireside Room. Our chefs will be Barbara and Felipe Granada, and Felipe's sister, Margie Solano. There will be a small service charge of $3.00 which may be paid at the door. All our church women are invited. Please come and share a special prayer time together, as well as partake of a delicious breakfast.

Christian Veterans

By Clarence Merritt

Fellow church members, on the second Thursday of each month a group of men meet. They are former veterans of the United States.

This is not just a group of old men, it is a group of civic minded people. We have America, Tennessee, Collegedale and Ooltewah in our hearts. We collect food and other things for the Samaritan Center food pantry. We are also working toward the proposed Veterans Memorial for the walking park, across from the library.

The world is changing rapidly. The time of the end is near. There is a work to be done by all. This is a very unique Veterans of Foreign Wars Post, for it is made up of real Christians. Eighty to eighty-five percent are Seventh-day Adventist. We have a catered meal at 1830 (6:30 p.m.), followed by a short program, then a business meeting.

We want to encourage all veterans that have served in any oversea's capacity to come join us.

Wives are also very welcome. This also can be reversed. If you are a woman who has served you are most welcome. Please feel free to call on me at any time for more information. We all want to serve Jesus and our community.

Talent Show

March 16, 7:30 p.m. in the Family Center. Share your talent in a non-competitive program. Light refreshments will be served. Sign-up by calling Linda Richards at 706-937-9134 or Mary Anne Turner at 236-4093. There are still spaces available for your talent.

Positive Lifestyle:   Bend Your Knees

Do you want a longer life with better health? There are a lot of factors involved in obtaining this better life, but it's not as hard as it might sound. The BEST HEALTH acronym will help you. We will be getting a copy of this to each family as soon as we can.

There is a very close relationship between religion and your health. Forgiveness will release you from the bad results of anger, rage and stress. The results are cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, cancer and other lifestyle diseases. Dr. Robert Enright is conducting forgiveness research. He found that forgiveness greatly decreases anxiety, anger, grief and depression giving great health benefits.

Forgive AND forget brings better physical and emotional health than if we tend to be angry and fearful. These emotions cause changes in the heart rate and blood pressure which can cause many diseases. We must learn to forgive ourselves as well. If God can forgive us, so should we forgive ourselves.

Dr. Dale Matthews says, "there's little doubt that healthy religious faith and practices can help people get better." There are more than 30 studies that have shown the connection between religious commitment and longer life. Dr. Jeffrey S. Levin states that religious belief helps to cut down the incidence of disease. After 200 studies of widely diverse ethnic and age groups, several similar conclusions were reached. They are less likely to suffer drug abuse, have less depression, less anxiety and less delinquency, thus they have better coping skills, better marriages and better outcomes in illness.

More doctors are seeing the results of healing through prayer. Most doctor visits are in the body-mind stress related area. The heart patients who take comfort and faith from their religion have a better healing rate.

Church goers have a lower suicide rate, cardiovascular disease and many other diseases. Now it's not just going to church alone. Praying, reading their Bibles and putting into practice what they learn helps them to be healthier overall. This also helps your immune system.

You are 29% more likely to live longer if you are involved in regular religious practices. You then take better care of yourself. Of course, nonsmokers and nondrinkers make healthier members.

A person who has an active faith has better surgical results and recovery time. One study showed that two groups of patients who were prayed for had good recovery results even after one group didn't know that they were being prayed for.

Can we expect answers to prayer for healing? God knows it's best for us to meet certain conditions before we can expect His blessing in healing. God expects us to have a special solemn prayer for the sick. But many of us bring diseases on ourselves by our lifestyles! Many of us would continue in our same lifestyle, even if we were healed. God would be encouraging sin by healing people who would not change their lifestyles. So we must pray for God to be in charge of the situation for we don't know what is best.

God expects us to use lifestyle changes and natural remedies besides prayer. "Natural means, used in accordance with God's will, bring about supernatural results. We ask for a miracle and the Lord directs the mind to some simple remedy. We ask to be kept from the pestilence- -we are then to cooperate with God, observing the laws of health and life." Selected Messages - Book 2. We are to be led to confidently trust in God and pray that God's loving care will be done. We are to cooperate with Him in His plan for our lives and to share the blessings. If we are to prepare ourselves to be ready for His return, we need healthy bodies and clear minds. Only by healthy lifestyles can we obtain this goal.

---Charlene Anderson

Health and Temperance Leader

Spring time and shower time

Not April Showers, but Bridal and Baby Showers! It is our custom to prepare for weddings and babies by showering the precious new couples with gifts. Please join us at any shower to show your love and support not only for those being honored, but for the occasion being celebrated. Remember this is a ministry.

- - -Cathy Lockwitz, Shower Coordinator    

The Reward

Adrian V. Boyer

("Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience" James 1:3. "He (Christ) shall reward every man according to his works". Matt. 16:27)


Of all the Virtues I might name,

There's None that's quite so Rare

As Faith and Patience that comprise

This much neglected Pair.


For in this Age of Rush and Rage,--

Where Doubt and Fear assail,

These Virtues are too oft ignored,

While Sin and Strife prevail.


Distrust and Fear and Unbelief

Are rampant Everywhere,

And Few there be from Such are free

Who feel no dark Despair.


Yet Hope eternal still abides

Within the Hearts of All

Who yearn to be from Sin set free,

And Wrath's unholy Thrall.


But on Day when our Lord returns,

His Faithful to redeem,

Our Faith and Patience He'll reward,

And Peace will reign supreme.


Oh may that Day be soon, I pray,

For I do long to see

My loving Saviour and the Home

He has prepared for me.

Internet Ministry News

Worker and Website Update

Elder Bob Mehling is a retired minister here at McDonald Road, and he has agreed to take on the responsibility of Internet Pastoral Counselor. When people ask questions that need more than just a Biblical answer, Bob can help, since he has many years of experience to draw on to help our readers find a solution to their problems. Mrs. Mehling (Irene) has been giving successful Bible Studies by Internet for quite some time now, and she will help Bob get his answers into the Email. The addition of this lifelong team to our staff is just what we need!

We also have people that write in with questions about the Bible, and we have a department just for their Bible Questions. Dwight Waterhouse is currently assisting people worldwide with answers to their questions. He provides an excellent response to each one, and it is evident he always does his homework! What better way to learn the Bible than to help others.

Our Prayer Ministry is getting a fresh start now that Ruth Parnell has joined our team. Ruth will be in charge of our online Prayer Ministry. Church members will be able to pray about the Internet requests at Prayer Meeting. We also plan to update the Prayer Page on our website. Any ideas can be sent to

The latest addition to our website is our Jamaica page at:

We plan to put pictures and information about the Jamaica Project as we get it. Please stay tuned! God always blesses as we work for Him!

If you would like to volunteer, write to:

An online survey is also available at:

God will bless as we work for Him!

Dean Saunders,

Internet Ministry coordinator

Media Ministry:   1,000 Switches and Controls

By Dean Saunders

Yes, it's true! The Media Ministry Department at McDonald Road has the responsibility of looking after more than 1,000 switches and controls. What is Media Ministry? What do these switches control anyway!? Media Ministry is actually a more accurate description of the work done in this New Millennium by those we are used to knowing as the Audio Visual people. The Media Ministry team still handles all PA needs that we used to handle years ago, but there is much more to do than turn on microphones or adjust volume controls.

This past month we have provided a variety of programs such as TV reception for a Young Adult party, Slide show for Pathfinders, Video presentation for Sabbath School Sabbath, Internet connection and projection for Sabbath School presentation. (Please note that computer presentations currently take extra work because we need to borrow a data projector each time, since we do not have one. and one isn't always available when we need it). We provide a remote wireless microphone for a large Sabbath School Class. We remotely provide sound to the gym from the church. One high tech example of tools we provide is for the current prayer meeting series. In order to use the remote, we have an RF remote extender so that Pastor Crutcher can advance the presentation from the platform, even though the DVD player is at the rear of the Sanctuary.

We have a wonderful team that is always available when needed. Perhaps you have noticed that when we have Mission Spotlight we have a person downstairs manning the projector while another person runs the VCR from the AV Booth at the rear. It is my prayer that soon we will have a new Data Projector that we can use at the rear of the Sanctuary so that it won't take several people to operate the equipment any more. With the new system one person will be able to do the whole thing! But meanwhile, we can be very thankful that we have a crew of very dedicated workers always willing, and ALWAYS there!!!

Teen Scene

Bridging the Generation Gap

By Melissa Turner

So often I hear adults say, "Our children are the future of our church." This is a very nice thing to consider. But this statement makes me wonder what role the young people play in our church today. Are they not a part of the present church? Yes, the young people of today will be the leaders of tomorrow's church. But the time to prepare them for the responsibility is now. There's no better time than the present to involve the youth in our church.

Recently in the collegiate Sabbath school we were discussing some of the reasons why so many young adults are leaving the church. And it is true -- many, many young people are leaving the church as soon as they have the option to do so. Mostly, the cause of young people's uninspiring experiences with church has to do with a sense of disconnection because of their lack of involvement in the church. If a young person does not get involved in his church while he is young why would he think it is important to stay in the church after his parents no longer have control over the decisions he makes?

This particular church situation is a two-way street though. It is not just the young people's lack of involvement. Adults need to take the opportunity to get acquainted with and understand the church's young people. I was looking at a world atlas encyclopedia book on the United Kingdom the other night. This book was written back in the '60s. It had a picture of two girls walking down a street in London. They were wearing hip sweaters and flipflops. The caption declared that this particular street was a typical attraction for the restless, angry young people who were rebelling against established society. Well, I wonder if the person who wrote this caption took the time to stop and talk with these young ladies. This person really did not have an understanding of these people.

Basically, I'm asking the adults of our church to take time on Sabbath morning to stop and talk with the young people in the foyer or at potluck. Ask them how they are doing. Ask them questions about their lives. They need you to understand them.

Next, I'm asking the young people of our church to look at the talents and abilities God has blessed you with and take these to our church's leaders. You need to get involved in your church so that you will see the importance of being a part of and having connections with a church family.

I also want to see some other changes taking place in the relations between the generations of our church:

When Nominating Committee comes around this fall I want to see Juniors, Earliteens, Youth, Young Adults being placed in various tasks in which they will have the opportunity to connect with their church family and serve God.

I want to see young people get up front in church. I'm not quite sure why this isn't done already. I suppose we get in a rut. We are used to listening to accomplished musicians and elders do their duties with ease. But the young people will become more and more comfortable and natural leading out during the church service if they are given the opportunity to gain experience.

I want to see the young people start coming to church social events and getting involved in the various committees our church offers. I want to see the older people and the younger people worshiping, working, and socializing together.

I want to see young people on the board. I realize that traditionally the elders and various ministry and committee leaders make up the board. But wouldn't it be nice to get a young person's point of view on how they see the church's ministry? Someday these young people will be board members. Why not let them prepare for that responsibility now?

Yes, the children of today are the future of the church. But let's prepare them for that great responsibility now. I want to see the numbers of young adults leaving the church decrease dramatically. I want to see young people getting involved in their church. I want the young people to see how neat the adults are. Yes, the older people of our church have amazing life stories and experiences to share with you! And, I want the adults to see how neat our young people are. As a youth Sabbath school leader here at our church I know our church's youth very well. And they are incredibly energetic and creative. They are a joy to know.

Please, let's work together to bridge the gap between the generations of our church. I want to see our church really develop into a church "family." One where all of the family members work together in serving God and nurturing one another.

New Members & Friends

in Turrucares

Last year's Mission project to Costa Rica has had a wonderful outcome due to our group's efforts. All of the touch up work has now been completed, and the congregation has been busy!

The Turrucares church is growing steadily. Two evangelistic series were held during the past few months. We just received this portrait of the Turrucares congregation in front of their new church. Mission work pays!

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