April Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 15 No. 4           April, 2002

Signs Point to McDonald Road

By Tom McDonald

There are only two men in the entire North American Division, who are employed to work with Seventh-day Adventist Church directional signs.

According to the General Conference, there are 4,892 churches in the North American Division. What are the odds that both of these men would be members of the same church? The chances of that happening are slim at best, but our church has beaten the odds.

Marvin Reeder and Danny McDonald are both members of the McDonald Road Church and currently the only two men making sure Seventh-day Adventist directional signs are distributed (in English and Spanish) throughout the United States and Canada.

Marvin began working for the General Conference in 1962 as Associated Director of Public Relations. It was in this position that he managed the sign program. In 1983 he retired from his job with the G.C. and became the Church Identification Director for the N.A.D.

Since that time he has been able to work from home ordering signs from the factory and localizing and lettering signs as they're ordered for specific churches.

The N.A.D. promotes signs by periodically sending brochures to the conferences who in turn send them to their churches. It is the responsibility of individual churches to order signs specifically for their area.

While at the General Conference, Reeder sent signs as far as South Africa. Now covering the N.A.D he occasionally sends signs to Canada, but mostly throughout the U.S.A. (Excluding the Southern Union).

The Southern Union is where Danny McDonald comes in. He has been their Sign Engineer for nearly 15 years. He spends over 240 days of the year traveling. His work takes him from Northern Kentucky to the Florida Keys and from the Tennessee-Arkansas border to the North Carolina coast.

While on the job he is responsible for erecting new directional signs and replacing, relocating or re-lettering older existing signs; placing orders for letters, signs and sign posts; erecting and repainting billboards; meeting with state highway and city officials, property and business owners; and talking with pastors and church board members.

The job comes with its share of challenges like trouble getting to and from destinations because of construction, accidents and weather. Sometimes simply finding a place to put a sign is a problem due to new zoning laws in some states. In addition to these obstacles, Danny has the challenge of maintaining four 20 foot by 32 foot billboards in Florida and North Carolina.

Despite the obstacles that occasionally delay their work, both Marvin Reeder and Danny McDonald realize the importance of the Church Sign Program. "The main reason for our church signs is to direct non-members to our churches and introduce them to God's Remnant Church," Danny said. "These signs bring our churches to their attention."

Marvin says that some people have joined the church as a direct result from the signs alone. In fact he tells a story of a drunk man who staggered across a sign. When he looked up he saw that it was a Seventh-day Adventist Church directional sign. He said, "Hey, that's my mother's church." He went on to the restaurant/bar nearby. The next day he returned to the same restaurant and asked the waitress a question. "Where is the

Seventh-day Adventist Church located? She retorted, "How in the world should I know?" Although baffled, he remembered that he had seen a sign the night before. He returned to the sign and jotted down the directions to the church. Later the man became a baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Like the directional sign in the story, we are encouraged by the Spirit of Prophecy to be a witness to others. The observance of the Sabbath is the sign between God and His people. Let us not be ashamed to bear the sign that distinguishes us from the world. Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 7, p. 104.

Women's Ministries

By Dee Elsner, Secretary

On Sunday, March 10, the women of our church were treated to a delightful breakfast prepared by Felipe & Barbara Granada, Felipes's sister, Margie Solano, & Felipe's brother & sisterinlaw, Adolfo & Millie Granada. There were many others who helped in the kitchen & setting up for the breakfast, including the children of the chefs, & we appreciate their help very much.

The 75 women in attendance were blessed by the music of Jack & Kerrie Crosby and Christine Bee. Margaret Halverson presented inspirational thoughts & the women filled out a survey designed to give input for future activities & concerns. We want our Women's Ministries to be a help to our church, in practical ways as well as in spiritual matters.

Pastor's Challenge

McDonald Road Progress

Don Gettys

God has tremendously and consistently blessed this church since its inception. We are an exceedingly strong congregation well able to accomplish major things for God. On January 1, 1994 our tithe was $487,977 and we voted to begin construction of a $600,000 Family Center.

On January 1, 2002 our tithe was $1,061,452. If we compare these two tithe bases this means that we as a congregation are able to build a new educational wing onto our church which could cost as much as $1,312,500. This effort would be equivalent to what we did with our Family Center back in 1994. "We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us (in the past)", TM 31. Are you a part of this strength? Help us continue to accomplish something great for God as we build our new wing to care for our little children.

- - - Pastor Don Gettys

Get Acquainted- Haystack Supper and Vespers

For new and current members, Sabbath, April 20. Look for further updates in upcoming bulletins.


Adrian V. Boyer

("As long as the earth remains, there will be springtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night". Genesis 8:22)


The Spring with magic Needles sews

Upon the Garb of Mead and Hill,

Yellow Dandelion Buttons,

With swift and silent Skill.


And on each sunny Slope and Vale,

Spreads out an artful Applique

Of purple Violets everwhere,

Like Gems in colorful array.


For all of Nature now displays

Her farish Garments with a show

Of floral Pageantry to mark

The End of Winter's Ice and Snow.


This Renaissance repeats each Spring

To wake each sleeping Seed and Pod;

A Wonder of Edenic Lore

Created by the Hand of God.


And as the Seasons interchange,

I marvel at the nascent Scene,--

As Buds and Blossoms bloom again,

And Earth bedecks herself with Green.

Church Camp Out!

Those who wish to attend the Church Camp out, May 3 - 5, at Cohutta Springs need to call 1-800-940-6789 to make reservations for camping sites or motel rooms or RV sites. Call soon, spaces are limited!

Media Ministry - There is a Place!

By Dean Saunders,

I am so happy that there is a place in God's Work for me! In fact, there is a place for every person and everything in His work if we will only let it be so. Are you technically inclined, and have a desire to put your talents to good use for the Lord? There is a place at McDonald Road especially for people like you.

Look at the picture on the right, and you will see our brand new RackMount setup in the PA Booth upstairs at the rear of the Sanctuary. Notice that there is a place for many electronic things that are regularly needed. There is even a special place reserved (on the right) for our upcoming Data Projector. When combined with the associated computer setup, we will have a powerful tool that will enable us to present God's message clearer than ever before here at McDonald Road Church.

We also offer hands on training on this wide variety of new technologies that we use in God's Service. If you are dependable, and willing to learn, and can follow directions, then Media Ministry just might be the place in God's work for you!

As soon as we reach our Data Projector goal of $14,000, we can then proceed to provide a place in our program schedule for all of those Mission Stories, and Multimedia Presentations that we have been waiting for!

Internet Ministry News

Remember, God's people are everywhere, so we are very pleased that the message is going to over 130 countries at the rate of 7,500 hits per day! Your continued prayers are much appreciated.

Come to Sabbath School on April 6 to hear some personal experiences first hand! Our Internet Bible Instructors and Counselors connect with people worldwide every day on a personal, one to one basis. Sabbath School will give us time enough to share a few samples with you, so don't miss it!!!

If you would like to help, write to: volunteer@mcdonaldroad.org

An online survey is also available at: http://mcdonaldroad.org/members
God will bless as we work for Him!

Dean Saunders,

Internet Ministry coordinator

Positive Lifestyle:   "Let's Roll"

The war is on and the terrorists are active! It's been going on for thousands of years. We can't sit back and watch this war on television. You are a participant! The enemy is all around us working hard to discourage, deceive and destroy us. If we aren't vigilant, we may wake up in the second resurrection!

We have been in this war so long! Are we beginning to look and act like our enemy? Are we taking on the "habits" of our enemy because it appears to be so-o-o good? Watch out! The enemy knows how he can capture you and your Captain can not do much about it if you go AWOL and won't listen to Him.

The enemy is looking for ways to capture your brain because this is where choices are made. If he can find a way to do this, he feels he has got you. You may be thinking, "how does he do this?" Let's eavesdrop at this "angelic" meeting.

Satan snickers, "A lifestyle devoid of exercise, lots of pure water, enough sunlight and trust in God - this is fantastic! We can really befog people's minds with this. They'll be tired and sick and won't want to do anything."

" Keep people indoors, away from fresh air, watching television, using computers and staying up late. How's that for a "brain washer," snorts an angel with a devious look?" "Of course," he goes on, "then they will feel they need "pick-ups" and "downers" to keep going." The air was filled with satanic laughter.

"That's great! They'll forget that a temperate life is best, but we can take over easier this way," declared Satan's head angel with a shrill whistle.

"Have you forgotten, we can do the most damage by influencing them in their appetite? Get them to make bad choices in foods. We'll be able to get thousands - maybe millions this way," their captain snarled.

"The health of the mind is dependant upon the health of the body." Mind, Character and Personality. Vol.2, p. 384.

The brain controls the whole body, so it must be kept in a healthy state by correct eating and drinking habits. It makes healthy blood so the brain can be properly nourished. To have health and energy, we need to understand nutrition and eat only food that is good for clear minds.

God is doing His part. We need to do ours. We can't expect more than what we are willing to do. Many times we want relief from lifestyle problems, but refuse to deny ourselves those "goodies" with harmful ingredients. These choices weaken our brains, then God can't use us efficiently.

Our bad eating habits cause sluggish brains. God gave us intelligent minds in order to learn about good health, but it's up to us. Did you realize that people who have a sour stomach are usually owners of a sour disposition? Over eating and eating at irregular hours will produce this.

"The mind does not wear out or break down so often because of diligent employment and hard study as on account of eating improper food at improper times and of careless inattention to the laws of health." Mind, Character and Personality, Vol.2, p. 388.

We must reason from cause to effect when we become ill. Was it what we ate? It's a known fact that sugar beclouds our minds and lowers our immune system. This can cause diseases and cause us to misunderstand the information God has given us.

What ammunition can we use against the enemy?

1. Prayer - Pray for understanding and desire to follow our Captain.

2. Bible Study - Learn verses to fortify you mind.

3. Read other spiritual material.

4. Read good nutritional sources like, "Proof Positive" by Dr. Neal Nedley.

With God's help we will not falter. We will not fail! Let's Roll !

---Charlene Anderson

Health and Temperance Leader

Teen Scene

A Lesson in Grace

By Melissa Turner

I woke up with a start. Father was standing over me, shaking me to consciousness. I groaned as he started talking hurriedly, "He's gone. He left. He took his inheritance and he is gone forever! My youngest son has left me." I looked up at his face. It was worn from hard work. Tan colored his robust cheeks. Out of his face shown eyes of utter pity. Tears streamed down the face of my old man.

"Father, it will turn out okay. You'll see. He'll do just fine for himself. He's a real bargainer, you know," I tried to console my nearly outofcontrol father.

He left my room and headed out to the fields. There was no time to spare with such heavy thoughts looming in the air. He started working the fields without eating any breakfast. I got out of bed and prepared for the day in the fields that lay ahead of me. "Just like him," I thought to myself. "I knew he would do something like this all along. He used to brag about being able to win father's affection. He could get anything he wanted he would boast. Well, he's got what he wanted, and now I have to continue my life of plowing, digging, and planting. I hope he pays dearly for this!"

Time passed by slowly but surely. Days became months. Months became years. The hot sun beat down on my face and I thought of my brother who was probably living in some cool city apartment. I stopped plowing to go down to the riverside to wash the dust from my face. As I looked down into the crystal clear water I noticed that my face was older looking now. It now bore a dignified look much like Father's own face. I marveled at the success I made over the years, "Father has let me take over most of the farming work. This place will be mine someday. All mine!

Think of the money I can get from these crops. I have been successful for staying behind and working alongside Father."

As I was walking in from the fields I noticed a big crowd forming in the front yard. As I got closer I noticed that Father was at the center of it. He was dancing around and singing praises on the top of his lungs. Then I saw him. That brother of mine who had left for the high life. That traitor who left the plowing, planting, harvesting, and all the other hard things of farm life for his easy city life. What was he doing here? Why had he come back?

I headed for the barn. I couldn't bare the site that lay before me. Father was so excited to see the son who had deserted him. Why? He never once sang praises over me. Not once did he celebrate my return from successful business trips to the city.

Later that evening I still sat on the same mound of hay I had retreated to earlier. I looked up at the sky. It was cloudy and overcast. Father suddenly came from the house and approached me with a quiet tone in his voice as he said, "Son, what bothers you so much that you can't celebrate with the rest of us? Your brother is home and safe!"

"Father, I have worked all these years. Not once have you celebrated over me as you have over my brother tonight," I explained to him with great emotion.

My father looked into my eyes like never before. "My son, you have stayed with me all these years. You have worked hard, and one day this farm will be yours. But, your brother was dead. Now he is alive again! He was lost. But now he is found!"

I lay awake that night thinking about what my father had said. I realized that my father was teaching me a lesson in grace. I had been by his side always. He knew I was safe and cared after. My brother had left for the worldly life. Father knew this and to him, his son was dead to spiritual life. All father ever wanted was for his two sons to be in the grace of the Lord. That's why when his lost son returned he welcomed him with open arms. He extended what I now know as grace to this brother I so betrayed. Why have I always taken my father's love for granted? Just to think: All the time I thought he was taking me for granted!

McDonald RoadTalent Show -in case you missed it

Ted Palmer and friend Curley (left) pick a special for the talent show

Sarah Pizar showcases her talent

The Talent Show at the Family Center on March 16th proved to be well worth the wait. There were 16 different performances including Ted Palmer and friend Curley on banjo and guitar; Carole McDonald completely transformed herself into an unforgettable country girl in the comical reading "Ruby Jewel goes to town;" Early in the program Sarah Pizar sang "Love in any Language" and later sang "My Heart Must Go On"(theme from Titanic); Gene McCulley, from the Bowman Hills played guitar along side Alfred Mitchell and his mandolin; and Linda Richards proved to not only be a great Social Committee chairperson, but an excellent emcee as well. As for the audience, made up of many church members and friends, they drank punch and nibbled on popcorn while enjoying the variety of talents on display.

Hobby & Craft Fair

McDonald Road SDA Church Family Center

April 7, 2002

10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

* Treasures will be there to see and buy.

*Bring a picnic lunch and eat in the pavilion. Drinks, popcorn and paper items will be provided!

*Children's Ministries will be having a bike parade.

Come with your decorated bike.

*There will be a bike rodeo starting at 11:00 a.m.

*From 12-2 p.m. Children's Ministries will be sponsoring Free pony rides for all ages and snow cones too!!

*** Exhibitors: Contact Linda Richards at (706) 937-9134, or send email to: lkrich50@hotmail.com

Spalding School announcements

Volunteer needed for two Monday mornings in May to pick up lunch money, purchase lunches from Taco Bell on Shallowford Road, then deliver the lunches to the school. Call Abby Matherly during school hours at 3962122 if you can help.

Spalding fund-raiser

Yesterdaze Studio will take individual, group or family sepia photos for a small donation of $10.00. You will then receive a 10 x 13 photo. Costume clothing is provided. Call Abby Matherly at Spalding for appointment details.

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