May Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 15 No. 5           May, 2002

Something in the Water ?

By Mary Anne Turner

We at McDonald Road Seventhday Adventist Church are a very blest congregation in many ways. One of which is the children we have. Each one is beautiful because he or she is a gift from God to us. We are so blest that our Sabbath School rooms are overflowing. Because of this we are starting a building project this year to provide a new Sabbath School wing so each of our children's departments will have large, attractive rooms in which to learn of Jesus.

In reviewing the needs of the different departments we noticed a number of our children shared the same birthdays. Pastor Gettys announced one Sabbath that everyone needed to be careful of the drinking water at church, because there was something in it. He then proceeded to tell us that the Ford's were expecting twins. Everyone smiled! Actually we have 1 set of triplets and 5 sets of twins in our church family. In the adult division we have 3 members who have identical siblings and 3 couples who have adult twins. According to Dr. Donesky, a member of our church, there is 23 % chance of having twins and only a .4% chance of identical twins and triplets only come once in 8800 births. Considering these, facts our church has been wonderfully blest!

Photo by Lou Kratzer

Pastor Gettys with Church members who are part of twins or tripletts

Pastor's Challenge

Kent Crutcher

I'm Out of Here!

"I'm out of here!" That's what people say when they are fed up and ready to leave. That is the way that I feel about this world! I can't wait to leave this stress filled sinful place behind. Every where I turn is a new disaster. Someone else has cancer. Someplace else is at war. The appeal of Earth is just not there anymore.

I recently went with my family to the new IMAX film about the International Space Station. It enhanced my longing to be "out of here." I was fascinated by all of the training and technology that is required to put people in space and keep them alive in the space station. It looked like fun to go on a "space walk." Yet one wrong move could mean trouble, even with all of the high-tech safety gadgets being used.

The view of Earth was so peaceful. No borders could be seen between countries. No wars were visible. No heartache could be noticed. Yet I knew that it was all still there. I can't wait for God to be able to look at Earth, when it is recreated and, know that all is well.

After the film, we recognized about a dozen Adventists (mostly from McDonald Road Church) in the lobby. Everyone that I spoke with said the same thing, "When we go into space, we won't need all of that equipment!" What a great thought. No tether lines needed to keep us from drifting into space, no space suits to encumber our movements, and a great view of a truly peaceful, sinless universe. Let's do all we can now to be ready for the trip. Let's do all that we can to hasten that day. When we are taken through the clouds on our way Home, I'll be glad to say, "I'm out of here!"

- - - Pastor Kent Crutcher

Positive Lifestyle: Joy to the World

There should never be any long faced Christians! It does not matter what is happening in your life right now because God is in control. His plan for your life is bigger and better than yours, but we can't expect Him to always straighten everything out in our lives if we are not doing all He asks of us. He has given us a lot of information to gain good health, clear minds and to live happier lives, but it's all up to us.

To have this joy that Jesus has for us, you need to let go and let Jesus fill you to the brim. We gain this joy when we bring joy to others. Feeling joyful is what we need for healthier lives. Phil. 4:4,5 says Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say Rejoice! The Lord is at hand.

There is an exercise that can help you to feel happy and joyful. First, give yourself permission to smile! Just lifting the corners of your mouth will activate a joyful feeling. So reach out, there is joyfulness and happiness out there - just look and you'll find it!

I've taken some of the following thoughts from Leigh Anne Jasheway, a humor writer, and mingled them with my own on how to put more joy into your life - teach your children how to, also.

1. Give yourself permission to be joyful! We are capable of feeling many emotions at the same time. You deny yourself a complete life by depriving yourself of joy even in the bad times.

2. Find happiness around you! Everything has the potential to bring joy by cultivating curiosity and enthusiasm.

3. Search for Jubilance! Seek out what gives meaning and purpose to life and do more of these things. There are things you can do without leaving your home to have joy.

4. Find what makes you truly happy! Usually, it will be serving others and making the world around you a better, happier place.

5. Teach children to be joyful! Help them learn to make happy moments. Teach them to be grateful for what they have and to focus on this.

6. Be delighted in everyday things! Anything can bring joy if you let it - even paying bills.

7. Make a "joyful noise"! Sing an uplifting song. Listen to children play. Look for joyful moments and carry a positive attitude with you.

8. Spread happiness! It comes back to you in every interaction. Try to make the other person laugh. You'll love it!

9. Enthusiasm is contagious! Care passionately for people. Enthusiasm is JOY in action.

10. Can't find joy? Look at small things and for the beauty, not the circumstances. Step back from problems and focus on the larger picture. Look at them through Jesus. Count your blessings and joy will come.

11. Wake up happy! Lay in bed and go down your "grateful" list. Thank God for these things. This will resist stress and bolster your immune system.

12. Plan a happy time! The anticipation helps to give joyful feelings. These events (big and small) should be planned every three weeks.

13. Now bring joy to the world! This joyfulness will make the world a better place to live. Keep looking for ways to make others happy. You can be a "light" in the light house, along with Jesus, to light up someone's life. Your life will feel truly blessed, joyful and enriched.

We become joyful when we apply God's ten steps to wellness to our lives for they keep our minds clear and make our bodies healthier. Here's to a joyful life in Jesus!

---Charlene Anderson

Health and Temperance Leader

Local Outreach

Scott Raney, Linda Scoggins, and Ed and Daniel Ley arrived at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Boyer on Sunday, February 17. Raking leaves was the assignment and rake they did! Please show your appreciation to these workers for Christ. Encourage their outreach efforts and maybe even seek out a project of your own. Everyone benefits.

- - -In Christ, Cathy Lockwitz      

Monetary Wisdom

Adrian V. Boyer

("A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things." Eccl. 10:19)


Yesterday is a cancelled Check -

It isn't worth a Cent:

So toss the worthless Scrip away,

It's Value has been spent.


And all of our Tomorrows are

But Promissory Notes:

They have no Value till the Date

The promised Payer wrote.


But each Today is ready Cash

To use to buy or lend:

So don't be rash with ready Cash,

Go spend it wisely, Friend.


For Money, as the Wise Man said,

In Ages long ago,

Answereth fully Everything

Upon this Earth below.

Internet Ministry News

The Jamaica Story!

We are putting all of the pictures of the Jamaica trip on a computer, and the "Power Point" presentation will be made by those who have returned first hand from Jamaica! This will be our first combined effort to make a Power Point presentation at McDonald Road, so we will appreciate everyone's support by coming. We will be borrowing a Data Projector for the Mission Presentation.

The story will be launched in pictures both on the web and at church, so you can check it out wherever you are.

We are using the combined resources of our Internet Ministry as well as our Media Ministry department in order to facilitate as accurate and personal a presentation as possible. Lots of pictures will be available, and will be available on our website at:

Dean Saunders,

Internet Ministry coordinator

Teen Scene

Are You "Worth It" ?

By Melissa Turner

How do you feel about yourself? When you watch television, listen to the radio, or read magazines do you wish you could be like the people portrayed by these media? During our Girls' Retreat to Cohutta Springs last weekend we talked a lot about finding our selfworth. I feel that what we discussed was so important that I want to recap it for those who didn't go and for the guys as well. All young people deal with selfworth issues at some point. Whether it is comparing your old junk car to the other guy's new BMW or it is comparing your legs to those of some super model, guys and girls alike experience doubts about their selfworth.

Selfworth can't be found in the clothes you wear, the hairstyle you have, the car you drive, or the girlfriend/boyfriend who is hanging on your arm. The media bombards us daily with the messages that you have to have one thing or another in order to be "worth it." These are lies! What happens when, after a few years, you get a hole in what use to be an awesome pair of jeans or you and your boyfriend/girlfriend don't seem to have the same ideas on things? Then what?

The media doesn't tell you the reality behind the products and messages they are selling to you. Hollywood doesn't tell you what happens after the man and woman go riding off into the sunset. They probably will get into little arguments now and then about his snoring or her long showers. Magazines don't reveal to you how many hours were spent putting layers and layers of makeup on and doing digital photograph editing in order to make their cover models "perfect."

The reality of the matter is that no matter what you do, wear, say, own, or look like you're not worth it! That is a fact of being sinful beings. The only thing that makes you worth it is the love that God has for you. You are worth something because God sent His only son to die for you. In order to have healthy selfworth you have to realize this and let it sink in. You don't need a boyfriend or girlfriend in order to feel special. You don't need to wear expensive name brand clothes in order to feel important. All you need to do is realize how much God loves you. It is only in the loving arms of our Savior that we can find true selfworth.

Next time you turn on the television or open up a magazine don't start picking at all your little imperfections. Nothing in this world can give you the sense of selfworth that Jesus gives. His love, His salvation is what makes you worth it!


By Don West

When you hear of Sabbath School Investment, what response do you feel? Do you say, "That's for the Children's Division?" or "Someone else can work on that!" Or do you think, "The Lord told us to get the gospel to everyone on this planet, and then He will come and take us home!" I hope you're planning to be a part of S.S. Investment by starting this month with the project you thought of in January.

You know that in 2002 I promised to appeal for a Revival of true Godliness in our hearts and lives, and I felt the Holy Spirit would constrain everyone of us to do something special for Global Missions, the gospel giving program. Please dedicate a special time, long or short, every day, when we pray for each other, our church family, our church leadership and officers, that we will each be willing to step forward in faith with an investment project along with a very intimate relationship with our Father, elder Brother and our Comforter, the Holy Spirit.

We must put God's Word as the top priority, with prayer then service to others like the example of Jesus. My prayer is that not one of our dear church family will be left behind when Jesus comes to take us Home. Let's all meet around the tree of life! OK?

Flea Market Success

A Churchwide Flea Market sponsored by the Growth and Fellowship Sabbath School was held on Sunday, March 3, 2002. It was a very cold, windy day. But the Family Center's perimeter was lined with tables manned by hopeful church members anxious to sell their wares.

A total of $148.0010% of the proceeds from each participantwas donated to various areas in our church designated by the donor. The response wasn't as great as we expected, but we all had a positive attitude and an opportunity to clean out our closets and spend a little time together.

As an added benefit, The Samaritan Center received many of the leftovers which was used for distribution to others.

Thank you to all who participated either as a shopper or a seller.

In His Service, Cathy Lockwitz

McDonald Road in Pictures

This is our mission group from McDonald Road SDA Church.

Pictures will be online at

They joined up with a larger group to work on this large building, which will be a new school in Buff Bay, Jamaica.

McDonald Road in Pictures

Pastor Kent helps out with the bike rodeo at the HobbyCraft Fair.

Later, the children enjoyed free pony rides and snow cones.

The Holy Week presented by the Primary II Class. They colored the puzzle pieces which were assembled to embed the story of that week in Jesus life. Sabbath School Leader: Arlene Lewis

Some of Ruth Parnell's art work. Ruth pours molds and paints the faces of the china dolls she makes.

June Blue looks on as Margaret Halverson works on some china painting.

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