December Manna Highlights


Our membership now stands at 662 compared to 609 last year this time. Fourteen of these precious new folks came in during the time of NET 96. Still others are studying and planning to join in a few weeks. The Holy Spirit has really been working during these meetings. We praise God for sending people to His church. One man said: `My wife and I joined McDonald Road because when we come we get fed spiritually'. A lady said: `I come here because the focus is on Christ'. Another said: `We come because our children just love their Sabbath School'.

The new Family Center is nearing completion. The paving will provide additional space for another 40 automobiles. This should accommodate those who have had to park in our driveway. A bright idea is the installation of Brass light poles in the parking area. Our 6000 gallon propane tank is in service and saving us 25 percent on our fuel costs.

Gordon Bietz, our conference president came and preached in November and he stated that the Conference finance committee is going to recommend that our church be granted a full time associate pastor. This will enable a wider ministry to serve our growing congregation and our enlarging community.

Church finances look good. Our income exceeds our expenses so far this year. In 1997 we are looking at an increased budget due to the operation of our family center and the growth of our congregation. Pam Tuttle reports that our pathfinder club and staff now number over 75. It is hoped that we can finish 1996 with a large overflow which could be used to alleviate the needs we are looking at in the future.

Numbers are important, but above and beyond all else is what is happening in our personal life. God looks at the Heart. Your church officers and staff urge you to develop and maintain a strong devotional life with deep Bible study and prayer. As Christmas approaches, let each of us invite Jesus to be born in our hearts. Perhaps 1997 will be the year Jesus will return to take us all home. What a wonderful thought! Heaven is our real `Family Center'. There all is astir in preparation to accommodate the large influx of the saved. Let us all be present and accounted for by trusting in Jesus and loving Him more and more every day.

Pastor Don Gettys

Profiles. . .

Our head elder, Forrest Wente, and his wife Sue have been members of the McDonald Road church for a number of years. Forrest grew up in southern Ohio. His parents accepted the Adventist message when evangelistic meetings were held in a tent near their home. After joining the church, they determined that all four of their children should have a Christian education, even if it meant sacrifice on their part. And so Forrest and his three sisters rode the city bus to the small, one teacher school. Family vacations were always spent in attending campmeeting and were one of the highlights of the year. After a time the family moved to a farm out in the country, and Saturday nights often brought church members to their home for a hayride (with Forrest driving the tractor). Academy days were spent at Mount Vernon Academy, where Forrest was active in school life, being editor of the school yearbook one year, and president of his class another year.

Sue was born in Hinsdale, Illinois, and is a fifth generation Adventist. There were many early Adventist pioneer workers in her family background. One of these was her great aunt, Maud Sisley Boyd, who was the first woman to be called to foreign mission service. And her great grandfather, W.C. Sisley, was the manager of the Review and Herald Publishing House in Battle Creek from 1894-1899, and was also the architect and builder of Battle Creek Sanitarium, Union College, and many other denominational buildings. Sue's family home was located within walking distance of the church school she attended, a large Adventist church, and the Hinsdale S.D.A. hospital. Also nearby was the city of Chicago and Broadview Academy, where campmeetings and other programs were held, so life was busy and active. Sue began taking music lessons at an early age, and in academy enjoyed being a member of the band, piano quartet, singing in different musical groups, as well as holding various offices on campus.

Forrest and Sue met while attending E.M.C. (Now Andrews University) in Berrien Springs, Mich. There Forrest was taking some education as well as business classes, while Sue was a nursing major. Their friendship continued through letters and visits after Sue moved to Hinsdale Hospital to complete her nursing, and wedding bells rang out for them on December 20, 1959. After moving back to Berrien Springs, Forrest began his career in printing, while Sue was a full time housewife and mother of their two children, David and Linda. In 1973 the family moved to Collegedale, and since that time their family has grown to include a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and five grandchildren. They are happy to have their son David and his family living nearby in Chattanooga; however, visits with their daughter Linda and her family are less frequent, since they live in Wyoming, where Randy is a family practice physician. When Forrest isn't working at his job (as a salesman for the press at S.A.U.), and Sue isn't working at her job (as an R.N. at Valley Hospital), they enjoy yard work and flowers, gardening, watching the birds at their many feeders, traveling, or reading together. In addition, Forrest enjoys woodworking, auto repair, and is a licensed ham radio operator, while Sue enjoys cooking and baking, and especially likes to organize things. Both Forrest and Sue have been active in various phases of church work for many years, and they want to continue to serve Jesus in whatever way He leads.

Thirty Minutes Extra Sleep!

The Church Board voted to change the Sabbath morning church schedule starting January 4, 1997! Take a look at the difference in schedule.
                         Our Present Schedule
                         8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

8:30  Announcements (10 mins.)
8:40  Hymn of Preparation
                     First Church Service (1 hour)
9:40  Benediction
                          Total - 70 minutes

9:40   Sabbath School Begins
11:10 Sabbath School Ends
                          Total - 90 minutes

                           Total - 8 minutes

11:18  Announcements (12 mins.)
11:30  Hymn of Preparation
                    Second Church Service (1 hour)
12:30  Benediction
                          Total - 72 minutes

                       Total time - 240 minutes

                           New Schedule
                        9:00 a.m.   12:45 p.m.

9:00  Announcements (5 mins.)
9:05  Hymn of Preparation
                     First Church Service (1 hour)
10:05 Benediction
                          Total - 65 minutes

10:05  Sabbath School Begins
11:30  Sabbath School Ends
                          Total - 85 minutes

                           Total - 8 minutes

11:38  Announcements (7 mins.)
11:45  Hymn of Preparation
                    Second Church Service (1 hour)
12:45  Benediction
                          Total - 67 minutes

                       Total time - 225 minutes

                           Upon a Christmas Night
                              Adrian V. Boyer

                         The Stars bend low above the Earth
                         Like Worshipers in white -
                         And take their Places In the Sky
                         Upon a Christmas Night

                         And seraph Fingers gently strum
                         Each carol-vibrant String,
                         While Angels voice Such Harmonies
                         Till hallowed Echoes ring.

                         The Winds in Low Pianissimo,
                         Or Volume-trebled might,
                         Send forth an Holy Melody
                         Upon a Christmas Night.

                         Beyond the Pylons of the Dusk,
                         Where Dark and Dawn unite,
                         Resound the Strains
                         Through Heaven's Fanes,
                         Upon a Christmas Night.

                         The Hills and winding Road below
                         And snowy Copse afar, -
                         The drifted Vale, 
                         And picket Rail,
                         List silent to the Stars.

                         The herald Songs with rapture waft-
                         As Angels in their flight
                         Bring Tidings to The troubled World,
                         Upon a Christmas Night.

                         So Bethlehem-Ephratha sing
                         For Joy and pure Delight,
                         For in your Midst Our Lord was born
                         Upon a Christmas Night.

Hey! This is From the Holwegers

We are fine. Hear ya'll had a great (wet) campout. It was dry here! Pam and Grant, thanks so very much for your support of our Pathfinders. We'll never be able to repay you! Our can collection went GREAT! Pray for our church. We love ya'll and miss the Young Adults (that is getting younger every day, huh Ed?). God bless. . .

Cut That Cold Short!

Zinc lozenges can reduce your cold symptoms to 4.5 days instead of 7.5 days. In this study the amount of zinc in the lozenges was 13.3 mg, and you need to dissolve them in your mouth every two hours while awake. At most, this will average about six lozenges per day. The first 24 hours use does the most good. Zinc tastes terrible when you slowly dissolve the lozenges in your mouth. Fortunately there are lozenges that have flavor added which helps cover the zinc taste. A sore throat clears in one day instead of three, so it could be worth using the lozenges even though the taste is not great. (Ann Intern Medicine July 15, 96)

Remember, zinc is vital to the immune system to keep it at a high level of activity. Zinc deficiencies in the USA are not too uncommon so a deficiency could make you more susceptible to catching cold.

Taken from News for BETTER HEALTH by Jackson A. Saxon, M.D.

In Memory

Glenn A. Coon, 93, of Ooltewah, died Thursday, November 7, at his home. He was a native of Linclean Center, New York, having lived there through his teenage years and had served as a missionary to the West Indies. Mr. Coon had pastured in several churches in New York, Florida, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Tennessee. He made his home at Roan Mountain for over 40 years during the summer months and other parts of the year he traveled all over the world in places such as Korea, Australia, England, Singapore, China, and had ministered in all 50 states spreading the gospel. He was a well-known published writer having pinned from his heart more than 30 Christian books on prayer. His whole life stood for Jesus showing in his smile, and love for others. He was the founder and President of the ABC Prayer Crusade International, Inc., and G.A. Coon ABC Prayer Crusade International, Inc. Mr. Coon was a minister of and traveling evangelistic for the Seventh-day Adventist Church for over 60 years. He was a member of the Collegedale Seventh-day Adventist Church. Survivors are his wife, Ethel Numbers Coon; one daughter, Juanita L. Steffens, one son, Glenn A. Coon Jr., one brother, Lester Orville Coon; six grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. A private memorial service will be conducted with Elder Eugene Remmers officiating. Memorial contributions may be made to the G.A. Coon ABC Prayer Crusade International, 6307 Ooltewah-Georgetown Road, Ooltewah, TN 37363. The body has been cremated. There will be no visitation at the funeral home. Arrangements are by the South Crest Chapel of Lane Funeral Inc., Rossville, GA.

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