January Manna Highlights

What Would You Give Anything For

A pianist gave a brilliant performance. Afterwards, an enthralled listener bullied his way to the pianist and gushed praise all over him. Then the listener said, `Iwould give anything to be able to play like that'.

The pianist said, `Then give anything it takes and you can play like that.'

How many times have you thought, `I would give anything to be able to do that' or `I would give anything to be like that'? But like the listener, you were really wishing to be zapped by a miracle rather than muddle around with a method. What would you give to be different than you are now at the end of 1997? What do you hope and dream that Jesus will do for you in 1997?

Sometimes we are like the father in Mark 9 who said to Jesus, `If you can do anything for us, please do.'

Jesus said, `If you can? Everything is possible for him who believes.'

The father said, `I believe! Help my unbelief!'

Like the father, we are torn between belief and unbelief. We wrestle with what we would give anything for and the cost of giving anything at all.

The cost is giving up our unbelief in what Jesus can do for us. The cost is actually believing that Jesus can do something for us. Sometimes it does take a miracle to help us believe. When we believe, we begin to see the way Jesus is leading us. When we believe, we become willing to give anything it will take to be what Jesus wants us to be.

Pastor Jim Erwin

Over a year ago, June Dildy volunteered to fold bulletins. Since then, she came every Thursday morning at 10:00.

June's work was greatly appreciated and we enjoyed her presence. On November 21, 1996 she died of a sudden heart attack. She is missed by many people.


Dear fellow church goers,
Hi! I'm E-mailing you to thank you for the information on baptism. I'm a non-denominational Christian... searching for concrete evidence on the ceremony of baptism and how it should be done. You answered my question with the definition of baptism. - VL

I saw your address and have just started using the material you have available. I know when I will have the time to really study instead of exploring it, it will prove to be a very valuable asset. Thank-you! - MC (Canada)

Hello from New Hampshire. I visited your church back in 1989. I like your web site. Keep up the good work. Best wishes to your church family. - MFD

Positive Lifestyle: What Does Your Face Say?

by Charlene Anderson, Health/Temperance Leader

What does your face say to people about you? Our faces express our thoughts and feelings, as well as our words. Our face is our own barometer of our inner self. Is it reading sunny and pleasant or grey and stormy? Check your mirror or a store window as you pass. What was your reading?

Our faces have an impact on everyone we come in contact with and gives that person a `mental photo' of what we are really like. It may not be what we want others to think of us.

We really have so much to be happy about freedom of speech, freedom of religion, opportunities for education, leisure, free enterprise, and above all, our Blessed Hope.

Some of the sad, long, unsmiling faces we see are basically happy people; but what happens? It looks like they are saying, `My face, I don't mind it, for I'm behind it. It's the fellow in front who gets the jar.'

These faces are reflecting preoccupation, hurry, stress, frustration, pain and maybe, anger. We become so intent on what we are doing or on our problems that we fail to realize how our feelings can create a negative climate around us. Do we go around looking like we have a stomach ache? Do our faces represent our Christian experience? Can others see Jesus in us?

Dr. Stanley Jones said, `We are not responsible for the face we are born with, but we are responsible for the face we die with.' Our thoughts and beliefs become etched on our faces as time goes on.

Taking time to read God's Word and pouring out our souls to Him plants seeds of happiness in our heart and it shows on our face. Fill your mind with good thoughts and you won't have room for negative thoughts.

When we give our hearts to Him and read of what Jesus did for us, we feel different. We want to smile and want to love others. Have a problem? Pray about it, do all you can about it, and give the rest to God. But don't take it back. Leave it there, let Him handle it, and learn to wait for His time table.

Yes, Jesus smiled! Early Writings, page 80, says "He drew near with a smile and . . . said Fear not' . . . His smile filled my soul.' Steps to Christ, page 120, says that He didn't wear an expression of grief, but of peaceful serenity.

You haven't got it all together? Well `Rejoice and be glad in the Lord,' Psalm 40:16. `Rejoice in the Lord always,' Philippians 4:4.

Should we just accept reality that we are down and sad? God wants us to give a testimony of Joy and Praise. In Steps to Christ, in the chapter entitled `Rejoicing in the Lord', the author says that many dwell too much upon their mistakes, failures and disappointments. We are to dwell on the lovely things in life.

There are three formulas which seem to help. First: make a list of all your blessings in your life and go over them each day, thanking God for each one. Add to it daily. This promotes gratitude.

Second: take 15-30 minutes daily to reflect on who you are and who you belong to. Also, think on the goodness and power of God. There is nothing that can happen in life that God and you together can't handle. This brings focus to our lives.

Third, think on happy times and good things. This will set the stage for the corners of your mouth to go up and your eyes to sparkle to look happy!

We have a choice! What are you doing to look for in life, thorns or roses? It's up to you wether you will be happy or not. We can control our thoughts and think good, happy thoughts by asking Jesus to help.

Sure, life can be the `pits', but do we have to punish ourselves again by dwelling on the bad things in our lives? Instead, let's say, `Yet the Lord is good. I will think on my blessings.'

Remember the discouraged soul is filled with darkness, so let's smell the roses and smile, smile, smile. Before long you will be smiling.

A Christian is...

A Christian is one who makes it easier for other people to believe in God.


Youth and their church

Many kids drop out of their congregations as teenagers. Religion no longer seems relevant to their lives. Their parents may want them to keep attending services, but they get so tired of arguing that they eventually give up and stop making them go. If you feel that your congregation is out of touch with young people, don't drop out. Speak up. Talk with the people who lead the youth program. Come up with ideas and offer to help....

And youth, don't expect your congregation to serve you. What can you contribute? For example, if you would like your place of worship to offer one service a month especially for young people, maybe you could help to organize it. The more involved you become, the more meaningful the service will be for you and the less likely you are to walk away.

Peter L. Benson in `What Kids Need to Succeed'

Profiles. . .

Lou (Quiet Library Leader, Kindergarten Sabbath School teacher, and New Member Committee chairperson) met David Kratzer while working with Pathfinders in Calhoun, Georgia. On October 4, 1990, they were married in Chattanooga.

David, born and raised in Indiana, works as a design engineer for C&P Enterprises in Ooltewah. He attended high school at Indiana Academy and college at Southern Missionary College, earning a degree in Industrial Technology. Previous work experience included a maintenance machinist and manager. While in the U.S. Army, David worked as Project Whitecoats.

Lou was born and raise in Battle Creek, Michigan. She went to Harper Creek High School and then attended Kellogg Community College to get her Machinist License. She also attended Madison Area Technical College in Portage, Wisconsin, for office and clerical work. Other then working at McDonald Road Church, she keeps busy at home holding the family and house together.

David has two children, Susan and Danny. Susan lives with her husband, Tim, in Calhoun and is an Emergency Medical Technician for Gordon Hospital. Danny is a student at Dalton College, Studying to be a Personal Fitness Trainer.

Lou has a daughter, Tammy. Enjoying horses and camping, Tammy looks forward to working at Summer Camp. She is a senior in Collegedale Academy and has plans for college, majoring in art. Tammy not only keeps busy with her classes at school, but also works for the Dairy Queen near Hamilton Place Mall.

After two years of marriage, David and Lou received a baby boy into their lives, Jeffery. Now, Jeff is a very active four-year-old learning and experiencing everything possible. When mom, Lou, comes to prepare the children's library bags for Sabbath, Jeff makes his rounds to visit the church sanitary manager and secretary. He loves people. When Lou was asked about Jeff, her response was `He can count to 29!' Jeff looks forward to being a conductor for an orchestra.

                        The Acceptable Year
                              of the Lord                              

                   Is this the Year our Lord will leave
                   Fair Heaven's far empyrean Shore,
                   And come to take his Chosen Home,
                   To dwell with Him forevermore?

                   How long before the Heavens part,
                   And thru Orion's open Void
                   The King of Glory shall descend,
                   And all the wicked are destroyed?

                   His weary Saints have tarried long
                   Upon this dismal sin-cursed Sphere:
                   Their yearning Hearts e'er hopeful wait
                   The Lord's acceptable Year.

                   And as the Seasons wax and wane,
                   And Time purses its usual Pace:
                   They search the Skies expectantly
                   To catch a Glimpse of Jesus' Face.

                   How long, dear Lord, until that Day,
                   When Time shall be no more, and we
                   Shall join that vast celestial Choir
                   To sing sweet Songs of Jubilee?

                   Oh may this be the year foretold
                   By holy Patriarchs of Yore,
                   When Christ shall come to take us Home
                   To be with Him forevermore.

                           Adrian V. Boyer

A Teen's Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray my stereo to keep.
I pray my cordless has speed dial,
And that my clothes will stay in style.
That `you know who' will notice me,
And that I will always zit-less be.
That my phone will often ring,
And weekends lots of fun will bring.

I pray my peers will see in me,
Something different that they need.
That when they ask about my life,
I'll have the courage to share Christ.
I pray the `in' group thinks I'm cool,
And Christian friends stick close at school.
And if I somehow come in late,
I pray my car keys they won' take.

Gayla Thornburgh


The difference between a conviction and a prejudice is that you can explain a conviction without getting angry.

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