March Manna Highlights


In war an army has a goal: to capture a hill, for example. In order to accomplish the goal, they will use all the weapons at their disposal. First the airplanes, then the tanks, then the mortars, then rifles, and if need, sticks, stones, or even their bare hands. But keep in mind; no matter how big or small the weapon, it's used to accomplish the goal.

You and I at McDonald Road have a goal: to introduce and magnify Jesus. To accomplish that goal we have a variety of methods and weapons in our arsenal: that hand shake at the door, greeting and welcoming visitors and asking their name, the children's divisions, Bell Choir, Children's choir, church camp outs, Women's Ministries, challenging and stimulating adult Sabbath School Classes, etc. etc.

Then we have the big guns: Christ centered sermons, Prayer Meetings, Net 96, VBS, a strong Pathfinder club (the best in the conference .... state .... country .... planet!)

Now another gun is being added, the Family Center. As many of you know, the last inspection has been approved and we will soon occupy the building. What goes through your mind when you think of the Family Center? Basket ball, volley ball, potluck!

As co-activity director, with my wife, we think of Saturday night at the movies, roller skating, banquets, ball games, cooking schools, parties...And I think of so much more.

What doth a church profit if they have all the activities in the world and loose sight of their goal?

Our Family Center is a big gun in God's arsenal to be used by God's army, to lift up and magnify our Savior. Each activity is to be another round fired.

Potluck. . .Boom!
Pathfinders. . .Boom!
Wedding Receptions. . .Boom!
Roller skating. . .Boom!
Basketball. . .Boom!
Parties. . .Boom! Etc. . .Boom!
Etc. . .Boom! Etc. . .Boom!
Rod Lewis

The first step

The path to solid, supportive, healthy relationships, self-respect and a quality life starts with the usually painful decision to do the right thing.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger in How Could You Do That?


Family Center Kitchen

Along with the newness of the kitchen, we would like to start a new kind of potluck. This new kind of potluck will include great tasting food, just like we used to have. It will include wonderful fellowship, just like we used to have. It will include frequent apple pie, just like we used to have. But there are some things we don't want our new potluck to have. We don't want it to be crowded, and thanks to our family center, it won't be. We don't want it to be slow in serving, and thanks to more space, we will have six serving lines if needed. We don't want to have our potluck hostesses laboring for several hours that's where you come in.

If you can bring your food prepared ready to serve, our dear ladies won't have to work too hard. Although our kitchen is bigger, there will not be enough room for everyone to "fix" their salad or `just check' on their casserole. So please bring it ready to go. Leave it on the `cold' or `hot' table and we will have the best potlucks ever.

Letter of Thanks

I want to thank my church family from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful ways in which you showed your support for our daughters and me when our `favorite man' (daddy and husband) had a heart attack and surgery. I am positive the prayers of all our friends, my church family, and even strangers is the reason our `favorite man' is healing so good. Thank you! He is getting stronger and I am certain of a future for Bill a healthy future. Thanks for everything you did for Bill and his family.

I also want to invite my church family to the wedding of our daughter. You will be able to celebrate with me Bill will walk his daughter down the isle in marriage. Look for a notice in the bulletin of the date and time.

- W and S

Do one of the following apply to you?

      I thought                 I Haven't                    How       
         I was                   taught                     about      
      teaching                   Sabbath                    me         
      Sabbath                    School                   for          
       School                    in two                   a            
     this month.                 years.                     change?    

Want to help fulfill Pastor's dream?
Volunteer to be a leader, associate, teacher, secretary, or pianist in
Primary I department...

Valentines Party

The silver ball room at the Radisson Read House will never be the same. On Sunday, February 16, 1997, the McDonald Road Sweetheart Banquet took place, and it was truly unforgettable.

First, the soft touch as Elizabeth Brown set the mood with her violin accompanied by her mom, Linda. Then we sat stunned as Scott Raney sang his wedding song to his bride... again. Mary Wilcox filled the room with the Rosie Silver sound of "Be My Love" on the flute. Then Ann Marie Bates sang "Unforgettable".

Pastor Gettys shared the secret of why he will never have any cavities, then challenged us to cement our love for each other with love for God. Newly weds, Doug & Shirley Bennett, shared a rare glimpse into their warm and fuzzy sides. We learned that Shirley first asked Doug to kiss her...or was that the other way around?

Sprinkled throughout were a cascade of door prizes. The couple married the longest sported 58 years while the shortest marriage was six months old. God bless you guys!!

Scott Raney, again, sang to his wife with "A Lady Like You". Adrian Boyer composed a poem (the one you see below) specifically for the banquet that Rod Lewis memorized and recited on his knee to his wife, Pam.

Thank you Social Committee. It was truly unforgettable!

                You Are Something Soft and Maiden

                   You are something soft and maiden
                   Like the vestal folds of eve -
                   Like a golden thread of beauty
                   Woven in an angel's sleeve.

                   You are something of September,
                   Or a moment made of May,
                   Or a breath of sultry August
                   Breathed against a languid day.

                   You are something in accordance
                   With the music of the spheres -
                   Like a great symphonic cadence
                   Overflowing silver tears.

                   You are grace and glow and fragrance -
                   You are taste and touch supreme,
                   You are something kin to angels
                   Made incarnate from a dream.

                   You are wind and wave and wonder -
                   You are warmth and chill and pain,
                   And a thousand full emotions
                   Only heaven can explain.

                   You are smile and sob and laughter -
                   You are bliss and blush benign,
                   But the wonder of this wonder
                   Is the wonder you are mine!

                          Adrian V. Boyer

     The Heavenly Happy Valley

     There's a Place called Happy Valley
     Down in sunny Tennessee,
     Cloistered by the Whiteoak Mountains
     That is Home to Ma and Me.
     There we dwell in sweet Contentment,
     In our silvan-arched Abode,
     Far removed from Urban Tumult,
     At the End of Sunset Road.

     In the Twilight of our Sojourn,
     We reside in blest Accord,
     As we wait the promised Advent
     Of our Saviour and our Lord.
     In the Interim we'll tarry,
     Ever watchful and resigned,
     Heartened by Divine Assurance,
     And a patient Frame of Mind.

     Then on some remote Tomorrow,
     In Life's final Episode,
     We'll exchange our earthly Dwelling
     For an Heavenly Abode,
     There to dwell thru countless Ages,
     Where fair Zion's Mountains rise,
     High in Heaven's Happy Valley,
     In the Land of Paradise.

                    Adrian V. Boyer

Profiles . . .

When Jack first saw Ruth at the Washington Missionary College Nurse's Alumni Banquet in 1947, he said to himself "If that girl will have me, that is the girl I am going to marry." Ten days later they were engaged. They will celebrate their 49th wedding anniversary on June 6.

Ruth has a B.S. in Nursing Administration. Her nursing was in O.B., surgery and pediatrics before becoming Assistant Director of Nurses in a 500 bed Houston hospital for 20 years.

Ruth sews, knits, tats and crochets; makes porcelain dolls from scratch (powder, water and her own kiln) and then makes the dolls' clothes. Blue ribbons prove her talent. Ruth does china painting, oils, watercolors, landscapes, portraits and still life; upholsters furniture, plays tennis, and cooks 777 wonderful recipes using oodles of fruits and vegetables from her garden. Her best titles are `Super Wife' and `Super Grandma.'

Jack attended Southern Junior College and graduated from the University of Chattanooga (UTC) with a double major in physics and mathematics. He did two years of graduate work in physics with a Masters Degree from the University of North Carolina and simultaneously taught physics there at age 20 as the youngest of 2000 faculty members. He did two years of physics research at the Naval Ordinance Laboratory on rocket-fired anti-submarine weapons near Takoma Park, Maryland.

Jack learned to fly in 1944 as a teenager and owned an airplane at 19, before he ever owned a car. He started flying for a living in 1949 and was a corporate pilot for 40 years. He is qualified as Pilot in Command in 109 types of aircraft.

Jack is a Commercial Pilot and Instrument Pilot and is rated for single engine, multi engine, land planes, sea planes, and gliders. He is a FAA certified Flight Instructor for Airplanes, Instruments, and Ground Instructor. The FAA appointed Jack as a Designated Pilot Examiner in 1980, authorizing him to give FAA flight tests for Private, Commercial and Instrument Pilot ratings plus Flight Instructor and Instrument Flight Instructor ratings. He does this every week in addition to staying active in aviation accident investigations (150 in 23 years) with court room testimony as an expert aviation witness. Jack has flown for 53 years in all 50 states, 6 continents and 76 countries; has 18,200 hours of flight time with no accidents, no incidents and no violations. He has authored 6 aviation books and 60 published aviation articles.

Jack and Ruth have four children and seven grandchildren. They love traveling, cruising, national parks, Sabbath School work, photography, reading, classical music, entertaining friends, and sharing beautiful sunsets from their White Oak Mountain `retirement' cabin.

Our Redemption

Dark Shadows hover; it's just before dawn Roman guards slumber to night's quiet song Behind a sealed stone, Someone sleeps Death still lingers, its desperate grasp it keeps As the sun shows its face on the new day's sky Heavenly lightning suddenly flashes on high His Holiest Angel flies to the tomb To call the Sleeping One awake from death's doom "Come Forth, Son of God, Thy Father Calls Thee" Nevermore a prisoner of death to be The guards fall as dead men to the ground Because of the angel's radiant light and sound The stone rolls away, Oh what a sight! Our victorious Lord appears bathed in light! He looks up to heaven, His arms held up high Knowing that the sacrifice is accepted, the reason He died To die for another is sometimes hard to understand But for our World? One just cannot comprehend Yes, it was done for you and me! Oh death, where is your sting? So on Calvary the price was paid And for our sins atonement made On that glorious day was our Salvation sealed Because with His stripes, we are healed. Margaret Mullins


Our bodies are about 70% water. We can't do anything - move, speak, or breathe, etc. - without water. You can't survive more than a few days without it.

Water carries nutrients, antibodies, hormones and disease-fighting cells into our bodies through the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Water lubricates mucous membranes and joints; promotes digestion and absorption of food; flushes topic waste from the body and regulates temperature.

Illness, temperature, and humidity changes will effect the loses of water within our bodies. Extreme exercise for 26 minutes would generate enough heat to coagulate the albuminous substance in the body, if there isn't enough water to cool the cells. This is similar to cooking an egg white.

Kidneys filter the blood about 400 times in 24 hours. This job is difficult without enough water in the blood. Over-worked kidneys can fail!

Depression, irritability, crankiness, excessive tiredness, and lack of mental alertness are indicators of water deficiency. When brain water levels drop below 70%, your behavior can resemble psychosis.

Damage to the blood vessel walls and blood clots can result from insufficient water intake. This also irritates the lining of the bladder causing infection and possible cancer.

Without enough water, your skin would shrivel and dry up. To test your skin, pinch the skin on the back of your hand. It should lay flat immediately after the pinch. If it stays "pinched", your body is dehydrated. The very last signs of dehydration are a dry or sticky mouth.

Iced tea, soda, cola drinks, alcohol, coffee and juices don't count for water. Most of these cause dehydration in due time for they get rid of the water they contain plus some in the reserves. These drinks can cause excess weight and add lots of salt which helps to retain water. Your body does need a little salt to function properly.

Thirst is not an accurate indicator for your needs. Most people don't feel thirsty often enough. It takes forced drinking to supply our needs. Thirsty? You have gone way beyond the safe zone!

Dr. Roger Miller, RAD, suggests using pure water coming through a charcoal filter or distiller. He says, "Many heart attacks and strokes happen in the morning because the kidneys have been filtering the blood all night, so the blood becomes quite dehydrated by morning which makes it easier for clots to form."

For good nutrition, you need a glass of water 15-30 minutes before a meal so it can go through the bloodstream and be excreted through the stomach lining to prepare the food for digestion. Allow one hour after a meal before drinking more, for it can water down the digestive juices and the food takes longer to digest. Ice cold drinks decrease digestion ability also.

Your daily loses of water are kidneys, 1 1/2 - 2 quarts; skin, 16 oz.; lungs, 8 oz.; and stools, 8 oz. Water increase should increase the output. The output should be of very little color or colorless.

How much is enough? This formula should help. Divide your weight by 2 (160 divided by 2 = 80) then divide this by 8. The total (10) equals the number of 8-ounce cups of water your body needs daily. Exercise requires 6 ounces every 20 minutes.

Increase intake slowly. It takes awhile to hydrate your body, so increase daily to reach your total needs.

Warning: If you have heart trouble or kidney trouble, consult your doctor.

The Strongest Christians are those who daily delight in the Holy Word. We need, in the spiritual as in the physical, "every day a portion" of the King's meat. We live, like Jesus, "by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

The pessimist sees problems as difficulties and complains, "Ow!" The Optimist accepts problems as challenges and exclaims, "Wow!"

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