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Gettys Responds

Our March Manna had a cartoon depicting me day dreaming about having hair on my head. Yes it is true I think about my skimpy head covering. But I do have other dreams as well:

Family Center. . .
If....we could pay it off soon!
If.... each member would give 50 cents per day, our Gym would be paid off by my birthday on October 27th.
If.... 200 families would each give $10 per week, we would be able to dedicate our structure by Christmas.
If.... everybody would give something on a regular basis. . .

Church Budget. . .
If.... everybody gave regularly a percent of their income, our budget can be met with ease.
If only each of us could assume our fair share of the load. We all enjoy a heated and air conditioned church. We like the church clean and ready for our worship on Sabbath.
I dream of never seeing our budget in the red. I dream of every family being richly blessed when God opens the great floodgates of heaven and pours out their personal tailor made blessings.

I dream of fully utilizing our Family Center for outreach and inreach; of more baptisms; of adequate staff for our Sabbath School divisions; of more space for seating; of every member being visited yearly....the list is endless.

I suppose my biggest dream is to see Jesus face to face and to stand on the streets of gold. Then I will have a full head of rich red hair! All trials will be over and we will all be saved. May that glad day be hastened! I want 675 out of 675 members to be there, without even one missing.

Pastor Don Gettys


                  To Kadesh-Barnea the Israelite Horde
                  In Sight of fair Canaan was led by the Lord.
                  But there in Rebellion, complaining they sighed
                  For the Fleshpots of Egypt and murmured and cried.

                  So for Forty some Years God caused them to roam,
                  Making the Wastelands their Wilderness Home,
                  Till all who from bondage the Lord had set free
                  Had died in the Desert beyond the Red Sea.

                  How sad their Transgression for which they were banned
                  From entering into the long Promised Land.
                  In a Kadesh-Barnea we dawdle Today,
                  With Heavenly Canaan just over the Way.

                  Oh, why should we lust for the Things of the Earth,
                  With all its Allurements, its Pleasures and Mirth,
                  When Jesus is waiting with Patience to share
                  Those beautiful Mansions He went to prepare?
                                Adrian V. Boyer

You can live weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without air. Fresh air is more essential than food. The atmosphere becomes poisonous without fresh air.

You are wealthy if you have a home in the country surrounded by trees, for they produce oxygen. Without oxygen, we wouldn't be able to use our food as fuel.

Have a hard time getting started in the morning? Feel tired most of the day? Lack energy? Feel depressed or gloomy? Poor breathing habits and a lack of oxygen could be your problem. We need plenty of fresh pure air to be healthy.

Breathing deeply of fresh air helps the blood to circulate healthfully, excites the appetite, helps digestion, induces sound sleep, keeps our mind clearer, helps our memory and helps us to work more productively. We also concentrate better and we're more creative.

Severe oxygen deficiency produces shortness of breath, severe headaches, dizziness and difficulty in thinking.

Improper breathing results in less oxygen in the lungs and less to transport the body cells. Less oxygen will dull our will power, discernment and judgement.

Our feelings are affected by our oxygen level also. We are prone to have stronger negative feelings like pain, anger, low self-esteem, depression, and false guilt with lower levels.

Our lungs are a miracle in themselves. We actually breath in eight quarts of air a minute. We don't breathe properly. We breathe too shallow, so we don't get enough oxygen.

Try this the next time you are nagging your spouse, "barking" at someone, or struggling with a difficult problem. Stop, take several deep breathes, fill your lungs to capacity and exhale slowly. This will help you to relax and have less nervous tension.

What is normal breathing? Take a deep breath with the chest expanding slightly and the lower ribs flaring out. The stomach bulges out with every breath. Then exhale, reversing the process.

We lose our vitality and our metabolic fires burn low when we breathe inadequately. Shallow and restricted breathing lead to fatigue, exhaustion, anemia, and depression.

To improve mental functions, try breathing deeply through the nose. When a group of patients with senility had the oxygen level slightly increased, there was a decided improvement of their mental function. They became more alive, had more interest in life, slept better, and started to take more responsibility for their personal care.

The Chinese know that good breathing results in vitality and increased endurance. They claim their legs "don't grow tired quickly" due to having enough oxygen in the blood stream.

While breathing through the nose to warm and moisten the air, we should take 16-20 breathes a minute. No shallow breaths!

Not all air is fresh and pure. What can we do? We could take drastic measures and move! Or wherever we live we could: Keep the air in constant circulation. Open windows. Air the house completely every day. Plant trees, but not too close to the house, and use plants in every room.

Let's use this life-giving source to it's fullest and put more zest into our lives.

True leadership

From Christ's perspective, a true leader is a servant, committed to the success of each individual in the group. Jesus did not criticize His disciples' desire to lead; He just showed them how to do it by washing their feet. (John 13:1-7) ...

The essence of spiritual leadership, therefore, is following Jesus and serving people. People rebel against controlling leaders, but it is impossible to rebel against a servant.

Geoff Gorsuch in `Brothers! Calling Men into Vital Relationships'

Profiles. . .

Greg and Marie met while Marie was attending Southern College. They met in February 1984 and were married in February 1986.

Marie was born and raised in Ohio. She graduated from Mount Vernon Academy in 1981. She moved down here after graduation to attend Southern College. She graduated from Southern College in 1984 with a degree in Office Administration. Marie has worked at McKee Foods for 15 years. She is currently in the Purchasing Dept.

Greg was born in Indiana and moved to Collegedale in 1967. He graduated from Southern Missionary College in 1979 with a degree in Nursing. He has worked at Erlanger and East Ridge Hospitals. He is currently employed with Plaza Urology.

After five years of marriage they were blessed with the birth of their daughter, Megan. Megan is 5 and 1/2 and is excited about starting Kindergarten next year. In their spare time, Greg, Marie, and Megan enjoy going to the beach, hiking, and biking together.

Greg and Marie have been members of the McDonald Road Church for eleven years. Marie has been involved with the Nursery and Cradle Roll departments. She is helping out this year teaching in the Kindergarten department. Marie has also helped out with the Quiet Library bags.

Greg is the Head Deacon for the church. This will be the second time for him to fill this position. He has also served as associate deacon and deacon.

Special Talents Needed:

Fromtime to time the Samaritan Center will have clients who are in need of maintenance and repair work on their homes which they have no way of getting done. These needs vary from routine yard and lawn maintenance for the elderly to one-time repair projects such as painting, plumbing, electrical and carpentry work. Materials are often available for these repairs. If you have talents and/or experience in any of the above areas, please consider adding your name to the center's list of `Samaritans On Call.'

After-hours Service: Emergency assistance with food, gas, shelter, and referrals is now available through the Samaritan Center's new "After-Hours Beeper Service." This service is available to your benevolence committee or pastor, making it possible for them to reach a social worker at times when other agencies are closed. If you know of someone in need of emergency assistance, contact your pastor.

Volunteers Needed for `Sunday Fun Day': The Samaritan Center sponsors a special program for children each Sunday afternoon. You could invest three hours one Sunday afternoon per month in caring interaction with community children.

Brown Bags Needed: The Samaritan Center needs to replenish its supply of brown paper grocery bags for the Clearance Bag Sales conducted the second and last Sundays of each month. Please recycle and save some trees!

Free Vision Testing: Free health screenings are provided free to the public from 1:00-4:00 p.m. the second Sunday of each month at the Samaritan Center. Vision testing is scheduled for April 14. These services are provided by nurses from memorial Hospital and Southern Adventist University School of Nursing.

Samaritan Painting Unveiled: Members of the local community are invited to participate in the unveiling of a painting illustrating the Bible story from which the local Samaritan Center takes it name. This celebration will begin at 2:00 p.m. on April 26 in the lobby of the Samaritan Center. The life-size painting was done by Daud Akbriev from the former Soviet Union. It was commissioned by an anonymous donor in recognition of the generosity and spirituality of the community and those who continue to help their neighbors through contributions of reusable goods, time, talents, and money.

For more information, call Susan Monk at (423) 238-7777.

       His Will Be Ours

I am not sent a pilgrim here,
     My heart with earth to fill;
But I am here God's grace to learn,
     And serve God's sovereign will.

He leads me on through smiles and tears,
     Grief follows gladness still;
But let me welcome both alike,
     Since both work out His will.

No service in itself is small,
     None great, though earth it fill;
But that is small that seeks its own,
     And great that seeks God's will.

Then hold my hand, most gracious Lord,
     Guide all my doings still;
And let this be my life's one aim,
     To do, or bear Thy will.

     Author unknown

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