July Manna Highlights

Deep Down In Jesus

My wife and I vacationed in Alaska. While we were on a ship we saw icebergs. As we observed them I noticed something that spoke to my soul. Frequently we observed icebergs traveling in one direction, in spite of the fact that strong winds were blowing the opposite direction. The bergs were moving against the wind!

Later I found the explanation. These great bergs are eight-ninths under the water. They were caught in the grip of mighty currents that carried them forward, no matter which way the winds blew.

In our Christian life we face the blowing of many an ill wind. Winds of doctrine, trouble, illness, loss. . . many raging winds attempt to blow us away. But if we have the greater part of our being thrust down into the deep places of God, we will continue to advance. The mighty currents of God will move us toward righteousness, regardless of all the gale Satan can blow against us. As you face the storms of life, make sure you are deep into Jesus. Study Jesus. Pray earnestly. Surrender to Jesus.

Our greatest need is not a cup of water; we have free access to the Fountain. We do not need the rags of human efforts; we have Jesus Christ and His perfect righteousness. Why turn to the sparks of philosophy when you have the great bright Son!

With Jesus, we are complete! Colossians 2:10 says, `You are complete in Christ.' Let the winds blow. Christians who are in Jesus can actually move against the wind. He who is anchored deep in Jesus and His truth will reach the safety of heaven's shore. It can't be long now.

Pastor Don Gettys

                         Kari Bishop presents
                         "Kids In the Kitchen"
                             for ages 4-12

                              July 20-25
                            6:30-8:00 p.m.

                  If you are interested in helping, 
                     please call Kari at 238-2120.

Four Divorce Myths:

Myth 1: The grass is greener outside my marriage. It might seem that someone else is better. Are you sure? This is seldom verified after the divorce. The truth is that what looks so green out there is usually weeds. Fertilize your own grass and enjoy it!

Myth 2: The kids will be better off. The truth- Divorce devastates children. Thumb sucking resumes along with bed wetting and often a long life of despair and grief. Kids pray their parents will remarry. When they don't, the kids begin to question God.

Myth 3: I will be happy after our divorce. Actually, happiness is determined less by circumstances and more by our attitude. Most divorced people experience guilt, loneliness, poverty, and anxiety.

Myth 4: God wants me to get divorced. The truth- Malachi 2:16 says that God hates divorce. This is just another of Satan's lies.

It is amazing how easy it is for a man to understand a wife when she isn't his. Try to make your husband or wife last a lifetime. Jesus will help you!

Collegiate-Young Adult Mission Project

In Huizachal, Chiapas, Mexico (August 1-10, 1997) a school will be built. In an area of 30 Adventist churches with over 25,000 Adventists and one pastor, there is no Adventist school. Young adults from several countries have been invited to join this project. Steve Case, President of Piece-of-the-Pie Ministries will coordinate this project for Maranatha Volunteers International. Cost of the trip is $275. Participants provide their own tent and round trip air ticket to Tapachula and should arrive on Friday, August 1. For more information, call Kyle Fiess at 916 920-1900; E-mail Kfiess@maranatha.org or check Maranatha's website at: http://www.maranatha.org/high.htm.

Adventists Received 15 Silver Angels

Fifteen angels were given at Hollywood's 20th annual Angel Awards luncheon. Five angels went to the Pacific Press: one for Parent Talk and four for Signs of the Times. Adventist Media Center ministries received four angels: Breath of Life received two for music, It Is Written received it's 18th angel, and The Voice of Prophecy received an angel. One angel went to Florida Focus, the Florida conference newsletter. The remaining five angels went to Adventist media work in the Music Category: The Heralds collected their 22nd angel, The Quiet Hour received an angel, Jim McDonald won two angels, and Concerned Communications received an angel.

You've Got Rythm!

Rest is as important to health as activity. We need the end of our day and the Sabbath rest so we can re-charge our batteries. Our energy is restored with rest so that our bodies can function properly.

A balance of activity and rest is very important. We need to take a lesson from our own bodies. Every bodily system has a work and rest cycle set in by our Creator.

Fatigue is second in the cause of accidents and death on the road. Too many are trying to cram too much in a 24 hour period at the expense of proper rest. They don't see themselves as dangerous, just tired.

Allowing rest not only gives good quality of life, but adds years. It improves mental and physical efficiency. When factories went on a 74 hour week to step up production, they found the average worker could only give 66 hours of actual work. They needed rest. They became irritable and restless. Morale dropped. Accidents and poor quality shot up. So they reduced the hours and received less spoiled work, better morale, less absenteeism, and a bonus production equaled to that of the 74 hour week. It was decided to have two breaks, besides lunch time, each day and two weeks of vacation every year along with one day off every week. Sound familiar?

Most illnesses respond to rest and it is a healer in acute injuries as well as healing the mind, but we must remember that too much is harmful. If we find tiredness a constant companion, we should seek a medical opinion; for it accompanies most diseases.

Hypertonic fatigue comes from too much mental or emotional stress. It can be caused by sleeplessness, headaches, backaches, or psychosomatic disorders. The treatment is exercise. Thirty minutes worth daily. Drink plenty of water. Breathe deeply. The worst thing to do is sit and do nothing.

Hypotonic fatigue is caused by prolonged activity. There's loss of efficiency, more mistakes, and less production. To cope, your body adds more adrenalin. Rest or you become exhausted. Quit before you get to that point. Learn to heed fatigue sign.

As you work, learn to relax any tight muscles; pace yourself and improve your working skills to save movements; take five minute breaks every two hours or take a brisk walk; plan "get away" time every six months and a week or two vacation once a year.

Fatigue maybe disabling to the moral discernment of church members just as alcohol is for others. It affects our relationships. Tiredness causes mood swings and diminishes communication. The amount we drink (water), exercise, eat, or sleep affects the level of fatigue we experience.

Tiredness can cause us to miss what God is trying to do for us. He touches us and we may not realize it for we are too tired to notice. `Come apart and rest awhile.'

                   Waste Not Your Youthful Days

                   Waste not your youthful Days, for they
                   At best are much too few,
                   For Time brooks no misspent Delay-
                   And oh,  tis true,  tis true.

                   The Years make no Allowance
                   For the squandered Interlude,
                   They leave no Dividend of Time
                   To be one Day renewed.

                   That one procrastinated Task
                   You relegated to
                   Some vague Tomorrow's pending Plan,
                   You'll never, ever do.

                   Like Shadows on a Dial our Lives
                   Drift on thru Life's brief Day
                   To join at last that Long Good Night,
                   And vanish soon away.

                   Guard well each Modicum of Time,
                   Nor squander it nor trade
                   For idle Hours,-for it's this Stuff
                   Of which our Lives are made.

                   Make haste, therefore, to fill each Hour
                   With useful Deeds, for they
                   Once forfeited can not be done
                   Upon some future Day.
                       Adrian V. Boyer

1996 Volunteer Hours at the Samaritan Center

Take a look at how many hours our church members volunteered at the Samaritan Center last year!

McDonald Road = 3,548 total hours.

Now take a look at the individual hours our members put in.

McDonald Road Member Hours:
Ed Allen 924.5
Bob Beckett 69
June Beckett 99.5
Adrian Boyer 416.5
Muriel Christiansen 265.75
Lauretta Clark 121.5
Cathy Lee Corwin 425.25
Mae Cusson 25
Marguerite Farwell 108.75
Scotty Farwell 40.75
Lydia Fore 40.75
Alma Froman 137.75
Laura Holmes 116.5
Janice Parker 116.5
Paul Seifert 60.5
Carl Tate 9
Melissa Turner 22
Violet Von Endt 85
Lezlee Walters 11.5
Don West 381.75

Thanks volunteers for your many hours of hard work!

Cancer Cannot

Cripple love!
Corrode faith!
Eat away peace!
Kill friendship!
Silence courage!
Invade the soul!
Quench the spirit!
Destroy confidence!
Reduce eternal life!
Erase the promises of God!
Obliterate happy memories!
Shatter the hope of heaven!
Lessen the power of the resurrection!
Prevent the faithfully obedient from entering heaven!
Cancer, or any other killer, can only affect the physical body for a time. It may hasten death, but it is appointed unto man once to die, anyway. (Heb. 9:27) Therefore, if one is prepared through faith in Christ, and obedience to Christ's commands (John 12:48), we need not fear death.

A picture is worth. . .

The only photograph Yousaf Karsh [photographer] ever took of a person's back was of Pablo Casals playing his cello in a small French abbey in 1954. . . Karsh was so enthralled by the music that he says he almost forgot why he was there. He took his portrait of Casals with the little bald-headed man bent over his cello, frozen in time against the plain stone wall of that chapel.

Years later, when the portrait was on exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, another old, bald-headed man came day after day and stood for long moments at a time in front of the portrait. The curator of the museum noticed him and, when his curiosity got the best of him, went over, tapped the man on the shoulder and asked him why he stood so long before the picture. The old man, with obvious irritation, turned to the curator and said, `Hush, young man! Can't you see I'm listening to the music!' . . . The church ought to present a picture to the world of what God wants the world to be. . . Our music will then permeate the whole of life, and we will hasten the day when the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdom of our Lord and Christ, who will reign forever and ever.

Maxie D. Dunnam in The Christian Way

Bible Instructors' Meeting Report

Sabbath, June 14, was the date for the E-Mail Bible Instructors' Meeting. J. Don Crook gave the devotional and Dean Saunders offered prayer.

A certificate, designed by Dwight and David Waterhouse, was circulated to show what is available upon completion of the Bible studies. It is a very nicely-designed certificate in color.

Dean reported 114 requests for Bible studies via e-mail. Five instructors in attendance reported from one to nine "active" students. Other instructors also have active students.

Discussion followed on how to answer questions that students ask. Dean accessed the INTERNET and showed various Bible studies that are available via internet. He emphasized that we are not to edit or alter the content of the lessons.

It was suggested that we tell new students that the King James Version of the Bible is being used.

There are 14 Bible-lesson instructors at the present time.

Pastor Gettys closed the meeting with prayer.

Those who attended were: Nels and Mary Angelin, Bob Beckett, J. Don Crook, Pastor Kent Crutcher, Pastor Don Gettys, Floyd Greenleaf, Gloria Lacey, Rod and Nathan Lewis, Janice Parker, Bob and Karen Roach, Dean Saunders, Marilyn Vallieres, Dwight & David Waterhouse, and Mary Zeigler.

Mark Your Calendar

September 19-21

Come with us to the Virginia Creeper Trail. We will be camping at Green Cove, Virginia.

The Virginia Creeper trail passes through some of the most beautiful scenery in southwest Virginia. This is a 34-mile bike trip that was formerly a railroad bed. Starting at Whitetop and ending at Abingdon, Virginia. You won't want to miss this trip!

July 15, 7:00-9:00 p.m. - Book Mania!

Come to the fireside room in the church and preview a very large selection of fascinating, educating Usborene books. There are subjects covering hobbies, science, nature, parent guides, and more! These books appeal to all ages, infants to adults. Children attendance is discouraged. For further information, call 423-3969204 for Rod or Pam Lewis.

White Chip Meringue Dessert Squares

For Crust: Combine flour and powdered sugar in a medium bowl. Cut in butter with pastry blender or 2 knives until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Press onto bottom of ungreased 13 X 9-inch baking pan.
Bake in preheated 375 F. oven for 10 to 12 minutes or until set.

For Topping: Sprinkle morsels and 1 cup nuts over hot crust. Beat egg whites in small mixer bowl until frothy. Gradually add brown sugar. Beat until stiff peaks form. Gently spread egg white mixture over morsels and nuts. Sprinkle with remaining nuts.

Bake at 375 F. for 15 to 20 minutes or until golden brown. Serve warm or cool. Cut into bars. Makes 2 dozen squares.

Memories of Billy McKee

In April, 1980, our son, Billy, wrote the poem, at the right of this column, for a school assignment. He gave the poem to the teacher the following day. That night the teacher read his poem. The next day in class, the teacher told Billy that she had lost his poem and asked him to please write it again and bring it to her. That night Billy told me what had happened, only he could not remember all the words in the poem. The next day at class he told his teacher, Mrs. Robertson at Collegedale Academy, that he could not remember all the words. `I'm glad,' she told him, `your poem was so good, I wanted to be sure you had not copied it from another one.'

I found out that Mrs. Robertson had entered Billy's poem in a National Contest. When I went to the Academy to accept the year book that they dedicated to him, inside was the First Place Journalism Award the Academy received from Billy's poem along with the original one he wrote, in his handwriting. Bill and I are proud of this poem and wanted to share it with all of our church members.

I often think of this poem when I see all the floods occurring these last few years. Indeed, no man can control the oceans, and I also think of the song `The Foolish Man Built His House Upon the Sand'.

Billy was a charter member of the McDonald Road Church. It opened when Billy was 14 years old.

For the new members that never knew Billy; he died in an auto accident on November 1, 1980. He turned 16 just three weeks before his death. We will meet him in God's Kingdom.

Bill & Wanda McKee

                              Lonely Ocean

                     The waves swell and subside,
                          Never even slowing from tide to tide.
                     The sun hides at night and
                          shimmers in the day, brightly, as
                              the cool winds blow,
                     Giving a brilliance to the
                          surface seen from below.
                     The sand shifts as the seaweed sways,
     Never ending, never ceasing,
         for the whole of its days.
     The ocean's floor is a graveyard
         for many of man's mistakes,
     The same as are lowlands,
         mountains and lakes.
               Man is the master of all that is land,
               But he can't begin to take the ocean in hand.
               As man frantically searches for a place to hide,
               The ocean is unchanging from tide to tide.

Written by Billy McKee
April 24, 1980

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