January Manna Highlights


Oil was discovered on the land of an old timer in Oklahoma. The little backwoods family suddenly became rich. The man had been accustomed to using a horse and buggy for transportation. The old timer went to town and bought a new set of store clothes called a suit. He also bought a brand new shiny Cadillac which was delivered to his shack. The next day he dressed up in his new clothes and drove into town sitting in his grand car which was pulled by a team of his best horses!

Power was available to him. The power of a hundred horses, but he did not know how to access that power. As you face 1998, why go through another year on your own power when you could tap into the 100+ horsepower of heaven? Jesus said in Matthew 28:18, "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth." That power is yours if you will simply ask in prayer. Prayer is the greatest untapped resource of Christians today. Prayer is the great unused potential of Christianity.

We want to devote the first Sabbath of 1998 to a Day of Prayer. Our first church service at 9:00 a.m. will be an urgent call to action and prayer for "Net 98". This will be presented by Pastor Dwight Nelson via satellite. At 10:30 we will separate for the study of the Sabbath School lesson. Then at 11:30 we will join hundreds of other Adventist churches across the world for a live broadcast called the Power of Prayer. The two church services will be different. At 12:30 we will have our first fellowship lunch for the year in our new Family Center. Then about 2:30 we are planning for a Prayer Warrior seminar in the Fireside Room.

Preview of 1998

Pastor Don Gettys

Each Sabbath service in January will follow on the theme of "How to be Great in 98".

Jan. 3. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "The Power of Prayer"
Jan. 10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."How to Get Into the Word of God"
Jan. 17 . . . . . . . . . . . "How to Effectively Witness for Jesus"
Jan. 24 "How to Establish and Maintain a Saving Relationship With Jesus"
Jan. 31 Our Pathfinder Sabbath will be a day of surrender and commitment to God.

February will be Family and Home month. We have already booked a well known speaker/singer, Jennifer Jill, to come and present a weekend on the first Sabbath about the family and home. Other topics will be How to be Happily Married and How to have Family Worship in your Home.

March will focus on Last Day Events. Millenniumitis; Last Day Counterfeits and Signs of the End with Norman Gulley.

April 18 May 16 there will be a special series on David. June will be a series of four sermons on Mary Magdalene. July and August we will have a series on the Seven Pillars of what makes us unique as Adventists. This will include the Second Coming, State of the Dead, Sabbath, Spirit of Prophecy, the Sanctuary Message, The 2300 Day Prophecy, The Simple Lifestyle, and The Special Remnant Church Message. Other plans include a Visitor's Day, Education Sabbath, Health and Wellness Weekend, Children's Sabbath, Net 98, Christmas Communion, and etc. Our goal is whenever you attend the McDonald Road Church, you will be fed and strengthened in your journey toward Christlikeness.

Words From the Pastor - Wonderful Things will Happen

It has been cold the last few weeks. Tuesday I stood looking out on my garden. I thought the harvest was all over. Then I thought again: perhaps not! Actually, my garden looks very green with its cover crop. A fall planting of vetch or some other legume will produce a harvest of rich nitrogen in the spring. Then I thought further. Here was creation going on in my garden. Material was being created before my eyes. Top soil, nutrients, richness was being added almost free of charge. More blessing was being added to the garden than the little plants were consuming. Akin to perpetual motion, more was coming out than was put in originally.

Christians ought to be like that. How often we are afraid to return God's tithe or to contribute a faithful significant offering. We think that we will be left with less. But hold the phone! When the Christian plants Jesus in his heart, he gains. The heart soil is enriched. God gives to givers more than they give away. By paying your Tithe, you actually enrich your holdings. Giving a regular offering leaves you with more than before. If you give, you will not go hungry. In fact, just the opposite will happen. God will increase your resources. Try it out. Put Jesus first in your life. Wonderful things will happen.

Pastor Don Gettys


We can not feel our best unless we have plenty of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and etc. We need to plan our menus well and eat our foods whole to get the most out of them.

Most diseases are caused by the lack of good wholesome food or our body's inability to absorb the nutrients completely. Many scientists are realizing the ground doesn't have as many nutrients as it use to. Food is being picked immature and too much time lapses before the food gets to market or processed. Much is lost before we get to sit down for our meals.

How can we tell if we are getting enough nutrients in our diets? There are many signs in our bodies when we are not getting enough vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and etc. For example: if you have a gross deficiency of vitamin C, you would have hideous culmination of tissue collapse, old scars breakdown, new wounds won't heal, blood vessels hemorrhage, collagen breaks down and gums can't hold teeth in anymore.

Let's look at some ways our bodies are telling us we are not getting the nutrients we need.

Lung disorders - Sinusitis - Susceptibility to colds - Asthma - Allergies - Respiratory infections - Dry skin - Flaky scalps - Blackheads - Whiteheads - Excessive wrinkles - Peeling or ridged nails - Poor vision - Strong reaction to glare - Soft teeth and bones - Bladder conditions (stones, cystitis, etc.) - Digestive disorders - Brittle nails - Spoon shaped nails - White hard fatty spots just under the skin - Body odors - Dull eyes - Colorless cheeks and lips - Restricted blood flow - Loss of smell and taste - Frequent fatigue - Loss of pep - Cavities - Pyorrhea - Pockets around teeth - skin infections - Cramps - Nose bleeds - Fast heartbeat - Delayed healing - Varicose veins - Dark red tongue - Purplish tongue - High and low blood pressure - Early aging - Bad circulation - Cold feet and hands - Phlebitis - Early greying of hair - Gout - Lack of memory - Senility - Infections - Calcium deposits - Poor iron absorption - Bleeding gums - Bursitis - Fiery red tip on tongue - Very thick tongue - Deep ridges or furry coat on tongue - Constipation - Fluid retention - Cracks and sores in corners of mouth - Gritty feeling in eyes - Scaling around forehead, ears, nose and mouth - Eczema - Gummy eyelids - Oily skin or hair - Bad breath - Headaches - hemorrhoids - Darkened thick layer over elbows - Stiffness - Acne...

What a list! This is only a partial one at that! Many of the things we have wrong with us are a result of not taking the time to eat properly or we aren't absorbing what we eat completely. Some of these signs accompany diseases so a doctor should be consulted.

Last year we went over many things we can do to have good health (water, rest, attitude, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, time away, sleep, and more). We have a new beginning! What are we going to do with it? It's up to us. We are what we eat!

If you would like some reading material (possibly you can get it from the library), ask for:

Reflection for Parents

A happy family is but an earlier heaven.

John Bowring

Internet News

The following letter came to us by Internet to share with you. . .

Good Evening,

I'm a born again, blood-bought believer in Jesus Christ. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy Pastor Don Gettys' sermons. The sermons are interesting, inspiring, and informative. I also enjoy the humor. Just wanted to encourage you to keep up the good work.



                             Tomorrow's Gateway
                                by Adrian V. Boyer

                          Tomorrow's Gateway opens wide
                          Upon another Year,
                          And leads to Paths as yet untrod
                          By Peasant, Sage or Seer.
                          What lies beyond its ancient Arch
                          No mortal Man may ken,
                          For thru the Ages Hosts have passed,
                          Yet none returned again
                          To tell what Fortunes lie ahead,
                          Or just how rough the Trail,
                          Or warn of hidden Dangers that
                          The Traveler might assail.

                          For only God's omniscient Eye
                          The Future can discern.
                          Thus we should walk each day by Faith
                          Howe'er our Course may turn.
                          But his we know and are assured,
                          Tho Ill or Woe o'ertake us,
                          The One Who marks the Sparrow's fall
                          Will in nowise forsake us.
                          With Confidence and daily Prayer
                          We have no need to fear
                          As thru Tomorrow's Gate we pass, -
                          For God is always near!

Our Children had Sabbath Vespers

The Kindergarten Sabbath School and a few children from Cherub Choir met at the church at 4:00 p.m. on December 6 to get ready to perform Sabbath Vespers to our Church Members. Vespers was to start at 5:00. Kerrie, Marie, Shea, and Linda (and others) rushed to dress fourteen children in angel costumes. Batteries were loaded in the candles that weren't broken and the children lined up for their big entrance.

The children sang like angels. Kerrie, associate leader of Kindergarten, gave the welcome since the leader, Susan, lost her voice the following night at rehearsal. Alexis just couldn't bring herself to the microphone to have prayer so Joshua bravely went to the microphone and had prayer for the congregation.

The Perfect Gift was next. Lindsey, Alanna, Darron, Brittney, and Girean timidly walked to the microphone with big red ribbons tied around them. Lindsey sweetly said her part. Alanna looked at the audience and saw the smiles on her mother and the rest of the family. She gave them a big smile back but couldn't say a word. Darron had his part well rehearsed. Brittney wouldn't dare go to the microphone. Girean did though. Quietly she said her part. Wait a minute! What were those lines we were to say all together?

When Backstage at the Christmas Pageant came up, Molly, Erik, Joshua, Megan, and her mother, Marie came on the platform. The program said that Bill (Susan's son) was suppose to be the director. That morning Bill lost his voice so Marie took his place. They all did a wonderful job.

Because Bill had lost his voice, Sam (Bill's puppet) couldn't be there for Yuletide Bliss. . . or Miss? Shea (our other puppeteer with Esther) did a wonderful job finding someone (Linda) in our audience to take his place.

The Kindergartners even gave the congregation a chance to sing. Larisa was the chorister. Over all, everyone enjoyed Sabbath Vespers.

Many thanks were given to Shea for directing the choir and for doing Esther's part in the program; Jennifer for playing the piano; Marilyn and Carmen for making the costumes; Kerrie, Marie, and Linda for filling in where needed.

Souls for Christ's Kingdom

by Evonne Crook

Have you ever dreamed of experiencing mission service in exotic, faraway lands around the world? I know I have. And I've listened to many returned missionaries tell of their thrilling experiences while spreading the gospel of Jesus. One thing they never seem to have forgotten was the time-consuming, expensive, and sometimes dangerous journey to reach the area in which they served.

McDonald Road church members are very fortunate. We are able to participate in active world-wide evangelism without the expense or sacrifice of leaving our homes. Evangelistic methods today would be just about impossible for our church's pioneer ancestors to recognize. The days of tent revivals, town hall meetings, and circuit riding preachers have been replaced by more technical methods. Radio, television, and satellite broadcasts have made possible the rapid progress of spreading the gospel to the world. But there are still many who have to been reached by these mediums.

At least 18 members of the McDonald Road Church are actively participating in a ministry that is reaching many of those previously untouched by other methods. The information superhighway of the Internet has made this possible. To date, 287 Bible studies have been or are currently being conducted by these lay Bible instructors. Our church would like to reach a goal of 300 studies started by the end of 1997, which will mark the first anniversary of the e-mail Bible studies program available on our church's website.

The McDonald Road Church's website was the creative concept of church member, Dean Saunders, and is maintained by him. He has dedicated much of his personal time since 1995 to this outreach ministry and is excited by the results so far. Our's was the first Adventist church website in the Southern Union and the third site in the world. Dean also maintains other pages linked through our website such as the Seventh-day Adventist Churches Home Page Directory, which lists and accesses all home pages maintained by other Adventist churches around the world; the Southern Union Directory, which lists and accesses all churches with websites in the Southern Union; and a local area Adventist church directory. These pages can be accessed by location or by language.

On our church's impressive website, you can access the Mission Page (maintained by Jamie DeLay in Thailand), Pathfinder Page (maintained by Lisa Sornson), Youth Page (maintained by Nathan Pizar), Children's Divisions Sabbath School Page, and the soon-to-be-established Adult Sabbath School Class Page. The website address for McDonald Road Church is:


Recent advancements for this ministry have been achieved by the November acquisition of our own independent server and the December 17 installation of a dedicated phone line to the church's computer. One of our church members donated the computer. Church member, Mike Cathey, with the assistance of Dean Saunders, donated time to assemble the server and install the software. It is currently housed in the Information Services department of Southern Adventist University (SAU).

The advantages of these additions are many. One is that the load is now removed from SAU's server, which previously hosted our website. This allows for much faster accessibility to our website because there are far less users at any given time. This also allows our server to be an independent host to numerous accounts that can be established by the systems administrator.

Another advantage is that Dean can better maintain management of the website files. Until the server was installed, all messages e-mailed to our website were received by all persons who had accounts established on our site and had to be manually sorted in order to find mail specifically for them. Now, the server acts as its own post office. It can sort the messages automatically and post only the mail to be directed to specific account. This makes response time much faster and more efficient.

All of this computer technology means that we now have another method of reaching people with the message of salvation and Christ's soon return. And it is nice to know that you do not have to be a computer whiz to be an active participant in this ministry. Several of the members currently involved had little or no computer experience before they started. But they are hooked now, especially when they see the results. Many have commented on the effects of personal e-mail messages sent along with each new lesson of a Bible study. On-line friendships have developed and are being strengthened as the studies progress. Lives are being touched and people are being brought closer to Jesus.

One member commented that, as the disciples gathered fish with their nets and later were advised by Jesus to become fishers of men, so we can use the tools available through new technologies to gather souls for Christ's kingdom.

Angel, Angel, Meek and Mild
      by Nikki Crook

Angel, angel, meek and mild,
Told Mary about the Heavenly Child.

Mary, Mary, face flushed and red,
Laid the Baby in a primitive bed.

Baby, Baby, Son of God,
Three kings come to honor,
With love and laud.

Three kings, three kings,
They came from afar,
Traveled by night
Following a glorious star.

Star, star, shines so bright,
Made of angels
Dressed in Heavenly light.

Angel, angel, Heavenly glow,
Told Joseph where to go.

Joseph, Joseph, knowing the plan,
Took Mary and the Baby
To a foreign land.

Baby, Baby, grown up tall,
Gave the greatest Gift of all.

Profiles. . .

In Detroit, Michigan, on October 29, 1955, Steve Leonard was born to Leonard and Gertrude Luttman. At the age of 5, Steve and his family moved to Lafayette, Indiana and lived there for 10 years. In 1971 they moved to the Collegedale area.

Steve worked for his dad, one of the best carpenters around, at the age of 17, only to join the army a year later. In 1973 Steve was sent to Boot Camp in Fort Knox, Kentucky. From there he went to Fort Gordon, Georgia to take classes for radio tele-type operator. After graduating, he was sent to Gelnhausen, Germany. He was there for six months before he went to Bad Toelz, Germany to take classes for message center clerk for classified information. When he graduated, he was sent back to Gelnhausen where he worked as tele-type operator and message center clerk in the battalion headquarters in the third Armor Division.

In November of 1975, Steve went home to continue working with his dad. Steve worked with his dad for 19 years. After Leonard retired, he handed the business down to his son. Now Steve is still building plenty of houses at all sizes and specializes in oak stairways.

As a hobby, Steve took Martial Arts in 1985. Three years ago he received his first degree black belt. Now he is teaching Tae Kwon-Do at his own school on Lee Highway in Ooltewah.

In 1988 Steve met Susan Braman. On August 5, 1989 they were married, making a family of seven. Steve had two children (Jason Steven and Amanda Martina) from his first marriage. Both children live with their mother. Susan had three children (William Alex, who works for Just for Feet and attends ECPC; Jeremy Ryan; and Shauna Marie, who works and attends Chattanooga State) from her previous marriage. All three children are living with their mom and Steve.

It was January 7, 1956 in Holly Michigan, that Susan Fay was born to Clare and Lucille Braman. She moved quite a bit in Michigan, including places such as Sister Lakes, Pontiac, Owosso, and of course, Holly. They also lived in Worthington, Ohio, where her sister was born.

Susan attended Adelphian Academy (when it existed) and graduated from Forrest Lake Academy. When it was possible, she took college classes which included: business, writing, accounting, and speed writing.

Susan now works for you, the McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist church. She is our good church secretary. She is also the Kindergarten Leader and will soon be promoted to Primary 1. She is also busy helping Steve with his school in Tae Kwon-Do.

Steve & Susan enjoy hiking, camping, skiing, kayaking, biking, Tae Kwon-Do, and reading.

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