March Manna Highlights

Camp Out at Fall Creek Falls, May 15-17

Start making reservations (1-800-250-8611) the first of March. We will be camping in B90-126 camp area. For more information, watch your bulletin.
Some new and exciting things are happening in our church. Two of these things began on Sabbath afternoon, February 14. Beginning at 2:00 p.m., dozens of teams began surveying our community to discover the needs of our neighbors. The survey asked if they would be interested in various types of seminars involving everything from small engine repair and computer skills to family relations and Biblical knowledge. The results are not all in yet, but what we have is exciting and informative. We know of over 40 children who are interested in coming to our Vacation Bible School and received over 30 prayer requests! Almost every seminar that we asked about was very popular with our neighbors. We will have a hard time deciding what seminars to offer first!

Along with the survey, a loaf of whole wheat bread was given. This was very well received as was a notice of our proposal to use our Family Center as an emergency shelter in the case of a local disaster.

Many of those who went from house to house are so excited about the opportunity to meet our neighbors that they are asking, "When can we do it again?" Stay tuned for future announcements of when this will happen again. When the day was over, the participants were served refreshments while they told stories of their experiences that afternoon.

While this was taking place, a new ministry was beginning in Polk County, a county where we have no Seventh-day Adventist Church. We have started a radio program on WBIN in Benton entitled "It's In The Bible."

This program is running from 3:00-4:00 p.m. every Sabbath afternoon and covers all of Polk county and other areas. Bob Uhl is in charge of all arrangements with the station and programming. He is also the host of the show in which he asks questions and his guest answers the questions from the Bible. The first guest was Pastor Kent Crutcher. Our theme song was composed and performed by Jack Crosby and Donna Shurley. Deanna Uhl has been selecting music appropriate to our target audience which is played during breaks in the question and answer period. Thank you to all who are helping with these ministries with their time, efforts, finances, talents, and prayers!

Positive Lifestyle -Battleground In Our Marrow

Charlene Anderson, Health/Temperance Leader

"A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bone." Prov. 14:30 NIV. "A broken Spirit drieth the bones." Prov. 17:22.

Our bones have many functions. They produce different types of white blood cells (leukocytes) in the red bone marrow. They ingest unwanted and foreign objects, produce antibodies, play an indispensable role in the body's immune response.

Many of the nerve endings make direct contact with them. The immune response is greatly diminished when they sever these nerves by a scalpel. When the nerves are stimulated, the immune response was increased.

If we are subjected to psychological stress that goes beyond our coping abilities, the results of the immune system is suppressed and decreases the activity and number of leukocytes.

Dr. David Felton notes that "changes in behavioral and emotional states that accompany the perception of environmental circumstances are accompanied by nerve-hormone changes." Human studies implicate psychosocial factors are involved in various pathophysiological processes.

The state of mind has a lot more to do without physical health than we thought. Envy or a crushed spirit can cause the bone marrow to break down immunologically speaking. On the other hand; a merry, peaceful heart; pleasant words and a cheerful look will give health to our bones and our entire being.

It is evident that neural-immune connections exist between the nervous and immune systems. One system cannot function without the other.

Ellen White states, "The electric power of the brain, promoted by mental activity, vitalizes the whole system and is invaluable in resisted disease." The power of the will and importance of self-control, both in preservation and in the recovery of health; the depressing and ruinous effect of anger discontent, selfishness or impurity; and on the other hand, the life giving power to be found in cheerfulness, unselfishness, gratitude, should also be shown.

Abiding in Christ brings physical health. White says, "the influence of the Spirit of God is the very best medicine for disease. Even the physical health improves by the realization of his security in Christ.

Here are four therapies that positively alter moods.

Walking: It increases blood and lymphatic circulation. It increases chemical mediators that affect the mood.

Service: Encourage an active, unselfish, voluntary service for others. The condition of the mind effects the health. Doing for others unselfishly creates a cheerfulness that reacts upon the whole system.

Praise: Nothing tends more to promote health of body and soul than a spirit of gratitude and praise.

Laughter: "Laughter stimulates the immune system, offsetting the immune suppressive effects of stress," says Patty Wooten, founder and President of Just for the Health of It.

Laughter can make you feel like a million! Christians should be the happiest and healthiest people around!

The Whimsical Wind
              (The Wind bloweth where it listeth. John 3:8)
                         Adrian V. Boyer
                    The Wind that blows the winnowed
                              That's threshed from golden grain,
                    Can generate a Cyclone,
                              Or brew a Hurricane.
                    The Wind may blow a Williwaw,
                              And whiffle back and forth,
                    Or gather in its frigid Flaws
                              A Snowstorm from the North.

                    So many Whimsies has the Wind,
                              They cannot be divined -
                    It's tempermental Gusts and Gales
                              Are wild and unconfined.
                    Some Winds blow North, and some
                    blow South,
                              And some blow galley west,
                    And East Winds oft bring drenching
                              Upon a Linestorm's Crest.

                    No matter how the Four Winds blow,
                              On Heath or Hearth or Hill,
                    Whatever guise they may assume,
                              They come and go at will.
                    And we to wonder whence they waft,
                              In willy-nilly Wise,
                    Or when these wanton Winds may
                         From dark and sullen Skies.

The Sweet Heart Banquet

Sunday, February 15, a miracle happened at the McDonald Road Family Center. The Social Committee waved their magic wand over the gymnasium and it was transformed into the tunnel of love. The Sweetheart Banquet began at 6:30 p.m. when 126 people, dressed in semiformal attire, stepped into the hall to find the gym tastefully decorated in red and white. The tables laid out in the shape of "X's" and the flowing punch bowl in the center formed and "O".

Pastor Gettys asked God's presence and blessing on the evening and the food. The meal; baked potato, glazed carrots, green beans, prime steaks, coleslaw, topped off with a cherry tart; was served to the guests by ten hand picked pathfinders. Their black pants, white shirts with red bow ties and comber-buns made it seem that the very decorations in the hall had come alive.

Live music by Sherilyn Pellington with her violin and Elizabeth Brown on the piano, filled the air with warmth. They gave that extra touch that added class to the spectacular.

Master of ceremonies, Rod Lewis, introduced a parade of entertainment that showed a tremendous amount of talent to be found at McDonald Road. Jerry and Carol Harrison gave Kenny G a run for his money, matching the entertainment giant note for a note on his sax. Linda Brooks brought MRMR (McDonald Road Melody Ringers) to the center stage and performed three numbers that were worth the price of admission alone.

Pastor and Sue Crutcher challenged us all with the nuts and bolts of being better lovers. Then they sealed their remarks with a kiss. Jack Crosby and Donna Shirley sang two numbers and even had the audience get in the act singing "Let Me Call You Sweetheart!"

Bob Uhl pulled the tickets and handed out door prizes, including dinners at the Olive Garden and gift certificates to Sears. Engaged couple, Kim Weron and Tim Stubbert were honored by receiving a special teddy bear delivered from the ceiling by a fishing pole. Then the evening was capped off by Rod Lewis reciting a poem composed by Poet Adrian Boyer, specifically for the sweetheart banquet.

One of the guests summed up the night when they said, "Wow, what a night!"

I Gave My Heart Away

by Adrian Boyer

When I was just a callow Youth,
     I met a Maid one Day
So passing Fair that unaware
     I gave my Heart away.

And suddenly the Skies were Blue,
     And gone the Clouds of Gray,
When I surveyed a certain Maid,
     And gave my Heart away.

The very Earth then filled with Mirth
     And bands began to play
A Melody of Love so sweet,
     I gave my Heart away.

While some declare their Wealth and
     Or boast of Mark or Fame,
I do not envy them a bit,
     Or covet their Acclaim.

For I possess more Happiness
     Than Riches could convey,
Since I surveyed that charming Maid,
     And gave my Heart away.

Tho I was just a callow Youth,
     I happily can say,
My Life has been a Heaven since
     I gave my Heart away.

Whate'er the Future may contrive,
     I'll never rue the Day
I met a Maid so passing Fair,
     And gave my Heart away.

Reflection for Parents - A torn jacket is soon mended; but hard words bruise the heart of a child.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The lowly paper clip

Several years ago, an expensive laboratory jet was approaching Edwards Air Force Base in California. When the pilot tried to lower the nose wheel to landing position, it didn't respond. The co-pilot ran a quick check and traced the problem to a faulty relay panel. Recognizing the problem, he hunted around for something to bypass the relay and activate the nose gear.

He found a paper clip and bent it so that it bypassed the problem and triggered the nose gear. It worked like a charm, saving the expensive jet, not to mention the crew, from a crash landing.

At that moment, for that special job, the lowly paper clip was more important than the rest of the sophisticated equipment on the plane.

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