June Manna Highlights

McDonald Manna

McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 11 No. 6

Junior Bible Scholars

Bob Moore

The Junior Sabbath School was pleased to present awards to many of its Juniors for their outstanding accomplishments. Jason, Robby, Stephanie, Julie, and Sara earned Junior Bible Scholar trophies. Caitlyn, Amanda, Christy, and Nikki earned Junior Bible Scholar blue ribbons. Amber, Diana, Josh, Brian, Justin, and Phil earned Junior Bible Scholar red ribbons.

The Juniors earned points for attending Sabbath School and arriving on time, bringing their Bible and lesson quarterly to Sabbath School, studying their Sabbath School lesson at home, and memorizing the weekly memory verse. Jason deserves special recognition for earning a perfect score of 78 -- 6 points each week for 13 weeks. Robby was close behind with a score of 74.

We are proud of all our Juniors. Although they are young, they set an example for the rest of us (1 Timothy 4:12). We urge you to follow their example by being a Senior Bible Scholar this week. Study your Sabbath School lesson, learn your memory verse, and bring your Bible to Sabbath School!

Visit to Tennessee Aquarium and IMAX 3D Theater

Primary 1 had plans to go to the Knoxville Zoo on May 3. What was all that rain showing on the weather report? Thinking that no one would want to visit the zoo in the rain, plans were changed.

A visit to the Tennessee Aquarium and IMAX 3D Theater would be a good trip indoors. That's where we went. Troy, Girean, Alexis and Amber met us at the church parking lot where they climbed into the van anticipating the trip.

We went to the IMAX 3D Theater first where we met Ryan on his family. Together we watched a city in space. It was tempting to touch what seemed to be there but wasn't.

Lunch was next. The weather was just a little wet, so everyone climbed into the vans.

We walked off our lunch in the Tennessee Aquarium. They have jelly fish now! After the aquarium, the children were able to take a keepsake home.


McDonald Manna

Once upon a time, two acorns were born in a big Oak tree in a vast forest. Their names were Albert Acorn and Amanda Acorn. Albert and Amanda lived in their shells side by side. It was springtime and they enjoyed the bright green foliage around them. They liked to gaze at the wide blue sky (Albert especially liked this). They were intrigued as they watched the forest floor far below. Little green plants poked their shoots out of the soil. Tiny flowers poked their purple and red petals out of the leaves (Amanda especially liked this). Albert and Amanda became friends and were happy together in their big oak tree in the vast forest.

Spring turned into Summer. Albert and Amanda planned for the future every day. They talked about many important things.

"Where do Oak trees come from Albert?" Amanda asked.

"Well. . ." Albert thought for a minute. "The other day I overheard Wise Old Owl talking about acorns becoming Oak trees!"

"You mean Acorns like us?" asked Amanda.

"Well Yeah, Acorns like us. Do you think it might be true Amanda?"

"Wow, Albert, I sure do hope so!" Albert and Amanda both decided that they would become Oak trees. Day after day Amanda thought about Oak trees.

One day she blurted out, quite unexpectedly: "Albert! How do trees grow? What keeps them from falling over?"

"They have roots, silly," he replied.

"Roots?" Amanda asked.

"Yea, roots. You know, down in the ground."

"Hmmmm. . . I wonder what it's like down there," Amanda thought aloud.

Albert heard and replied, "Well, I don't know. I'm just glad that we are up here where it's nice and warm."

"Me too," replied Amanda. "All of our food is provided by this great tree."

Albert looked at Amanda when she said this and replied before thinking: "That's for sure! Have you looked in a mirror lately?"

"You're not so thin yourself!" retorted Amanda.

Summer turned into Autumn. One day, Albert knew that something was bothering Amanda. "What's bugging you, Amanda?"

"Remember when we talked about roots? Do all trees have roots?" Amanda asked.

"Well, I think so. Why?"

"And trees grow from the ground up?" Amanda inquired.

"Yea, so?"

"And we're wanting to become Oak trees," she continued.

"Yes, Amanda! So what's your point!"

"Albert, maybe we have to start on the ground!"

"Ha!" Albert laughed, "You think we should jump?"

"Well. . . I don't know. . .I. . ."

"You're actually thinking about it?"

"Sort of. . ."

"That's foolishness, Amanda. You're crazy! Please don't do it!" Albert pleaded with Amanda not to jump every day. But one day in late Autumn, they said their goodbyes and Amanda jumped.

Autumn turned into Winter. Albert spent a lonely Winter. He didn't feel very well. But He was safe and secure in his shell in the big Oak tree in the vast forest. He thought of poor Amanda. She was dead now. But he, Albert, would still be a mighty Oak tree! But each day he felt worse and worse. He shriveled up more and more. It was too late when he discovered that he had become rotten from the inside out.

Winter turned into spring. In the very spot where Amanda had fallen onto the ground, a little green sprout emerged. Amanda grew into a towering Oak tree. She provided branches for many bird nests and shade for many weary travelers. She was so happy that she had learned a simple rule: A fruitful life comes only through death to self.

"Unless a kernel of wheat is buried and dies, it produces nothing. It always will be just one kernel of wheat. But if it dies, it produces other kernels for a great harvest. So it is with me. If a person lives only for himself, he'll lose eternal life. But if he hates the selfishness in this world and lives for others, he'll produce a harvest of good things and receive life eternal." John 12:24, 25 The Clear Word

The Invitation

by Adrian V. Boyer

The Lord is mindful of our needs,
He marks our every care, ­
His Ear is e'er inclined to hear
The penitential Prayer.

A Man of Sorrows and of Grief
He comforts those who mourn,
And shares the Burdens that oppress
The Weary and the Worn.

He mends the broken Heart with Love,
And wipes away each Tear:
He satisfies the hungry Soul
And banishes all Fear.

To all who follow in His Steps
He promises a place
Of everlasting Peace and joy,
Thru His abundant Grace.

The Invitation is to all
Who hearken to His Plea
To enter God's eternal Rest,
Beside the Crystal Sea.

So let us heed the Saviour's Voice
That pleads so earnestly,
Entreating all who will to come, ­
Whoever they may be.

Mission Trip to Venezuela

Lauren Elmendorf, church member, plans to take a mission trip with Collegedale Academy to Venezuela next spring break. She will help build buildings for a Seventh-day Adventist summer camp. Lauren would like to pay for this trip on her own, but she needs help. Can you help her? Not only will you help the mission project, but you will help give Lauren a spiritual experience.


McDonald Manna

We all can have silver linings to our clouds! To be healthy we need a good outlook to what life give us. Happiness doesn't just happen, it's your choice! Yes, we do have clouds, but we need to learn to "blow them away" and let the "sunshine" in our lives.

There are ways to raise our spirits. As you walk along, give everyone you meet a big smile and an enthusiastic greeting. You need to give your face permission to look happy - lift those corners of your mouth. Make a list of the good things in your life, then read them often. Do things for someone else because it helps you to forget about your clouds. Learn to laugh about foolish things you do, it could make a great story.

We are told in Ministry of Healing to give more expression of our faith, rejoicing in the blessing that we have ­ the great mercy and love of God. We need more faith and joy. The blessings are great from appreciating the goodness and love of God.

We should have praise for God in our hearts and on our lips. We should learn to be hopeful by studying the cross. Let's not forget that we are the sons and daughters of God!

We should be thankful, forgetting our difficulties, and praising God for our opportunities to live and witness for Him. Our hearts should be full of praise for His tokens of love. Praise Him upon waking; it sets the mode for your day.

We should not relay all the bad things that happen to us or talk of our sorrows, sufferings, and lack of faith. Satan has designed many bad things for us and someday soon he'll be stopped for good. He delights to hear us relate our woes. We are told that we are glorifying him when we talk about gloomy things. We are apt to give ourselves into God's hands by talking of His power. So let's always talk of God's power and blessings; in so doing will gain in health. This produces a positive attitude. In everything give thanks!

We need to look for the little treasures God has put here for us. What can we do to break the habit of negative thinking and start counting our blessings. Learn to lean on God. You could get a pretty jar, and every time you are thankful for something, drop in a penny. On dark days, look at the jar and thank God for all the blessings represented. When it's full, do something special with the money.

Life is how you look at it and how you react to it. With God's help, learn to make lemonade with the lemons in life!

Coming this summer is a new history of the McDonald Road Church. A short history was distributed in 1989 at the ten-year homecoming. This new, updated edition will be published as a 64-page book. It describes the details the original plans to establish the church and continues with the growth of the congregation from its original 289 members to one of the large churches in the Georgia-Cumberland Conference.

Floyd Greenleaf, former history professor and chair of the History Department at Southern, wrote the first edition in 1989 and has rewritten the earlier story and added material covering the years since 1989. The College Press will print the book. It will include several pages of pictures, and a list of the charter members arranged according to the church from which they transferred to McDonald Road. You will want a copy of this book.

The title of the book is Possessing the Land: the Story of the McDonald Road Church, 1975-1997.

McDonald Manna

We welcome Gale and Eula May Gabbert!

Gale is a retired minister who enjoys gardening and landscaping.

Eula May is a retired elementary school teacher who enjoys music and reading.

They have three children, Teresa, Dennis, and Brenda who are now adults with jobs and homes of their own.

Next time you see this couple, don't forget to say "Hi".

Volume 1 ­ No. 3

Editor: Joan Crosby

Published: June 4, 1988

Six pages

What Happened Ten Years Ago?

Church member, Joe Orquia, planned to go to the Philippines to do volunteer medical work. He was with five or six other medical students from Loma Linda University who were working with ADRA and was partly subsidized by Students of International Mission Service (SIMS). Joe was asking the church for their financial support and prayers.

Ellen and Ted Ashton, church members, received several scholarships that year while graduating from Collegedale Academy (CA). They both received a $6,500 scholarship from Southern Collegedale (University) for a high GPA and ACT score. Out of six of these scholarships awarded, Ashtons received two of them. Ellen received a music department scholarship from Southern and from the McDonald Club. Ted was voted Senior boy of the year by the faculty of CA.

Dancing in the shadows

Bass Mitchell

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil."

My father took me on our first camping trip together. We set up camp and then went on a hike down a forest trail. But before we got back to camp, it had gotten dark. The moon was rising and a breeze blew through the forest, casting eerie shadows all around us as we walked back to camp. I took hold of my father's hand and squeezed it tightly. The shadows seemed to be giant monsters with large arms reaching out to grab me.

I looked up at him and whispered, "Daddy, I don't like the shadows. They scare me."

My father knelt down, sitting me on one of his knees. He stretched out one of his own hands into a shadow at our feet. The shadows looked like a hungry mouth. He turned his hand over in the shadow and then slowly pulled it back and said, "put your hand on mine." I reluctantly rested my hand on his. He then slowly put our hands into the shadow and said, "See? Don't be afraid of the shadows. They can't hurt you." After I put my hand in the shadow, I then slowly put in a foot. . . then the

other. . .until I was standing completely in the shadow. I smiled up at my father and then, like little children do, began to dance right there in the shadow! And I danced through the shadows all the way to camp, glancing up now and then to make sure my father was still there. And when we got back, my father made a glorious campfire and we made funny shadow creatures with our hands on the side of the tent.

Shadows cannot hurt us. Do not fear them. The Shepherd is with you even in the shadows. So dance in them until you reach camp.

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