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Vol. 11 ¨ No. 9

Campaign for Community

Pastor Kent Crutcher   

The time of year has come again when most of our churches are gearing up for the annual Ingathering program. In the Chattanooga area, we are privileged to be working with a different program. Campaign for Community is an opportunity for us to be much more involved than just going door to door with a can in hand asking for funds to help supply the world's needs. We get to see every penny of the money collected going to work in our own communit y! We also have the opportunity to be involved with offering the services that these funds provide. 
The Samaritan Center in Ooltewah is the recipient of the funds, skills, time, and needed items that we donate. If you donate funds directly to th e Samaritan Center, they go to help pay some of the expenses of operation including the electricity, water, gas, and insurance. The churches that are in the community usually provide monthly assistance in this area. If you donate funds to Campaign for Com munity, they go to support the many programs that the Samaritan Center provides. This is where the need is greatest.
The Samaritan Center is not just a place that distributes food and clothing to those in need. It is a place that people can enter with dignity to receive assistance. A social work staff is there to help determine the needs of the clients. The thrift shop is a place where needed items can be purchased at costs to fit the tightest of budgets.  People in crisis situations receive neede d items at no charge.  Emergency help is also provided to help with rent, utilities, gasoline, and medications. JobNet is a free job counseling and placement service that assists individuals in finding
employment. Steven Ministry is a program tha t will train people to provide appropriate care and support for hurting people through weekly visits. Children are especially cared for at the Samaritan Center. School supplies, baby clothing and other baby care items, scholarships for a week at camp, and lots of loving attention are provided for the kids. A Community Care nurse is provided to give health information and explore healthcare options with people on a one-to-one basis. A pager is used by the Samaritan Center staff to provide emergency service s when the Center is closed. These emergencies could include anything from a person stranded to a family burned out to a community hit by a disaster. Many other services are also provided.
As our Campaign for Community begins, ask "Who is my neighbor?" Remember them as you give of your funds, time, skills, and the items that they might need. Let's continue to show our community that the Seventh-day Adventist Church really cares.

It All Fits Together

Paul Ravenhill

Prayer is the bleeding of the heart, preaching is the outpouring of the life, and worship is the giving of one's soul

There's a rustle in the Forest,
And a stirring in the Trees
As the North Wind sends its
To explore the Woods and Leas.
Bustling Birds make Preparation
To their Fli ght to warmer Spheres,
Hasting in Anticipation
As the Winter Season nears.

Now the Crickets' failing Chorus
Faintly haunts the Evening Air,
And the hibernating Mammal
Seeks his cozy Winter Lair.
It's the last Hurrah of Summer,
And a Time for taking Stock:
Just before the Wiles of Winter
Fraught with Frenzy run Amok.

The Last Hurrah of Summer

Adrian V. Boyer

There's a Mist down in the Valley
And a Frost upon the Glen
Like an holy Benediction,
And a pastoral Amen.
It's the last Hurrah of Summer,
And September's Autograph
Written on each leafy Bower,
Like the Season's Epitaph.

It's a Time of sad Reflection
On the balmy Days of June,
When the South Wind kissed the
Of some sleepy blue Lagoon.
The azure Skies and purple Dusks
That once their Charm Extended,
Have lost their magic Alchemy -
For Summer now is ended.

Weddings Will Never Be the Same

Rod & Pam Lewis   

A new member of the wedding party has been created, and you can be that member.
In the past, every wedding had a bride, groom, flower girl, Bible boy, etc., etc. . . . old stuff! From now the wedding party will include the "Official Keeper of the Key!"
For years, couples have been seeking spiritual weddings in churches only to have their cars damaged or "decorated" with inappropriate sexual innuendo at the reception. This has been toler ated because . . . Ha! Ha! Ha!. . . it was all done in fun!
The masses stand idly by and let the few make a mockery of the new couple's car only because they felt powerless to do anything, or they haven't been given any other alternative.
The "Offic ial Keeper of the Key" is a great alternative. Here's how it works: Arrange ahead of time to be the "official Keeper of the Key", or "Keeper" for short. The morning of the wedding, get the couple's car and give them yours or arrange a rental for them. (Th ey will need wheels that day. Don't leave them stranded!)
Take their car and wash, wax, vacuum, and armor all of it. Wash the windows. Do everything you can to make the car look as good as it can (professional detailing is not necessary). Make some dec orations out of poster board. Make them colorful and tasteful. Include a "Just Married" sign for the rear window.
Scotch tape your decorations to the inside of the windows taking care not to obscure too much view. Avoid the rear window defroster wires with your tape (removing tape over these wires damages the wire).
  Next, scotch tape as many dollar  bills to the inside of the windshield as you can possibly collect. Obscuring the view is the goal at this point. I contact the fathers of both the bride and groom ahead of time and let them supply me with most of these "decorations".
Have the clean and decorated car available at the reception. Many guests wil l enjoy seeing it and will add to the "decoration$" ($$ if you know what I mean $$).
You will have to be polite but firm with those who would degrade the car with their own version of "decorations".
My family has been the Keeper at eight weddings as of this article. Please join me and start this new tradition. Soon more and more weddings will have Keepers and we can send our young off after their Spiritual, Christ centered wedding in an equally positive car.

Positive Lifestyle

Battling Deadly Diseases - Our Modern Inheritance    (part 2)

by Charlene Anderson, Health/Temperance Leader

Antioxidants neutralize the effects of free radicals. They get between the free radicals and their targets and render them harmless. They keep free radicals stable and prevent damage to tissu es.

The body uses manganese, zinc, copper, and selenium to make a supply of antioxidants. These minerals combine with enzymes to neutralize the radicals. A small deficiency in these minerals grea tly affects the supply of antioxidants. In our fight we need lots of Vitamin C, E, and Beta Carotene. These clean up excess free radicals.
Most people don't get enough vitamins from their food. Do you eat nine (at least) fresh fruits and vegetables dai ly? To get enough vitamins and minerals you would have to eat outrageous amounts of food. Example: To get 100 IU of Vitamin E you would have to eat 100 cups of almonds, 250 cups of 100% whole grain cereal, 256 slices of 100% whole wheat bread, 1_ cups of safflower oil or 2 cups of wheat germ. Anyone hungry? We need to get as much nutrients from our food as we can, but there are gaps which can't be filled by food alone if we are going to win the battle of the free radicals (diseases).
A 1993 eco nomic analysis report by Pracon Inc. identifies a savings of $8.7 billion in U.S. health care cost if everyone used antioxidants. "The more antioxidants found in the body, the longer the person's life span will be," says aging expert, Richard G. Cutler, G erontology Research Center.

Antioxidants stand guard to keep free radicals from damaging the DNA and causing cancerous changes. Vitamin E stimulates the immune system to destroy tumor cells as they are transforming into a cancerous state. This provides protection against colon cancer.
A Finnish study showed 50 IU of Vitamin E for 5-8 years dropped the amount of cases of prostate cancer and they were less likely to develop it. Vitamin E is low in people with lung canc er also.
People with the lowest amount of Vitamin C intake had 2-3 times the risk of cancer. There are many studies showing how the antioxidants are fighting disease, but the most important part is in prevention of disease - stopping disease in it's tr ack.
So what about arthritis, cataracts, macula degeneration, different heart problems - we could go on and on. Antioxidants - are they our answer to a better immune system? It sure looks promising.
Antioxidants are just another part of our health p uzzles. Positive Lifestyle has given many ideas for a healthier life for you, but it can not give you a healthier life. That's up to you!

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