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Vol. 11  No. 10

NeXt Millennium Seminar at a

The NeXt Millennium Seminar: Finding a Forever Friendship with God
Thought to be the most extensive global satellite-transmitted Bible seminar in the history of the Christian church; with 40 simultaneous translations.
Dwight K. Nelson, senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church at Andrews University; internationally-known speaker and author of eight books including Outrageous Grace: Finding a Forever Friendship with God and Built to Last: You Were Meant to Live Forever, two new titles for NeXt Millennium Seminar.
Considering events and trends in the news in relation to biblical teachings and prophecy. Exploring the major teachings and prophecies of the Bible to portray God as the great God of relationships who is, and will be, restoring the broken relationships sin has caused.

October 9-November 14 nightly
(except Mondays and Thursdays)
7:15- 8:30 p.m.

Production Site
Pioneer Memorial Church
Andrews University
Berrien Springs, Michigan

That's the Church For Me

by Adrian V. Boyer

Give me a Church that's friendly,
A Church where People care,
And joyful Songs of Zion charge
The Sabbath Morning Air.
A Church where Angels fill the Aisles,
And there's an Atmosphere
Of Reverence as the worshipers
Feel Heaven's Presence near.
A Church where Christ is central to
Each Sermon that's addressed,
And as the Gospel Truths are heard
The Folks are truly blest.
A Church that views the D ecalogue
Incumbent and sublime,
With not one Jot or Tittle changed
And valid in our Time.

A Sanctuary where the Soul
Finds Solace and Release,
And troubled Hearts are comforted
With reassuring Peace.
And Folks look forward to the Day
When Christ will gather in
The Remnant of His Chosen Flock
From Earth's Domain of Sin.
Tho some may seek the Elegance
Cathedrals oft display,
And Oratory charms the Ears
Of those who came to pray, -
Give me a Church where Folks convene
In genial Ha rmony,
Where Love and Grace transform the Heart:
That's the Church for Me

True Faith Must Find Expression

by Gale Gabbert,  Stewardship Committee Chairman

Praise and Thanksgiving is always found in a born-again believer's testimony. It is traditional, in the autumn harvest season, to turn our thoughts toward heaven and our Creator and Sustainer , God.
Our church would like to begin featuring member testimonials of God's faithfulness in time, talents, and material blessings. These may be in written form for bulletin inserts or
McDonald Manna. Please contact me or one of the pastors if you are willing to share in this way.
Shortly after we moved to this area and started attending McDonald Road church, Pastor Gettys appealed to new and long term membe rs to give systematically for the Family
Center loan so that we could be out of debt by the end of the year. Eula May and I talked and prayed about it and started giving $100 each month to church budget and another $100 to the Family Center debt, alon g with our tithe and etc. We plan to bring the gift up to $1,000 for the Family Center by year end. I know many of you have given for this project for two, three, or more years. Perhaps we all can do something special these next three months. I understand the debt is now a little under $35,000.
Thanks also for remembering to give to
Campaign for Community, formerly called Ingathering. Our goal is $5,500, and th at all stays right in our community to assist in the benevolent work of the Samaritan Center.
"Every true faith must find expression. It can never be repeated too often, and each must tell it in his own way."

Always an Answer

After Sabbath Vespers, one father always gave in to the pleas of his children for soda and ice cream. One night, however, he objected, saying, "Where does it say that, after vespers, you shou ld always get something to eat and drink?"
"The Bible says it," his teenage son answered. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst."

Children's Letters to God

Dear God,
. . . Instead of letting people die and having to make new ones, why don't You just keep the ones You have now?

. . . Who draws the lines around the countries?

. . . I went to this wedding and they kissed right in church. Is that okay? 

Positive Lifestyle

Our Greatest Source of Health and Strength
by Charlene Anderson, Health/Temperance Leader

God has given us all we need to know about our health in the Bible and Diet and Foods, Ministry of Healing, Temperance, Counsels on Health. I we heed these points, we should be able to enjoy the benefits of good health.
Even so, once in a while, we might succumb to a low moment in our general health. Most of the time, we can trace it to not followi ng what we know we should be doing. Sometimes it may seem hard to keep on top of it all. But isn't it better than having bad health?
It is much easier when we use the "substitution" rule. That is - whenever you are going to eliminate something from you r life or diet, substitute it with something good for you. The results are fantastic!
There is a very important health rule that many of us put on the back burner. One we may feel, "I don't have time for that right now. I'll do it later." But later doe sn't come. Making time for God should be number one!
You want to do this - You can do this - It's your life line - It's your health line.
1.   Make an appointment with God, just like anyone else: morning worship, study time, family worship (make it a block of time, not just five minutes. You will drink deeply from the well of living water). Just visit with God and spend time sharing your joys and sorrows. Spend time listening to Him. When we make devotion time, a priority, everything else falls into place and God's presence permeates all our activities. This is the most important appointment you'll have all day.
2. Read a portion of the Bible each day. Reading His Word is listening to him. You' ll receive encouragement, courage or admonition. We don't live by bread alone, but by the words of God (Matthew 4:4).
3. Pray morning and evening. Our goal is to be with God, so we need to start here! He wants us to be dedicated to Him - Christ centere d. We need prayer. We need to talk to Him all day. Prayer should be the business of the day. Do we spend more time with our friends than with God?
4. Don't forget family worship! This is one of the most important appointments. Have a family counsel to decide when would be the best time for everyone. Then stick to that so everyone will be able to plan on that time.

5.    The temptation will be to give up. Never give up!  If  you miss your appointment with God, don't worry. Just keep your nex t appointment with your Lord.
These pointers will give us the peace of mind we need and ultimately will improve our general health.
A Christian man is the most free lord of all, and subject to none; a Chris tian man is the most dutiful servant of all, and subject to everyone. Martin Luther

Top Ten Things a Preacher Will Never hear the Congregation Say

Compliments of  Jim Wyche Seminars

10. Hey! It's my turn to sit in the front pew!
9. You went 25 minutes over? Preacher . . . I was so caught up, I didn't even notice!
8. I enjoy witnessing a whole lot more than golf!
7. I've decided to give our church the $500 a month I used to send to TV evangelists.
6. I'd like to volunteer to be the permanent teacher for the Earliteen Sabbath School class.
5. Forget the denominational minimum salary. We wanna pay you so you can live as good as we do.
4. I love it when we sing hymns I've never heard before!
3. Preacher, we'd like to send you to this Bible seminar in the Bahamas.
2. I just love it when it's time for the annual stewardship campaign!
. . . And the nu mber one thing a preacher will never hear the congregation say. . .
Since we're all here, let's start the service early.

The Stew Pot

"Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1Peter 5:8). In The Great C ontroversy, p. 508, we are told that Satan "is intruding his presence in every department of the household . . . breaking up families." There is evidence of this all around us. We all need to be on our guard for the enemy is hard at work and often uses good people to mess up lives.
Howard Hendricks researched hundreds of Christian ministers who had fallen into immorality. There was a surprising finding: it was almost unanimous - practically everyone had be lieved that a moral problem "could NOT happen to ME!" What sad experience has taught the shepherds also applies to the sheep.
None of us are exempt from attacks by the enemy in the area of our marriages or close relationships. Early in our marriage the seminary asked John to teach an extension class in Montemorelos University in Mexico. Millie had "inherited" two lively adolescent sons. Although she had not "birthed" them, she loved them as her own. However, this did not mean she had no conflict. John' s advice on heading south was, "Don't rock the boat too much with the kids. I'll soon be back." But for Millie, it was one of her heaviest summers - teaching overload at the University, canning, and disciplining. In her words: At night as I lay there too exhausted and stressed to sleep, the distinct words popped into her head, "I don't love John anymore!"
"The next night the same thought seed to sleep, the distinct words popped into her head, "I don't love John anymore!" came, 'I don't love John anymor e.' She thought and reacted: 'Where did that come from? Not from god!' Out loud she said: 'Get thee behind me, Satan! I do love John' That tempting thought has never returned to since." Satan does give suggestions and when there are trials, problems or fr ustrations - he works hardest by suggesting wrong acts, encouraging depression, or working in any way to break up the marriage.
Satan attacks when we have no time for our spouse. In our Marriage Commitment Seminars we have discovered that the number on e problem for Christian couples seems to be "no time for two" - not enough couple time. We had lectured on happy marriages at the Pugwash Camp meeting in Nova Scotia. One busy husband, convicted that his wife had not been receiving the attention she deser ved from him, decided to spark up their relationship and invited her to a "date." Off they rumbled in the old car for the "metropolis" of Pugwash - two or three stores on one street. On the way he suddenly put on the brakes, rushed off to the side of the road and plucked some fresh daisies which he gallantly presented to his beloved. This romantic occasion must have flowers! On they went to Pugwash. The choices were limited in Pugwash, so to an ice cream parlor they went for this special date. While chatt ing and reminiscing on their courtship days, he gave her some "mad money" to spend on anything she might desire. By this time she was amused and laughing with delight at this simple but pleasurable moment. The important thing was, they were together on a date and they were having fun.
The enemy may suggest that someone else would be more romantic. Fight back by making your own marriage more romantic and putting some fizz into it. Marriage needs to be sparked up from time to time. Have you ever gone to the refrigerator and found an old bottle of pop that had been there for days or weeks? You take a sip of it and find that it has lost its fizz. The busy lives we lead, the world around that presses in on us, tends to take the fizz out of marriage.
When this happens, too often one of the two may be tempted to look elsewhere for another more interesting relationship. What we need is not another spouse, but a new exciting relationship with the spouse we already have.
On our 25th anniversary , John took Millie to Gatlinburg. It was an icy December day; roads had been closed and our little Honda wagon struggled up the slippery mountain to Timber Rose Inn. They furnished us with a penthouse suite that looked out over the Great Smoky Mountains. We enjoyed the hot tub amid the falling snowflakes on our private balcony. There were fresh flowers, music playing, and even a fireplace in the beautiful antique decorated bedroom. It was a romantic place to celebrate our anniversary. A year later, Millie took John to an "Unknown" destination which turned out to be the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan. The island had no cars on it. We were met at the dock by a horse-drawn carriage. There were the fancy dresses and men were required to wear coats and ties to dinner. We entered the dining room lined by butlers in black uniform. There were afternoon teas with live concert music to make it all special, beautiful garden walks, and evening strolls on the shore of Lake Huron. We could afford only one n ight, but we stored up memories for a life-time. Some may not be able to afford an expensive motel or a resort experience. That's alright. It is not the luxury that counts, but what counts is that you do something unique that says, "You are special and I' m happy I married you!: Some have never spent money to make their marriage exciting, but they have shelled out many thousands on divorce settlements and child support. A divorce is expensive! We can't afford it spiritually, morally, or financially. That i s why we choose to invest in the marriage relationship and family we already have.
It is important that we recognize some of the negative areas where Satan can intrude in the marriage relationship. Below, w e will identify some of them. You might want to add others to the list.
Eight Dangers to Marriage
1. Over-commitment and long hours at the job - little quality time for the spouse.
2. Taking love for granted and having no joy/fun in the relationship.
3. Unwillingne ss to spend time and money on your marital partner.
4. Showing attention and admiration towards someone other than your spouse.
5. Unrealistic expectations/disappointments.
6. Pettiness and selfishness.
7. Lack of spirituality.
8. Blaming, trying to control the spouse.
On the other hand, here are some things you can do to make your marriage what it ought to be and to spark up your marriage relationship.
Action Steps to a Transformed Marri age
1. Express appreciation and demonstrate love by little attentions.
2. Try to outdo each other in giving to one another.
3. Spend 1-2 hours a week with your spouse in dating activities, planning t ime, and goal setting.
4. Get out of the rut and put creativity and effort toward a growing marriage.
5. Offer forgiveness quickly.
6. Recall some of your most enjoyable moments and make plans for new ones.
7. Grow spiritually, pray together d aily, and study God's word.
8. Look for the good in each other.
9. Thank God today for the spouse you have and tell her/him so.
When efforts are made toward a special love relationship, the echo of that first evening in Eden will be heard resound ing in your experience: "And, behold, it was very good."
Stewardship is a total life-style. It involves our health, time, environment, relationships, spirituality and finances.
This article is distributed monthly by the Southern Union Stewardship Ministries; Oliver J. McKinney, Jr., Director
The Stew Pot is produc ed monthly by the Pacific Union Conference, Adventist Stewardship Ministries  Director & Editor: Gordon Botting. Volume 3, No. 9, September 1998

The fast that feeds the soul

Fast from criticism,
and feast on praise.
Fast from self-pity,
and feast on joy.
Fast from ill-temper,
and feast on peace.
Fast from resentment,
and feast on contentment. Fast from jealousy,
and feast on love.
Fast from pride,
and feast on humility.
Fast from selfishness,
and feast on service.
Fast from fear,
and feast on faith.

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