March Manna Highlights

McDonald Manna -     March, 1999

McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 12 No. 3

Youth lead out in worship on Pathfinder Sabbath

How many of you have ever been a Pathfinder or worked with a Pathfinder club? When the congregation was asked this question on Pathfinder Sabbath, it seemed that almost every hand was raised--at both services.

After many weeks of preparation and practice, our Pathfinder club, under the direction of Pam Tuttle and her staff, led out in the adult Sabbath School program on Jan. 30. The Pathfinders were invested into the different classifications they had worked toward during the year and were given the various honors they had earned. They also led out in both worship services, which included giving the prayer and offering appeal, providing special music, leading out as the congregation sang hymns, collecting the offering, and reading Scripture. All of this is good training for these young members of our church!

Pastor Kent Crutcher was asked to preach for Pathfinder Sabbath. His sermon, Always a Way, was based upon several Bible promises that help us avoid discouragement and hold the fort till the very end, the soon coming of Jesus.

Let's remember our Pathfinder club as it continues to prepare our youth for the leadership of our church.

Take another look at Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry!

When you hear this phrase, does it just kinda turn you off? Do you go on to something more important?

I'd like you to spend just a few minutes with me in looking at this, maybe in another light. Let's turn the phrase around just a little to say "the ministry of women in our church family." Now does that seem smoother to the ear? Good!

I would like to keep you informed from time to time about what is really going on, for two reasons. First of all, one can realize that we are people who are often carrying real loads and need your prayers and concern. Secondly, you often are not aware of all the advantages that are available in our church family.

I'd like to familiarize you with the statement and purpose of our ministry. "We minister with love and compassion to the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional needs of all women, men, and children, by seeking to reflect Jesus in our personal area of influence for Christ. Our propose is bringing people to Jesus." As your leaders, we are committed to this statement. Let me illustrate it.

At the beginning of the year we met and prayed, asking God to show us how we could fulfill this statement. He didn't disappoint us by any means.

Sylvia Crook was impressed to conduct a class in "Experiencing God." If you haven't had the joy of learning His will through this daily plan, treat yourself to this wonderful experience. It is changing my life along with the lives of many others. He will change your life too. You will grow stronger as you experience God in a new, fresh way!

Bonnie Ley and I asked God to lead us to a ministry that would glorify Him in helping others to become healthy, happy people, reflecting His love in our appearance and well-being. Again, He led! The "First Place Class" is another adventure in making Christ first in all we do. Whether we eat or drink or whatever we do, we choose to do all to His glory.

Brenda Hayes is planning monthly social get-togethers during the year. She calls it "Ladies Night Out." It's a time to share and become better acquainted. Watch the bulletin for further information.

Think of the deaconesses and their ministry in providing showers, facilitating a prayer chain, preparing for the Lord's supper, assisting during baptisms, providing food for the sick and bereaved, and visiting members.

Think of our Pathfinder leader, our Sabbath school leaders, our musicians, our treasurer, our church clerk, our women elders, our church custodians, and church secretary. All of this involves the ministry of women.

In the future, when you hear the phrase Women's Ministry, stop and thank God for the women who are committed to making life happier for you and others.

--Margaret Halverson,

Women's Ministry leader

"Miracle Grow" for your marriage!

In February, our thoughts turned to love and our special Valentine. Now that March is here, springtime is just around the corner. We are thinking of those early-blooming crocuses and of possibly plowing and fertilizing the garden to prepare for some early vegetables. But what about fertilizing our marriage relationship for some new spring growth?

A Marriage Encounter weekend provides an opportunity to do just that! On a Marriage Encounter weekend, couples learn how to communicate on a deeper level. It is easy to grow apart in the hectic pace of the times in which we live. The Lord's plan for His people is to grow together in oneness. A special weekend for just the two of you will provide the atmosphere to experience that oneness of heart and of spirit.

The next Marriage Encounter weekend will be held March 19-21, 1999, at the Holiday Inn North in Cleveland. If you have any questions about the weekend, please contact Kelvin and Brenda Hayes.We would be happy to share what a Marriage Encounter weekend has meant for us. We can be reached in the evenings at 423-296-0803.

Sweetheart Banquet transforms the Family Center into a watered garden

The guests flowed into the Family Center only to find it gone. In its place was a watered-garden paradise unrivaled by any of the choice dining spots to be found in Chattanooga. How do you describe it? Breath-taking.

To the far-off strains of Nelson Floyd Weber, they made their way to one of 15 cozy, round tables elegantly decorated with candlelight, gourmet chocolate, and antique books.

Everywhere was the subtle whisper of water. Seven concrete fountains sat wet and dripping, their basins full and dancing. The steady flow of water was punctuated by the sound of laughter from some guests at the far side of the garden.

Suddenly, with a prayer of blessing, it began. Without command, they came dressed in uniforms of black and white set off with rich reds...well-trained Pathfinders on a mission to provide excellent service. Sliding in and out like a well-oiled machine, they set the meal in front of each guest.

And what a meal it was! Holiday chicken with sweet and sour sauce set proudly beside generous servings of corn and green bean almonde was served with a baked potato. Dinner rolls were homemade and piping hot.

Almost from the very start, people were winning things. Several door prizes were given to surprised people. Sue was sitting on a gift certificate and didn't even know it!

Fed and satisfied, my wife pulled in close, and we held hands like kids. One after another, the entertainers made us laugh or cry. First by flute, then the entire audience hummed softly as several romantic selections were played by the McDonald Road Melody Ringers handbell choir.

The vocal numbers were more like prayers--sang for our enjoyment, but wrapped in hidden meaning understood only by the singer's spouse.

Two couples, engaged to be married, were honored and presented with the tools needed to dig themselves further in love.

To cap the evening off Pastor Gettys, armed with a poem written specifically for the Sweetheart Banquet by poet Adrian Boyer, sank to his knee and surprised his wife, Cynthia, by reciting "Faithfully Yours" to her!

It was done. I sat with my wife in a warm glow, enjoying that constant sound of rippling water. We didn't want it to end.

Did You Know?

The McDonald Road Hawk Pathfinder Club planned, prepared, and served the entire meal at the Sweetheart Banquet.

Two garden benches, seven fountains, and more than 100 plants were borrowed from the Ooltewah Nursery for the event.

Pastor Gettys' poem was composed specifically for the evening by Adrian Boyer.

Sheryl Baker envisioned, planned, and marshaled an army of volunteers in order to make the decorations.

Our truest and heartfelt thanks goes to everyone who made the Sweetheart Banquet a success.

--Rod and Pam Lewis, social committee directors

Positive Lifestyle column:

Don't Beat Yourself Up!

One of the best ways to exercise is to walk. This exercise has good benefits on your body. You don't have to beat yourself up, but you do need to come to the point of sweating.

Susan Johnson, EdD, author of The Walking Handbook, says, "Walk as if you are late for an appointment, but make sure you can still talk without huffing and puffing." You should not become winded.

Ann Marie Miller, a walking instructor at New York Sports Clubs, says, "Walk at least 3-5 times a week." She recommends, "Consult your doctor before starting any exercise program, and beginners should start out with 15-20 minutes for the first three weeks. Then extend the walking time gradually to 35 minutes." Only add 10 percent of the time over a one-week period. On days you don't walk, try another kind of exercise.

Ms. Miller advises, "Wearing running shoes is the biggest mistake people make. Cross-trainer shoes aren't good either because they are heavy and stiff--solid. The shoe should be light and flexible. It should keep your foot in place and feel comfortable. There should be a space between your toe and the toe of the shoe."

If you can't find a whole block of time, it's best to walk for 10 minutes four times a day. You are more apt to keep it up.

Good posture is important. Walk with your chest up and shoulders back. Your chin should be parallel to the ground, looking straight ahead. Tuck your buttocks under your hips, pulling in your abdominal wall muscles. Your feet should be in line with your body, with the toes pointing straight ahead. Your arms should be bent at 90-degree angles, holding your elbows close to your side and swinging them between the breast bone and the hips.

Stretching your muscles before any exercise is very important, so stretch all of your muscles before and after you exercise.

Ellen White wrote: "There is no exercise that can take the place of walking. Walking is the best remedy for diseased bodies because in this exercise all the organs of the body are brought into use. Outdoor exercise is the best, and inactivity is a fruitful cause of disease."

Here are some safety rules you should follow:

1. Don't wear headphones, for it muffles the sound of approaching danger.

2. Face oncoming traffic while wearing bright colors with reflectors and white clothing at night.

3. Carry only enough money for an emergency, plus your I.D. card.

4. It is recommended we should not do any heavy exercise right after eating, for it hinders the digestive process.

It is important to drink no less than eight glasses of water a day, including one glass 20 minutes before you walk, and bring along some water to drink. Your body needs a half cup to a cup of water every 10-20 minutes while walking and another cup after you are finished.

Here's to you for a happier life!

--Charlene Anderson,

Health & Temperance leader

Termites in the Timber


There are termites in the timber
Of the church of God today,
Feeding on the firm foundation,
and eroding it away.

No, it's not the raging tempest,
Nor the outside world of sin
That is causing this erosion,
It's the termites deep within.


They have gnawed the very framework,
And have eaten out the wood,
And they plan to leave a ruins
Where the church of God once stood.

For old Satan is the tyrant
Who incites this termite horde
To destroy and demolish
The true temple of the Lord.


Now the only sure solution
To this devastating state,
Is to let the Holy Spirit
Enter and exterminate

All the termites in the timber
That the church may ever stand,
On its true and firm foundation
In a weary, wicked land.

--Adrian V. Boyer

Love Finds a Way

What a privilege it is to be a member of God's great family. It is so comforting to know that our world, with all its troubles, is still under the control of our kind and loving heavenly Father. He has intervened in history many times in the past to deliver His people from danger. We firmly believe that He will do it again when Jesus returns for His people.

Many years ago a tourist was visiting a beautiful estate in Europe. The care-taker was busy at his work of keeping the grounds immaculate. Engaging him in conversation, the tourist asked, "Where is the owner of this beautiful place?"

Looking up from his work briefly, the caretaker responded, "I don't really know. He hasn't been here for more than 20 years now. You see, he has several other estates besides this one."

The tourist asked, "Then why do you spend so much time keeping things looking so nice when he doesn't even see it?"

The caretaker's response was a classic: "He pays my salary faithfully, and I never know just when he will come by again. But when he does, I want him to find everything just right."

Our kind Father has given each of us responsibility in caring for His world. We are to share the gospel message as widely as possible to help reclaim His other children. But love finds a way to take care of the Lord's "estate" until He returns.

Our church faces the challenge of funding our portion of God's cause for another year. Satan typically reminds us that we have many other places to use funds for personal benefit, and sometimes for pleasure. But love finds a way to acknowledge God's great gift of Jesus and His other continual blessings.

We are not diminished by faithfully returning to God what belongs to Him of our time, talent, material resources, and yes, even our mental and physical energy.

Pastor's Challenge:

Perceptive Pigeons

Have you ever wondered why a pigeon walks so funny? After discovering an interesting article in the Detroit Free Press, I learned that a pigeon walks the way it does so it can see where it is going. Since a pigeon can't adjust its focus as it moves, it actually has to bring its head to a complete stop between steps in order to refocus. This is the way it walks: head forward, stop; head back, stop. Seriously, that is how a pigeon walks!

Christians often have the same problem as the pigeon; we have a hard time seeing while we're moving. It seems the faster we go, the less we see. We need to stop between steps to refocus on where we are in relation to the world and the will of God.

Job 37:14 says, "Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God." How difficult it is for us to focus on spiritual things while we're rushing to and fro. In Bible times, the heavenly manna fell when all was quiet in the night. Today, rich blessings will fall on you if you will take the time to stop and focus on Jesus.

--Pastor Don Gettys

March 24 marks the church's 20th anniversary!

Our church is no longer a teen-ager! On March 24, it will have been 20 years since the Sabbath on which it was officially organized.

The McDonald Road SDA Church was born as the result of extraordinary vision on the part of many local Adventists. It was a church-planting project that involved six local and 30 distant churches. An offering of more than $60,000 made it possible to purchase our current property, a 15-acre tract on McDonald Road, and build a church that could seat 400 people.

On the day it was organized, the membership list totaled 289 transfers, many of whom are still active members today. Three individuals joined the new congregation by baptism, among them our own Jack Crosby.

A short but fascinating account of its birth, entitled Possessing the Land, has been written by Floyd Greenleaf. Write to for more information.

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