April Manna Highlights McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 12 No. 4           April, 1999

Church dedicates debt-free Family Center

Just four days before the church's 20-year anniversary, members held a special service to consecrate themselves and the Family Center to effective ministry for God. "This building has helped the church prepare for wider service in this community," said Pastor Don Gettys.

It took us just over four years to pay off the mortgage on the $500,000 facility. Family Center director Rod Lewis made sure the destruction of the mortgage was no ordinary event. The document was inserted into a tube filled with 14 different explosives and launched about 300 feet into the sky as church members applauded from a safe distance.

Special service on April 3 will exalt our Saviour

Our church choir, under the direction of Willis Robertson, has planned a very special service for the first Sabbath in April. The "God Hath Provided the Lamb" cantata will help you experience the message and meaning of the resurrection as no other program you've witnessed. It looks at the magnitude of God's love as displayed in the events before, during, and after Christ's death on the cross at Calvary.

In addition to a message from Pastor Don Gettys, you'll be treated to a medley of nine songs by the choir and a guest solo by Elder Don Crook.

Created by David Culross and Randy Bader, the cantata includes favorites such as "Behold the Lamb," "O Sacred Head Now Wounded," and "Because He Lives."

Please plan to be at church on April 3 to praise Jesus for being our Redeemer.


Feasting on the Word

This month we'll begin our second set of sermons focusing on great Bible heroes. Last month we concluded a four-part series on Adam and Eve, and on April 10 we'll begin studying about Moses. To reap additional spiritual benefits from Sabbath to Sabbath, I encourage you to read chapters 2-14 in Exodus, because they will be the basis for our study together.

On the very first Sabbath of the new year, I challenged each church member to read through the Bible in 1999. Some of you have told me what a rich source of blessing that has been in your walk with God. If you haven't started yet, it's not too late! You'll not regret a single moment spent feasting on God's Word.

--Pastor Don Gettys

Doug Bennett leads new prayer meeting series

The new year, 1999, began with an illuminating 10-week prayer meeting series by Pastor Don Gettys entitled "The Shape of the Coming Crisis." This series not only reminded us of the nearness of Christ's return, but it also sharpened our understanding of end-time events.

Pastor Delmar Anderson followed in March with a vitally meaningful series of three sermons on "Righteousness by Faith," which were designed to help each of us be prepared to meet our soon-coming Lord.

Another prayer meeting series of three sermons by Elder Douglas Bennett will begin on April 14. It will focus on the importance of living out the righteousness-by-faith experience. These three meetings will feature "Guidelines for Holy Living." Each service will be conducted in the sanctuary on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

Heavenly Mathematics

If you'll add up all your blessings,
While subtracting all your cares,
Then divide each trial and trouble
As you multiply your prayers,

You will find you've ciphered out
All your worries and depressions
And removed that dogged doubt.

Now this mathematics process
Is available and free,
And it's guaranteed to aid you
In each dire emergency.

So whene'er you're in a quandary
And don't know what to do,
For it's bound to see you through.

--Adrian V. Boyer

Get better acquainted

...with your fellow members at a haystack supper and vespers on April 10

Have you ever looked around while seated in church and spotted someone that you've never met? Or do you ever find yourself smiling at friendly people in the foyer and wish you knew their names?

If so, then don't miss this chance to meet and get to know other church members. On April 10 at 6 p.m., there'll be a "Let's Get Acquainted" haystack supper and vespers program in the Family Center.

A similar program in January was such a success that the church has decided that having it once a year just isn't enough! It would never be the same without you, so be sure to grab some food and come. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet new members and old (though not necessarily in years)!

Positive Lifestyle

Smile! Smile! Smile!

Keep right on a-smiling! Laughter is the next step. But how do we get to that step, and what are the benefits?

One secret is when you feel down, keep lifting the corners of your mouth. Every time you feel the corners go down, turn them up and it will be easier to laugh. Every time you go by a mirror or store window, look at your reflection. Do you have a happy face? This will give good feelings inside.

Smiling and laughter will bring happiness and a more positive attitude. Laughter is good for your health. It raises the hormones, besides boosting the immune system. Pessimists appear to have shorter life spans, whereas optimists have happier, longer lives with more friends and less disease. A positive outlook is worth it!

Lee S. Beck, D.P.H. at Loma Linda, says: "We've always heard that laughter is good for you, but now we're gathering the hard, serious medical evidence to show why this is so."

How can we live a happier, healthier lifestyle? First, we need to have a good relationship with the Lord. This includes talking to Him throughout the day and listening to Him speak in the Word and in the little red books. When we do this, our lives will be in tune with Him.

Second, put on a happy face. This sends electric activity surging through the brain's left hemisphere, producing happiness, says Richard Davidson, PhD. In addition, James Laird, PhD, said, "Happy faces usually brought on happy feelings; some people get emotional cues from outside themselves."

Third, find the funny side of life. Look for humorous moments and allow yourself to laugh at them. It increases the number of your immune-system cells and their activity--especially T cells--and boosts the antibodies, states Dr. Beck.

A positive outlook helps you to recover from illness, as well. Laughing for 10 minutes to one hour a day will reduce cortisal, a stress hormone. One good belly laugh reduces blood pressure, increases circulation, and exercises abdominal muscles.

Fourth, exercise helps your endorphins to move for good health. Anything that activates the "happy zone" of your brain makes you happier and healthier. Any exercise will tickle those endorphins into action and give you plenty of get up and go. Dr. Davidson says activities that have goals are "great boosters." That's why people are "happier when pursuing a dream."

According to scientists, our dispositions are due to our genes, but that's only half of it. Experiences and a decision to entertain positive thoughts can temporarily change us.

Dr. Lebovits, co-director of the New York University Pain Management Center, states that pleasant scenarios will change anxiety levels showing in the heart rate, basal skin response, muscle tension, and temperature.

There are many benefits in pursuing a positive, happy lifestyle. Smiling and feeling good about yourself provides pleasant interactions with those around you. They will smile and feel happier also. So let this have a domino effect right into your family. They'll be healtheir for it!

--Charlene Anderson,

Health & Temperance leader

Internet Ministry Report

New and exciting pages can be seen on our church Web site! The Pathfinders are now on the Internet with some pictures of their activities that you will want to see. Also, the Earliteens have started putting Melissa's Teen Scene newsletter online as well.

Our classic Bible Study Collection now includes more than 120 Bible studies, so if you need to know more about the Sabbath or other topics, our Web site is the place to check first. :-)

Our URL (Internet Web address) is: http://mcdonaldroad.org
Our Bible instructors are always busy. Here is part of a letter that one student from Europe wrote: "I want to follow Jesus and be a part of the church that keeps the commandments of God and has the testimony of Jesus, but I want to continue to study. Please pray that I will not disappoint my Lord."
Another student wrote: "I'm even getting more than I had ever understood out of my Bible reading. With all the Lord has been doing in my life lately, I'm once again going to church to worship Him and am also planning on joining the SDA church."
Elder Don Crook spends many hours counseling people who contact us by e-mail as a result of our Internet ministry, and our Steps to Christ outreach continues to skyrocket.

We really could use your help, as well. We need your prayers for the many aspects of our ministry, and if you would like to contribute funds for our literature outreach, you can turn it in at church earmarked for "Internet Ministry."
I know God will bless you as you participate in this wonderful ministry that is reaching well over 100 countries.

--Dean Saunders

Growth & Fellowship Sabbath School class

Here's what's happening in the Growth & Fellowship Sabbath School class

You probably already know that several groups meet in the Family Center for Sabbath School each week. One group is the Growth & Fellowship class. Our class is a bit different because we meet at 10 a.m. for the entire Sabbath School time. Our group meets just beyond the Pathfinder room on the second floor of the Family Center.

On any given Sabbath, you can count on a lively song service complete with guitars and occasionally accompanied by Roy Hagan on the cello. The collegiate class meets with us for song service before separating for its own lesson study. We welcome anyone who plays a musical instrument to bring it along to church and join us!

Our age group has no boundaries. Anyone is welcome. We follow the adult Sabbath School quarterly for the lesson study and have several teachers who provide inspiration from week to week.

One of our goals as a class is to reach out into the community. We have set up a time once per month to visit a wing of clients at the Hamilton County Nursing Home. At the beginning of the year, we discovered that many of the clients had not received Christmas gifts, so we had Christmas again in January! Stan Meeks noticed a posted "wish list" and made sure that everyone had the opportunity to "adopt" a special person and fulfill his or her wish. I'm not sure who had more fun--the "adoptors" or the "adoptees!"

Another class activity is a vespers program every Friday at 7 p.m. in a member's home. These gatherings allow us special fellowship time and the opportunity to grow together in our relationship with the Lord.

We welcome church members to visit us in the Family Center any Sabbath. If you would like to join us for Friday night vespers, call Bonnie Ley at 472-4997 for that week's meeting place.

--Brenda Hayes

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