April Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 12 No. 6           June, 1999

Congratulations to our church members who are graduating this summer with the Class of 1999!

Vacation Bible School starts June 14 at 6:30 p.m.

  "Jesus in My Heart" is the theme of this yearís Vacation Bible School at the McDonald Road SDA Church. The weeklong program will take place June 14-18 in the Family Center. A wealth of activities have been planned for children ages 2 (accompanied by a parent) through 8+. A two-hour program each evening will help them learn how to live for Jesus daily.
Our teen members of CAST (Christian Actors Sharing Truth) will present interactive skits, and there will be also be crafts and a special attendance award. Children ages 10 or over may sign up in Sabbath School to help as a junior staff member, or they may join the oldest age group.


The teen members of CAST (Christian Actors Sharing Truth) will perform interactive skits as a special feature during Vacation Bible School this month. Here, the drama troupe presents "What Would Jesus Do?" In it, radio talk show guest Dr. Wise gives counsel to callers who struggle with various problems in their daily lives.

Joan Severance reaches first Walking Club goal

On April 11, members of our Walking Club set a goal of walking 100 miles in six weeks, which would be the equivalent of walking all the way to Knoxville!

Joan Severance was the first to "arrive" with 127 miles walked.

By the deadline, Margaret Halverson was just three miles from her destination, and Pastor Don Gettys came in third with 76 miles. "The rest of us lagged behind but put in a good try," said Walking Club organizer Charlene Anderson.


Should You Gamble?

When the McDonald Road SDA Church was founded 20 years ago, only New Jersey and Nevada permitted legal gambling. Today 48 states approve it. For instance, 30,000 video poker machines are now scattered throughout South Carolina alone. Hamilton County residents simply drive across the state line to Georgia to "play the lottery."

Where does this gambling lead? Did you know that Nevada ranks first in the nation for suicide, divorce rate, high-school dropouts, and homicide against women? One look in the Las Vegas Yellow Pages shows 136 full pages of ads for prostitution. Whether it is a slot machine or a lottery ticket, all gambling leads people in the wrong direction.

The opposite strategy is to place your money where it will not be lost. I believe that returning an honest tithe and giving a liberal offering are two ways of investing in eternal things that are sure winners.

How much to give? God Himself set the tithe at 10 percent. The percentage of offering is optional. If the church were to charge admission just to cover expenses, each and every person would pay about $12 each Sabbath. This weekly gift is not grievous. It is not gambling. It is an eternal investment.

We will soon see Jesus coming. He offered His life for us; let us each do our best for Him. Acts 11:29 records, "So the disciples without exception put aside money, each of them in proportion to their means for their contribution."

óPastor Don Gettys

Heavenís MasterCard


Thereís a MasterCard been printed
By the Heavenly Press above
Bought and paid for by the Master
With the Currency of Love.
The Saviourís nail-pierced Hand endorsed
Each Card with loving Care,
And itís ours for just the asking
When requested by a Prayer.


This Card admits repentant Saints
Thru the Gates of Paradise,
For without it None can enter
That fair Land beyond the Skies.
Thereís a card for every Mortal,
Whomsoever he may be,
And itís guaranteed to last us
Through all Eternity.


Letís not wait until Tomorrow
To request this Guarantee
Of Eternal Life with Jesus
Thatís been offered Full and Free:
For this Offer may expire
Eíer Tomorrowís breaking Dawn,
And all Hopes of our Salvation
Will Forevermore be gone.


Nowís the Day of our Salvation,
And the Hour of Destiny
That will certify Redemption,
For lost Souls like you and me.
Thereís a MasterCard awaiting
With our New Name written down,
That entitles us to Heaven,
And a gleaming, golden Crown!

óAdrian V. Boyer

Our Missionary to Honduras

EDITORíS NOTE: Heather Wood was a senior this year at Georgia-Cumberland Academy. The following letter is her report of her spring-break mission trip to Honduras.

Dear McDonald Road Church Family,

Thank you for all of your support in my mission trip to Honduras. It was a total success.

We built a church in Santa Elena. The former church was so crowded that there was barely enough standing room.

We arrived in Santa Elena on Thursday, the 25th of February. We left Georgia the same day at 3 a.m. and started work on the church the next day.

A group from Maranatha Volunteers International had been there before us to lay the foundation and put up the steel. All we had to do was lay the block. God was very good to us and sent a breeze most of the time we were there. I thought Georgia was hot!

Aside from building a church, we also did Vacation Bible School for the children of the town. They loved every minute of it and came faithfully every day. It was very heartwarming to see them at church. Some of their parents are not even Christians, and they walk to church in flip-flops. They love Jesus; it was plain to see. They also loved to sing the songs at VBS. They listened intently to the stories and especially loved the games we played with them.

One game in particular was their favorite. They created it when they found out how ticklish some Americans are. We called it "cosquia," which is Spanish for "tickle."

The children loved to hand us objects and learn what it was called in English; then they would say what it is called in Spanish. I was thankful that I had taken two years of Spanish. For the first week, I could not understand what they were saying to me. I could talk to them, but they would talk so fast that I could understand only a few words. By the second week, I could understand them better. Then I had to leave.

I have never been stared at so much in my life as I was there. Children came to the work site and watched, and people stared as they drove by us. Everywhere we went, people watched us. My friend Amy told me that it was like what we would do if we saw a purple person walking down the road.

This mission trip was definitely a life-changing experience, and you were a part of it to make it happen. If not with money, then with your prayersóand that is as important or even more. I can never thank you enough.

We didnít do work all the time. We took some time off to go to some beaches after we were done at the end of a day. At the end of the week, after we were done with the church, we toured the island of El Tigre. It was beautiful. There was a colonial town on the island, and anyone who wants to build a building in that town must build it colonial style. It was so pretty.

When we headed back to the Tegucigalpa Airport, we stopped of at the Valley of the Angels to buy souvenirs. Mr. Don Short, our sponsor, gave me a 500 limpira bill (it takes 14.8 or so limpira to make a U.S. dollar) and the store owners couldnít exchange it, so I had to stand in line at a bank for half an hour to exchange it. I felt kind of nervous because two men with big guns were guarding the bank. I should have felt safe, but they were staring at me and at my friends, too. Oh, my.

Everywhere we drove, there was extensive road damage. Half the road would be down the mountainside. It didnít help that they drive like maniacs down there. I white-knuckled it all the way from Tegucigalpa to Santa Elena when we first arrived. I hope I didnít insult the bus driver. Iím just not used to buses passing semis on a small two-lane road while a pick-up is heading right toward us.

Many of the roads had been repaired. There were a lot of gravel detours around the holes in the road. Some roads just had piles of rock in front of the holes, and you had to figure out who had the right-of-way.

Our group also saw a town that had been totally destroyed by a tidal wave, but I didnít go anywhere that day. I had a fever of 100 degrees. It wasnít too high, but it sure felt like it! It was 90 or so degrees outside and inside the house, but I was cold so I crawled into my nice, warm sleeping bag. Silly me!

This trip not only brought me closer to my friends who went with me, but it also brought me close to God. I saw Him everywhere, in the people and the countryside. I also saw Him in your generous help and unselfish spirit. Thank you ever so much, again.

It was definitely an unforgettable experience. I will carry these memories as long as I live. Thank you for being a part of it all!

Gracias para todos! (Thank you for everything!)

Heather Wood :)


Aside from building a new church, Heatherís group also conducted a Vacation Bible School for the children of the town. Youngsters would often come to the work site to visit and play games with the Americans.

Heather was often surrounded by children during her stay in Honduras. Their favorite game to play with the Americans was "cosquia," which is the Spanish word for "tickle." She was thankful that she had taken two years of Spanish, because by the end of the week she could understand most of what the nationals were saying when they spoke with her.

Internet Ministry News

Join us on June 12 for Internet Outreach Sabbath at McDonald Road! Sabbath School will feature the exciting ways we are reaching people in over 120 countries and how the dedication of our volunteers is making it happen.

Come and learn how you also can help in this part of the Lordís work. Perhaps God is calling you to fill one of the many needs in this mission work you can do from your own home.

A special Internet Outreach meeting will take place Sabbath afternoon, June 12, at 3 p.m. You will have the opportunity to find out more about how you can help, and you can ask any questions you have about it.

With Godís help, we have a wonderful Bible Study outreach. Our students have completed 3,500 lessons, and more than 50 have graduated. Hear how the Pathfinders are reaching people in other lands from their Web page, as well. The 3,800 hits per day to our church site mean blessings for many people worldwide. (Our URL, or Internet Web address, is: http://mcdonaldroad.org )

Over 600 people have signed our guestbook, telling us how these pages are a real blessing for them. Here is one guestbook entry we recently received from Washington, D.C.:

"Iím Baptist, but Iíve been attending an SDA church for about four consecutive Sabbaths. I really get some spiritual food at this church, and Iím prayerfully considering becoming a member. Iím still in the process of browsing all of the links on your Web page, but Iíve enjoyed the surf thus far. I have it marked as one of my favorite places! God bless you all."

óDean Saunders,

Internet Ministry coordinator

Positive Lifestyle

The Faster You Go, The Behinder You Get! (Part 1)

Is it tough getting out of bed to start your day? Your vitality is affected by everything in your lifeóthings going on in your body and in your mind. To make the most of your energy and have a full life, you need to find ways to boost your energy and tackle problems that deplete it!

Letís look at energy boosters.

Exercise is the best one. It puts your circulation on the run and makes your heart and muscles stronger. Regular exercise helps you go to sleep easier and stay asleep longer. Peter Hauri, Ph.D., director of Mayo Clinicís Sleep Disorders Center, says, "The best time for a workout is late afternoon or early evening."

"Eating a protein snack thatís low on fat (slows digestion) will increase the brain chemicals that help us to be alert," says Judith Wurtman, Ph.D., who wrote Managing Your Mind and Mood Through Food.

Eating a wholesome breakfast with whole cooked cereal, several fruits (whole), and soymilk with a banana in it will get you through the morning without that "let-down" feeling. Learn to eat more complete carbohydrates, fresh veggies, a small amount (about half a cup) of protein foods, and low amounts of fats and sugars.

Donít skimp on your sleep. Your best sleep comes before midnight, but you do need 7.5-8 hours of sleep per night to help keep your immune level up. If you find a nap helps you and it doesnít interfere with your night sleep, make sure you donít sleep more than an hour.

A lack of sunshine can affect your body chemistry. It can cause depression or low energy levels. Take 30-minute walks in the sunshine without sunglasses before the sun gets very high in the sky. When indoors, sit near a window and use brighter lights.

You also need "uplifts,"ó anything that lifts your spirits. These include the small things that make you feel happy, such as a funny TV program, being with a friend, or a drive in the country.

Take time to unwind. A few minutes to sit down to slowly sip a beverage and leaf through a magazine or take a leisurely short walk can make a world of difference.



Myth #1. Exercising wears you out.

Donít push yourself too hard. If youíve had a good nightís sleep but you wake up dragging, it could be that your exercise was too strenuous. Increase the duration and intensity of exercise gradually to build up your muscles.

Myth #2. Candy is best to boost sagging energy levels.

When you are feeling drowsy, the best cure is to drink 10-12 glasses of pure water daily and go outdoors to breathe deeply 12-15 times. Open your windows and doors in your house daily.

Myth #3. The best way to restore energy is to rest.

Researchers at University of Wisconsin-Madison found that a little time out usually wears off in 30 minutes, but the results of exercise took 2-4 hours to wear off.

Myth #4. You can catch up on missed sleep.

Not really! When you keep irregular hours, you throw your internal rhythms askew. Your body is tuned for action during a certain time of day, so a regular bedtime is necessary. Furthermore, your best hours for sleep are before midnight.

óCharlene Anderson,

Health & Temperance leader


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