April Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 12 No. 7           July, 1999

Check out the "other" church newsletter!

In August of 1997, Melissa Turner presented a sample issue of The Teen Scene to her Sabbath School class.

She asked the group as a whole whether or not they would like her to start a newsletter for the Sabbath School. After receiving a positive response, Melissa started working on the first official issue of The Teen Scene. It was distributed during the month of September 1997.

The early beginnings of The Teen Scene presented a paper that was very amateur and unfinished, says Melissa. Under the advice of Ms. Penny Kilgore, English and journalism teacher at Collegedale Academy, the layout of The Teen Scene underwent a total renovation. At last the paper had a distinct layout and appearance.

Today, the paper still upholds this standard for layout, editing, and presentation, which makes the paper "reader-friendly." Many types of articles have been included in The Teen Scene: interviews, news stories, poems, creative writing, editorials, pastorís challenge, art, devotions, and excerpts from books or Internet sites.

The mission of The Teen Scene is to reach out to the youth of McDonald Road through a quality, Christian newsletter focused on them. If you would like more information on The Teen Scene or would like a copy of the latest issue, please contact its editor, Melissa Turner, at 236-4093. Also, please contact Melissa if you are at all interested in helping out with The Teen Scene.

Local 3ABN channel receives power upgrade

Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) will be back on the air in Collegedale this month, but viewers should tune to Channel 30 instead of Channel 5.

A new transmitter, which will avoid interference with the new digital TV frequencies, was installed in June.

Southern Adventist Universityís Journalism and Communication Department serves as the downlink for both Channel 5 and Channel 26 in Chattanooga. It also produces Searching the Scriptures, which airs Friday nights and Saturday mornings.

Channel 5 went off the air in May due to a transmitter malfunction, and 3ABN engineers decided that instead of spending thousands of dollars to repair the old transmitter, they would order new equipment and install it as soon as possible.

"I want to assure you and the viewers of this area that 3ABN has no intentions of abandoning its broadcasting to the Collegedale area," said Moses Primo, director of 3ABNís broadcast operations.


Stover Is Coming!

Wendall Stover is scheduled to conduct a full series of evangelistic meetings in our church beginning on Friday night, August 20. Thousands of exciting full-color handbills are being printed and will be mailed to the homes in our area.

There will be live music provided every night by Harold and Clarice Turner of Warm Springs, Ga. In addition, there will be many other featuresóboth musical and up front. Take advantage of this opportunity to study Godís Word and watch people make life-changing decisions. Everybody is welcome.

u Be sure to attend this series yourself. Enjoy it.

u Bring your unbaptized children who are old enough to make a decision for Christ.

u Invite your neighbors to attend.

u Give us a list of your family members or any former church members that you hope will attend. We will personally invite them. Make sure to put your own name and phone number on the paper as well as their complete local address and phone number.

u Pray for this series. Pray for our interests, and pray that a revival will come! Donít miss this! Your own heart will be warmed and awakened. Jesusí coming is closer by the day, and we all want to be ready.

Don Gettys

61 children attend Vacation Bible School

Fourteen junior staff members and 45 adults helpers made this yearís Vacation Bible School a huge success. One evening the group size reached 61, and several children were guests from other churches.

Whether it was learning memory verses, singing songs, or listening to a nature nugget, the children enjoyed the variety of activities planned around this yearís theme: "Jesus in My Heart." For two hours each evening throughout the third week in June, they divided into four age groups in the Family Center. Two groups met in the upstairs rooms for classes while the other children did crafts downstairs under the direction of Mary Anne Turner, Sherri Croft, and assistant VBS coordinator Jane Oliver.

"Iím most proud of what they learned upstairs in the classrooms," said VBS coordinator Holly Morse. "They learned about right and wrong and to make decisions about their behavior."

Each night the teen members of Christian Actors Sharing Truth (CAST) acted out various daily behaviors, then teachers Laura Pardo and Pastor Kent Crutcher helped the children decide which behaviors were good and which were bad. "Assignments" of good deeds to do the next day helped them put what they just learned into practice.

"It made a good impression on them," observed Holly. "Everyone was so well-behaved that Tom Honeycutt, our designated Ďhall monitor,í didnít have anything to do!"


The Faster You Go, The Behinder You Get! (Part 2)

Energy is something we are looking for. Sometimes it appears that it is very evasive. Last month we took a good look at this, and now we will continue. If you eat right, sleep well, exercise and still feel dragged outówhatís going on? Could it be stress, boredom, depression, etc.?


1. Do you have a medical problem? Is fatigue a constant companion? Check it out. Some problems may need medication. But first, are you doing everything you can to maintain your health? Are you following the NEW START plan?

2. Learn to say "No." Donít become overly committed to otherís requests.

3. Try to find ways to quiet your surroundings, because loud noises play havoc with your health. They cause your heart to beat faster, make your muscles tense, and raise your blood pressure.

4. Learn to spend time alone periodically. Walk out in nature (without a cellular phone or beeper).

5. Eat more complex carbohydrates, especially when you feel down. This increases the seratonin levels in the brain, which eases depression and helps your concentration. Best benefits come when you eat them without protein or fat.

6. Take quiet time to read your Bible and meditate on God daily.

7. Avoid crash diets. Eat a wide variety of foods.

8. List your stressful situations, then see what you can do to relieve them. Just a change of attitude can help.

9. Feeling anxious? Get moving! Exercise is a stress reliever.

10. Making changes in your routine adds variety to your life so boredom canít get a foothold.

11. Learn worry control. Peter Hauri in "No More Sleepless Nights" suggests: "Set aside 30 minutes in a quiet place. Now write each worry on a card and put beside it your best solution.

Now let it go and follow through with the solution soon."

12. Remember, not everyone has to like you. When you are self-confident, you have more energy. Just because someone doesnít like you doesnít mean that you are a terrible person!



1. Try to arrange your heaviest workload for your peak times of the day. If you are a morning person, thatís your peak time.

2. Becoming drowsy? Change your activity. Stretch, move around, and breathe deeply.

3. Anxiety about a situation saps energy. Go over it in your mind, visualize doing it, then relax. Youíll be OK.

4. Keeping yourself involved in things you like to do, when you can, and doing them well brings energy. Do away with things to do that arenít important to you, and find shortcuts for the rest.

5. Use your support system! Talking with friends about a situation will lighten the load. God wants us to bear one anotherís burdens.

6. Help others! We get a surge of energy after we have helped someone. Well, letís see, I could use some help cleaning my house. No? Oh, well.

Charlene Anderson,

Health & Temperance leader

Internet Ministry News

We can now do a better job with our Internet Ministry as a result of four meetings that enabled us to show people what we do.

Camp meeting seminars gave us new recruits, and now we have 40 Bible Instructors on staff with our Bible Study School. Additional churches are now involved with Internet Outreach, as well.

Our June 12 Sabbath School presentation allowed members to see how the church Web site enhances different church departments. Bob Beckett reported that 1,000 sermons are being read by people worldwide in just one week! Pam Tuttle showed us how our Pathfinders will be helping a club in Brazil due to our worldwide connection. People from 128 countries are receiving a blessing from the work we do by the Internet.

During our meeting that Sabbath afternoon, we reorganized our Prayer Ministry so that more people can be directly involved in praying for people who send us e-mail prayer requests. Marilyn Valliers will send an e-mail reply to each person who requests prayer, and Lou Kratzer will pass each request on to our church family. We believe that by presenting the needs before God at prayer meeting and with our church prayer chains, we can be instruments of the Lord with worldwide results.

We are very thankful for the results of our recent meetings, but we still need more help! There are a variety of ways you can help. We have an urgent need for a retired pastor who could offer counseling by e-mail, but there are other needs as well. We invite you to fill out our online survey at: http://mcdonaldroad.org/members/

Dean Saunders,

Internet Ministry coordinator

The Junior-Merritt Report

Early Friday morning, April 30, 1999, Clarence and Margaret Merritt set out on a five-month, 10,000-mile trip to Alaska. However, they are not going alone. They are taking the entire Junior Department with them....in spirit!

Each week they call in and give us an update of their progress and any adventures they may have had. In exchange, the Junior Department prays for their safety each week.

This travelogue contains excerpts from "The Junior-Merritt Report," as presented each week by Rod Lewis.

April 30 in Cleveland, Tenn.

Clarence and Margaret fired up the big diesel engine in their Dodge Ram pickup truck, hitched up the travel trailer, and headed south to Huntsville, Ala. After picking up supplies and passing through Meridian, Miss., they stopped for the Sabbath in San Antonio, Texas.

May 6 from Fort Stockton, Texas

The Merritts enjoyed a very pleasant stay in San Antonio, with visits to the Alamo and the Riverwalk. Then it was back on the road, sleeping in Wal-mart parking lotsówhich is evidently an accepted practice among the travel trailer crowd.

One minor setback was when the license tag fell off the trailer. Thanks to some fast phone calls and overnight mail, a replacement was obtained in the next city. After a short stay in Fort Stockton, Texas, they headed west.

May 13 from Desert Palm, Calif.

Sabbath, May 8, was spent in Wilcox, Ariz. All 16 people, including Clarence and Margaret, attended the services. Margaret ended up playing the piano for both Sabbath School and church. Clarence briefly entertained the possibility that he might have up to come up with some kind of sermon; but then the pastor showed up, several minutes late. In the afternoon, they visited one of our national parks that features huge balancing rocks.

Two days at the Grand Canyon with windy but beautiful weather included a ride to the base in a tram. With some concern they asked about the severe thunderstorms that spawned tornados in the Nashville area.

May 14 from Redlands, Calif.

On Thursday the Merritts truly became "world" travelers with a visit to The London Bridge...in Lake Havasu, Ariz. This famous bridge from London, England, has turned the surrounding area into a thriving tourist town. After pulling into a trusty Wal-mart parking lot in Redlands, Calif., Clarence discovered that somewhere around Thousand Palms, Calif., a window had blown out of their travel trailer.

They patched the travel trailer and made it to Loma Linda, Calif., then sent for needed repairs. Loma Linda is the home of Margaretís aunt, so they planned to stay there for about two weeks. The Merritts spent Sabbath, May 15, at the Loma Linda Campus Hill SDA Church, where it was Pathfinder Sabbath.

May 24 from Loma Linda, Calif.

Enjoying time with their aunt, Margaret and Clarence took her to the biggest mall theyíd ever seen! The whole mall has a childrenís theme. They saw large animated grape vines with talking faces in the grapes, and the restaurant featured live birds and fish tanks.

The Merritts miss Tennessee. "Nothing but buildings and stores for as long as you can drive," they lamented.

May 25 from Sequoiah National Park

After putting a new window in place, the adventure turned north. The trees in Sequoiah National Park are named after military generalsóGeneral Sherman, General Lee, etc. General Grant seems to be the granddaddy of them all. Heís more than 275 feet tall with bark 31 inches thick and a trunk 103 inches in diameter. They figure heís 3,200 years old. The cones are rather small and can stay on the tree 20 years. It takes fire to create the correct conditions so a new sequoiah tree will grow.

Although the Merritts headed north, the temperature headed south. They experienced snow, hail, and sleet as they traveled toward Yosemite National Park.

June 10 from Spokane, Wash.

Well, actually they called from 25 miles south of Spokane on Interstate 395. Yosemite National Park had been cold, with three inches of new snow. In spite of the cold, thrill seekers were out in force on the face of El Capitan, a flat-surfaced rock towering many hundreds of feet above the valley floor and located just over a mile from the famous Half Dome.

Excitement awaited the Merritts as they approached the scenic spot. Fire, police, and rescue vehicles were swarming throughout Yosemite Valley. It seemed that one of the climbers had fallen, and Clarence and Margaret could make out his limp body suspended midway up the granite face.

After many hours, a helicopter dropped a stretcher. The rescuers latched the victim to it and swung it free from the face of the cliff as the chopper eased away. There was no word of the climberís condition. However, Iíve been told to tell you that Clarenceís feet are planted firmly on the ground and will remain there.

Sabbath, June 5, was spent in True Luck, Calif. The Merritts visited a friendly church there and then headed to the hills of San Francisco. During their stay in "Frisco," they toured Alcatraz Prison, rode cable cars, and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. An RV park in Vallejo served as their base camp.

After visiting Crater Lake, Ore., and crossing the 45-degree parallel, Clarence and Margaret left the country and visited family in Nelson, British Columbia, on Sabbath, June 12.

The Junior Department will continue to follow the Merrittsí progress to Alaska and will remember them in our prayers each week. Anyone wishing to drop Clarence and Margaret a line can do so by writing:

Clarence and Margaret Merritt

c/o Cheryl Merritt

3233 Tayshee Circle

Anchorage, AK 99504

Godís Prayer Line



It never hurts to say a Prayer,

No matter where you areó

While toiling at some daily Task

Or driving in your Car.



For the Line is always open,

And the Number is the Same,

And youíll get no busy Signal

When you dial in Jesusí Name.



Thereís no Party Line to Heaven,

And our Lord is always there,

And youíll always get an Answer

To your Heartís most earnest Prayer.



Now if youíre put on Hold Sometimes,

And you cannot understand

Why no Answer is forthcoming,

To your petulant Demand:



Do not then become Discouraged,

Though an Answer may be Late,

Maybe God has Something better,

So stay on the Line and Wait.



Later you will get an Answer,

So be Patient and donít fuss,

For our loving Lord and Saviour

Knows whatís really Best for us.



Three-Four-One is Heavenís Number,

Dial it any Time at Alló

Day or Night the Line is open,

Waiting for your urgent Call.


óAdrian V. Boyer

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