April Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 12 No. 8           August, 1999

Remember to pray for our Pathfinders as they attend the Discover the Power Camporee August 8-15
Don Van Ornum filled more than a dozen pitchers with lemonade that was served at the Let's Get Acquainted Vespers and Haystack Supper on July 10. This time for good food and fellowship brings both new and veteran members closer together.

Did you notice our members’ names in the news?

Two McDonald Road Church families were featured in The Chattanooga Times-Chattanooga Free Press this summer.

Roy Exum cast the spotlight on C.J. Dunham, calling her "a very determined young woman" who offers a lesson to those of us who hear. After five years of study, C.J. graduated cum laude from UTC in May.

Mark Kennedy featured Tres, Pamela, and Heather Wood in his "Life Stories" column on Sunday, July 11. Father, mother, and daughter all did the cap-and-gown march at different schools this spring.

Thanks, members, for living your lives so that Jesus shines out through you to brighten others’ days.

Watch Voice of Prophecy concert at the church

If you haven’t already purchased tickets for the Family Reunion Concert taking place at the Tivoli Theater on August 14, don’t dismay. The McDonald Road Church will be showing the program via live satellite downlink through the Adventist Communication Network.

This special Family Reunion Concert, sponsored by the Voice of Prophecy, will begin at
8 p.m. on the second Sabbath in August. More than 100 musicians will be on stage together at the Tivoli in downtown Chattanooga. Even if you can’t be there in person, take advantage of this opportunity to invite your friends to join you for this outstanding musical event.


Enthusiasm Is Contagious!

"Harvest time" is a good old phrase used to symbolize bringing in the results of our evangelistic labors (see Luke 10:2). Evangelism means so much more than holding a series of meetings in our church. Meetings, such as the prophecy lectures that are beginning here this month, have a very special purpose.

In addition to refreshing our own walk with God, they are designed to help our friends to better understand the Bible’s message. I say "friends" because they are the ones who are most interested in what we believe. The people we live next to, work with, play with, go to school with, and associate with in any way are interested in what we stand for. Maybe they’ve noticed our peace amidst hard times or the changes God is making in our lives. If we live for Jesus, every contact with another of His children is evangelism because they can see Him in us!

We are not only evangelistically active as individuals, but as a church—the body of Christ. Everything from recreation in the Family Center to online and personal Bible studies is reaching out to others. The meetings we are hosting will be a great opportunity to invite our families and friends to meet Jesus and to understand the great truths of the Bible as they relate to the times in which we live.

We are fortunate to have Elder Wendell Stover as our speaker for "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" Prophecy Lectures. Elder Harold and Clarice Turner will also be here to help with the meetings and to lift our thoughts to heaven through the message in song each night.

The lectures begin at 7 p.m. on Friday, August 20, and will continue each Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night through September 25 with the addition of Tuesday night during the first week.

I challenge you to invite the people you know to the meetings. You might be surprised to discover who among your friends, neighbors, family, or fellow church members is ready to make a deeper commitment to God.

We have ordered enough extra brochures for you to share with as many people as you can. Remember, enthusiasm is contagious! Those who can see your eagerness to study God’s Word are likely to respond to your invitation.

Also, be sure to attend yourself. The Holy Spirit is working on hearts all around us. Some people we don’t yet know will see the brochure in the mail and respond. God needs us to be present and ready to help them feel welcome in His church.

Last but not least, don’t forget to pray that during this "harvest time," the results will be wonderful!

by Pastor Kent Crutcher

Growth & Fellowship class camps at Gee Creek

The Growth & Fellowship Sabbath School class recently had a campout at Gee Creek. Everyone was able to get campsites close to one another, and the weather was lovely for the weekend. Scott Raney and Kelvin Hayes brought their guitars and led a nice song service around the campfire. Then Ed Ley gave a sneak preview of a talk he was preparing for another group on the subject of grace and forgiveness. All pooled their resources and enjoyed a true feast for Sabbath lunch. Afterward, everyone headed for the river to wade, play, and sit in the sun and visit. It was a weekend filled with good food and fellowship.

Brenda Hayes

"First Place" meets Sundays beginning August 1

Have you ever stopped and wondered what would happen if you became brave enough to give Christ "First Place" in every facet of your life? Well, this is your opportunity to do just that and enter into the marvelous experience of seeing what God has in store for you.

Christ said, "I have come that they may have life to the fullest." John 10:10. He desires us to live the abundant life spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. That is what "First Place" is all about. It is a Christ-centered health program, emphasizing balance in all four areas.

In this program, we learn how God is so willing to help us reach our ideal weight and keep it there. We also find out how to deal with the spiritual, emotional, and mental parts of our lives. After all, God wants us to be the happiest, healthiest people we can be on this planet!

Our "First Place" group has been few in number so far, yet we have lost more than 100 pounds total!

We have all grown spiritually, learning to bear each other’s burdens and joining in prayer for others in our community and church. We have gained blessings in overcoming overspending, overeating, and watching TV programs that are not for the glory of God. Even stubborn habits such as eating excessive sugar or junk foods, drinking coffee, and nail biting have been overcome. We have improved relationships and been prepared to cope with problems that come each day.

God has truly blessed every effort we have put forth to make Him "First Place" in our lives.

To find out much more about this program, come to an orientation on Sunday evening, August 1, at 6 p.m. in the Fireside Room. The cost is $16 for the first 13-week session.

Interested? Please come and join us!

Have questions? Call Margaret Halverson at 396-2868 or Mary Ann Turner at 236-4093.

God’s Forever Rest


"Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them." Psalm 119:165.



Great peace have they who love Thy Law,

And naught shall them offend—

Nor shall they stumble by the way,

Who all Thy words attend.

On tables hewn of ageless stone

God’s finger wrote His creeds,

For His eternal Decalogue

Suffices all our needs.



Nor grievous are His blest commands,

In love they were designed,

Each sacred syllable conveys

To all great peace of mind.

So shall the meek abide in peace

Forever and a day,

For they regard His holy law,

And all His will obey.



And one day when our Lord returns

With outstretched nail-pierced hands,

He’ll call to all who by His grace

Revered His blest commands

To occupy their heavenly homes,

Where sin cannot molest,

For peace shall be their heritage

In God’s forever rest.


Adrian V. Boyer


The Game of Dodge ’Em

Scientific research shows that having a flat stomach can protect you from many diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and more. Fat anywhere else on the body doesn’t produce as great a risk to your health as a fat belly.

Henry S. Kahn, M.D., of Emory University School of Medicine, says: "Fat inside your abdomen is more likely to release fatty acid into the liver than fat from other places." The result can be excessive cholesterol and insulin in the bloodstream with changed hormone levels. These factors play a big role in developing diseases, so we need to fight belly fat!

A waist measurement of 32 inches for women and 37 inches for men puts a person at a great risk. Aim for a waistline of 26-27 inches for women and 32-33 inches for men.

"Abdominal fat appears to be related to insulin resistance," says Dr. Kahn. "Your cells don’t respond to insulin as it should, so blood levels remain unusually high. Insulin resistance can help create more abdominal fat." Exercise and diet play a big role.

Women who have breast cancer have 45 percent more abdominal fat, and those with larger waists have 30-50 percent more back problems. "With less fat, the muscles act like a corset and support your upper body," says Len Krovitz, Ph.D., University of Mississippi in Oxford. In other words, you can breathe better.

Abdominal fat can make you wheeze, cough, and have shortness of breath. It is also linked to sleep apnea, which can cause strokes, high blood pressure, and heart attacks.

"So what can we do about this?" you ask.

1. Eat like a vegetarian. In studies, people who ate meat were more likely to have expanded stomachs. Eat five or more fruits and veggies a day, and watch your intake of fats and sugar!

2. Eat at regular times. Don’t skip meals. Fill up on less-fattening foods.

3. Walk every day. Walking 30 minutes a day keeps belly fat in check.

4. Tone up your tummy to make it firm and to protect your back.

5. Build muscle. Using weights to strengthen them will help to burn calories before they can turn into fat. Muscles should not feel soft.

6. "Take 400 I.U. Vitamin E. There is preliminary evidence that it may be a fat fighter as well as protecting against insulin resistance," says Dr. Kahn.

7. Keep calm, and get a good night’s sleep. Studies show that people who control stress tend to have smaller waists.

8. Enjoy your friends. In addition to reducing stress and improving self esteem, it encourages better health practices.

9. Abstain from alcohol and tobacco. People who smoke or drink tend to carry around fat tummies.

Let’s try to reduce this fat for a healthier life. Take a belt you wear comfortably now, mark it, then measure once a week.

How to measure abdominal size:

1. Find the soft spot on your side, above the hip bone.

2. Place measuring tape around you, keeping it parallel to the floor at this point. Record your inches.

Yes, this is a game of dodge—dodging disease!

Charlene Anderson,

Health & Temperance leader

Internet Ministry News

Plan now to attend the Internet Ministry meeting on Sabbath, August 14, at 3 p.m. at McDonald Road Church. We plan to take a group picture of all Bible Instructors, Webmasters, Steps to Christ, Sermons, Counseling, Youth, and support personnel.

This meeting is for everyone who is involved and all individuals who are interested in our ministry. We will share experiences and tips on how our ministry works, so if you want to be encouraged or would just like to know more, please come to the Fireside Room at McDonald Road Church on August 14 at 3 p.m.

Internet Ministry at McDonald Road is celebrating its fourth anniversary! In June of 1995 our church board voted to launch our Web page, and in July of that year Southern College Information Services provided our connection to the World Wide Web. Before the end of 1995 we were getting more than 900 hits each month to our material. The Web site grew rapidly, and now four years later we are getting about 4,000 hits per day!

God has really blessed in this ministry. We have a full-fledged Bible School, many online Bible study materials, and a library of 168 entire online sermons that are being used by people in more than 128 countries. Many copies of the book Steps to Christ have been sent worldwide. Bible research is now as close as your computer, and the gospel is indeed going to the entire world like the leaves of autumn—because of the dedication of our staff of over 60 people.

I know your continued prayers and support will provide a continual blessing to you, our church, and the people of the world everywhere!

Dean Saunders,

Internet Ministry coordinator

The Junior-Merritt Report

The trip from Nelson, British Columbia, to Anchorage has been far from smooth for church members Clarence and Margaret Merritt. Forest fires, earthquakes, and trailer trouble marked this segment of their 10,000-mile trip from Tennessee to Alaska.

Once again, however, they weren’t traveling alone. Rod Lewis and the entire Junior Department at McDonald Road Church prays each week for God to grant them safe travel. As you can see from the reports that follow, God answers prayer!

June 19 from Nelson, British Columbia

The Merritts traveled through hundreds of miles of wheat and hay fields as they made their way north through Oregon and Washington. Oregon’s Cascade Mountains with Mt. Hood was a real treat. They followed the Columbia River for some time, passing through Colville, Wash.

At the U.S.-Canadian border, Clarence and Margaret watched nervously as they waited in line at the customs office. Directly in front of them, officials emptied everything out of a camper and placed its contents in the road. After watching this 45-minute strip search, Clarence feared the worst when it became his turn. However, after asking two or three terse questions, the officials waved them on.

Once in Canada, the Merritts had a few adjustments to make. Kilometers, not miles…liters, not gallons! One thing they don’t mind at all, however, is the exchange rate. On Monday, they exchanged 300 U.S. dollars and got $380 in Canadian currency. Locals call the coin money "Loonies" and "Twonies"! The Loonies have a loon stamped on the back, and the Twonies are a two-dollar coin.

Arriving in Nelson on Thursday, June 17, Clarence and Margaret made their camp at Lake Kootenay. From their fifth-wheel, they could see eagle and osprey gliding across the surface of the lake.

A one-day trip to a hot spring near Aimsworth took the Merritts to a cave inside which the air is 112 degrees and the water is 96 degrees. They also visited Ghost Town, Canada, once proclaimed the gateway to the promised gold "up there in them there hills!" When the gold dried up, so did the town. A few tourists still come, however, and Clarence and Margaret were delighted to find vegeburgers on the menu at the Tin Cup Café.

The Merritts spent two Sabbaths in Nelson, visiting and worshiping with all 10 members of the local Adventist church. Clarence taught the Sabbath School lesson and Margaret played piano both times. The pastor preaches there once every three weeks.

On Sunday they took a ferry across the lake and saw a house made of 500,000 embalming fluid bottles. You’re right; the undertaker who built it had way too much time on his hands.


June 24 from Jasper, Alberta

Dawson Creek marks the beginning of the Alaska Highway. From there, the Merritts crossed Suicide Hill, so named for the number of winter accidents. At Toad River, the rock cut away for the highway is home for mountain sheep—some with lambs appearing as white dots against the gray stone.

After crossing the border into Alberta, Margaret and Clarence took their place among the 1,000 campsites around Lake Louise. Since the cost of a hotel room was between 108 and 200 Canadian dollars per night, the Merritts were grateful for their cozy travel trailer. However, they did discover that one of their windows had cracked and the microwave quit working.

Traveling on Highway 93 to Jasper, they caught glimpses of bear, elk, timber wolves, and several large animals they could not identify.


June 27 from Whitehorse, Yukon

Just as they crossed from British Columbia into Yukon Territory, the Merritts encountered a forest fire. Miles and miles of burned-out forest still smelled of smoke and ash.

At Watson Lake, which is the first stop in the Yukon if you’re traveling the Alaska Highway, they saw a signpost with nearly a thousand arrows pointing to every conceivable point on the globe. It even lists the number of miles you’d have to travel in order to get to each point!

Margaret and Clarence’s daughter, Cheryl, flew to meet them in Whitehorse, Canada. Parents and daughter enjoyed a happy reunion and traveled on together toward Anchorage. The church at Whitehorse has 25-30 members. The Merritts enjoyed the sermon, and Pastor Clarence Polk later commented how good it was to have someone around who has the same first name.


July 1 from Haines Junction, Yukon

"I smell something hot!"

Pulling over at a beat-up old gas station, Clarence discovered that one of the wheels on their trailer had melted. The brakes were out, and even the lugs had melted. The proprietor of the station, with hands in pockets, whistled under his breath. "It will take days to get them parts here from Anchorage," he said.

However, it just so happened that a rusted-out RV was parked in the weeds next to the station. "You’re welcome to see if there is anything on that you can use," the man offered. Spare parts were taken from the old RV, and to everyone’s shock, they fit perfectly. There is power in prayer!

They Merritts saw many oil wells along Highway 1 out of Watson Lake. A keen eye could also spot mountain goats, which scamper along most of the passes cut for the highway.


July 3 from Anchorage, Alaska

After arriving safely in Anchorage, Clarence and Margaret spent some time cleaning their RV inside and out. So far the odometer reads 9,514 miles traveled.

It’s twilight all night in Alaska. Margaret was reading a book one evening, only to check the time and find that it was nearly midnight!

While signing the guestbook at the O’Malley SDA Church, Margaret noticed that on the previous Sabbath, McDonald Road’s own Edison and Frieda Blanchard had signed the same book! Also signing the book on June 26 were Harold Grundset and the Ericsons, both of Collegedale.

Clarence and Margaret walk their daughter’s dog almost every day in a park near their daughter’s house. Cheryl’s dog is rather large, and Sabbath night they thought it had bumped up against the wall, but then they realized the whole wall was moving. The Merritts were experiencing their first earthquake! Later they learned that it registered 4.5 on the Richter scale.


July 21 from Anchorage, Alaska

On Monday, July 5, Clarence took the RV for repairs and had the damaged wheel assembly completely replaced. On Tuesday the Merritts visited the Native American Hospital. It’s really half museum and half hospital; many visitors come to see the crafts and artifacts on display. Downtown Anchorage was blocked off Wednesday for a huge farmers’ market. The growing season is only 3-4 months long in Alaska, so when fresh local produce is available, it is quite festive.

One day this week, Clarence had retired for the evening but Margaret and Cheryl were chatting in the family room. Suddenly they heard a loud noise like a freight train. Clarence said he thought the upright piano in his room was going to hop into the bed with him. The whole house swayed. You guessed it; the Merritts experienced their second earthquake! This one registered 5.3 on the Richter scale. After any quake measuring 5 or above, the state shuts down its railroads to inspect all of the bridges.


July 22 from Seward, Alaska

On Friday the Merritts visited the Alaska Sea Life Center, which is similar to our Tennessee Aquarium. The complex was built as a result of the Exxon Valdez accident in order to foster awareness that sea life suffers when humans make messes. On Sabbath a naturalist took them on a flower walk, pointing out brilliant flowers.

Margaret, Clarence, and their daughter Cheryl camped for several days at Trail River Campground in Seward. They enjoyed sitting by the fire and watching eagles skim the surface of Lake Kewai.

At the Matanuska Glacier, officials were searching for a 17-year-old boy who was part of a back-country survival class. He had gone to get melted water for the group and had not returned. They figured that he slipped into a crevasse. A long optical search device allowed rescuers to search to a depth of 800 feet, yet it did not reach the bottom of the crevasse.

The Merritts also visited Exit Glacier. Markers are placed to show where the end of the glacier was at different years. In the last 40 years, the glacier has receded several hundred feet.

Clarence and Margaret will begin their trip back home this month, so please keep them in your prayers. For anyone wishing to drop them a line, the Merritts can receive e-mail at: cemerrit@juno.com

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