October Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 12 No. 10           October, 1999

Can you help upgrade our satellite system?

If youíve been a church member for more than a year, you have probably been blessed as a direct result of the churchís satellite receiver system, which downlinks special programming like Net í98 or the upcoming Net New York í99 seminar. Now your donations are needed in order to help the church continue providing these quality programs for years to come.

Adventist Communication Network (ACN) supplies our church with all of the satellite evangelistic meetings, as well as "First Wednesday" programming and a variety of church workshops. Our current satellite receiver system uses an analog signal, but ACN will soon broadcast only by a digital signal, which is clearer and more dependable.

Sometime during the year 2000, the network will discontinue the old analog satellite transmissions, which means that all churches need to upgrade to the new digital system in order to downlink any of ACNís programming.

The church board voted September 20 to go ahead and install the new system so the conversion can be completed before reaching a "crisis mode." Acting now will enable the church to make a smoother transition to the new system, since the old analog satellite signals are getting weaker due to aging, obsolete satellites.

The church board wishes to extend an appeal to all McDonald Road church members for help in defraying the cost of this new technology. It is estimated that by the time installation is complete, it may cost up to $1,700.

Considering the tremendous outreach of Net í96 and Net í98 (and now the Net New York í99 seminar beginning October 15), donít you agree that this is indeed a very worthwhile project toward which to donate personal resources?


Real Beauty

Iíve seen a few wonderful sights in my life. Iíve seen the morning appear in Cadeís Cove. Iíve hiked into the Grand Canyon and the Swiss Alps. Iíve watched as the clouds blew away to reveal the Matterhorn. Iíve shivered while hiking beside the great waterfalls of the Yosemite Valley before dawn. Iíve marveled at Mount Vesuvius from the ruined city of Pompeii. Iíve strained my neck by looking up at the Redwoods of California and have wandered in rain forests and deserts.

Iíve seen the depths of the ocean using scuba gear and the sunrise from a jet. Iíve seen the wonders of 47 states and more than 20 various countries and island provinces. Iíve even seen Rock City.

Yet when I looked at a map of the world today, I realized how little of this worldís beauty I have seen. Then I looked at the stars last night and was reminded of how little of anything I have seen!

While thinking of the natural beauty of this world, I am reminded that this is a mere shadow of how God created it to be. What we see as we travel is what is left over after the Flood destroyed the real beauty of Earth. I donít think we can even begin to imagine or understand how ugly this place is in comparison to what is to come!

Yet, more beautiful than all of Godís new creation will be the sight of Jesusí face! Everything else will pale in significance compared with that sight, because He made it possible for us to be there with Him.

The heart of man is far uglier than the planet on which we live. Iím glad Jesus can transform our hearts into things of beauty by covering us with Himself now so that we can see Him then, when all things are made new.

Parish Nurses needed; any volunteers?

Audrey Henson has volunteered to coordinate the Parish Nurse Program for our church, and she needs other trained nurses who are willing to help.

A parish nurse strives to foster the health and wellness of church members. The coordinator will work closely with the pastor in areas of ministry such as visiting individuals who are homebound or are being treated in a hospital or some other health-care institution.

Audrey plans to spend one day a week at the church, where she will be available to provide health screening and monitoring or personal health counseling. Her desk will be in the lobby for now, but eventually the parish nurse will have an office at the church.

Please look over the following list of services provided by the parish nurse, then contact a pastor if you would like to schedule an appointment.

The duty of a parish nurse is to:

ē Provide regular health screening and monitoring

ē Provide health referral information

ē Serve as a personal health counselor

ē Maintain appropriate health ministry records

ē Serve as a liaison between the congregation and community resources

ē Recruit and train volunteers to help with visiting the homebound and those in the hospital

ē Work closely with the Health & Temperance Committee to develop and plan the churchís health ministry

ē Meet regularly with the pastors to share information about church members who are ill

Church member played role in Net New York í99

Did you know that the lessons to be used during Doug Batchelorís Millennium of Prophecy Seminar, which begins October 15, were edited by a member of your church?

Thatís right. Months before the finished copy went up to the press in Maryland to be printed, Debra Hicks began scrutinizing each word in the 24-lesson "Storacles of Prophecy" series. As a matter of fact, she devoted over 98 hours to the project!

Before she moved to Tennessee and became our Manna editor, Debra worked for seven years editing publications produced by Amazing Facts. Glad for an opportunity to help her favorite ministry, she started working on the lessons in December and finished the first week in July.

The Storacles of Prophecy lessons are unique because each begins with a Bible story that illustrates the eveningís topic. Each one is thought-provoking and relevant, says the editor, but her two favorites are "A River of Life" about the Syrian general Naaman and "The Glorious Kingdom" about the Queen of Shebaís visit to King Solomon. Debra says these lessons about baptism and heaven taught her a lot about Godís generosity and His love for us.

Be sure to invite as many people as you can to attend these Christ-centered meetings with you. Thereís no better information available for people wondering what to expect as we approach a new millennium!

Millennium of Prophecy Seminar Schedule
Nightly Meetings start at 7:00 PM

Friday, October 15 "The Millennial Man"
Saturday PM, October 16 "Back to Jerusalem"
Sunday, October 17 "The Coming King"
Tuesday, October 19 "The Rebellious Prince"
Wednesday, October 20 "The Supreme Sacrifice"
Friday, October 22 "The Law of the King"
Saturday AM, October 23 Doug Batchelorís testimony
Saturday PM, October 23 "Bricks Without Straw"
Sunday, October 24 "The Glorious Kingdom"
Tuesday, October 26 "The Witch of Endor"
Wednesday, October 27 "Cities of Ash"
Friday, October 29 "A River of Life"
Saturday AM, October 30 "Resting the Land"
Saturday PM, October 30 "Bowing to Babylon"
Sunday, October 31 "The Mark of Cain"
Tuesday, November 2 "A Heavenly Model"
Wednesday, November 3 "Cleansing the Temple"
Friday, November 5 "A Tale of Two Women"
Saturday AM, November 6 "Windows of Heaven"
Saturday PM, November 6 "The Daughterís Dance"
Sunday, November 7 "Ten Times Wiser"
Tuesday, November 9 "Voice in the Wilderness"
Wednesday, November 10 "Proving the Prophets"
Friday, November 12 "A Jar of Oil"
Saturday AM, November 13 "The Unsinkable Ship"
Saturday PM, November 13 "Above the Crowd"

Visit Millennium of Prophecy Website!

Sing Me a Song of Zion

"Sing us one of the songs of Zion."

Psalm 137:3


Oh sing me a Song of Zion,

One with an heavenly Refrain,

For my Soul is Sad and Heavy,

And burdened with stress and Strain.


Tell me of Canaanís fair Country

Where Peace and Tranquility reign,

And Naught of Dismay or Depression

Will ever be known again.


How long till we all may enter

That wonderful Land over there,

And walk with the Saints in Glory

With never a Charge or Care?


I yearn for that Region of Rest,

Unburdened by Toil and Strife,

Where None shall molest or injure,

Or threaten the peaceable Life.


When will we see our Deliverance

From all of Earthís Sorrows and Woe?

Iím Weary of waiting and wanting,

Tell me I pray if you know!


So sing me a Song of Zion,

And joyfully voice each Refrain,

For my Soul is Sad and Heavy,

And Downcast with Stress and strain.

óAdrian V. Boyer

McDonald Road Melody Ringers are sharing their ministry with other churches in the South

The McDonald Road Melody Ringers have been active in sharing their ministry of music with other churches in the Southern Union. On July 17 they played for the Huntsville Central Seventh-day Adventist Church in Alabama. Response from the congregation was very warm, and they took a love offering for the handbell choir in addition to providing a fellowship lunch. Last week the pastor, Stanley Knight, noted that he is still receiving comments on the excellent impression made by our group.

On September 17, the bell choir played for a small church in Decherd, Tenn. This invitation came as the result of a visit to the church made during a weekend campout at Tims Ford State Park by the groupís director, Linda Brooks, with her family and friends. The McDonald Road Melody Ringers were given the entire church program, so in addition to the bell choir, our church was able to provide readings by Jean Mansfield and Marge Seifert plus solos by Mary Wilcox on flute and Jerry Harrison on saxophone. Though small in number, the members of this church provided a more than ample feast, and the pastor sent very enthusiastic appreciation back to McDonald Road for allowing us to leave our church and travel to Decherd.

In addition, the Ladd Springs Church has invited the handbell choir to provide music for its service on November 6.

Thanks to all of our church for providing an opportunity to share with many people the blessings of music, and thanks to the Lord for all of the talent with which He has blessed McDonald Road.


Whoís Taking Charge of Your Life?

You are what you eat (and how you live)! Most of todayís diseases are caused by lifestyleóour lifestyle! We need to take charge of our lifestyles if we are to live the abundant life to its fullest. God has promised us an abundant life, but He canít give it to us if we arenít willing to change our bad habits.

So, how can we change our bad habits? By taking one bad habit at a time and replacing it with a good one. Once we have learned, for example, that itís better for our weight, digestive system, and general health not to eat between meals or overeat, we must replace these habits with a new chosen response. Then we can base our choices on information weíve learned, not on feelings.

When we decide to change any bad habit, it is hard at first because habits form deep pathways in our brains. After we choose a new "good habit" with which to replace the old one, we will need to make a conscious effort to do the new habit. It takes 21 days to form a new pathway in our brains.

To reinforce the idea that change will be worth all the effort, letís look to statistics. Dr. Lester Breslow conducted a study in northern California that shows good health practices can result in longer life. The more we practice the eight natural health remedies, the longer we live.

Are we like the man who went to the doctor and complained: "I didnít come to be told Iím burning the candle at both ends. I already knew that! What I came for was more wax!"

We can gain all the information available on health, but it doesnít do us any good unless we choose to make use of it. Until we become sick, we usually find our present lifestyle so comfortable that we resist change. Oh yes, we do have an interest in health, but as long as things arenít too bad, we are happy with our current lifestyles. What we need is a powerful motivation to apply the healthier lifestyle to our lives. Would a heart attack do? Any takers?

When we follow the eight natural health remedies (nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, temperance, fresh air, rest, and trust in God), we will live life to the "max," experience better health, and learn that it promotes real happiness. We are told that the mind and body works as a single unit, and we are healthier when they are in harmony.

How we liveówhat we eat, our family life, amount of exercise, our day at work, and many other large and small details in our lives are critically important to our health. Lifestyle, nutrition, health behaviors, lack of exercise, stress, and tension are recognized as being among the major causes of chronic diseases.

The Surgeon General states: "The health of the nationís citizens can be significantly improved through actions individuals can take themselvesóand many of the personal decisions required to reduce risk for one disease can reduce it for others."

Each of us make decisions affecting our health, and each decision makes a big impact on the length and quality of our life. The choice is OURS!

We are told in 3 John 2, "Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers."

óCharlene Anderson,

Health & Temperance leader

Internet Ministry News

Can you tell me what the Prophecy Lectures, The Teen Scene, Pathfinders, Sabbath School, the General Conference, and the pastorsí sermons all have in common? If you guessed the McDonald Road Web Outreach, you are definitely correct!

If you havenít seen The Teen Scene by Melissa Turner, then hurry on over to the McDonald Road Churchís Web site and read the latest copy online. Even the old issues are there! Did you miss the Prophecy Lectures by Evangelist Wendell Stover, or do you just want to know what the Pathfinders have been up to? Itís there on our church Web site! You can even read an article that was in the Manna last year or Pastor Gettysí sermon on Jonah from way back in 1995; itís called "Whale of a Tale."

We wish to thank the many volunteers who are making this worldwide outreach possible. Whether itís Nancy Beard typing some of the Prophecy Lectures, or Gloria Lacey sending out hundreds of copies of Steps to Christ, it is all the Lordís work being done in a mighty way!

Thousands of people every week from all over the world are being blessed by the material we present. If you would like to join the team, there is still much more work that can be done, and we can find a place for you! If you would like to help but would rather contribute funds so more materials can be sent worldwide, let me assure you that we can use all the help we can get! Contributions can be earmarked for "Internet Ministry"; those with time available to contribute can contact me or write to: web@mcdonaldroad.org

óDean Saunders,

Internet Ministry coordinator

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