November Manna Highlights
McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church Vol. 12 No. 11           November, 1999

Insight cover features our youth!

"Donít let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity" (1 Timothy 4:12).

Members of the McDonald Road Youth Sabbath School did set an example, through their branch Sabbath School project. The project lasted from January to April of this year. In that short time, many blessings were received by the youth who participated in the program as well as by visitors who attended the service.

The branch Sabbath School ended in April, but it closed on a positive note. The youth of McDonald Road learned quite a lot during the programóspeaking skills, social skills, and even Bible/belief-sharing skills.

During the month of March, I noticed an advertisement in Insight magazine for a contest called "Youth Group of the Month." I decided to write an article about the incredible work that our youth Sabbath School class had put into the branch Sabbath School project.

In May, I received a phone call from the staff at Insight magazine. The article had been accepted! Twelve members of our churchís youth group were photographed during a very hot and sticky photo shoot in August. (By the way, thank you to everyone who attended that photo shoot!)

Look for the November 6 issue, which is due out on the first Sabbath of November. Some familiar faces are pictured on the front page, and there is a two-page feature article covering our churchís youth! [Extra copies may be ordered from Jason McCracken (301-393-3182) at the Review & Herald Publishing Association.]

Who said that youth canít do anything to bring souls to Christ? I think our youth deserve to be commended for their efforts, and the Insight magazine article does that.

óMelissa Turner

Ruthene Rivers commissioned

McDonald Road church member Ruthene Rivers was one of four individuals commissioned as a Stephen Minister during a special service held recently at the Samaritan Center.

Stephen Ministers are laypersons who have been trained to help people go through a variety of crises. Although not trained professional counselors, they provide a listening ear to those they serve.

Pastorís Challenge

What an Adventure!

Do you remember being a Busy Bee? If so, then you were probably a first-grader in an Adventist school a few years ago.

Well, the Busy Bees are back! And so are the Sun Beams, Builders, and Helping Hands. What started out years ago as a part of the Junior Missionary Volunteers (JMV) program for grades 1-4 has now become the Adventurer Club, promoted by the General Conference. It is still designed for children in grades 1-4 and is great preparation for those who would like to join the Pathfinder Club. We are proud to have both of these clubs in our church!

The Adventurer Club meets on Monday nights and is full of songs, stories, lessons, and activities. One of the most exciting activities was the Adventurer Club campout at Cohutta Springs Camp on the first weekend in October. The weather was perfect!

On Sabbath morning at the Cohutta Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, the children had fun learning about the animals God created. Each child also had to "preach" a sermon by making a scene from a Bible story out of natural materials they could find. Other children had to guess what the story was about. They also learned about fire safety and cooking over the fire. Many lessons were also learned about safe hiking as well as how to pitch a tent.

We are thankful to have such a great club led by such a dedicated staff. If you would like to help with this club, feel free to contact Amy Heinanen. Many opportunities for service exist.

Church Parking...

For several years we have been experiencing a shortage of parking spaces. Our church sits on 15 acres that is shaped like a yard stick! Straight and narrow, to be exact.

We are not getting liberal, but we saw the chance to widen our frontage. Our dear neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Espy, both passed away within the last two years. Their children were ready to sell some of the landówhich is the only piece of real estate in the world that would improve our church property. The board took the proposal before the church during a business meeting in April, and members voted to move ahead with this purchase. The plan is to use a portion of it for expanding our crowded parking lot.

After many hours of discussion and study, we have been able to purchase five acres. This adds another 275 feet to our frontage on McDonald Road, which extends back to about the tree line past our Family Center. The land is well drained and pastoral. The purchase price is $12,000 per acre. When you compare this with the price of lots in a subdivision a few blocks away, we got a very fair price.

Did we have the full $60,000? No. However, our faithful members have been giving regularly to our "Building Fund," and with continued effort we will soon have this project paid for. We invite you to have a part in this endeavor.

óPastor Don Gettys

Our Student Task Force Worker

Sandi Saunders is currently a Task Force worker from Southern Adventist University and is teaching at Parkview Adventist Academy in Oklahoma City, Okla.

It is the end of the first nine weeks, and school is definitely in full swing. We began pre-session week by painting all of the classrooms and doing lots of other remodeling. School itself started on Thursday, August 19. I am the homeroom teacher and Bible instructor for grades 7 & 8, and I teach language arts, science, and art for grades 7-10. I am also co-sponsoring the yearbook with Amy Deming, the teacher for grades 5-6.

I have four seventh-graders and three eighth-graders, but only one of them is a guy. There is also one 10th grade guy in the school. The total enrollment is a little less than 50 students.

I have learned that one secret in teaching is: If you want it, beg for it, seek it out, and take it. Actually, the art of "treasure hunting" is really quite fun. Amy took pity on me and led me on a tour of the school so I could hunt for classroom goodies. Not only did I find some furniture and office supplies, but we also dug up some art supplies and a gold mine of science equipment from the old asbestos-filled science building. I was surprised that there were already computers in my classroom, even if they are quite slow and mostly donít work. My big wish now is for more and better books in the library, but there are many other items that would certainly be nice to have in the school.

Although it is very interesting, teaching is definitely very challenging. I have really learned to rely on God for wisdom. Itís amazing how much I see Him helping me when I actually let Him, whether itís by winging a lecture or dealing with a behavioral problem. The more I see Him working, the more I realize that itís okay to give my problems to Him and I see how much I need to improve my relationship with Him. Unfortunately, I can also see the devil working very hard on my students. There is a definite spiritual battle going on for their souls.

One of my big challenges this year is that my students are so diverse, even though there are only seven. One student is from El Salvador and has only been in America for two years. Another of my students has some serious special needs.

At the other end of the spectrum, I have two kids who are really bright. They get their work done really fast, and then theyíre bored. I also have two who I know are smart, but itís a real struggle to get them to do any work at all.

Overall, though, the school year is going pretty well. There is so much that I wish I had learned, but I guess experience is the best teacher. I just hate to be practicing on kids who need a good education! Iím sure God will make up for my lack of knowledge, since Heís the one who wanted me to be here.

September 10 and 11 was the centennial celebration of Adventist education in Oklahoma City. Dwight Nelson came to speak for the event, and he was definitely as awesome in person as he is on the big screen. The auditorium we rented was totally packed with 600 people. It was a successful event in many ways.

When we got back, I handed out midterm grades. Not very many of my kids did well at all. Of course, they were very upset, and I felt quite beaten up. Unfortunately, thatís the only way these kids are going to learn responsibility. I think by the end of the nine weeks most of them will be doing much better. My special-needs student is really beginning to shine as of the last couple of weeks. Whatís interesting is that she is actually very smart; she just doesnít have confidence in herself to do well. Itís really neat to see her blossom.

One student Iím still very concerned about refuses to do practically anything, unless sheís in a good mood, which isnít very often. She also adamantly stated that she did not want to go to heaven. "There is nothing there for me," she said. I have really begun to have a special burden for her. However, I think that she too is very slowly turning around. This week she has at least taken the responsibility that she didnít do her assignments rather than accusing me of picking on her. In fact, the whole class is becoming more cheerful and working harderófor the most part. On some days there is still a lot of muttering and complaining. They all have definite mood swings; you just learn to ride the roller coaster with them.

I really praise God more and more for His gift of the Sabbath. Thatís when Iím "forced" to actually rest. Iíve been going to a couple of different churches. They are both very warm and nice.

Well, I believe thatís all that is noteworthy. Please keep Parkview, and its students and teachers, in your prayers.

Sandi :)

You can brighten Sandiís day by sending her a letter in care of Parkview Adventist Academy, 4201 N. Martin Luther King Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73131. Her e-mail address is

When she got there, the cupboard was bare...

Susan focuses on a spot on the wall behind the caseworker as she explains why she has come to the Samaritan Center. Baby Todd sleeps peacefully on her lap, unaware of the challenges facing his mother. Toddís father left three weeks ago, and Susan has no idea where he is. Sheís never had to ask for help before.

There isnít enough food left in the cupboard to fix a real meal. Everything she can think of making requires something she doesnít have. Thereís no money for shopping.

With little training or experience, it will be difficult for Susan to find a job paying more than minimum wageóand minimum wage wonít cover her rent, food, diapers, and child care. How long will an old car get her reliably to and from work? Susan doesnít know where to begin.

To meet her immediate food needs, the caseworker will go to the existing food pantry in the back of the building, load a three-day food supply onto a cart, and roll in to the office where Susan is waiting. After 13 years of dispensing food that way, we believe itís time to change how the Samaritan Center provides food to people in need.

It would be helpful to Susan if she could select foods that work with whatís left in her cupboard. Itís especially difficult to cope with strange food products like gluten and soy milk during a crisis. Familiar food is "comfort food," and people affected by sickness, unemployment, or broken relationships need comforting.

A victim is a person without choice. Right now, Susanís choices seem very limited. Something as simple as letting her choose from the basic food groups can exerciseóand strengthenóher ability to develop skills sheíll need in the difficult days ahead.

Your contribution to Campaign for Community will enable the center to renovate vacant retail space, turning it into a grocery store-type setting where clients will be able to "shop" without charge using vouchers. Volunteers will be available to answer questions and provide information on budgets, nutrition, and meal planning.

Other programs funded by this yearís Campaign for Community include the Community Care Nurse and Stephen Ministry programs. Additional space for free Community Counseling will also be provided.

Thank you for giving generously to Campaign for Community. You may contribute through participating churches in the area during the month of November or mail your check to Campaign for Community, P.O. Box 927, Ooltewah, TN 37363.

Our Lives

Our Lives are made of cherished Dreams,

Of Laughter, Love and Pain,

Of Aspirations unattained,

And Sunshine, Clouds and Rain.

Theyíre fashioned of eternal Hope,

íMid Seasons of Despair,

With Intervals of Happiness,

And Moments fraught with Care.

While Jubilation, Praise and Song

May oftí our Lives employ,

Yet Sometimes Sorrowís mournful Strains

Will mitigate our Joy.

How wonderful ítwill be one Day

When Lifeís Joys will never cease,

And we shall dwell Forevermore

In Heavenís perfect Peace.

óAdrian V. Boyer

Internet Ministry News

We are thrilled to announce that 4,000 Bible lessons have been completed by students of our e-mail Bible School program. Statistics show 5,000 hits on the churchís server in just one day and 1 million hits recorded during the first nine months of this year.

More than 60 people are dedicating their personal time to this worldwide effort. We know we are making a difference, but some witnessing opportunities are still passing us by. These could be cared foróif only we had the right person to fill the need.

Perhaps you are that right person! We still have some Prophecy Lectures sermons that must be typed so the online series can be complete. We also need a retired pastor who can counsel people on doctrinal issues and offer help for their personal lives. We can even utilize funds that may be available to help support our expanding online Steps to Christ ministry. (Please note that this is separate from general mailings. The books are mailed in response to individual requests from people who are asking for a copy of Steps to Christ.)

There are many other ways you can help with this worldwide ministry, as well. On-the-job training is available!

If you are ready to help with the online challenge God has given us, contact Dean Saunders at church, or write to:

This guestbook entry we just received from Istanbul, Turkey, shows the extent of our outreach: "My family is Muslim. Ö How can the Incil [Gospel] be guidance and light for me?"

óDean Saunders,

Internet Ministry coordinator


Why Should I Be Physically Active?

People who donít get enough physical activity are much more likely to develop heart disease and high blood pressure.

Vigorous physical activity can lower your risk of:

vHeart disease and heart attack

vHigh blood pressure

vHigh cholesterol

If you havenít been active and want to start exercising, first check with your doctor for a program thatís right for you. Once you start, youíll find that exercise isnít just good for your healthóitís also fun!

What else can physical activity do for me?

Physical activity should be enjoyable and can:

vReduce your chance of heart attack

vStrengthen your heart, lungs, bones, and muscles

vGive you more energy and strength

vHelp control your weight and blood pressure

vHelp you handle stress

vHelp you sleep better

vHelp you look good

vHelp you feel upbeat

What kinds of activities should I do?

To help your heart, activities should be constant and last long enough to increase the blood flow to the muscles. First, discuss exercise with your doctor or nurse. Then try:

vWalking or hiking





vWalking on a treadmill

vClimbing stairs


vCross-country skiing

How often should I exercise?

vWork up to 30 minutes of exercise.

vMake sure itís regularóat least three times a week.

vTry to spread it out over the week for best results. An every-other-day schedule works best.

What else can I do?

In addition to exercise, studies show that easy-to-do daily activities may benefit your heart. Also, making small changes in your lifestyle can make a big overall difference in your health. Here are some examples:

vTake a walk in the neighborhood.

vGet into gardening or yard work.

vTake stairs instead of escalators and elevators.

vPark farther from the store and walk through the parking lot.

How can I learn more?

Talk to your doctor, nurse, or health care professional. You may also call your local American Heart Association at 1-800-242-8721.

If you have heart disease, members of your family also may be at higher risk. Itís very important for them to make changes now to lower their risk.

Do you have questions or comments for your doctor? Take a few minutes now to write your own questions or comments, then take them with you the next time you see your doctor. For example:

- Whatís the best type of exercise for me?

- How much should I exercise?

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