Christ Is Coming Back

    This study is a comprehensive compilation of Bible texts on Christ’s Second Coming. Organized and presented in outline form to aid in studying, understanding, and sharing this subject.
    Some texts relate only indirectly but are added as “TEXTS OF INTEREST.”
    All Bible references are from the King James Version unless otherwise noted.
    It is the author’s desire to show how text of scripture fit together like pieces of a great puzzle. Searching for an understanding that will fit the maximum number of pieces together is, believed to be, the correct method to use when studying the Bible.
    My prayer is that God will bless in your study of His Word.


  1. Our Blessed Hope
  2. Promises Of Christ’s Coming
    1. Did Christ Promise To Come Back?
    2. Did Angels Promise Christ Would Come Back?
    3. What Other Bible Characters Promised That Christ Would Come Back?
  3. The Manner Of Christ Coming
    1. Will Christ Come Back As He Went?
      1. Did Christ Go Up In Clouds?
      2. Will The Same Christ (Jesus) Come Back?
    2. Will Christ Come Back Unexpectedly?
      1. Will Christ Come As A Thief?
      2. Will Any Man Ever Know The Day Or Hour Of Christ’s Return?
    3. Will Christ Be Coming In Clouds?
      1. Will Christ Be Coming In Clouds As He Left?
      2. What Is The Sign Of His Coming?
      3. What Makes The Clouds In Which Christ Returns?
    4. Will Christ’s Coming Be In Secret?
      1. Will Christ’s Coming Be In Some Secret Place?
      2. Will Christ’s Coming Be Bright?
      3. Will Christ’s Coming Be Seen?
      4. Will Christ’s Coming Be Audible?
      5. Will Christ’s Coming Be Felt?
      6. Will Christ’s Coming Be With Fire?
      7. Will Christ Come With Angels?
        1. Will Christ Come With Angels?
        2. How Many Angels Will Come With Christ?
      8. Will Christ Come In Power And Glory?
      9. Will The Wicked Try To Hide From Christ?
    5. Will Christ Come In Threefold Glory?
      1. What Are Some Examples Of Glory In The Past?
        1. What Are The Effects Of The Glory From One Angel?
        2. What Were The Effects Of God’s Glory Upon Mount Sinai?
      2. What About The Glory Of The Second Coming Of Christ?
        1. Will Christ Come In The Combined Glory Of His Father’s Glory, The Angel’s Glory, And His Own Glory?
        2. How Does This Threefold Glory Affect The Wicked?
  4. What Are The Events Of Christ Second Coming?
    1. Will There Be A Special Resurrection?
    2. Will Christ Be Seen Coming In Clouds?
    3. Will Christ Raise The Righteous Dead Back To Life?
    4. Will The Saints Be Changed From Mortal To Immortal?
    5. Does Christ’s Glory Destroy The Wicked?
    6. Does Christ’s Glory Destroy The Cities?
    7. Are The Righteous Living And The Raised Dead Caught Up Together?
    8. Does Christ Take His People Back To Heaven?
    9. Is Satan Confined?
  5. What Is The Purpose Of Christ’s Return?
    1. Does Christ Come To Judge?
    2. Does Christ Come To Bring His Reward For Us?
    3. Does Christ Come To Separate The Righteous From The Wicked?
    4. Does Christ Come To Be Glorified In His Saints?
    5. Does Christ Come To Save His People?
    6. Does Christ Come So We Can Be With Him?
    7. Does Christ Come To Set Up His Everlasting Kingdom?
    8. Does Christ Come To Make Restitution Of All Things?
  6. Why Are The Angels Coming?
  7. Is It Important For Us To Be Ready For Christ’s Coming?
  8. What Will Happen To The Earth When Christ Comes?
  9. When Christ Comes What Will Be The Cry Of The Wicked?
  10. What Will Be The Joy Of The Righteous?
  11. What Should Be Our Prayer?
  12. Summary

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