Asleep in Christ

What Happens At Death?

    This is a comprehensive compilation of Bible texts on What Happens At Death? Organized per thought and put in an outline form to aid in studying, understanding, and sharing of this subject.

    Some texts relate only indirectly but are added as “TEXTS OF INTEREST.”

    All Bible references are from the King James Version unless otherwise noted.

    The number in parenthesis, following a word in a Bible text, corresponds with the numbering system in the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. This will help with the Hebrew and Greek meaning of these words.

    It is my desire to show how many pieces of the scripture fits together like the pieces of a great puzzle. Searching for an understanding that will fit the maximum number of pieces together is, I believe, the correct method to use when studying the Bible.

    May God bless you as you study His word, is my prayer.


  1. The Great Argument
    1. Did God Say Man Would Die?
    2. Who Said Man Would Not Die?
  2. The Wages Of Sin
    1. Are The Wages Of Sin Death?
    2. Are The Wages Of Sin The First Death Or Is There A Second Death?
  3. Man’s Nature
    1. Does The Bible Say That Man Is Mortal (Can Die)?
      1. Is Man Mortal?
      2. Can Man Perish?
      3. Can Man Die?
      4. Can Man Be Destroyed?
      5. To What Does The Bible Compare Human Life?
    2. What Does The Bible Say About Eternal Life?
      1. Does Anyone Have Eternal Life Now?
      2. Is Eternal Life Conditional?
      3. What Attitude Should Man Have Towards Eternal Life?
      4. What Is The Source Of Eternal Life?
      5. Is Eternal Life A Gift?
      6. When Can The Righteous Expect To Receive The Gift Of Eternal Life?
      7. Does Satan And His Angels Have Eternal Life (Immortality)?
  4. Man At Creation
    1. How Did God Create Man?
    2. Is Death The Reverse Of Creation?
      1. Does Man’s Form Return To Dust?
      2. Does Man’s Breath Return To God Who Gave It?
  5. Man At Death
    1. Does The Bible Call Death Man’s Enemy?
    2. Where Do All Men Go At Death?
      1. Do All Men Go To The Grave?
      2. Do We Go Back To Dust?
    3. Does The Bible Say That Death Is Like A Sleep?
    4. How Does Death Compare With Sleep?
    5. What Else Does The Bible Call Death?
    6. Does The Intelligent, Thinking Part Of Man Live Somewhere Else After Death?
    7. Can The Dead Praise God?
    8. In The Grave, Does Man Have Any Awareness Of Anything, Anywhere?
      1. Are The Dead Aware Of Anything In Heaven?
      2. Are The Dead Aware Of Anything On This Earth?
      3. Are The Dead Aware Of Anything In Hell?
  6. Man At Resurrection
    1. Did Those Resurrected In Bible Times Have A Story To Relate?
    2. Is A Resurrection Necessary?
    3. Does The Bible Speak Of Two Separate Resurrections?
    4. When Will The Righteous Dead Be Called From Their Sleep? (First Resurrection)
    5. Are The Righteous Changed Before The Resurrection Day?
    6. Are The Righteous Resurrected With A Body Like Christ’s?
      1. Will The Bodies Of The Righteous Be Changed To Be Like Christ’s?
      2. What Is The Body Of Christ Like?
    7. Will The Resurrected Righteous Ever Die Again?
    8. When Will The Wicked Be Called From Their Sleep? (Second Resurrection)
    9. Is The Resurrection The Gateway To Eternal Life For The Righteous Dead?
    10. Do The Dead And The Living Receive Their Reward At The Same Time?
  7. The Spirit
    1. What Is The Spirit?
  8. Man As A Soul
    1. What Is A Soul?
      1. What Can Be Learned, In The Bible, About The Word Soul?
      2. What Can Be Learned, From A Word Study, About The Word Soul?
        1. How Many Times Are The Words “Soul” and “Spirit” Used In The Bible?
        2. What Is “Soul” Translated From In The Old Testament?
        3. What Is “Soul” Translated From In The New Testament?
        4. What Are The Three Biblical Meanings Of The Word “Soul?”
        5. What Is The Soul Capable Of Doing?
    2. Can A Soul Die?
    3. Where Is The Soul At Death?
  9. Communication With The Spirit World
    1. Can The Dead Communicate With The Living?
    2. Where Does The Communication Come From?
    3. What Does The Bible Say About Spiritualism?
  10. Summary
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