A Thousand Years With Christ

The Events Of The Millennium


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Event 01 Satan Is Bound Or Captured
Event 02 Satan Is Held Captive
Event 03 Satan Is Loosed
Event 04 The Saints Are Resurrected (First Resurrection)
Event 05 The Saints Reign With Christ
Event 06 Receiving The Mark Of The Beast
Event 07 The Wicked Live Not
Event 08 The Wicked Are Resurrected (Second Resurrection)
Event 09 The Second Coming Of Christ
Event 10 The First Phase Of The Judgment (Investigative)
Event 11 The Saints Are Taken To Heaven
Event 12 The Wicked Try To Hide
Event 13 The Wicked Are Destroyed By His Coming
Event 14 The Earth Is Void
Event 15 The Second Phase Of The Judgment (Judicial)
Event 16 The Wicked Try To Take The City
Event 17 The Saints And The Holy City Come Down From Heaven
Event 18 The Third Phase Of The Judgment (Executive)
Event 19 Satan And The Wicked Are Destroyed (The Second Death)
Event 20 The First Death
Event 21 The New Earth
Events In Chronological Order

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