A n i m a l s   a n d   K i d s     (What's a Father to Do?)
Baby Squirrels

Squirrels, squirrels, squirrels, I have raised quite a few. Some came without hair and some came with eyes closed. The phone would ring and someone would say, ďI have two baby squirrels, no, now there are three. My kids found them on the ground, will you raise them for me?Ē What is a father to do?

There is always some reason why no one else will take them in. They are always too little or they donít like their bare skin. Once my kids see them I canít let them go. Iíve tried politely to refuse but the answer is always NO! ďYou can raise them Daddy I know you can and Iíll help,Ē (SURE). What is a father to do?

Iíve raised my kids to take time to care for all Godís creatures, even the ones without hair or other ďyuckyĒ features. So now itís baby formula and five or six feedings a day. The first thing before work and last before bed my dreams are not of sugarplums but squirrels dancing in my head. What is a father to do?

Squirrels, like rabbits are everywhere. Up in the trees or out digging up my yard. I know they are planting seeds they got from my feeder, the one with the squirrel guard. Sunflowers are coming up all over the place so why would I raise three more little diggers? ďOh daddy look at that cute little face.Ē What is a father to do?

Itís time for a feeding so out of their cage and up my arm and into my face, three little squirrels all over the place. They were so quiet and cute asleep in their bed. They were so small and eyes not even open yet. But a few days later theyíre up on my head. Out of that cage they move like a rocket, searching for food in all my pockets. That food better be there or Iíll get a real chewing out. What is a father to do?

Very few squirrels ever go to church but these three did. They drank their milk from a bottle in front of the kids. Isnít primary class a lot of fun? Now they jumped down on the floor and started to run. They ran between the kidís legs and under the chairs. The kids were laughing and jumping and the girls clutched their skirts. This is the time my little one says, ďDaddy, I donít think squirrels belong in a church.Ē What is a father to do?

Now the kids are all big and grown and squirrel after squirrel has come and gone. But now there is a new kid thatís all settled in. She is only one year old but totes a big grin. I know that look in her eyes when she sees a new animal friend. I guess I have to start all over again. She brings me a book with pictures of baby animals and points each one out. Looks like itís going to be fun with my new little SPROUT. What is a Grandfather to do?

Burney Tompkins

    - Uncle Burney

("Manna" August, 2006)

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