I hope everyone is doing fine. I am doing pretty well. :) I'm looking forward to the packages people are sending.

Tell Pam that her idea worked. I rewarded those that did their homework with a sticker the first day, which was very few. The second time I assigned them homework almost everyone in the class did their homework. I was so happy. Oh, I was asked my classroom hours... my class starts at noon and ends at four.

This week we only have three days of school, praise the Lord. Thursday we have meetings and Friday we have Dri Jerbal Day. I know it looks funny, but it's pronounce differently. It's workers holiday.

We got lots and lots of fruit this last week, it was such a blessing:) We have pears, apples and grape fruit. The only fruit that I've been having here was oranges as everything is so expensive.

One of the SM's, Ashlee, had her birthday here yesterday. It's her birthday today back at home today. I found out that the SM's are not going to Guam for Christmas, it's too expensive.

I miss you guys so much. I'm getting a little home sick. I will be ok. We went swimming yesterday, it was lots of fun. I was able to go jogging this morning with Myleen, one of the teachers here.

I have to go. I will keep you posted on things. I miss everyone very much. You are still in my prayers. :) God has been very good to me this past week. I am thankful for that.