Hi Friends,

It is definitely different down here. I like it though, It takes some getting used to. I don't like having to wear skirts everyday, but it's ok.

The people here are really nice they say good morning or good night, and Yakwe (which means hello or welcome). They say good night even if it's 2:00 in the afternoon, lol. The kids are very excepting, except for when they are in class. ;)

We have a shower, we share one bathroom amongst four girls, which isn't bad at all. The water is always cold, they can't afford to have hot water. We get to bathe with fresh water only if it rains, the rest of the time we bathe in salt water.

The power goes off randomly. Sometimes it will be off for four hours, sometimes six. It's been out for four days before. When the power goes out the water doesn't work either. They have two wells, one salt water for flushing toilets and the other which has fresh water for cooking and showers. Sometimes after we go swimming or snorkeling we take a comunity shower at the well, it's fun.

We have a stove, microwave and rice cooker ( which we accidentally melted the bottom out of). And we use them when we have power. Otherwise we use the little propane stove that we have. Which is out of propane right now. Food is very expensive up here, they have no veggie meat :(, and they are low on fruits and veggies. The ones they do have cost about 2 to 3 dollars a pound and usually isn't of good quality. The principal has a washing machine in his apartment for us to wash clothes in. Megan, my roomate from Canada is an extremely good cook, so we don't starve.

No, we don't have any family's that take us in on the weekends, but that is ok. Just pray that we get sponsors in the Kuajelein Atoll so we can go on the island and shop and stuff like that.

It is both hot and humid down here, but not too bad. The snorkeling is so wonderful down here. I wish you all could see it. God's creation is just so beautiful.

There is so much more I could write about, but I have to go :(. I will keep in touch. Oh, Mom & Dad, I recieved the package with all the trail mix and stuff. I really appreciate it, very much. Thank you so much!

I miss everyone and will keep in touch.