I am sorry I have been so long in writing. We are becoming very short handed on staff as a couple of more teachers will be leaving. I've been teaching 2nd in the morning now that Myleen has left. 2nd grade is O.K. because T-Rose is helping me but she will be leaving for the Philippines this month. I have 31 kids altogether in the 2nd grade class and have to go through the same beginning process I went through with my 3rd graders. I could use some kid devotional books to read to them in the morning. God has been really good to me though. He really has. My 3rd graders have become angels compared to my 2nd graders, they have been working very hard to earn their rewards.

We had a long weekend on Carlos Island. It was a lot of fun and very refreshing. I'm physically tired from it though. It rained a lot when I was there. It leaked in our tent so we had to move our stuff and stay at a local.s house which was really cool! It was very nice of them too. We had fresh water showers and a dry place to stay. Oh, and I was able to wear shorts all weekend! That was a bonus. The island was gorgeous. I will have to send you some pictures.

I had a bad sore throat for 3 days but I was able to still teach. Two other teachers got a real high fever with theirs and had to stay out of school for a day. I still have a slight cough but am doing better.

We had some people come from Quage and they said that they were going to try and find us some sponsors to be able to go to Quage, which will be awesome. Please pray that they find some for everyone. I'm sure that they will ;) I have faith.

Thank you for your prayers. I'm not too stressed out. It's definitely been an interesting experience thus far.

Miss everyone.