Carlos Island
(Picture on right is the Beach at Carlos Island, and the Picture was taken by Emily Lorenz on our weekend trip 9/28.)

Hi Everybody!

I'm sorry it has been so long since my last e-mail, teaching 2nd grade in the morning and 3rd grade in the afternoon doesn't leave much typing time. Below is some notes I have posted in my journal to hopefully bring you up to date.

Oct. 15... Today has gone fairly well, I'm waiting for prayer meeting to start. Afterwards we are gong to have another yakwe party for some people that are leaving. My helper for 2nd grade is leaving and the accountant named Love. I'm going to miss them both very much. Love has been such a good friend to me. The school is looking for another teacher from the Philippines and I think they might have found someone but I'm not sure.

Oct. 23... Classes are going fine but I'm getting very tired. Unfortunately this week my foot got infected from a blister my new flip-flops gave to me. So now my foot is swollen and I'm taking antibiotics. Thank the Lord this week is almost over, I'm exhausted and I really miss home. God is taking care of me though, I can't complain.

Oct. 25...I miss everyone so much, I wish I could see them and talk to them...I will in May, Yeah! Christmas is getting closer and I'm excited, that means we get a much needed break soon. The power has been on more consistently which is sooo nice.
We have a guest speaker this week for our week of prayer and he is really good. We student missionaries worry about the students because they don't seem to be making the passing grade, or are we being good examples to them about God, we deal with so much frustration in our classrooms we don't see the good. Our guest speaker told us to quit worrying, we are only here to plant seeds, not here to see results. God will show us the results when we get to Heaven.

Oct. 27... Classes are going O.K. but my brain seems to be going to mush as I have nothing to stimulate it besides 2+2=4 and it's not quite cutting it for me.LOL. I'm doing O.K. but I still kind of want to come home. That's part of being a student missionary though. God will get me through:) I just miss everyone so much and I actually miss school, which is weird for me to say.

Nov. 8...I received 7 packages this past week! AWESOME! I got one from Nathan, the Vallieres and 4 from mamaw and papaw. I am already using things from the Vallieres for the 2nd graders, they are finally coming around and starting to get their work done. The beginning of last week was horrible for me but your prayers got me through it. We had parent teacher night Tuesday evening and I have 56 students I have to fill out report cards for. We didn't get the report cards to fill out until Monday afternoon. I was up late tallying grades and making notes on each student and was able to get the 2nd graders done. Mama Rose and Ryan helped with the 3rd grade class but I still had to send parents home because I didn't have all the 3rd graders done. It probably didn't help that I was nauseated Monday and Tuesday, there seems to be a stomach virus going around, Emily and Megan had to go to the hospital and given IV's. I was completely stressed out but God got me through it.
My students and I are cleaning our classroom tomorrow (Sunday) for accreditation this week. Our school gets checked out to make sure we are meeting the requirements in order to operate for another 4 years.

Nov 11...How I wish I was going home for the holidays, but I know I am here doing God's work and thats what counts. I am taking diving lessons and I passed my first lesson today. I was so excited, I pray that the rest goes as well.

I need a favor of the church... Can the church raise some money to send NIV Bibles down here for the high school students? Many of our students are not SDA members and do not have Bibles and we don't have Bibles here to give them to have as their own. We think the Bibles will help these students grow as Christians but we need help getting some for them.

Thank you so much for your prayers and packages, both have helped me through this far.

Miss everybody bunches and hopefully I won't take so long to e-mail again.